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Lights seen on March 31, 2010, by multiple witnesses from different locations in North Texas

Let me start out by saying that I and my spouse witnessed large white/orange lights in the sky, from our farm near Breckenridge, Texas, on March 31, 2010 at 8:30 pm.

It appears that we were not the only ones to see lights like this.  Other witnesses reported to MUFON and one witness reported in a comment on this blog, claiming to have seen these same lights.

Here is the blog post with their comment:
Four Large Pulsing Lights Seen Near Strawn

To the person who posted to this blog about having seen lights in the sky near Strawn, on March 31, 2010:  Please email me, or at least submit a report to MUFON.

Below are the reports that have been submitted thus far, including my own.  I will post any updates I receive.

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MUFON Case #   22591  ( Report by SW)
Event Date:    2010-03-31 20:29
City:    Breckenridge
Region:    Texas
Shape:    Oval,Sphere,Star-like
Distance:    Unknown
Location:    Farmland
Terrain:    Fields
Visibility:    Clear
Weather:    Windy
Description:    Several orange/white lights appear, then disappear several times.

My spouse and I saw some strange lights south/southeast of Breckenridge, Texas, at 8:30 PM this evening.  The lights were in the direction of Eastland but possibly further south.

I spent the last hour before dusk, planting beans and peas in our plowed field.  I had just finished for the day and was standing at the NE corner of the field, with a clear 360 degree view of the sky.

I was observing a few stars barely decernible above me when something made me look to my south.  Suddenly a bright white/orange light appeared, then 4 more next to (east of) it.  The four came on all at once.  They all blinked off at the same time.  These lights were approx. 10 degrees above the southern horizon.  They lights only appeared for a few seconds each time.

I ran to the house, yelling for my husband to "come quick, UFOs!" (I didn't know what they were). I grabbed my binoculars and by the time we got to the field, the lights were gone but as we stood there, a light appeared, then 3 more in a loose triangle formation.  They all blinked out at the same time, then slightly further east they all appeared again.  Each time they blinked out, they would appear a bit further east until I could no longer see them because of the treeline.

Moments later, we saw at least 1 jet flying into that area and it was tiny in comparison to the lights.

After the lights were gone, my husband said, "What is that?" He pointed up at about 65 -70 degrees ESE and said, "Watch that star, it's moving."  I watched it through the binoculars.  I told him it was probably a satellite but then the object did something that satellites do not do, it altered course from ENE to due east and then a few moments later, it disappeared.

I contacted Robert Powell (MUFON) and described what I had seen.  We discussed it and he sent me a video of flares he had taken sometime earlier.  My husband (a military aviation veteran) and I watched the video.  The flares did not resemble what we saw tonight.  My husband is adamant that what we saw were not flares.

Evidently we were not the only ones to see these lights tonight.  I have a blog called "Lights in the Texas Sky".  A short while ago, someone posted to my blog what they also saw this evening and it matches very closely to what Joe and I saw.

Here is their report/comment:

"tonight 3/31/10 around eight thirty PM we saw about 10 flashing lights. it would appear for about 1-3 seconds as a bright orange light, dissapear for about the same time, then come back. but when it reappeared, rather than there only being one there would be multiple. this is about our forth time to see these things and we only see them at night but they are always the same thing. an orange light that flashes a few times then dissapears and we dont see it again the rest of the night."

If I hear back from the poster, I will send any information to Mr. Powell.

Thank you, SW.

Depictions included above.

*         *        *

MUFON Case #    22585
Event Date:    2010-03-31 20:35 GMT
City:    Carbon
Region:    Texas
Shape:    Sphere
Description:    5 large amber orbs in a horizontal line about 35degrees above the horizon over Carbon, TX. Appeared out of nowhere, one after the other in sequence, i.e. 1,2 3 4 5 then stayed on steady, no blinking, then all went out. , then reappeared in diff form .

We live on a farm not far from Hwy 6 and Carbon, Texas. My husband and I went out on the patio, facing the west, after dinner around 8:35 PM on Wednesday, March 31st. By the way we had lasagna, a salad and water, no alcohol. I was setting in a rocker facing the southwest, my husband was in a rocker facing the northwest. I was looking toward our pecan orchard directly to the south of us. All of a sudden I saw 5 bright amber colored orbs in the sky about 35 degrees above the horizon. They just appeared and stayed on steady and didn't move. They appeared to be overhead and just west of the city of Carbon almost 3 miles south of us. When they appeared it was like they came on in sequence, 1,2 3 4 5, real fast. The front light would go off as the back light would appear, but always 5 lights stayed on solid in a row.

I told my husband, "what the hell is that" and when he saw my eyes and heard me he turned his head quickly to the south and he saw them too. We both got up out of our rockers and headed south into the lawn and stood there for a good minute or so watching these lights. He said that's not an airplane. I said it's not a meteor show either or a comet or a star. My mind was trying to process just what this was and if it was anything similar to anything I had ever seen before. There was no noise. The adrenilin was flowing and my heart was in my throat. I had never seen anything like this. I was scared. They were moving to the east. They would disappear for several seconds then reappear a little further east in a different formation almost like if you spread your fingers out on your hand and hold it up to the sky, there would be a large orb at each finger tip. They were large amber lights in the sky. They were not blinking lights, just solid lights that would appear and stay on solid, then all would disappear for a few seconds. They didn't move in a straight line. Each time they appeared they would be at a different level off the horizon from 10 to 35 degrees.

I ran inside to get my camera while my husband stayed in the yard and continued to watch. While I as inside I called the sheriff's dispatch and reported it and ask if they had an officer in the area to ask him to look to the south toward Carbon to see if they could see it. I ran back out side and my husband said they had moved farther to the east and lower on the horizon maybe about 10 degrees. They looked like they were headed in the direction of Stephenville. We stood there for a good 15 minutes to see if they reappeared but they didn't. Sadly, I didn't get my camera in time. I was too in awe of this thing to leave to go inside and get it.

*         *        *

MUFON Case #   22587
Event Date:    2010-03-31 20:30
City:    Abilene
Region:    Texas
Shape:    Other
Duration:    00:10:00
Description:    Two Nights in a row of strange Amber/Red/Orange lights

Ok this is two nights in a row now. Im starting to feel like a broken record here. This time they came on in in a row of 4-5 lights but quickly faded out within' a few seconds. Then they came on a 2nd time this time it looked more like a triangle and the lights were all red when it was in the formation of a triangle. If I had to quest i'd say the from each point of the triangle was at least a mile long. so im assuming if my math is correct it had a diameter of 3 miles? Not sure if triangles have a diameter but you know what I mean. It was once again the south east of Abilene.



  1. Saw the same thing tonight, 6-27-10, at 12:40AM, Clear Lake, Texas (near Houston). Four lights traveling in a formation at the same speed, seemingly in two groups of two. They disappeared one by one, before being lost in the treeline.

  2. I am Ruhee Chatterjee from India, and i am living in Jaipur, its the capital of Rajasthan.
    Toaday i experienced almost the same thing.
    There was one star in the north direction that was blinking at regular intervals. I thought it to be a star but it started moving.
    When it started moving then i noticed there was one more star at a distance from it that started moving in its direction. There were 4stars like that, they blinked at regular intervals of time one after the other ant started moving towards each other and in the upwards direction.
    And all of the sudden they changed their direction and speeded up and disappeared.
    today only i searched things like that in the afternoon and same evening i saw such things.
    I do believe we are not alone and whoever they are they keep track of people like us.
    And yes i also saw something that wasn't a aeroplain but it was emitting red light and was somewhat in strange shaps.
    In the begning it moved slowly and after a span of time it disappeared and appeared again and this it speeded up and got disappeared all of a sudden as if its a illusion.
    But it can't be meteoroids or asterids coz they burn with a flash of light and at a high speed, they can't move slowly and blink at regular intervals.
    when they enter earth atmosphere and those bigger in size just srike the earth.
    It can't be a aeroplane coz it was very close to my eyes and there wasn't any such noise that aeroplane makes.
    It was a very silent evening with the sky so clean.
    Searched online and i saw many people have reported such incidents.
    I am not the only one.
    We have million of galaxies in the universe and earth can't be the only place with a life on it.
    We are not alone. Nasa knows a lot that it hides from people.


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