Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Texas CSETI Group - More Successful Contact

Note:  Here is a report sent to me on 4/25/2010, by a member of the CSETI Group in Texas.  Report is "as is", with no editing.

In addition, the location of this meeting and where the video was taken has not been revealed to me.  If I find out, I will post it here. -SW

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Just wanted to share that our little local Texas group once again had a working group weekend and attempted to make contact with great success! Here is a report and a link to one of the member's night vison videos from last night!

Five of us met this weekend at aquawoman12's place in North Texas for some C5 working group contact.  We had a prayer, then meditated and as we meditated we vectored our friends to where we were sending intentions of peace, love and help for Earth, then started playing crop circle sounds.
Then we staring taking photographs and videos with night vision devices. We had an EMF with us but I don't believe it picked up anything.  However, in this video I posted to youtube you can clearly see that we were successful in making contact!  I believe we just needed to vector them in better.  It was a fantastic night.  In this video I took I counted 24 etvs.
One of our members did a satellite lookup beforehand and there was only supposed to be one flyover around 6:30pm.  We did not even start until after 8!

Video Link



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  1. Can someone tell me roughly where this video was shot in N Texas? Thanks.


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