Thursday, April 1, 2010

UPDATE! More Witnesses to the March 31, 2010 Sightings in Texas

More witnesses are coming forward to report their sightings of unusual lights in the Texas skies, from Abilene, to points East and South.

What were those lights in the sky?  I have been in contact with Robert Powell, MUFON's Director of Research.  We are currently trying to establish if these lights could have been flares, though several witnesses do not believe they were.

I received an email this morning, from a witness in Abilene.  I called him to get further information.  Here is his report to me:

I saw them too from my back porch in South East Abilene…It was same time…caught my attention because a plane was landing at Abilene Air Port and I thought the plane had mechanical problems…The lights were orange and almost like a lazy ‘m’ from where I could see them…they would line up in different formations…one time there were 5 straight up and down and then 4 straight across….I called my wife and told here to come see these UFO’s she laughed at me but came outside and saw just one appear…then two appear…then 3 appear…three is all she saw…then went back in…I told her to get me some aluminum foil…she laughed at me….

There were not flares, even though I thought they might be coming all the way from Fort Hood…180 miles away from Abilene…but they were not appear long enough for flares…they were not jet afterburners…I have seen thousands of those being from Dyess AFB area.

I have no clue what they were…I have seen them before and told my wife, but she just blew it off…this time, she saw them…last time I saw them they were more due south of Abilene back toward the hills…thought they might have been fire works then….

And another report from Dublin, Texas:
My son and I were driving home to Dublin from Cottonwood Baptist Church on Highway 6 at about 8:30 p.m. When we got about a mile outside of Dublin proper we noticed two blinking lights in the sky. They were
blinking white and blue and were very subtle looking. Then they turned big and bright orange. They sat there for about 15 seconds then dimmed to the subtle flashing lights again. Then they turned the bright orange
again. But this time just one of the orange lights had a stream of 5 or 6 lights come from it. Then those went out and the orange lights dimmed to the flashing lights again. They then began to speed across the sky
and then more lights showed up. Once again they turned bright orange then dimmed and sped around then brightened again. Sometimes there would just be one light sometimes there would be several . . . as many as 4 or 5. Only one time did I hear a sound from them. It sounded like a jet had flown by but it came from the lights. After watching them for about 20 minutes doing this repeatedly I had to leave. But I came back about 10 minutes later with my son and daughter this time. We looked for them again but never saw them. While we were sitting there though two jets flew by at a very high rate of speed and within 5 minutes two more flew
by. I do have pictures but have not been able to download them to my computer yet. They are still on my iphone.

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It is possible that the military was dropping flares... as a distraction, a ruse?  We hope to find out.  Stay tuned.

Read original reports at Lights Seen On March 31, 2010...

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If you have seen lights in the sky, something you can't explain, an unidentified flying object, please email me and report your sightings to MUFON.


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