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Creatures abound on All Hallow's Eve


Wishing you a safe and Happy Halloween!
(Yes, that's me in my "Queen of the Vampires" costume but I have no idea who the little guy is.)

- Sunny and the Team at LITS


LITS UFO Investigator Has Sighting Near Breckenridge, TX- 10/30/2011

My depiction of object, looking East from my back door.
My personal account of sighting:

October 30, 2011, 19:38 (7:38 pm)
Location: East of Breckenridge, Texas

I let my dogs out in our fenced in front yard.  I had just sat down to watch a bit of television (internet was down), when I had a sudden extreme urge to look out the back door (patio door faces south).

I had a confident feeling that I was about to see something and I did.  It wasn't much, just a large white light in the Eastern sky.  I would have assumed it was Jupiter, however, I knew that particular planet had not risen high enough over the trees for me to see it.

The object (light) that I saw was about the same size and magnitude of Jupiter.  It's elevation was at a best guess, 15,000 to 20,000 feet AGL and approximately 95 degrees ESE.

When I first saw the it, it was the brightest object in the Eastern sky.  I observed the bright white light for about 10 seconds and then it began to move North.  Within 2 to 3 seconds of travel, the object disappeared.

My thoughts when I first saw the object was, "There you are."  When the object disappeared, it simply vanished from sight.  It did not return.

There was no sound accompanying this object, nor were there any navigation, or beacon lights.  It was just one solid white light.

Hey, I know it isn't much but the fact that I knew it was going to be there has to count for something...

-Sunny (SW)

[Note: If you were in the North Texas area and saw the same thing I did, please contact me. -SW]


UFO with 'headlights' seen over Mantua Woods of Fairfax, Virginia- 11/10/2007

Depiction by SW/LITS

MUFON Case #  32972
Date:    2007-11-10
Time:    16:00
City:    Fairfax
State:    Virginia
Shape:    Cross,Triangle
Duration:    00:01:30
Distance:    Unknown
Summary:    UFO took off, activated headlight beams, performed helix maneuver, rushed at us then slowly hovered overhead for less than one minute before zipping into the sky at unimaginable speeds.

1. Me and my friend were walking to 711, taking a shortcut through the Mantua woods in Fairfax, Virginia.

2. As me and my friend were crossing a steel walk-bridge over a stream in the woods, I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, some light lift up off the ground in front of us. We were no where near it at the time, but could see through the woods to what looked like a large parking lot with a lot of light posts that had orange glows to them. The parking lot was near a building, both of which were probably around a mile or less away. The visibility was good, even though it was completely dark. It was around 4 pm in the Fall so it was like night time. There was no rain or clouds.

3. So when I saw the light come up off of the parking lot, my first instinct told me it must be a helicopter because the light slowly ascended from the ground to around 500 feet or less in the air, and hovered for a few seconds. At this time me and my friend had both seen what had happened so far and were both observing the object.

4. All of a sudden, something like "headlights" came on, and the two beams of light looked a lot like powerful landing lights for a big airplane. The lights, or beams that looked like headlights, had very distinguishable outlines to the beams of lights. As in, the "headlights" were very focused. The reason we could distinguish them as headlights is because they were so focused, and it almost looked like the flying car from the Harry Potter movie flying through the fog with its lights on.

So at this point the object is hovering and the headlights came on, and the headlights were pointing to my 4 o'clock or so. All of a sudden, the object made an extremely quick helix-like maneuver towards the treeline. The shape or turnings of the maneuver were evident because the headlights were still on. If it was not for these headlights, I would not have been able to tell there was a S-like, or helix-like maneuver. It happened very quickly, from a standstill, and all of a sudden the object seemed to be heading right for us, extremely fast, over the tree line.

The next thing I know, I'm staring straight up at what seemed to be a slowly hovering object with three bright whitish-yellow round lights in a perfectly triangular shape. I have near-sided vision, about -2 in each eye, and since the lights were so bright, I could not determine the shape of the craft itself. However, my friend who was with me, has better vision, and said that the object was a "cross" shape, with the three lights in a triangle formation. This "cross" shape lead him to believe it was some sort of secret military stealth helicopter. This object made absolutely no sound whatsoever, which was the most frightening aspect of all, because even though I couldn't determine the objects shape or size because of my vision, I could tell, or just had the feeling that, this object was huge - immense, in fact. We could even hear the sound of the water flowing gently down stream below us, and the noise of cars on the highway in the distance, even though we were witnessing this strange UFO. At the time when the object was hovering straight over us, we were still at the end of the steel walk bridge, which hand thick railings, and I recall my friend saying "run!" but I said, "no, hide!" and I grabbed him and we hid under the steel railing while it hovered overhead.

The object hovered over us, moving very slowly past us, for probably around 30 seconds or more. Then, in a flash, it changed trajectories and flew into the sky at a 45 degree angle or so, at unimaginable speed. I mean, it went from ascending from the ground, performing a helix-like maneuver, going very fast in our direction, hover over us quite slowly, and then accelerating at ridiculous speeds into the sky.

5. I was extremely scared and frightened. At the moment we hid under the railing and my friend wanted to run, a thought ran through my head: that whatever the thing in the sky was, it knew we were there, and that running would only give cause for suspicion. Also the thought ran through my head, that even in the dark of night running would be hopeless because they must have some sort of infrared vision to detect us or something. I just wanted to hide. So we did. It all happened so fast, or at least it felt that way. I barely talk about it because people I tell think I'm crazy or making it up. Sometimes, thinking back on it, I wonder if anything else may have happened that I have no memory of.

6. We lost sight of the object after it changed directions after hovering over us over the steel bridge, when it shot up into the sky at around a 45 degree angle, accelerating at speeds at which no aircraft known to me can do, especially without making any noise.


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Space News- A Rock With A Heart

Landslide on Lutetia.
Asteroid Lutetia: postcard from the past

ESA- ESA's Rosetta spacecraft has revealed asteroid Lutetia to be a primitive body, left over as the planets were forming in our Solar System. Results from Rosetta's fleeting flyby also suggest that this mini-world tried to grow a metal heart.

Rosetta flew past Lutetia on 10 July 2010 at a speed of 54 000 km/hr and a closest distance of 3170 km. At the time, the 130 km-long asteroid was the largest encountered by a spacecraft. Since then, scientists have been analyzing the data taken during the brief encounter.

All previous flybys went past objects, which were fragments of once-larger bodies. However, during the encounter, scientists speculated that Lutetia might be an older, primitive 'mini-world'.

Lutetia coverage

Now they are much more certain. Images from the OSIRIS camera reveal that parts of Lutetia's surface are around 3.6 billion years old. Other parts are young by astronomical standards, at 50–80 million years old.

Astronomers estimate the age of airless planets, moons, and asteroids by counting craters. Each bowl-shaped depression on the surface is made by an impact. The older the surface, the more impacts it will have accumulated. Some parts of Lutetia are heavily cratered, implying that it is very old.

On the other hand, the youngest areas of Lutetia are landslides, probably triggered by the vibrations from particularly jarring nearby impacts.

Debris resulting from these many impacts now lies across the surface as a 1 km-thick layer of pulverised rock.

Lutetia polar projection
There are also boulders strewn across the surface: some are 300–400 m across, or about half the size of Ayers Rock, in Australia.

Some impacts must have been so large that they broke off whole chunks of Lutetia, gradually sculpting it into the battered wreck we see today.

"We don't think Lutetia was born looking like this," says Holger Sierks, Max-Planck-Institut für Sonnensystemforschung, Lindau, Germany. "It was probably round when it formed."

Rosetta's VIRTIS spectrometer found that Lutetia's composition is remarkably uniform across all the observed regions.

"It is striking that an object of this size can bear scars of events so different in age across its surface while not showing any sign of surface compositional variation," says Fabrizio Capaccioni, INAF, Rome, Italy.

This is just the start of the mystery. 

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Pilot Videos Lights At Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina- 10/12/2011

On October 12, 2011, a pilot with 37 years experience, videoed unknown lights over the ocean from a North Carolina beach.
Here is that slightly edited report, which was originally submitted to MUFON.


MUFON Case # 32941
Date:    2011-10-12
Time:   20:00
Status:    Assigned
City:    Ocean Isle Beach
State:    North Carolina
Shape:    Star-like
Duration: 00:20:00
Distance: Over one mile
Summary: Multiple Orange Lights at Ocean Isle Beach, NC

I am a 55 year old business owner from Raleigh, NC and have been an FAA licensed pilot for 37 years. I have an interest in astronomy and am always watching the skies. On Wed. night, Oct. 12 around 8 PM , I was at a beachfront house in Ocean Isle Beach, NC facing East observing the full moon and lightning flashes far out to sea. I began a 20 minute Video recording with my Sony SR11 Hi Definition camcorder to record the distant lightning which according to a weather website was over a hundred miles out to sea. During my recording, I captured over a dozen total orange glowing stationary lights at different points in the video. These lights were similar to lights I observed on three separate nights last June while on a one week vacation at the same beach. Myrtle Beach, SC is just south of Ocean Isle and I have read multiple reports of orange lights recently from that more populated tourist area.

Last June, the orange lights I observed would suddenly appear and stay on for more than 30 seconds. I first thought they were distant aircraft landing lights even though they were not the usual white color. And I quickly ruled out landing lights when I watched them rotate around each other. Also, one of the lights in June silently cruised horizontally at over 100 miles per hour before disappearing. During last week's sighting, they would light up for only a few seconds before fading out. I estimate the objects that appear in my video were between 1 and 2 miles away at between 500 and 1,000 feet altitude. And the objects were totally silent as they were in June.

I have uploaded to Youtube a 22 second hi-definition video clip showing at least 4 of the glowing orbs. The Youtube link is My camera was aimed East looking down the beach. Among the recognizable items are a neighbor's white stairs to the beach, a lighted buoy which is about a mile away and a distant flashing beacon on the horizon . Old Baldy lighthouse on Bald Head Island 25 miles away is visible flashing to the right. In the sky the full moon appears as a somewhat fuzzy large orb and the planet Jupiter is constantly visible to the lower left of the moon.

The four orange lights appear as white on the video due to my camera's low light limitations.

Photo link 1

Photo link 2- map

Video link


Multiple Witnesses Observe UFO Over Yachats, Oregon

Witness photo.


[Note: Yachats is on the coast of Oregon, between Waldport (North) and Florence (South).]


MUFON Case # 32948
Date:    2011-10-29
Time:   21:00
Status:    Assigned
City:    Yachats
State:    Oregon
Shape:    Circle,Fireball,Sphere
Distance: Unknown
Summary:  UFO over Yachats Oregon.   

On Saturday October 29th around 9:00 P.M. I and 3 other co-workers were leaving the restaurant when one of us spotted something SW in the sky over a one story building, either above or in the fog cover.It was brighter than a halogen street light across the two lane road, glowing a bright orange-yellow color. We watched it for minute or two rise and fall and continue on a northern flight path. then as quickly as it appeared it faded out.

After it disappeared, we stood around trying to figure out what we just saw. 2 of the people went back in the restaurant to Finnish locking up and I and my friend made our way across the street to my car, when it appeared again in the same spot in the sky. It appeared to change direction and head right for us so we made our way across half the street and over to the restaurant and alerted the other to who had seen it previously. When we got next top the restaurant it appeared to change direction and head on a northern flight path when it faded out again.

The 4 of us stood there awe struck when on of the witnesses got on their cell phone and called their mother who was at home 8 miles away and said they had seen something matching the description over a town 14 miles north. while the person was on the phone it appears in the same place in the sky again changed direction as it did the 2 times prior and blinked out.

When it flew by at it's closest I saw what looked like 3 round white-yellow lights on the bottom with a ring of oscillating lights above.


Photo link


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Texas UFO Sightings Increase, October, 2011

Towards the end of October, 2011 in the state of Texas, UFO sightings reports have started to increase.
Here are several reports that have recently been submitted to MUFON.

Note: These reports are unedited.

MUFON Case # 32913
Date:    2010-09-10
Time:    00:00
Status:    Assigned
City:    Plainview
State:    Texas
Shape:    Unknown
Distance:    Over one mile
Summary:    It was moving West to East , making no noise, no strobe lights.

I was at a friends house in Plainview Tx. I was outside having a smoke, when I noticed an object moving East just to the north of me. The object could not have been more than 15,000 feet up. It had 3 very bright lights amber in color but no strobes like an airplane or helo which caught my attention. The object made no sound what so ever. I could not make out the shape of object even though it was a clear night. The object moved in a straight line never changing direction or altitude and kept a steady speed slower than a commercial jet. I watched the object for approximately 5 minutes till it went out of sight over other houses. I was in shock cause I have never seen a UFO before. I'm still trouble by what I saw. Since that sighting I have had another approx a month or two later at approx the same time in a different city 50 miles south of Plainview. I'm at a loss for what I have seen. Even scared at times, and watch the skies constantly.


MUFON Case # 32914
Date:    2011-10-23
Time:    14:00
Status:    Assigned
City:    San Antonio
State:    Texas
Shape:    Disc,Oval
Distance:    Unknown
Summary:    metalic ufo sighting in san antonio,texas

On 10/23/11 I witnessed seeing a ufo, approximately 2:00pm in San Antonio, Texas. We were heading back home,we headed south on IH 35 south,my husband was the first to notice the flying object.He told be to look to the right of me, and asked me "what does that look like to you,it doesn't look like a plane". When I looked a saw a shiny,metalic flying object,I tried to keep my eyes on it by it would disappear then reappear.It didn't look like no plane, I have never seen anything like it, I told my daughter who was in the back seat to look ,she witnessed the same thing. We tried to keep our eyes on it, but we eventually lost it.


MUFON Case # 32924
Date:    2009-01-14
Time:    19:04
Status:    Assigned
City:    Mission
State:    Texas
Shape:    Sphere
Distance:    One mile or less
Summary:    very bright sperical light moving slowly then hovering and then moving

It was about 7:00 in the evening of Jan,14,2009, I was at work at the Sharyland Water plant, alone with no witnesses, there were automobiles passing by on the road but I do not know if any body was paying attentionand i was in an elevated position about 12 foot or so above the road. I noticed the object because of the powerful light it was emitting, not a beam but more like a solid light with a slight aura, pure white with no other colors. It was moving slowly from a position south east of mine, approximately 200 degrees or so, moving slightly south/southwest along treetop level. the trees in the video are about 500 to 1000 feet from were I was shooting the video from, so this is what I used to estimate distance to the objects location, though I can not eliminate the possibility that it may have been further south than I estimated, it did appear to be illuminating the trees slightly and the effect is visible in the clip. it continued moving along its path and appeared to hover in position for a short period of time, then continued its south/south west course. until it was to far behind the trees to be seen any more. duration of sighting was about 3-4 minutes. I was excited somewhat, but since I have been researching UFO activity since i was 9 years old, I was not overwhelmed by the sighting,I have continued to see the object, though never as close as it was in this video. and have more video of the object that i have shot since that time up until a few weeks ago. I believe this is the same object or objects.



MUFON Case # 32925
Date:    2008-03-15
Time:    19:38
Status:    Assigned
City:    Arlington
State:    Texas
Shape:    Egg,Oval,Teardrop
Distance:    One mile or less
Summary:    standing on my back porch clear sky silver foot moving faster than a jet makes sudden stop 90.turn &10000mph takeoff

Report:I was standing on my back porch of my apartment,i had bean standing for a minute fixing to call a friend.i noticed something shying and moving super fast.i got a real good look i had my glasses on , after a second or two it stopped and made a sharp right turn i got author good look and i was no plane.after i called my friend and told him. thank you


MUFON Case # 32937
Date:    1995-05-21
Time:    03:30
Status:    Assigned
City:    Dallas
State:    Texas
Shape:    Oval,Other
Duration:    00:05:00
Distance:    One mile or less
Summary:    A giant football glowing a very dull orangish rusty color.

I smoked then,and got up in the middle of the night to go onto the patio to have a cigarette. As I stood there enjoying the smoke, and the quiter part of a Dallas night, just off I-635W., I just happened to be checking out the sorta low clouds. Then, off to my left, towards Mesquite, I saw this giant football of a thing, come silently gliding through that layer of low clouds.
No Sound at all. Travelling probably 100+/- MPH., no more. Looked to be exactly like an old pigskin, except it was about forty or so feet across, and about fiffty five or sixty feet long, in my estimation. It was not brightly lit, and had NO lighting visible to me. BUT,while it was a dirty rusty reddish-orange color, it actually glowed as it did that. Now, remembering it better, I recall thinking that it was "camoflauged".

No wings. No externally visible anything. And it never once varied it's altitude, or it's straight path. It just kept right on, straight as an arrow, and quiet as a mouse. Again, I was pretty interested, but what's a guy to do? I just yawned and went back inside and crawled into bed, wondering when these pilots are going to let us in on their real secrets.


MUFON Case # 32938
Date:    2011-10-21
Status:    Assigned
City:    El Paso
State:    Texas
Shape:    Circle,Disc
Distance:    One mile or less
Summary:    Glowing blue spinning and moving rapidly. disappearing and reapearing a amile away instantaneously.

I was in the backyard throwing balls to my dog. I live on the eastern side of the mountain in El Paso, Texas. Suddenly, I observed a bright glowing blue flying object over the mountain in an area that is not accessible. No roads, rugged terrain. It was moving quickly and different directions and even seemed to flip. It disappeared and instantaneously appeared so far south that nothing human could do that. It then appeared in the original location instantaneously again. There was nothing in the sky, as in planes, helicopters, etc. There was no way a human could have been flashing some kind of light there.


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Soldier Reports 1990 Alien Encounter At Fort Rucker

An Army 'pilot in training' recounts an alien encounter in 1990, at Fort Rucker, Alabama.

MUFON Case # 32900
Date:    1990-12-19
City:    Fort Rucker/Daleville
State:    Alabama
Distance:    20 feet or less
Description:    Entity encounter

This happened in Dec of 1990. I was in the US Army at the time near the end of Flight School. I was stationed at Fort Rucker, Alabama.

This took place inside the barracks in our room. There were three of us in the room at the time. It was in the middle of the night, not sure what time. There were two bunk beds in the room. I was on the top bunk with my room mate on the bottom. The other bunk bed held my other room mate, he slept on the bottom.

I awoke that evening, looking towards the door, seeing an entity next to the door to our room. I assumed it was "guarding" the area. The immediate thought that ran through my head was to make a lot of noise, trying to wake my roomy's and possibly get others to come into the room. But then I thought that if I were sleeping/dreaming I would look like a real idiot, so I passed on that idea.

I then looked over to my right and saw the shadow of a second entity. Apparently this one was "working" on my room mate on the bunk below me. I have no idea what it was doing, but it was moving at an incredible speed. I had the sense that there was a third entity in the room although I couldn't see it. I then decided the take advantage of the situation and get a good look at this thing by the door.

The first thing I noticed was that the middle hinge on the door was exactly how tall this thing was. After looking this thing over for about a minute or two, it saw me awake. It didn't take long for it to notice me either. It pointed in my direction and moved its mouth (as if yelling or talking or whatever to the other entity's) telling them I was awake.

At that point a thought came to me that if I closed my eyes they may think I was asleep and leave me alone. After what seemed only a few seconds I opened my eyes again and everything was gone. Of course I assumed I was dreaming but when I opened my eyes, I was in the same exact position, looking the same way I was before.

The next day my other roommate (not the one "worked on") noticed some welts on my back. There were three of them. I laughed it off, but never took the time to look at the welts in the mirror.

I would like to be contacted by a MUFON investigator about this incident, please.


[Editor's note: There have been other military personnel that have stepped forward and reported their alien encounters on military installations. Two are recounted here.
As a spouse of an Army NCO, I'm positive that when these soldiers signed up, they weren't expecting anything like this. -SW]


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Balloon or UFO? - Florida, 10/25/2011

[Report is "as is", with no corrections.
Also, click on links below, to see original photos.

MUFON Case #  32863
Date:    2011-10-25 13:18 GMT
State:    Florida
Shape:    Star-like
Distance:    500 feet or less
Summary:  Star Like Silver, Flying with wind across/against, erratic

Driving to work place. Saw a Star shaped "balloon" - I thought, "Oh a balloon." Drove directly beneath it, looking up out my driver's window I saw it was star shaped with 6 or so arms. Try as I might, I can't remember exactly how many star-arms it had. 5-7, pretty sure 6 my memory says.

After passing it, I thought, "OH ****, UFO? Maybe. Looked like a...big..balloon." I am familiar with aircraft, this 'balloon' was the size of a single prop private plane. Fluttering, spinning in a general area over the road like a maple leaf in the short time I saw it.

By the time I was to the work place, I realized it was not a balloon. It was seemingly slowly moving South West to North East. Wind is out of the South East at 5-10 MPH. It is no bag or balloon. Nor a plane, flying to slow and way to erratic for even Blimp of any sort.

I could not find it again, until I walked back outside to get something from my car 2 minutes later. I saw it back over the road, moving (and erratic still) North East. As if it picked up where I left it off.

I had my work camera with me. Took photos. Several. I've uploaded the original 3 that show the most detail. It took way to long to traverse the distance it did, about a minute, to have been a helicopter or anything specific. I've chased Helicopters before, slow and fast, for video purposes. This was no helicopter. It went out of sight in the haze of the blue sky after I took the photos, I couldn't locate it with my eyes again or camera.

I'm a camera man, professional. I went to college. I'm familiar with military and civilian planes. I see them on a daily basis. This was no artifact or "bug" in-front of a camera. This was a vehicle of some sort, and likely terrestrial. There is Naval Air Station in the direction it was coming from; on top of which, it was flying to slow even for helicopters (Which I have ridden in and seen all my life.)

I can guarantee you that this was no mistake or miss-judge unless it was a balloon breaking the laws of physics and flying against the wind.

Original photo links:


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Recent Sightings In Virginia


MUFON Case # 32781
Date:    2011-10-14
Time:    19:00
City:    Roanoke
State:    Virginia
Shape:    Unknown
Summary:    Lights seen in the sky over Read Mountain, Roanoke VA

I was in Roanoke VA to visit my family for the weekend and had gone out to my mother's front yard to smoke a cigarette and get some things from my car approximately around 9pm. It was an exceptionally clear night, and i had not trouble seeing many stars as well as aircraft. As soon as I walked out the front door I looked directly ahead approximately NW at an elevation of approximately 24 degrees towards the top of read mountain which was visible between the trees and the neighbor's house across the street.

My attention was immediately directed to a light or cluster of lights that appeared to be just over the top of Read Mountain by a couple hundred feet at best. The best guess at the distance (with my brothers help as well as google maps) was about 2000 ft from where I was standing. From my vantage point you could hold a tablet of aspirin flat at arms length and it would just fit in between the mountain and the lights. The lights were unusually bright for a plane or any other aircraft that I've witnessed, and seemed larger than they should be for the distance. They were flashing and brighter than any star in the same area of the sky, as well as any plane, of which there were many, but certainly not at that low of an elevation. Additionally, there were no planes in that particular part of the sky. They all were off to the east and west flying overhead from E to W, and at no less an elevation of 85 degrees compared to the 20-24 of the lights. It was very clear to me that it was some sort of motionless CRAFT, not a star, street light (it was in the air over a mountain with NO lights) or any other common occurence. I am currently 29 years old, mentally sound, and spend a great deal of time looking at the sky.

The most notable color was a bright VIVID red, which was the first thing that struck me as odd. As I watched for a moment the colors flashed between red, orange, yellow, and white... possibly pale blue, but from the distance it was hard to tell subtle differences in color variation.

I decided to walk up the driveway to the street to my car, thinking it nothing more than unusual. I lit a cigarette and walked down the street till the lights were in view again. From there I had a more clear vantage point than before. The lights were still present and did not appear to move at all, I attempted to hold up my thumb for a reference for size and to gauge the motion, if any, of the lights. I took notice of no discernible movement of the object. I watched the lights attempting to pick out any sort of pattern to the flashing and changing of color, but could not.

I currently live in Brooklyn, NY. I spend a lot of time on my roof at night watching the planes and stars as well as through my windows. Directly over my apartment is a main air traffic pathway and am accustomed to seeing many different types of aircraft and watch their light patterns intensely. To my knowledge there is ALWAYS a very simple pattern to them, and this set of lights that I saw were flashing fairly quickly and at random, save of course if it just happened to be a very LONG sequence.

I stood and watched the object intently for another 2 minutes or so, when my attention was drawn by another plane passing overhead, quite audibly. I looked away for no more than 10 seconds, and when I looked back to the lights, they were simply gone. After 5 minutes of being essentially motionless, they were just gone. Like someone had unplugged a Christmas tree. I said out loud "Oh, you've GOT to be f****** kidding me..."

I stood in the same place attempting to locate them for another 5 minutes, looking all around in the sky... nothing.

At the time, I wasn't at all sure what I had seen. I went back in the house and told everyone about it. It made enough of an impression that I mentioned it, which is in itself unusual. We talked about it for a couple of minutes and then it faded out of conversation.

Just last night I received a call from my eldest brother and mother. One week from the night I saw the lights, and around the same time, they had returned. Both my mother and brother saw them, her from her house and my brother from his. My mother had the longer and more detailed account. The three of us spoke on the phone about it for about half an hour and cross referenced each others sightings. As best as we could tell it was the same or at least similar object in roughly the same location. Her report is on file currently on this very same website, and I urge you to read it. "Long description of sighting report" is the title. It is listed under Roanoke, VA on October 21st. Though it wasn't her first sighting, this is both of our first times reporting the matter. This is my first sighting.

            *            *             *

Click on map for larger view.

MUFON Case # 32789
Date:    2011-10-19
Time:    23:30
City:   Richmond
State:    Virginia
Shape:    Flash
Duration:    00:00:03
Distance:    Unknown
Summary:  I was driving and all of sudden all was lit by blue/white light -then flash above tree line and then gone. No storms or search helicopter seen.

I was driving home from my evening job about 11:30pm on 10-19-11. I turned into Pocoshock Dr. from Hull Street Road and about 100 ft after turning in, suddenly everything illuminated with a blueish white light that continued for what seemed about 3 seconds. It was almost as if a light switch had been turned on. I could not see or figure out what was causing such a bright light. There are mature trees on either side of the road so it was difficult to see a large enough portion of the sky. My thoughts were, "Are we being attacked? Is this an explosion?" I braced for a bang but then the night blackness resumed--followed quickly by a flash over the tree tops to my right and then whatever the source it was gone. I did not see any indication of a UFO craft--just the amazingly bright light that I described. I immediately rolled down my windows to listen for thunder--but there was nothing but silence.

I thought at the time that surely lightening that bright and low as to illuminate such a huge area would cause a big bang--but again there was nothing but silence. There were no other cars traveling on the street that could have been shining bright halogen headlights at me. I pulled over on Dell Drive on the Surreywood Subdivision side where I could safely stop and I looked out the car window for signs of storm clouds or for a search helicopter--but neither existed. The sky was silent and filled with wispy clouds--but no storm clouds that I could see.

I was very puzzled, but surprisingly calm. The odd light had been so bright that my eyes slightly ached at the back of my eye balls--but strangely I did not see spots in front of my eyes as would be typical when a bright light was shined in your face. This was definitely a very unique occurrence and has kept me thinking about it and researching similar reports on the internet. I have shared the experience with my family and co-workers--who have listened kindly and considered the event odd as well.


Possible Alien Abduction in Nevada, 1975

A witness reports that he experienced a possible alien abduction near Pioche, Nevada in 1975.   His wife also reports other possible sightings and alien contact since that first encounter.

Here is that edited report.

[Note: This report has been heavily edited.]

MUFON Case # 32782
Date:    1975-07-28
Status:    Assigned
City:    Pioche
State:    Nevada
Duration:    06:12:05
Distance:    20 feet or less
Summary:    taken on ship and they did some type of experiment on me.

Just filled up van in Pioche, Nevada and was headed west through the desert to Los Angeles.

All of a sudden real bright lights were in my rear-view mirror and I remember being on a table and these human like beings around me. When they talked to me it was done telepathically. They had a grayish color to them.

Next thing was I awoke and was sitting on top of a mountain, above the highway I was on and my van was on empty. I went back to Pioche and filled up again and got to Vegas and when I fully came to, I had been there about 12 hours. I had a lot of pain in my lower area.

I finished my trip and got home and explained to my ex-wife what had happened. that didn`t go so well.

In 1986 I met my now wife Brenda and we had met 9/17/86 and we talked solid for 2 days, I was kind of hesitant to tell her but she knew I was holding something back. So I went into detail and told her everything. She didn`t laugh or call me crazy but instead she was excited and wanted to know more. She seems to have this ability to see, hear and feel if something or someone is around.

We moved to St. Petersburg Fl. from Pinellas Park Fl. We had been there a few years and around 97 or 98. Danny came in the house with a look on his face that was undesirable, he wanted me to go outside. 

Well we had a hedge around our front yard and he took me down along the front of the hedge and asked me if I noticed anything. I looked and told him I didn`t and he proceeded to show me this spot where there was a gaping hole in it.   They were full, so I know it hadn`t been there earlier, as I got home from work and mowed the lawn.

It was still there the next day so I showed my good friend Sue and she said it looks like somebody was sitting there.

A couple of days later he wanted me to come outside and check that spot but couldn`t find it, it was back the way it was suppose to be.

If it would have been done by kids or anybody my shepherds would have let us know someone was out there, they patrolled the yard like guards.

We decided to drive out to the beach one night and was watching the Dolphins and we both looked up and seen a bright red light.  We thought at first it was the sun but then Danny said that everything was going to be alright. He said they were there and we both looked up and the red object took off in seconds.

When we moved to Pasco, Florida.  Danny was looking on the property and I heard him talking to someone but he was alone.  He told me that we were going to be fine. He said he sees them every so often. I have to believe him because I have seen and talked to them also and if your wondering if this was a joke, I wouldn`t waste my time.

Danny never seen an object but he seen the lights which wouldn`t let him see much of anything else. When he had his first quadruple heart by-pass, the Dr asked about any surgeries Danny had had and I told him he`s never had any.  But the Dr. said that there was a small incision just below his belly button and I looked and asked Danny about it and he said it was there after he had the experience in the desert. He had never had a surgery before the first heart one. But to this day there is a tiny incision mark.

Danny would be able to give you all the details of being where he was, cause he has the mark and his story has never wavered in all these years. He said he hurt so bad that it was like someone hit him in the privates with a baseball bat.

Since we have been together and he told me this, we have had a lot of things happen that you would not normally see or hear.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ex Air Traffic Controller Reports Triangle Over Lee's Summit, Missouri Area

Depiction by SW/LITS.

[Please note that this report does contain some corrections.  To view original report, please click on case number.-SW]

MUFON Case # 32770
Date:    2011-10-21
Time:   19:00
Status:    Assigned
City:    Independence
State:    Missouri
Shape:    Triangle
Distance:    One mile or less
Summary:    Flew in from SW going NE steady pace then steady hover, very odd AC.

It was 1900 (7PM) exactly as I was driving home from work along US HWY 40 in a populated area Independence/Lee's Summit Missouri at dusk.

I saw flashing lights in the corner of my eye (coming from the Southwest going Northeast) and I looked up through my windshield to see a triangular shaped UFO with what looked to be a transparent center with white, non-simultaneous or patterned flashing lights on all sides with at least one or two blue lights on at least one or two corners.

The UFO had a steady, straight path without spinning, tilting, turning, raising or lowering and then stopped and steadily hovered over a populated area without spinning, tilting, turning, raising or lowering.

I lost sight of the UFO as I continued to drive down US HWY 40 and hills and trees go in my light of sight.

At first I thought it was a flight of aircraft.  Being an ex-air traffic controller, I knew it wasn't, since there were no slight adjustments between the lights.  It seemed to be a solid structure with no green or red lights and looked as though it was larger than a stealth bomber, flying in an area I've never seen aircraft fly around here before.

I did not hear any sound but I also had the radio turned up fairly loud.

My feelings were just shock and surprise and I remembered hearing about MUFON in an interview on 96.5 The Buzz (KRBZ) in Kansas City, approximately a month or two before, talking about 7 reports of a similar description in a town, connecting to Lee's Summit over a water tower (Raytown, MO), up until I lost sight and I could not observe any more similarities.

No interferences besides the observation physically, or psychologically of any kind were noticed in this event.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Transparent V-shaped Objects Over Plano, Texas


Plano witness observes two boomerang shaped objects.

MUFON Case # 32763
Date:    2011-10-20
Time:    23:00
Status:    Assigned
City:    Plano
State:    Texas
Shape:    Boomerang
Distance:    500 feet or less
Summary:    Gliding V shaped objects, no lights, no sounds, mist around them

I was exiting my car last night, Oct 20th, at approx. 11 pm when something caught the corner of my eye up in the sky. I looked up to see a V-shaped object that was silently gliding fairly slowly across the sky. It went out of my view so I changed locations only to see it make a large circle and then head back north. It was in sight for approximately 30 seconds then moved out of view completely and about that time a smaller object of the same shape and opacity shot from the south heading north behind it.

At first I thought it looked like a flock of birds then realized that it was too perfect and when it circled around I got a better view. There were no lights and no sound. The objects were almost transparent, foggy kind of like a cloud but in a V shape and glided very eloquently and smoothly.

I have never seen anything other than normal meteorites in the night sky. I was very excited yet perplexed. I do feel validated though when I read on the Examiner that there was another sighting extremely similar just a few miles away from me and only 30 minutes prior to my sighting last night.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Meteor Over Nebraska?

A man reports a strange, rainbow colored meteor may have crashed into a corn field in Nebraska.

[This report contains spelling corrections.  To see original report, please click on case number.]


MUFON Case # 32724
Date:    2011-10-18
Time:    03:30
State:    Nebraska
Distance:    500 feet or less
Summary:    Meteorite-large ,with hundreds of little ones came down within 1 mile north of location, in a corn field most likely, with a thump and flash

Story from my son who lives a half mile south of me on my property.

We always watch the sky and most all meteorite showers so we know what a meteorite looks like in most cases. We even know the content colors from the burning. We have had several hit close by over the years. This was a bit different.

He was three miles SW of Columbus on hyway 30 going west when there was a large flash and his vehicle began stuttering and blinking on and off. Then it straightened out.

Upon reaching his home he saw the ground getting lighter almost like daylight, through the window he saw the meteorite fly past overhead directly over my farmhouse completely lighting up the farm a half mile north of his location with hundreds of smaller meteorites. Then as it went behind the farm he heard/felt a thump and saw a brighter flash silhouetting the farm. All the while the smaller bits were coming down as well in an area spreading out over a quarter mile or so either side of the trail left by the big one. The smokey trail that it left was oddly zigzagged and floated off with the wind.

He said that it was rainbow colored and that was the odd part. The little pieces stopped shortly after. all together the event at his house lasted between 15 to thirty seconds.

At the same time I woke up at the farm and thought my 12 year old had fallen out of bed. I was up for a while but did not see the lights or know really what woke me.

That's it. We have METEORITE in the field north of us, but I think finding it would be rough. In case you get other reports of odd lights in the area check to see the direction and the time. I may have the answer to them.

Also the flash that effected the truck was an odd occurrence if it too was a chunk of meteorite don't you think?


Also read this News account:

Lost from space: Where is meteorite that lit up Lincoln's night sky?


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lights Over Rhome, Texas

Photos are actual size.

This report from a witness in Rhome, Texas was submitted to MUFON.


MUFON Case #  32674
Date:    2011-10-13
Time:    21:30
Status:    Assigned
City:    Rhome
State:    Texas
Shape:    Circle,Oval,Star-like
Distance:    One mile or less
Summary:    Just went out back to walk dogs with the back porch lights out. Then saw formation

Report:  ( Editor's Note: This report contains spelling corrections only.)

I had taken our dogs outside to walk them and left the back porch light out. Looked up and saw the formation, it caught my eye because the objects were so bright, by the time I took dogs back in then got our camera, I took 3 pictures which I would like someone to analyze them.

Was a straight formation at first 5 separate objects or 1 huge one, then they made kind of a wavy formation, then separated into their own hoovering space.

This went on for at least 45 minutes, and I heard a helicopter but never saw it, and of course looking in the other direction we can see aircraft that are going to DFW airport.

Whatever these objects are they seem to come out at least twice a week, and anyone that lives in the shalecreek housing addition as we do can clearly see them, they do not seem to worry about being seen, considering how close we are to an air base.

Photo links:

            *                *                *

[Please note that the witness wishes for someone to analyze the photos included in this report.  Might I suggest that if the author of the photos can not tell much from looking at the photos shown in this report, it is very doubtful that anyone else can either.

My suggestion to people who attempt to take photos of UFOs (unidentified flying objects), is to use a camera that will give you something besides a thumbnail sized photo.

If you want your photos analyzed, use a digital camera that can be set to take high resolution photos.  Attach high resolution photos to your submitted report. 

Better still, if you have a 35 mm camera, have the film developed.  A photo scanned at high resolution is quite acceptable.  If you have the original film, that is even better. Thanks. - SW


Video Analysis - Light Over Hendersonville, North Carolina

Image capture.

Image capture- enlarged, enhanced.

Image capture- enlarged more, more enhancement (levels).

Three witnesses observed and recorded an object (light), as it traveled across the sky over Hendersonville, North Carolina, Oct. 17, 2011.

Analysis of image in video is located below this report.

Here is that slightly edited report.  To see original report, click on the case number.


MUFON Case # 32678
Date:    2011-10-17
Time:    19:10
Status:    Assigned
City:    Hendersonville
State:    North Carolina
Shape:    Star-like
Distance:    Unknown
Summary:    Bright light, aspirin size, 10 minutes from horizon to horizon, 7:10 pm

Silent, bright white light traveling all the way from the SSW (saw it at around 30 degrees above the horizon) to the EEN direction (disappeared around 15 degrees above the horizon behind the mountain/tree line).

Straight line trajectory. About the size of an aspirin held at arms length. Witnessed by myself, youngest son (20 - Chemist major) and daughter (17 - senior in high school and college student).

Tried to video tape it with my Kodak EasyShare C433 camera in video mode, but the quality is VERY BAD. This was NOT a sun reflection off of an airplane as there were several flying in the air as well from a ENE to a WSW direction along the normal flight path and all you see from them were there normal lights flashing. Their sounds could be heard as well.

Sighting last approx. 10 minutes from start to finish. Did not notice that the other aircraft acknowledge this light as none of them altered their courses.

I'm ex-USAF (341st Wing Headquarters, Malmstrom AFB, Great Falls, Mt), educated (B.Sc.) and have been in R & D for over 20 years - I'm used to looking up at the sky.

PS: keep in mind that the video quality is VERY BAD due to the type of camera used. The lights at the bottom left (2 - 3 of them at times) are NOT the object. I tried to keep in somewhere near the center of the video. You'll see it near the middle the first minute or two in the center. This was shot after the UFO had attained a 90 degree view from me, so already partially into the sighting. You will hear myself and children talking near the end as well.

Click here for video.


[Editor's note:  I captured a still at the beginning of the video.  As you can see in the cropped images, there are what appear to be additional lights on the object. 

With the aid of 'levels' in Photoshop, I was able to determine that this object has a decidedly rectangular shape, with a single large light in the center, surrounded by smaller, dimmer lights.  There also appears that there could be something akin to "exhaust", around and to the right of the object. - SW


Monday, October 17, 2011

Comet Elenin Missed Earth But German Satellite Won't

Last look at Comet Elenin?
Photo courtesy of

'Doomsday Comet' Elenin came closest to Earth, early on Sunday morning (Oct. 16), without losing a single snowball to Earth's gravity but a defunct German satellite will find it's way back home this week... well, sort of.

Dubbed the Doomsday Comet, Elenin met up with a solar blast from the sun on September 10, 2011, that reduced the icy ball into a pile of strewn rubble.  That rubble was all that was left of the comet as it passed within 35,000 km of Earth.  It won't be back for another 12,000 years. 

Doomsday has been postponed.

Bye, Elenin.  Say hello to 'Herr ROSAT'!


600 ROSAT Satellite


Deutsche deja vu: Kaput satellite in Earth plunge

( A defunct German satellite is expected to plunge to Earth this week, but exactly when and where the satellite will fall remains a mystery.

The massive German Roentgen Satellite, or ROSAT, is expected to plummet to Earth on Saturday or Sunday (Oct. 22 or 23), though German space officials have also offered a wider re-entry window of between Oct. 21 and Oct. 25. This latest falling satellite comes about a month after a dead NASA climate satellite, called the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS), plunged into the Pacific Ocean in late September.

The 2.4-ton X-ray space observatory is expected to break up as it travels through Earth's atmosphere, but some large pieces will likely make it through the intense heat of re-entry. According to German aerospace officials, approximately 1.6 tons of satellite debris, consisting primarily of up to 30 large glass and ceramic fragments, could survive the journey through the atmosphere and reach the Earth's surface.

"We don't expect big parts to re-enter, except the mirror and the glass and ceramic parts," Jan Woerner, head of the executive board of the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR), Germany's space agency, told "Usually during re-entry, you have rather clear burning of all the elements, but glass and ceramics may survive and may come down in bigger pieces."

There is a 1-in-2.000 chance a piece of ROSAT could strike someone on Earth, DLR officials have said. That's a slightly higher risk than the 1-in-3,200 chance of a debris hit NASA gave for the UARS satellite fall.

German aerospace officials are actively tracking ROSAT, but they will not be able to determine precisely when and where the satellite will fall until roughly two hours before it impacts Earth.

ROSAT's orbit extends from the latitudes of 53 degrees north and south, which essentially covers a huge swath of the planet. This means the satellite could fall anywhere stretching from Canada to South America.

Officials at Germany's space agency calculated a 1-in-2,000 chance that someone on Earth will be hit by ROSAT debris, but the risk of serious injury from such an event remains extremely remote.

Originally, the dead satellite was projected to fall to Earth in November, but refined estimates show that the spacecraft will likely make its fiery descent through the atmosphere later this week -- earlier than mission controllers previously thought.

"With satellites like ROSAT, you depend on external circumstances," Woerner said. "For instance, solar wind and changes in the atmosphere may change the time of re-entry. We just have to wait and observe."

ROSAT was launched in June 1990 as a joint venture between Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom. In 1998, the satellite's star tracker failed, which caused its onboard camera to be directly pointed at the sun. This permanently damaged the spacecraft, and ROSAT was officially decommissioned in February 1999.

Since the satellite does not have a propulsion system, and there is no fuel left onboard, the satellite will make an uncontrolled return to Earth.

"We expect public attention because it's a satellite coming down, but in history, we have had much bigger debris fall," Woerner said.

On Sept. 24, NASA's UARS satellite fell uncontrolled toward Earth and plunged into the Pacific Ocean. The event captured the attention of people around the world, and ROSAT's impending re-entry will mark the second time a large spacecraft makes a publicized fall from space within two months.

Officials at Germany's space agency studied NASA and the U.S. Air Force's response to the falling UARS satellite in order to prepare for ROSAT's final return to Earth.

"For us, it was an advantage that UARS fell before," Woerner said. "We know now a little better how to interpret all the data and use the global network. It was an advantage that the satellite came down before so that now we can look at how to deal with ROSAT and how we deal with this in the future."



Falling ROSAT satellite to make reentry between Oct. 21 - 25

Achtung: A satellite strapped to a 1.7-ton telescope will soon be descending in a flaming heap back to earth, possibly as soon as Friday. Because this out-of-control spacecraft, known as the Roentgen Satellite or ROSAT, was built with the finest German engineering, the "very heat resistant" optical device is expected to crash to the ground relatively unscathed.

The ROSAT satellite was launched by NASA in 1990 and managed by the Germans until its fuel ran out and its mission ended in the late '90s. People who bought killer-satellite insurance after the UARS reentry in late September might be feeling smug right now. But although the hunk of expensive junk could make an impromptu landing pad out of basically any major city, the chances of a telescope-on-noggin impact are still abysmally low. Consider that 71 percent of the earth's surface is ocean, and that 369 satellites made uncontrolled reentries in 2010 without any known harm (although this woman was hit by part of a Delta II rocket in the '90s, if you're the type who can't stop fretting about things).

The window of the ROSAT reentry, which the German Aerospace Center puts at Oct. 21 to 25 (though the dates could change slightly), should not be a time for finger-biting but for reflection about the probe's accomplishments. Namely, ROSAT gave the universe a thorough X-ray scan shortly after its launch in 1990. This "all-sky" observation recorded 80,000 things out in the black that are spewing out Roentgens, a finding that among other things helped scientists understand the nature of nearby stars and supernovae. The satellite even caught the moon and comets emitting X-rays!

NASA praised the vehicle's discoveries in 2001:

Using these data, for the first time, astronomers could see in full the large X-ray structures in the Milky Way Galaxy, and in other galaxies; could get a nearly complete measurement of bright X-ray sources, including stars in all stages of evolution, and neutron stars and black holes too; could see the shape and brightness of the "diffuse X-ray background", the high energy emission which seems to surround us... and could use the shape of the X-ray emission to trace the hidden material making up most of the known Universe.

In other words, it was much cooler than what you'll see at the dentist's office. The visual results of ROSAT's penetrating scan are wonderful to behold:

The "all-sky" map of X-ray sources in the nearby universe. Large version. (ROSAT / DLR)

So why the uncertainly about the satellite's reentry? The sun's recent, mercurial outbursts have been heating and cooling the atmosphere, altering the drag that ROSAT experiences while traveling over the planet. Here's the latest from the German space agency's ROSAT page, a good source to check if you want to keep up with this device's death plunge:

Currently, the re-entry date can only be calculated to within plus/minus three days. This time slot of uncertainty will be reduced as the date of re-entry approaches. However, even one day before re-entry, the estimate will only be accurate to within plus/minus five hours. All areas under the orbit of ROSAT, which extends to 53 degrees northern and southern latitude could be affected by its re-entry.

Read more.



Sunday, October 16, 2011

Possible Cigar-shaped UFO Over Indiana Church Camp-1988

A Morgantown, Indiana witness recalls a 1988 sighting of a cigar-shaped unidentified flying object. The witness claims the cigar-shaped UFO sheared tops off trees and was seen by campers.

This report was submitted to MUFON.

[Editor's note:  This report contains minor spelling corrections.  To see original report, please click on case number.]

MUFON Case # 32616

Date:    1988-04-17
Time:     23:55
City:    Morgantown
State:    Indiana
Shape:    Cigar
Duration:    00:30:00
Distance:    500 feet or less
Summary:    I heard the sound of large trees being sheared of their tops at a slow, constant speed with no noise from a motor on an otherwise still night. The next day there were reports of a cigar shaped object hovering over a campground at the end of our road.

On a very still, unseasonably warm spring night sometime between 11:30 and 12 midnight I heard the sound of what sounded like large trees being toppled at a slow, constant speed. The sound was coming from our neighbors woods which is 800 feet down from our property and was heading our way as it was getting louder and louder, we live in a heavily wooded area in southern Brown County and have enormous trees just for the record.

I woke my husband from a sound sleep and made him come over to the window and explained to him I had been listening to the noise for a while now. He was groggy and said he didn't know what it was and told me he was going back to sleep.  The noise continued across our property and continued until I could no longer hear it.

The next afternoon a conservation officer stopped by and asked if we had experienced anything strange the night before and before I could say anything my husband said, "I've been a woodsman my entire life and last night I heard something I have no explanation for", then proceeded to describe what he had heard. The officer said that there were several hundred sightings of a cigar shaped craft hovering over a church camp and a good friend later told us he was at a party in Nashville, Indiana, which is about 10 miles east of us also in Brown County, and saw it hovering while out on the deck.

After hearing what others had seen I then realized that what had happened in our woods was actually the tops of trees being sheared off, and I'm talking large limbs! I could not see the craft as I was inside my house looking into pitch darkness and there was no light coming from the craft.

That same night a teenage girl driving home from a church meeting almost wrecked her car when a large creature on two legs leaped across the road only touching pavement once. This happened not 7 miles from our house. My husband worked with her father. This is a second hand account which I cannot confirm as I didn't personally witness it but according to my husband the man was certainly not one to make up a story like that. I was told about this site by Dan Aykroyd and promised to record my account.


Lights and Triangle UFO Over Valley Village, California

Witness' illustration- MUFON Case # 32605

[Editor's Note:  This report contains minor spelling corrections. 
To see original report, please click on case number.]


MUFON Case # 32605
Date:     2011-10-14
Time:     23:23
Status:   Assigned
City:      Valley Village
State:    California
Shape:  Triangle
Distance:   500 feet or less
Summary:  UFO traveling West down the 101 near Woodman. Bright lights at first, then when it went overhead I saw silver triangle with red and green lights. It wasn't very high off the ground

I was driving home on the east/southbound 101 at 11:23pm on the evening of Friday, October 14, 2011. When I was approaching the Woodman exit, I saw four very bright lights in the air ahead of me. They looked like car headlights, except they were very bright, and were illuminating the foggy cloud cover above and below them. I thought it was a jet taking off from Burbank airport for a few seconds, but then I realized that the light coming down from this thing were illuminating a patch of the highway in front of me, so it was quite low.

When I first saw it the angle was about 20degrees above the horizon. There was other traffic on the highway with me, and when I passed under the object, I leaned forward and looked up through my windshield. I saw silver-colored, triangular object with a red light at the point, and two green lights midway down each side (they were constant, unblinking lights). I THINK there were also lights at the rear corners. Also on the shape was a silver line just "inboard" from the outer edge, in a v-shape mirroring the triangle itself (see my really not very good drawing).

As I passed under it my car was illuminated by the light coming off of it. I saw the underside of it VERY clearly (though could no longer see the four bright white lights), and I don’t think it could’ve been more than 100’ off the ground. Given the way the angle increased so rapidly (I was going about 60 and it was going the other direction at about ¼-½ my speed), I think it must’ve been pretty low.

I would’ve done ANYTHING to be on anything but a freeway, as I watched it disappear down the road behind me. I exited at Laurel Canyon, turned around and headed back down the freeway but I never saw it again. I went all the way to Van Nuys blvd. before realizing I would've caught it and that it must not be following the original flight path/pattern.

While at the stoplight at Laurel Canyon I noted the time on my car’s clock (it said 11:24 and it had been about 1 minute since I saw the object). I was hoping someone else exiting would pull next to me so I could ask if they’d seen it too, but the only other car which exited turned right (and I was turning left so I could get back on the freeway in the other direction).

I’d do anything to be able to relive this experience. It was either someone trying very hard to be a convincing UFO over the freeway (say, by dressing up a helicopter), or… …or I don’t know. I was surprised at how clearly I saw it when I looked up through my windshield (though I probably only saw the actual “upview” of the shape for a second or two); I was only expecting to see the four lights – not the triangular thingy I actually saw.

When I first saw the row of four lights (which I drew next to the triangle shape), they were giving of a LOT of light radiating upwards from them as well as downwards – represented by the triangles in the drawing but not to the side - AND not nearly in the sharply-defined conical shape I represent in the drawing - it was just massive amounts of light spilling upwards and downwards). The light was “yellower/whiter” than a police spotlight (which has kind of a blue hue), and the pool of light it made on the freeway was less defined as well. The pool of light on the freeway was also not “jittering” the way a police helicopter light does. When the object was still in front of me (and all I could see were the four lights), I could tell that it was moving a bit from side to side (very smoothly) as it came toward me.

I have never seen a UFO before, nor have I ever reported anything like this ever before. Honestly – it was a pretty incredible sight, the more I think about it. I know this is likely one of the lamer reports you receive, but I can hardly believe that not one other person on the freeway saw/reported it. Someone traveling in the other direction would’ve had a side view at about a 45-degree angle.

While I would like remain anonymous (regarding this reports appearance in public), I would be more than happy to be contacted if anyone has any questions.

Witness depiction: (document)



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