Wednesday, March 18, 2015

2015 Tyler Paranormal Conference

I will be speaking again at the
2015 Tyler Paranormal Conference.
Date of conference: April 25-26
Where: Tyler Civic Center.

There will be some fantastic folks that you will want to see and hear, plus there will be vendors and fun for all!  So come on out to Tyler, Texas, the "Rose City."


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sighting Over Three Rivers, Texas - February 10, 2015

A LITS investigator had a "Pheonix type" UFO sighting last night, along with quite a few other folks in the area of Three Rivers, Texas (South of San Antonio).
The sighting lasted at least 30 minutes and then, according to the main witness, Connie C. of LITS ( Lightsinthe Texassky), after hovering for 30 minutes or more, the lights moved off to the North and disappeared.
Some other witnesses saw the object/lights from Hwy 72 (east of sighting location), George West on 799 and from FM 889, along with other citixens in 3 Rivers.

Numerous lights in the sky were seen near the refinery in Three Rivers, Texas.
Time was just before 8:30 pm this evening, Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2015, lasting til about 9:00 pm.
These lights (orange in color with a number of tiny white lights), were seen by at least 3 groups of people and were reported to the local sheriff's department, and to me here at LITS.
According to one of the witnesses, the lights were the same orange as street lights but were 15 degrees above the horizon.
The main witnesses were 2 miles due North of the refinery.  Witnesses due east on Hwy 72 reported that they saw the lights about a mile north of the refinery.  Therefore, that puts the lights at about 1 mile from main witnesses and less than 1,000 feet AGL. 
Some witnesses reported seeing tiny white lights in addition to the orange lights. The orange lights appeared in rows and would last a a short while, then disappear.
One witness stated that he did not see a structure but there was an area around the lights that seemed hazy, perhaps even cloaked.

Similar, if not the same lights, were also seen over the Freer, Texas baseball field, about 45 minutes later.  Freer is located 45 miles West of Three Rivers.

If you witnessed this sighting, please contact me.  Be sure to include time, location of sighting and a description of what you witnessed.  Thank you.



Hovering Lights Over Weatherford, Texas

This report submitted to MUFON and reposted here, as is.

MUFON Case #63223
Weatherford, TX
Feb. 10, 2015

Many hovering objects with planes flying around them like they were tracking them. For many nights in a row At least 10 tonight. They hover for long periods then move forward for miles then back.

This has happened in Weatherford for several nights in a row

Bright star-like objects too low to be stars and moving unlike stars. Tracked by planes that were obviously planes moving much faster than the objects.

Bright star-like objects that hover for long periods then move east and then back to the west.

Tried to get closer and follow them but they move every so often. I cannot get a photo they just turn out like orbs.

Some disappear into the sky and some turn their lights off and just disappear. Some float away very slowly.


Sunday, January 18, 2015

I'm back, sort of... and No, I am not Big Brother.

Hi folks,
Sorry I've been negligent of this site but I am only 'human', after all.

I've had to take a hiatus from the work load, due to health issues.  I'm not 100% but am getting there.

I'm still taking reports, still investigating and researching but am depending more on my South Texas Lead Investigator, Connie.  She is my right hand gal!

Also, please note, there are some who still think this is a government site.  It isn't but then how am I supposed to have anyone believe that?  All I have is my word. 

When I take your reports and post them (or not), I guard your names and personal information,  No one will ever know, except me and/or my lead investigator, who you are or where you are, unless you want me to release that information.  Even then, I am reluctant to do so. 

We will protect your identity, to the utmost of our ability!  However, please be advised that as Edward Snowden warned us all, the government collects every email and can snoop on every phone call. 

Be safe, be aware and please, report any UFO or other paranormal sightings.

Thank you!

~Sunny Williams

          *       *       *

Monday, December 1, 2014

Witness Saw Boomerang UFO Over Bluffton, Idiana- 11/27/2014

Artist rendering.  This is not a photo.

I received this emailed account of an unidentified flying boomerang shaped object, that was partially transparent.

The report is as is, with no corrections.

November 27, 2014, 12:30 a.m.
Bluffton, IN

Unbelievable, I was sitting in my hot tub, of all times, i was alone and I saw what I still don't believe was a large boomerang shaped object. Time was 12:30 ish, cloudy night with breaks in the clouds. It glides through the sky amazingly. I believe it was silent, couldn't tell really because the hot tub was running. I watched in amazement. My thoughts were, no way, what is that, no way. From where I was sitting, I saw either a low flying object that was gliding through the clouds. By gliding, it was so smooth and straight like it owned the air. It flew straight like a plane, it appeared to look similar to a stealth fighter. The only difference was the sight of translucency. It was primarily invisible with a translucent like Ora outlining it. The Ora was pretty much invisible with very low lighting. I saw a faint red,blue and maybe white yellowish lighting on underneath the object. It appeared to be lights centered across the boomerang looking figure. I wish I could
 have recorded it, I'm in awe. I saw it plan as day over the rooftop of my house until it disappeared into a white low level cloud. If the cloud was not there, I could of watched it continue to fly. I sat there denying what I saw but I know I saw which was what I think was an incredible plane. Shortly after I saw it, I turned all the water off in the tub in hopes I would hear jet engines but it was silent. I wanted to see it again. I wanted to know what it was, or wish I never saw it. Several things ran through my mind. If this thing was flying at cloud level, it had to have been huge. This thing had a wing span that was enormous. It had at least what I think we're 8 to 10 low level lights (barely visible). In the distance, about 15 minutes later, I saw another plan, it had a white flasher and it coasted off in the distance. That made everything even more believable. I saw a UFO which could have been a top secret plane. Whatever it was, it tried very hard to not be seen. Am I loosing 
it. I mean, I did drink some beers today, I over ate because it is thanksgiving. I was smoking a cigar, there was a lot of steam in the air from the hot tube. Was it a reflection of light off the cars from the road. If so, why was the shape so distinct? Why did it travel in a perfectly straight line. It also did not appear to be traveling extremely fast it was crazy. Something in the air felt odd the entire time I was outside and I just so happen to be looking up and bam, I saw this thing that has just blown my mind. 

I replied and asked for more details, such as location, date/time, etc.  Here is the witness' reply.:

I saw it last night. I started looking up similar findings on the Internet shortly afterward. I saw this on November 27th at 12:30 am. I was in Bluffton, In. As far as I know, i don't know of anyone else that saw it. I mentioned it to other but the didn't care to hear about it. Im not sure what your going to to do with this info but I'd prefer to be anonymous. It's still so unreal. It was truly amazing. Something out of a movie!


Investigator's note:  If you saw this object, please report itThank you!


Monday, July 14, 2014

Disc Object Over NW San Antonio, Texas, July 2, 2014


July 2, 2014
San Antonio, Texas
Late afternoon/early evening
Long, flat disc-shaped object

A sighting was reported in San Antonio, Texas, for Tuesday )07/02/2014), in Leon Valley/bandera rd area.   The LITS witness (LITS South Texas Lead Investigator, Connie Churchill) saw an object on the same day but unsure if the time matches, as the Texas UFO Sightings report is incomplete.

LITS Investigator reports: I also saw something in the sky Tuesday afternoon. Flat white object...25 degrees above the horizon.  The sighting occurred between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m.  I was facing ENE. 
The object was there for less than 10 seconds and by the time I got up out of my lawn chair for a better look it disappeared.

I thought nothing of it, since I was in an area of busy airspace.  I later saw the report and realized our locations lined up.. I was situated on Roft Rd (Shooting Range), and the object would have been between me and the location of the other the witness.

I spoke with Connie and clarified a few points in the report.

If you have observed something you could not identify, or experienced something unusual, please contact us.

Link to other sighting:


Sunday, July 6, 2014

New Paranormal Site: "Astral Perceptions"

Spirit Rescue International is excited to announce the return of Astral Perceptions.

Astral Perceptions is a unique site dedicated to exploring and expanding our awareness of the spiritual world around us. Originally founded by Spirit Rescue International LTD in 2011, Astral Perceptions became it's own Limited Company in 2013.

The purpose of Astral Perceptions is two-fold: to network with and support legitimate psychics, mediums and healers throughout the world in order to help bring healing and enlightenment to those looking for guidance. It is also to create a world-wide network of dedicated people willing to come together in times of emergency to help in the search for missing persons, lost pets, and to offer assistance with local authorities on special request cases.

If you are looking for a psychic, medium or healer, or you would like to join the Astral Perceptions network, please visit our website at and click on the "Astral Perceptions" Menu tab.

We also invite you to visit our facebook group page at



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