Monday, December 1, 2014

Witness Saw Boomerang UFO Over Bluffton, Idiana- 11/27/2014

Artist rendering.  This is not a photo.

I received this emailed account of an unidentified flying boomerang shaped object, that was partially transparent.

The report is as is, with no corrections.

November 27, 2014, 12:30 a.m.
Bluffton, IN

Unbelievable, I was sitting in my hot tub, of all times, i was alone and I saw what I still don't believe was a large boomerang shaped object. Time was 12:30 ish, cloudy night with breaks in the clouds. It glides through the sky amazingly. I believe it was silent, couldn't tell really because the hot tub was running. I watched in amazement. My thoughts were, no way, what is that, no way. From where I was sitting, I saw either a low flying object that was gliding through the clouds. By gliding, it was so smooth and straight like it owned the air. It flew straight like a plane, it appeared to look similar to a stealth fighter. The only difference was the sight of translucency. It was primarily invisible with a translucent like Ora outlining it. The Ora was pretty much invisible with very low lighting. I saw a faint red,blue and maybe white yellowish lighting on underneath the object. It appeared to be lights centered across the boomerang looking figure. I wish I could
 have recorded it, I'm in awe. I saw it plan as day over the rooftop of my house until it disappeared into a white low level cloud. If the cloud was not there, I could of watched it continue to fly. I sat there denying what I saw but I know I saw which was what I think was an incredible plane. Shortly after I saw it, I turned all the water off in the tub in hopes I would hear jet engines but it was silent. I wanted to see it again. I wanted to know what it was, or wish I never saw it. Several things ran through my mind. If this thing was flying at cloud level, it had to have been huge. This thing had a wing span that was enormous. It had at least what I think we're 8 to 10 low level lights (barely visible). In the distance, about 15 minutes later, I saw another plan, it had a white flasher and it coasted off in the distance. That made everything even more believable. I saw a UFO which could have been a top secret plane. Whatever it was, it tried very hard to not be seen. Am I loosing 
it. I mean, I did drink some beers today, I over ate because it is thanksgiving. I was smoking a cigar, there was a lot of steam in the air from the hot tube. Was it a reflection of light off the cars from the road. If so, why was the shape so distinct? Why did it travel in a perfectly straight line. It also did not appear to be traveling extremely fast it was crazy. Something in the air felt odd the entire time I was outside and I just so happen to be looking up and bam, I saw this thing that has just blown my mind. 

I replied and asked for more details, such as location, date/time, etc.  Here is the witness' reply.:

I saw it last night. I started looking up similar findings on the Internet shortly afterward. I saw this on November 27th at 12:30 am. I was in Bluffton, In. As far as I know, i don't know of anyone else that saw it. I mentioned it to other but the didn't care to hear about it. Im not sure what your going to to do with this info but I'd prefer to be anonymous. It's still so unreal. It was truly amazing. Something out of a movie!


Investigator's note:  If you saw this object, please report itThank you!



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