Saturday, February 28, 2009

One Woman's Account of Alien Contact

How would you react if someone that you knew to be a sane, rational person, told you that they had a contact experience with aliens? Would you want to know more about that experience, or would you totally dismiss it as an hallucination, pure fantasy, or just look at them wide eyed, as if they themselves were alien?
Let me relate this story and whoever reads this can decide for themselves.
Picture a middle-aged mother of two grown children, with kids of their own. She is not one that is prone to exaggeration, as she feels that detracts from truth. To her, things are as such; no more, no less.
Then one day she sees something in the sky that she can't identify. She gets it on camera. Soon she is seeing UFOs on a weekly, or at least monthly basis. Some have even seemed to interact with her. She has reported these sightings.

One night, after a brief storm has passed and she is alone, she goes to bed thinking of all the things she has to do the next day, such things as finding a new home. She and her husband are moving and he is staying at their old home to keep it safe from thieves and mischief makers.
It's strange that her small dog won't come get his treat, won't get in his dog bed where he normally sleeps, he won't even come in the room. She dismisses it and lays down. Suddenly the phone rings at 2:00 a.m., so she reaches for the phone beside her bed and there is only a dial tone. She realizes that there are 3 phones in the house, each has it's own sound, yet the one by the bed is the only one that rang just then. It wasn't even a regular "ring", it was like 2 half rings. She hangs up and tries to get to sleep but now she's wondering who tried to call.
Almost asleep, she's roused again at 2:30 a.m. by the phone. She lets it "half ring" 5 times and picks up again, only to hear a dial tone. Nonplussed, she settles back under the covers to attempt sleep.
It's not quite 3:a.m. and she rouses from sleep because she hears voices. She can't understand what is being said but the voices are all around her. She's wide awake now and sits up to find shadowy figures moving around her bed. These are not ordinary shadows. Most are only about 4 feet tall but at least one towers over them and has to duck down as it comes through the bedroom door.
She asks herself, "Is this real, or am I dreaming?" She tries to get up and something pushes her back on the bed. She begins to flail her arms, trying to ward off whatever is near. Her left hand makes contact with something. It isn't the bed board, she can't reach it. It isn't the nightstand (which is to her right). Whatever she hit, it was like skin and bone. The next morning she will find a bruise to the palm of her hand that lasts for over 2 weeks and is tender to the touch.
After striking whatever it was, or whoever it was, she finds herself pinned to the bed and can't move anything except her head. She calls out to her husband to help her, knowing he isn't there, yet disparately hoping for help. Suddenly a tall figure moves to the bed, leans on it and hovers over her saying, "I'm here. It's alright."
She knows that is not her husband. She yells but there is no sound. She struggles but still can't move. She twists and turns her head, she sees the large red numbers on the bedside alarm clock, they read "3:23". Suddenly the phone begins to ring that same half ring. The shadowy figures become agitated and it's as if they reach up and put hands to the sides of their heads. She can faintly see glistening eyes in the light from the nightlight in the hallway and the guard light from outside.
After 3 to 4 rings, the phone becomes silent and then the voices begin again. The tone is threatening but she still does not understand what is being said. It seems like hours that this goes on, then suddenly she blacks out, then comes to and it's 5:00 a.m. She has been struggling with these demon like creatures for over 2 hours. She gets up and makes her way to the bathroom, then she comes back to bed. She is exhausted and her whole body aches from the struggle. She falls into a deep, dreamless sleep, then is awakened at 10:30 a.m. by the dogs that refused to come to the bedroom all night.
She remembers what happened that night. She's beginning to remember more. She knows she was being threatened. The bruise on her hand was real. The aching body was real. The fear was real.

Has she seen UFOs since? Yes. Does she report these sightings? Yes. Has she reported the contact to any organization? No, because she feels no one would believe it.

The picture is a representation of what she saw.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Multiple Witnesses See Lights

On the evening of February 24, 2009, several witnesses spotted bright lights in an area of Texas that is located 50 miles East of Abilene, to approximately 45 miles West of Stephenville. Towns include Cisco, Dublin and Rising Star. Here is one of those reports:

"On Feb 24, 2009, I was driving down Hwy 183 and was about 3 miles outside ( of Cisco when a bright light caught my eye through the truck window. It was hovering about 800 ft. up, approx. 3-5 miles to my South. One bright white light with several amber lights on each side and across the bottom. I passed trees between myself and object (took only a second or two) and then the object was gone. After passing through town and as I crossed over I-20 on Hwy 206, I again saw the object further South. Again it disappeared and showed up even further south. After I had gone several miles down the road, the object showed up one more time. I passed a wooded area and did not see the object again. It appeared to be traveling towards Rising Star, TX."

Same night, about the same time, 2 other people saw amber lights in nearby towns. Coincidence?
*Picture is a depiction of Object seen near Cisco, TX.

Hubble had company?

On Feb. 10, 2009, I was Googling images of the Hubble Telescope and saw one I really liked, so I downloaded it, basically to used as a desktop image. When I enlarged the photo, I noticed an anomaly near the Hubble. I used Photoshop to highlight the "object" and was totally amazed at what I saw!
Maybe it is a defunct satellite but it doesn't much look like one. It almost looks alive.
What is up there with our satellites and the space station?

Monday, February 9, 2009

The UFO Flap of February 6, 2009

I'm wondering if the aliens have discovered that the Dr. Pepper bottled in Dublin is the best. Could be why they are reportedly swarming the area. There have been a total of 12 UFO reports to date, for the month of Feb., 2009 and the month isn't even half over yet. Reports from Cisco, Desdemona, De Leon, Dublin, Stephenville, Glen Rose, Morgan Mill and the Evant/Hamilton area. Most of these reports are for a single day, Feb. 6, 2009. There is also a total of 18 for the whole state. I'd call that a flap, for sure.

Seriously, this all makes me wonder. If I didn't see these things with my own eyes, I'd still be one of the biggest skeptics around and to this day, after numerous sightings I'm still not 100% positive. I've seen "UFOs" since I was a teenager but that still doesn't dismiss the fact that our military could possibly have some weird and freaky technology, that they aren't sharing with the public. Did the military come up with all this on it's own, or did they have help, or is it that none of it's military, or only part of it? This inquiring mind wants to know.

Back in the 60s when Star Trek first introduced us to "communicators" and we were still using clunky, tied-to-the-wall land lines, who would have thought we'd soon have tiny flip open cell phones that can even take digital photos and send them via email ( or texting)? And who even thought of email back then? In the fifties, computers were so big that just one filled a huge room and basically crunched numbers. Computers weren't much smaller in the sixties.

We now have I-Pods, laptop computers, satellites in space that help us communicate, transmitting high quality digital TV, keeping track of our weather and can even see a dime on the sidewalk. Old news. Now there are Sats that can see under the oceans. Men have walked on the moon, we've sent roving robots to Mars and have been witness to deep space through the Hubble telescope, the list goes on. Amazing, isn't it?

I'm not going to sit here and say we all have to believe, one way or the other. I think that at this stage, we should all take a very close look at the evidence for and against, alien technology verses our own ingenuity (or a combination of both), then make up our own minds. Or we can sit on our collective arses and wait for our government to divulge it's secrets. Who is willing to wait that long?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The lights are on again in Stephenville

Thursday, Feb 5, 2009, "the lights" came back on in Stephenville, TX, or so it seems. Multiple sightings with multiple witnesses have been reported to MUFON, from rows of orange lights in the sky, some looking much like previous sightings, to a circle of lights just off of Hwy 281, 4 miles South of Stephenville. The witness stated, "From a distance I thought it was a rodeo arena lights - but I knew there wasn't an arena there. As I got closer I realized it was just lights - in a large circle and they were blinking." The witness also stated that a car was pulled over, watching the lights.

In another report, a family was driving from Glen Rose on Hwy 67 towards Stephenville, when they "noticed a very bright yellowish,white object in the sky very low in the horizon but high enough to see over the trees and power lines." One witness contacted WB-33 TV of DFW and then found out that at the exact same time but from a different location to the west, a co-worker of his had seen the same objects. "These objects looked just like the object filmed by Matt Collins involved in the Walnut Springs sighting reported on by WB-33 TV".

Another witness "noticed a bright light in the Southwest sky". Another light appeared, then more, one at a time fading in and out until there were 6 or 7 lights, then soon all disappeared.

A fourth sighting reported, is that on the evening of Feb. 5, 2009 at 7:30 p.m. CST, the witness and her family were traveling south on Hwy 281 near Stephenville when they saw a horizontal row of 3 amber colored lights. They pulled over and stopped, then 3 more lights appeared in the row, plus 3 lights below the row (9 total). One person stepped out of the truck and reported no sound, then the lights disappeared.

On the evening of Friday, Feb. 6, 2009, it was reported that motorists along Hwy 377 between Stephenville and Dublin, were pulled over to watch a number of bright yellow lights that came together forming triangles, horizontal lines and taking off at incredible speeds. Other witnesses driving south from I-20 were able to view these lights. It is quite evident that a number of witnesses have not yet come forward to make a report. However, I feel that more reports like these will show up in the coming days. If so, I'll make note of it here.

I myself saw something in the early morning hours of Feb. 6. It was just a bright star-like light that suddenly appeared in the SE sky. The colors ranged from red, to orange, to yellow. The object would dim slowly and then suddenly brighten, as if slowly pulsing and changing colors. It did this several times, then the object faded out and was gone. Could have been a plane heading north and then turning away but the light didn't appear to strobe and I didn't see any nav lights, so who knows?
Later that evening I saw what I thought were two unusual clouds but soon realized they were solid, white objects, with a "flattened egg" shape. They flew silently, side by side, over the house at no more than 500 ft. elevation. I could even make out what appeared to be panels of some sort, on the bottom of both objects.
Then just a couple of hours later, 5 to 6 large white lights in a neighbor's field doing some strange moves up, down, sideways. I've never seen a tractor fly, or hover for that matter. I turned my back for just a minute and the lights weren't there when I turned back around. Strange

People see things every day that are ordinary objects, or weather phenomena but if they are not used to seeing those things, or view them under certain circumstances and the objects can't be identified, then to the witnesses those objects become extraordinary, they become UFOs.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gulf Breeze revisited

The UFO Hunters (Bill Birnes, Dr. Ted Acworth and Pat Uskert) in association with The History Channel, will be revisiting Gulf Breeze, Florida. If anyone remembers the big UFO flap in the Gulf Breeze area back in the late '80s, it was mostly generated by an Ed & Frances Walters. In the early 1990s, the pair wrote a book entitled 'The Gulf Breeze Sightings'.

If you've seen Ed Walters photos and most stand out as suspect. One photo in particular, looks like a lamp shade reflected off a window. My son once did that. He took a picture of a window near a lamp. The photo was taken so that the lamp did not show up, but the reflection of the lamp shade looked just like a UFO. I was just a simple joke and he didn't peddle it as a real UFO, unlike some people. I'll say for the record, that my photos are real. My artwork is not, though it may be my interpretation of real or imagined events.

Walters book and sightings were declared hoaxes, after a model of a UFO was discovered in the attic of the couple's former home. Lamp shade, model, does it matter? They were faked. The Walters felt the need to hoax sightings. I guess it pays well?

Whether looking for fame and money, just being the proverbial ass, or in desperate need for attention, hoaxes don't help the search for the truth. They don't hurt it much either. If you believe in Aliens /UFOs, those scoff at the idea think you're a few bricks shy of a load.

Oh well, on Wednesday evenings we still have the UFO Hunters and their quest to prove, or disprove the existence of aliens and their aircraft (UFOs). I'll have my popcorn ready. You bring the hot chocolate.

Alien Interview (Area 51) Video

I'm not going to bother with putting the video on this blog. There are enough copies of that supposed taped interview on the web. If you need to see it again (hasn't everyone?), a google search will suffice.

The Alien in the video: Is it a puppet, a man in a costume, or is it CGI? Well, the video came out in 1996 and supposedly was made in, or around 1990. The "DNI" stamped on the video could mean Department of Naval Intelligence, or it could mean "Dummy, not intelligent".

I've watched the Alien Interview video several times. Does anyone else notice that the alien never blinks? What's with the eyes? And the movements seem jerky and unreal. Maybe it's made that way for a reason. Maybe they want you and I to look at it and say it's fake. More of that sleight of hand?

Let's hypothesize for a moment. The unblinking eyes could be due to some type of lens protecting the eyes? I've read numerous accounts from so-called abductees and most say that the aliens do blink their eyes. Some even say that the eyes are a lot like ours only bigger, or that the eyes have an inner lid, like cats. Well, that's if aliens really do exist, right?

It stands to reason that an alien intelligence would be somewhat like us; bipedal, upright, having hands and digits to work controls, to build, create. Um, maybe not.

Intelligence can come in any form. Take the bottle-nosed dolphin, for instance. They don't have hands to create things but they are very intelligent, can learn to understand many human words and signs. They can even try to mimic our speech and they can perform assigned tasks. But what exactly is intelligence? My theory is that any biological entity that has the ability to learn and use that knowledge to it's advantage, is at least to some degree, intelligent. Even a dog is intelligent to some degree.

Where does that place us in the intelligence hierarchy? We humans are supposed to be the most intelligent life forms on planet Earth but are we really? Maybe to some other life form, we are to them as dogs and bottle-nosed dolphins are to us.

Back to the video in question. Is it real, or is it a good fake? Is that a puppet, a man in a costume, CGI, or is it a real alien in distress? Was CGI that sophisticated in 1990? Well, the jury is still out on that one. So far it hasn't been proven either way. You the viewer must decide for yourself.

One more thing. If you see an alien and he/she/it allows themselves to be videoed, please pass that video on to me. Better yet, hop on board their spaceship and come look me up. I'm sure they know where I am. I'll gladly take photos for you.

Misdirection- The Big Lie

Let's say that you have an old car. It's still a good car, well maintained and you drive it occasionally. You've recently filled the tank with gas and later decide to go for a drive. You get in, turn the key, the fuel level moves but it shows only half a tank of gas. You know you put gas in it, so where did the gas go? You raise the hood, check the fuel lines, look under the car, no sign of leaked gas. It's simply a mystery, so you get in, go back to the station and fill up again. You drive right back home and park the car.

Each day you check the car, there's gas missing. Where is it going? While you are standing out by the car, pondering this predicament, a neighbor is out in his yard. He's flying a gas powered remote control aircraft (RCA), one the likes of which you have never seen before. It's amazing!
The neighbor can do all sorts of things with this aircraft and you are simply in awe of it.

Ah, no matter. You go back inside your house and next day, the car has even less gas. You barely have enough to get to the gas station. Meanwhile, your neighbor is having the time of his life, flying that amazing RCA.

You fill up with gas, go home and park the car. Next day there is only half a tank and the neighbor has a new craft, only this one is much bigger, with even more abilities. When you ask him where he got it, he just shrugs and says, "I made it."

You go back inside the house but you happen to see through a window over looking the neighbor's back yard. There is an object sitting there, very large and unknown. Several small people are entering and then the object takes off in a flash. You rub your eyes and figure you are just seeing things. Next day, your gas tank is almost on empty.

Do you get where I'm going with this? It's the same with our tax dollars and the military. It's the same with Black Ops military and our government. Houdini would be proud.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that billions of dollars are being spent by NASA (the right hand) for all their shuttle and ISS programs, while a darker entity (the left hand) is spending billions of our tax dollars on amazing technology, that they claim does not exist. And where did that technology come from? Evidently we have gone from combustion engines to operational field propulsion (anti-gravity flight), in a very short time and without 99% of us knowing it. Some say we even have a fleet of space craft, capable of interstellar travel. If that is so, why won't anyone tell us? Were losing gas out of our tank (tax $s), seeing UFOs and no one is asking why? When you look up in the sky and see something odd, is it ours, or is it theirs?

Watch my right hand.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Are there Aliens and an Alien Agenda?

Are there really aliens from another world, that are coming to our planet? Philip Schneider and Milton William (Bill) Cooper thought so. Both men died under mysterious circumstances, Schneider being found in his home, dead for a week, possibly strangled and Cooper was shot dead, by law enforcement officers no less! Before that, Cooper had almost been killed by being run off the road. Sounds like someone was trying to shut him up. Well, "they" succeeded but not before both men got their message out.
Just what was *that* message? The message was that aliens are real and the governments of the world have been covering it up. More specifically, the US Government; That there are over a dozen different alien species, a few who are benevolent, most who are not and that a rogue government group is in cahoots with some not so nice aliens, i.e., the ones who mutilate cattle and abduct humans for their experiments. As for some of the UFOs, they're supposedly Black Ops craft, made from alien technology, bartered for with lives of average citizens, for alien experiments.
There's also supposed to be a hidden alien agenda. Are we to become slaves? Is our DNA being manipulated and are hybrids being born to serve the alien agenda? If so, how do we stop it? If all this were true (which I have no way of knowing at this time), I do have a pretty good idea of how to put a stop on it.

What are we the people supposed to make of all this? I really can't say, as I am no expert but someone once gave me this advice: "When it comes to government, believe nothing you hear, half of what you see... and trust no one." Works for me. Well, both ways actually. I'm more of the "seeing is believing" type. I want proof. That proof is out there, somewhere. Do your part, report your UFO sightings! Be a part of the answers to the big questions.


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