Sunday, February 8, 2009

The lights are on again in Stephenville

Thursday, Feb 5, 2009, "the lights" came back on in Stephenville, TX, or so it seems. Multiple sightings with multiple witnesses have been reported to MUFON, from rows of orange lights in the sky, some looking much like previous sightings, to a circle of lights just off of Hwy 281, 4 miles South of Stephenville. The witness stated, "From a distance I thought it was a rodeo arena lights - but I knew there wasn't an arena there. As I got closer I realized it was just lights - in a large circle and they were blinking." The witness also stated that a car was pulled over, watching the lights.

In another report, a family was driving from Glen Rose on Hwy 67 towards Stephenville, when they "noticed a very bright yellowish,white object in the sky very low in the horizon but high enough to see over the trees and power lines." One witness contacted WB-33 TV of DFW and then found out that at the exact same time but from a different location to the west, a co-worker of his had seen the same objects. "These objects looked just like the object filmed by Matt Collins involved in the Walnut Springs sighting reported on by WB-33 TV".

Another witness "noticed a bright light in the Southwest sky". Another light appeared, then more, one at a time fading in and out until there were 6 or 7 lights, then soon all disappeared.

A fourth sighting reported, is that on the evening of Feb. 5, 2009 at 7:30 p.m. CST, the witness and her family were traveling south on Hwy 281 near Stephenville when they saw a horizontal row of 3 amber colored lights. They pulled over and stopped, then 3 more lights appeared in the row, plus 3 lights below the row (9 total). One person stepped out of the truck and reported no sound, then the lights disappeared.

On the evening of Friday, Feb. 6, 2009, it was reported that motorists along Hwy 377 between Stephenville and Dublin, were pulled over to watch a number of bright yellow lights that came together forming triangles, horizontal lines and taking off at incredible speeds. Other witnesses driving south from I-20 were able to view these lights. It is quite evident that a number of witnesses have not yet come forward to make a report. However, I feel that more reports like these will show up in the coming days. If so, I'll make note of it here.

I myself saw something in the early morning hours of Feb. 6. It was just a bright star-like light that suddenly appeared in the SE sky. The colors ranged from red, to orange, to yellow. The object would dim slowly and then suddenly brighten, as if slowly pulsing and changing colors. It did this several times, then the object faded out and was gone. Could have been a plane heading north and then turning away but the light didn't appear to strobe and I didn't see any nav lights, so who knows?
Later that evening I saw what I thought were two unusual clouds but soon realized they were solid, white objects, with a "flattened egg" shape. They flew silently, side by side, over the house at no more than 500 ft. elevation. I could even make out what appeared to be panels of some sort, on the bottom of both objects.
Then just a couple of hours later, 5 to 6 large white lights in a neighbor's field doing some strange moves up, down, sideways. I've never seen a tractor fly, or hover for that matter. I turned my back for just a minute and the lights weren't there when I turned back around. Strange

People see things every day that are ordinary objects, or weather phenomena but if they are not used to seeing those things, or view them under certain circumstances and the objects can't be identified, then to the witnesses those objects become extraordinary, they become UFOs.

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