Thursday, February 5, 2009

Alien Interview (Area 51) Video

I'm not going to bother with putting the video on this blog. There are enough copies of that supposed taped interview on the web. If you need to see it again (hasn't everyone?), a google search will suffice.

The Alien in the video: Is it a puppet, a man in a costume, or is it CGI? Well, the video came out in 1996 and supposedly was made in, or around 1990. The "DNI" stamped on the video could mean Department of Naval Intelligence, or it could mean "Dummy, not intelligent".

I've watched the Alien Interview video several times. Does anyone else notice that the alien never blinks? What's with the eyes? And the movements seem jerky and unreal. Maybe it's made that way for a reason. Maybe they want you and I to look at it and say it's fake. More of that sleight of hand?

Let's hypothesize for a moment. The unblinking eyes could be due to some type of lens protecting the eyes? I've read numerous accounts from so-called abductees and most say that the aliens do blink their eyes. Some even say that the eyes are a lot like ours only bigger, or that the eyes have an inner lid, like cats. Well, that's if aliens really do exist, right?

It stands to reason that an alien intelligence would be somewhat like us; bipedal, upright, having hands and digits to work controls, to build, create. Um, maybe not.

Intelligence can come in any form. Take the bottle-nosed dolphin, for instance. They don't have hands to create things but they are very intelligent, can learn to understand many human words and signs. They can even try to mimic our speech and they can perform assigned tasks. But what exactly is intelligence? My theory is that any biological entity that has the ability to learn and use that knowledge to it's advantage, is at least to some degree, intelligent. Even a dog is intelligent to some degree.

Where does that place us in the intelligence hierarchy? We humans are supposed to be the most intelligent life forms on planet Earth but are we really? Maybe to some other life form, we are to them as dogs and bottle-nosed dolphins are to us.

Back to the video in question. Is it real, or is it a good fake? Is that a puppet, a man in a costume, CGI, or is it a real alien in distress? Was CGI that sophisticated in 1990? Well, the jury is still out on that one. So far it hasn't been proven either way. You the viewer must decide for yourself.

One more thing. If you see an alien and he/she/it allows themselves to be videoed, please pass that video on to me. Better yet, hop on board their spaceship and come look me up. I'm sure they know where I am. I'll gladly take photos for you.

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