Thursday, February 5, 2009

Misdirection- The Big Lie

Let's say that you have an old car. It's still a good car, well maintained and you drive it occasionally. You've recently filled the tank with gas and later decide to go for a drive. You get in, turn the key, the fuel level moves but it shows only half a tank of gas. You know you put gas in it, so where did the gas go? You raise the hood, check the fuel lines, look under the car, no sign of leaked gas. It's simply a mystery, so you get in, go back to the station and fill up again. You drive right back home and park the car.

Each day you check the car, there's gas missing. Where is it going? While you are standing out by the car, pondering this predicament, a neighbor is out in his yard. He's flying a gas powered remote control aircraft (RCA), one the likes of which you have never seen before. It's amazing!
The neighbor can do all sorts of things with this aircraft and you are simply in awe of it.

Ah, no matter. You go back inside your house and next day, the car has even less gas. You barely have enough to get to the gas station. Meanwhile, your neighbor is having the time of his life, flying that amazing RCA.

You fill up with gas, go home and park the car. Next day there is only half a tank and the neighbor has a new craft, only this one is much bigger, with even more abilities. When you ask him where he got it, he just shrugs and says, "I made it."

You go back inside the house but you happen to see through a window over looking the neighbor's back yard. There is an object sitting there, very large and unknown. Several small people are entering and then the object takes off in a flash. You rub your eyes and figure you are just seeing things. Next day, your gas tank is almost on empty.

Do you get where I'm going with this? It's the same with our tax dollars and the military. It's the same with Black Ops military and our government. Houdini would be proud.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that billions of dollars are being spent by NASA (the right hand) for all their shuttle and ISS programs, while a darker entity (the left hand) is spending billions of our tax dollars on amazing technology, that they claim does not exist. And where did that technology come from? Evidently we have gone from combustion engines to operational field propulsion (anti-gravity flight), in a very short time and without 99% of us knowing it. Some say we even have a fleet of space craft, capable of interstellar travel. If that is so, why won't anyone tell us? Were losing gas out of our tank (tax $s), seeing UFOs and no one is asking why? When you look up in the sky and see something odd, is it ours, or is it theirs?

Watch my right hand.

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