Friday, January 30, 2009

January, 2009 Texas Reports

There have been many reported sightings for the month of January, 2009, here in Texas. No telling how many have actually seen something and either not reported it, or instead, they reported to a local agency (or other) that I am unaware of. Here's a run-down of the list:

#1.) Jan. 1: Katy, TX- Large orange light.
#2.)Jan. 1: Spring, TX- Multiple orange lights (30 to 40), 2 fleets in trianglar formations.
#3.)Jan. 2: Ft. Worth, TX- Bright "moving" star.
#4.)Jan. 4: Ballinger, TX- Bright spinning, moving star-like object.
#5.)Jan. 4: Whitsboro, TX- Disc UFO
#6.)Jan. 7: Burkburnett, TX- Moving "star-like" object in the sky.
#7.)Jan. 7: Waco, TX- Saturn-like disc.
#8.)Jan. 8: Matagorda, TX- Cirular, moving, star-like bright white light.
#9.)Jan. 9: Houston, TX- Bright star-like object & Triangle surrounded by helicopters
#10.) Jan. 9: McKinney, TX- Saturn-like
#11.) Jan. 11: Texas- Large, close Triangle
#12.) Jan. 11: Harlingen, TX- Extremely bright disc-shaped object that landed on roadway. Witness took photo.
#13.) Jan. 13: San Antonio, TX- Appeared to be 3 glowing balls stuck together (round triangular shape), rotating and moving slowly in SW direction. Video/story can be viewed here:
#14.) Jan. 15: Abilene, TX- Large Triangle low over city.
#15.) Jan. 16: Whitney-Hillsboro area, TX- Bright red/orange moving object.
#16.) Jan. 17: El Paso, TX- Large triangular object with 3 bright light at points.
#17.) Jan. 18: Texas- Row of bright lights attached to large cigar shaped object.
#18.) Jan. 20: Dublin/Stephenville, TX- 2 sets of bright lights (3 lights ea.), 1 object w/red lights, plus military craft.
#19.) Jan. 22: 4-5 amber lights moving fast.
#20.) Jan. 23: Alvin to Houston, TX: Large triangle UFO seen within 500 ft., Headed towards Houston.
#21.) Jan. 24: Pearland, TX- Orange light that was pulsating, flashing, travelling North.
#22.) Jan. 26: Corpus Christi, TX- Bright moving, bobbling sphere.
#23.) Jan. 28: Dallas, TX- Bright green flash that lit up western sky, multiple witnesses.
#24.) Jan. 29: Abilene, TX- First 2 then 5-7 bright orange lights. Moved and disappeared.
#25.) Jan. 29: Moran, TX- 2 distinct moving, flashing red lights that turned into 15 non blinking lights.
#26.) Jan. 29: Carrollton, TX- (2) Circular shaped objects with "lots of lights" (14-16) on top, seen on foggy morning.
#27.) Jan. 30: Sulfur Springs, TX- Bright, oval, multicolored objects (2), one moves away, shoots into space, other hovers then vanishes.
#28.) Jan. 30: Stephenville, TX- Several red lights seen in the NW sky at about 7:15 p.m.
#29.) Jan. 30: Cisco, TX: Several red lights seen in the East, at about 7:20 p.m. [1]
Late additions not reported until Feb., '09:
#30.) Jan. 12: Mission, TX: First sighted Jan. 11, '09 and then again Jan. 12, '09- Sphere, Star-like, distance 8-10 miles. Object moved East to West, back to East then SE.
#31.) Jan. 29: Clyde, TX: Several orange (red?) blinking lights attached to a cigar/blimp-shaped craft. Seen by 2 witness traveling on I-20 near Abilene.
Another addition to January Reports:
#32.) Jan. 31: near Stephenville/Dublin, TX- on Hwy 377 1/2 mile North of Stephenville city limits, a couple witnessed 2 bright amber tinted lights headed SSW just to the West of the city of Dublin, TX. The lights soon became 4, then back to 2 and disappeared behind a treeline.

[1] On the evening of Jan. 30, 2009, someone in Stephenville saw odd red lights to their NW. At about that same time (or little after), I was driving on Hwy 206, headed South and saw red lights to the East (West of Stephenville), at about 3,000 ft. altitude. What a coincidence! No, they were not airplanes or helicopters. There were no usual navigation, or anti-collision lights (red, green & white). Did I mention I've been around aircraft all my life and have actually flown a plane? Well, I do know a little about aircraft and this was not anything that I am used to seeing.
Both reports can be found on the MUFON website. The original Stephenville report can be viewed at the KWTX TV website.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Seeing is believing?

I'm not going to ask if you believe in UFOs. As I've said, UFOs are nothing more than seeing an object that was flying and said object remains unidentified. No, what I am going to ask is this: Do you believe that aliens from another world are coming to our world? Many believe so, many are skeptical (they just don't know what to think) and some refuse to even consider such a thing.
Are humans so overwhelmingly egotistical, as to think that we are the only intelligent life in this vast universe we inhabit? That our Earth was chosen over possibly billions of other planets, to create intelligent (subject for debate) life, is ludicrous. If the Pope can 'welcome aliens as our brothers', can't we humans as a whole, agree that other intelligent life could exist elsewhere in this universe? That they are vastly superior to us in technology? Evidently not, or a lot of those skeptics are closet believers.

Evidence for the existence of alien life is all around us, every day. Is it not true that almost on a daily basis, science is discovering new (to us) species, on this planet Earth? People from around the world are seeing objects in the sky, that might possibly be organic in nature. It reminds me of several Star Trek episodes and a few in the following series (STNG, Voyager, etc.), where the crew encounters large alien beings living and thriving in space. Could some of our UFO sightings be of organic origin? One person described an orange glowing orb as like a cocoon, one said a jellyfish, another said it was like an amoeba. The objects seem to shape-shift, both in form and color. Recently in the news, perhaps an extraterrestrial entity that looks like an octopus, has struck a wind turbine England. At least it has been reported as such.

Where could such "entities" come from? Perhaps they are coming through wormholes opened by other aliens, possibly from other parts of our galaxy, our universe, or perhaps from another dimension altogether... Or is this all simple fantasy, purely mistaken identity and none of this is true? I don't have an all-seeing eye but I do have a brain and the ability to think and speculate. As it stands right now, that's all anyone seems to have. Well, maybe some are lacking in brains, particularly those in D.C. Where else would you hide something but in plain sight? It's like tearing your house apart, trying to find you keys, then suddenly finding them on the kitchen table (where you left them), as if they miraculously and suddenly materialized. The keys were there the whole time but somewhere between your eyes and your brain, there was a 'glitch', causing you to simply overlooked them. I can almost hear the aliens thoughts, as they zip around our tiny blue planet, peering into our mundane little lives. In the voice of Elmer Fudd, as he stalks Bugs Bunny, who just happens to be looking over Elmer's shoulder at the time: "Shh... be vewy, vewy qui-et."

It's still anyone's guess I suppose, as to what is flying, hovering and crowding our skys. Hopefully the mystery will soon be solved and we can go on about our business, steeped in our own self assurance that we are numero uno, the Alpha and Omega among the stars. Sorry, ain't gonna happen. Like Elmer Fudd, we are not alone.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Report your UFO Sightings

Have you seen an unidentified flying object? Did you take photos or video of a UFO? If so, please report it to one or more of the sites listed below:

Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)

National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC)

Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS)

The "How to" guide for reporting UFO sightings:

Freedom of Information?

There has been quite a flap, concerning the Stephenville, TX UFO sightings of 2008. That event has definitely put Stephenville on the map, as far as UFO research is concerned and maybe even a close runner to the Roswell, NM incident. That said, let's not lose sight of the hundreds of other reports that are coming out of Texas and across the world. Hundreds of people are seeing, photographing and taking videos of strange lights in the sky, objects of unknown origin and events they cannot explain.
I, myself have been witness to numerous sightings , these past few months. It would seem that something is going on in our skies, of which our government knows but refuses to admit.

One thing that has definitely been noticed, is that the news media has not been publishing many recent reports. After the field day they had with Stephenville, the media is very quiet. Oh sure, there is the occasional news documentary on UFOs but it's all a rehash, of past events and they aren't even mentioning Stephenville. Those that do, seem to lose their jobs. The networks call it downsizing but we all know the truth, don't we? How many people have to be censored? This isn't 1947, it's 2009. Hasn't anyone learned anything in the last 62 years? Yes, we can handle the truth!


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