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2010 - A Banner Year For All

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Stan Romanek May File Lawsuit

It seems that James Carrion, the National MUFON Director may have 'stepped in it' (so to speak) and Stan Romanek is talking lawsuit.

If you recall, Stan Romanek is the person who posted a video and reported an alien peeking in his window.

"Still capture" of Stan Romanek's video.

Many people misspell words.  Unless a person has spell check for their computer and uses it constantly, even a Spelling Bee champion like myself can make mistakes.

What is worse; "fallow" instead of follow, or "mispell" instead of misspell?  Or how about leaving the "s" off of the word odd, when it should be "odds", i.e., “What are the odd that all of these third parties misspelled this same word (in documents supportive to Stan), is due to chance?”

Well, it stands to reason that if Mr. Romanek is sitting at his computer while witnesses are next to him, dictating their reports to be sent to MUFON, NUFORC or any other reporting agency, then follow might well end up as "fallow".

Then again, anyone can make mistakes and spelling is right up there at the top of the list.

Moving on to the claims and the video, as a photo/video analyst I have looked at the video and it doesn't appear to be hoaxed.  I'm sure other specialists might have come to a different conclusion but it really isn't up to Mr. Romanek to prove legitimacy.  It's up to MUFON and their 'experts' to disprove it.

So far, that is not happening.  What appears to be happening is a smear campaign, with crap being flung both ways... and that never looks good for either side.

What ever happened to "can't we all agree to disagree?"  Apparently not.


Watch Video on|

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Read the article at UFO Chronicles

Read James Carrion's rebuttal at followthemagicthread blog.

Stan Romanek's Website

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UFO Photographed over US Capital December 30, 2009

I thought Washington, DC is a 'no fly' zone?  Evidently alien visitors don't apply.

Above is a cropped image of the object in question, while below is a cropped image of the livecam that was taken at 6:21 a.m. on Dec. 30, 2009.

Whatever this object is, it appears to be reflected in the water, so I would assume that it is a solid structure that evidently does not show up on radar.  Well, maybe it does and it's one of 'those' that are overlooked?

This image is eerily similar to the cinematic images in "Independence Day".  Have we been invaded and nobody knows about it, or is this some new terrestrial technology that us ordinary citizens are not privvy to? You be the judge.

To see the original photo that was sent to MUFON, click on the link below the report.

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MUFON Report

MUFON Case # 21273
Submitted Date:    2009-12-31 00:51 GMT
Event Date: 2009-12-30 06:21 GMT
Region:    District of Columbia
Country: US
Longitude: -77.0354
Latitude: 38.9048
Shape: Cigar,Disc

I was sitting at my computer looking at Live cameras in various cities. I went to and look at our nations capital. There was a link to a U.S. Park Service camera that had a view from the Netherlands Carillon Looking East. Visual range, according to the camera, is approximately 88 miles. I copied the picture it took to my desktop and when it updated a couple minutes later, the "effect" was gone. I am attaching the photo that the NPS camera took as I saw it. No tampering has been done to the attached photo.

Link to Original Photo

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More Reports of Aliens, Abductions, Cattle Mutilations

Note: More Alien abductions and mutilations have been reported to MUFON.
Reports are "as is", 'caps' and all.  Click on case #s for original reports.

MUFON Case # 21216
Submitted Date:    2009-12-28 12:31 GMT
Event Date: 1985-07-21 21:00 GMT
Location: Prescott, Arizona
Shape:    Triangle












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MUFON Case # 21217
Report Date: 2009-12-28 13:02 GMT
Event Date: 2004-07-15 20:13 GMT
Location: Prestcott Valley, Arizona
Shape:    Triangle
Description: Lost time

missing 1 whole day, no body marks no cuts, saw craft with 7x50 binoculars no light on the outside but very bright white light on the inside. Report taken by dispatch..Steve Cox, Mufon Dispatch

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MUFON Case # 21248
Submitted Date:    2009-12-29 15:52 GMT
Event Date: 1964-06-18 00:00 GMT
Region:    California
Shape:    Disc
Distance: 500 feet or less
Entity Type: Human-like
Description: silver 18 diam, 8 high, mutilations

Alien "animal mutilation" witnessed by my golfing buddy in 1964 at Mc Clellan air base in Sacramento. My friend has agreed to talk to you upon my request. He is Paul of the well a known famly. His brother is a majority owner of an NBA basketball franchise. He is 78 years old and lives here in Sacramento California. He is the only person I have ever heard that has witnessed animal mutilations by alien beings not the military! He saw 6 small midget like beings dressed in what he describes as uniforms?

While he was waiting for his father from work at the base. He witnessed the disklike craft (18ft diam, 8 ft high)land at the north end of the base and settle down without landing pods or gear. It illumnated the area bright as day after landing. Shortly thereafter he witnessed a half dozen of these beings depart the craft for the better part of a half hr at a distance of approximately 50 yards. The midgets appeared to be working around the animals (cows) on the ground. He didnt know what to think about the incident until he read an article in the newspaper the next day regarding animal mutilations.

Call me for his phone number.. Better hurry as his health is failing. He is lucid and he remembers the incident as if it happened yesterday. He is credible and is the most honest truthful human I know. I think this is an important sighting as it debunks the theory about the military being responsible....

I too have witnessed a UFO while a teenager in Texas in 1964. It was much different than Paul's sighting. My sighting was similar to Jimmy Carter's sighting. I and 2 of my high shool chums saw a gigantic luminous "Sphere" (like the moon without craters)at nite on a lonely Texas road. This was not a machine or disk that engaged my car several times. There was no contact(did not check the time?) just appeared to be observing us. Then after several departures and returns over my car it dashed out of sight. It seemed like just a few minutes but who knows how much time passed as we did not check the time of the sighting too excited back then as teenagers!

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MUFON Case Number # 21253
Submitted Date:    2009-12-29 20:09 GMT
Event Date: 1964-12-18 02:00 GMT
Status:    Submitted
Location: Manasquan, New Jersey
Shape: Disc
Entity Type: Human-like
Description: abduction examination medical

Our family had at least five contacts over a four year period. First my daughter Martha described her experience. Then Connie told me what happened to her. John described an "owl" who came in the window "But he didn't get me, I hid between th edge of the mattress and the wall" Then the most detailed information came from a child who,at that time was a little less than four. Finally, exactly a year later they came for me.

Three Aliens named Xeno, Nem and Omah took me away and removed ovum All of these contacts happened at night probibly after one AM in our bedrooms.

I have kept this to myself for years and told the children not to discuss anything about their experiences because I didn't want to get the reputation of being mentally ill and I wanted to avoid our being the "crazy McCann Family" At that time NO ONE believed in Aliens or Flying Saucers and if I had spoken of it I would have had personal difficulties with neighbors and others.

Times have changed and if anything I can say could be helpful I will cooperate fully.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Possible Abduction on the Tonaho O'odham Indian Reservation

Note: Report "as is".  No corrections.

MUFON Case # 21208
Date:    September 30, 2002
Location: Tonaho O'odham Reservation, AZ
Description:    10 circular objects

Report: My husband and I lived on the Tonaho Odom Indian Reservation which is south of Casa Grande,Az.

At the time I was working as a nurse at the federsl prison in Florence approx. an hours drive from home. I had worked late and was coming home at approx. 1 AM.

About 5 miles after turning onto Indian 15 I went through a small canyon. Upon exiting the canyon I saw 10 circular lights in the east.

They looked somewhat like the ball flares that are used by the military, but they manovered in a way that ball flares cannot. They zig-zaged , joined in a circle and moved like a snake.

I stopped the car and got out to get a better view, and watched the manovers for approx 5 minutes. I then heard a "whooshing " sound and looked to my left. I then saw a red light scanning the desert floor around the mountain.

I looked to my right and saw the shadow of what looked like a blackhawk helicopter coming around the mountain. It also had a red laser looking light scanning the desert.

My husband is a former Marine and I know what a blackhawk looks like, I got into my car and went home.

It was almost 3 AM when I arrived home which was about 2 hours longer than normal. I only stopped for about 5 minutes and I was only 20 minutes from home What Happened?

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Map of the area. 
Tonaho O'odham Indian Reservation is outlined in 'red'.
Click on image to enlarge.

UFOs, Abduction, Murder and Coverups

Todd Sees, age 39, of Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, was found dead on August 4, 2002.  What is so unusual about this case, is the circumstances surrounding Mr. Sees death.

At 5:00 a.m. on August 2, 2009, Mr. Sees had left his home at the foot of Montour Ridge (a 20 mile long mountain which stretches East to West), to look for preseason deer.  He had told his wife he would be back by noon.

When Todd Sees did not return by noon, a search party was organized at 2:00 p.m. Local and State Police were involved in the search.  Later, the FBI showed up and became involved. The only thing found of Mr. Todd that day was his 4 wheeler, which was found on top of the ridge (2 miles from his home).  Search and rescue dogs had no success in finding even a trace of scent.

Todd Sees left his home fully dressed.  When he was eventually found on the 4th of August (less than 2 days after his disappearance), he was dressed only in his underwear, his emaciated body lodged in thick brush only a few hundred yards from his home.

Subsequently, NUFORC became involved, stories of seeing a man lifted up by a beam of light into a UFO emerged, conflicting coroner and official reports abound and still, no answers as to how Todd Sees died.

It stands to reason that officials would want to 'know' the cause of Mr. Sees death and I am sure that 'they do know'.  They just won't tell us, the public.  Instead, the authorities released a report stating that cocaine toxisity was the cause of death.  According to the facts at hand, this makes no sense at all.

Why was Todd Sees killed; how was he murdered; how could his body have been found in such a decayed condition in less than 2 days after his body was found; why are the authorities covering this up and what exactly are they covering up?

Mr. Sees family have my deepest condolences for the loss of their loved one.  That said, it behooves us all to ferret out the truth of this case and if possible, find the murderers of Todd Sees and bring his killer(s) to justice.

Read more of this story, plus actual reports on Phantoms & Monsters.

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dirt Bike Rider Photographs Disc UFO

Below is an interesting report and photo from a witness in Arizona, who saw and photographed a disc shaped object that apparently affected the electrical system of his motorcycle.
Only spelling and grammar corrected.  Click on case # for original report and photo link below report, for original photo. 

MUFON Case # 21139
Date/Time: Sept.2,2009 11:48
Location: 3 points, Arizona
Shape:    Disc

Description: Metalic disc sighted over alter valley Sept 2009

Report:  I live in Alter Valley and ride a KLR 650 (a street legal dirt bike), so I ride a lot on dirt roads and trails.

I had been riding around and found a dead cow. I didn't see any obvious trauma or signs of disease (I grew up on a cattle ranch in Wyoming).

After inspecting the carcass and not being able to determine anything, I continued on.

I rode to the top of a hill ( #1) and took some photos, came back down to continue on.

Within 2 minutes my bike died. I tried to start it and couldn't.

I got off my bike to take a look and as I removed my helmet, a silver glint in the sky caught my eye. I grabbed my camera and was only able to take one photo before it disappeared.

It was completely stationary and I observed it for approx. 30 to 60 seconds. If I had to guess at an altitude I would say several thousand feet. It was South West of me and looked to be over Sasabe Road, south of three points. I heard no noise at all.

I stood there for a minute just going over things in my head and then remembered that I was stranded. I tried to start my bike and it fired right up.

The hill #1 lat=32.1404840446, lon=-111.290579283 position observed from lat=32.1348177236, lon=-111.2807

See Original Photo
Read Original Report

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Strange Object Seen In Early Morning Hours of December 25, 2009

Texas- 12/25/2009

On December 25, 2009 at approximately 12:15 a.m. CST, I stepped out to let my dogs go pottie.

I was about to step back inside when I heard a strange noise.  The sound was like many tiny bells jingling from a distance.

As I stood there on the steps, the sound of bells grew louder and that is when to my amazement, what appeared to be a tiny sleigh pulled by eight tiny reindeer came into view.

The object(s) appeared from the North at an approximate elevation of 1500 ft.  I would estimate it's speed at less than 100 mph. 

As the object(s) drew closer, I could make out the flailing gallop of the reindeer.  The object as a whole had a redish glow, leaving a sparkly trail of magic dust behind it.

As the object(s) passed overhead I could clearly hear a "Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

I had a distinct feeling that many children were going to get a visit this night.

I lost sight of this object as it passed beyond my rooftop.

Merry Christmas!

MIBs, The Feds And MUFON

There is a claim that MUFON is connected to the government and that their "Star Team" took almost a week to interview a witness of a close encounter of the "second kind".

MUFON's quick response "Star Team" appeared to wait a week even though the witness complained to them about reported  burns and sickness the day after the event, which were due to a direct attack by the unidentified flying object.

According to the witness, the day after the reported sighting, two men in a dark sedan drove up and questioned him about the sighting. The witness just assumed they were from MUFON.

Later that same day, MUFON called to confirm their appointment with the witness, which was scheduled for later in the week.

Including the visit by MIBs, the witness experienced harassment by helicopters.

Read more about this subject here>>

When you Report a sighting and agree to a third party being notified, does that equate to a visit from the MIB, government agents and black helicopters?

I'll let you know...

Video Link

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Part Of The UFO Phenomena? Cases Of Missing Time

September 19, 1961 on a lonely stretch of road  in Groverton, New Hampshire Betty and Barney Hill's abduction and subsequent 'missing time', is the first widely accepted UFO abduction in modern record.

What about all the other stories before, or since?

Since the time of Betty and Barney Hill's abduction, there have been many thousands of reports.  Some are well documented, while others are questionable, lacking verifiable substance.

One element of such reports stands out and it isn't the character of the abductee, nor is it even aliens and their spaceships... its' the phenomenon of 'missing time'.

To those who know and have experienced extraterrestrial contact, they understand that 'missing time' is a symptom of the abduction experience.

For the experiencer (abductee), 'missing time' is unsettling, to say the least.  The experience often takes hours from one's life that the person cannot account for.  'Missing time' can result in a number of injuries, disturbing dreams and fragments of memories, or no memories at all of the time lost.

We've all been lost in thought before, not realizing that more time has elapsed than we think should have.  Maybe you feel only a few minutes have passed, when in actuality it's been an hour or more.
'Missing Time' is different, as one can't account for the minutes or hours, perhaps even days that have passed.  It's a void that can't be filled with recollections.

It doesn't take an hour and a half to make a sandwich. 

Here are three recent 'missing time' reports to MUFON.  Only some grammar/spelling have been corrected.  To read original reports, please click on the case numbers.

MUFON Case # 21083
Date of Event: November 6, 2006
Location: Coal Valley, Illinois

Description: Drove into and out of light column with apparent time loss

I was driving to my job in the predawn on interstate 280, approximately two to three miles west of the 280-80-72 interchange. I was the only vehicle visible in the area, when a bright white light filled the cab of my pickup.

The next thing I was aware of was a very bright, focused column of light in my rear view mirror that almost immediately went out. I was also aware that there was a set of tail lights several hundreds of yards ahead of me that were not there the moment before.

I have told this to a view friends and was dismissed as being full of it.

I had no ill feelings at the time nor any time since. I only wish to know what happened.

I do not believe that we are not alone, I know it for a fact! I have had other unexplainable sightings in my life but never one so close, so apparently intimate.

There is nothing I can add to this, I just want someone who won't think I am nuts to know.

*   *   *

MUFON Case # 21093
Date of Event: June 12, 2004
Location: Keego harbour, Michigan

Description: Mainly missing time during this period

This strange event occurred in the kitchen. I was making a sandwich and I was sure to look at the time, it was 12:29 p.m.,

So in the middle of making lunch nothing seemed to have occurred but it was 2:00 pm after making the sandwich, again looking at the clock 5 minutes at the most went by in my subjective time but a hour and a half went by objectively, hence missing time.

I've had many other occurrences besides that also, such as telekinesis, teleportation, actually seeing a gigantic UFO and so forth.

This stuff has really effected me on many levels, good and bad. Not being able to talk to others about this stuff has impacted me emotionally and intellectually.

*   *   *

MUFON Case # 21098
Date of Event: December 21, 2009 @ 22:30
Location: Danville, California
Shape:    Sphere
Distance: One mile or less
Entity Type: Unknown

Description: Orange sphere traveling slowly, west low over houses; time lost

I was walking my dogs late on 12/22/09, south on Camino Tassahara to a middle school.

We had just started back toward home (north) and I noticed a very bright orange sphere, appx. 10 feet diameter above me to my left. It was flying slowly at about 200 feet.

The speed was no more than 50 mph but stayed at that rate of speed throughout. There were no other colors (no red and green to indicate wings). It was traveling west.

I took off with the dogs down a side street to follow it and watched it in decent until a house blocked further view. It was no more than 1/4 mile from me and made no sound at all.

After it was out of view, I stayed a few minutes longer to see if it changed its direction and would come back into view. It didn't.

I started back toward Camino Tassahara to resume my walk. Shortly after turning around, I heard a car come up behind me at a fast pace, then pull over and stop about 100 feet back.

I continued about 300 yards more before turning left on Camino Tassahara. The car with headlights on was still sitting there when I turned.

I left on my walk at 9:00 p.m. and arrived home at 11:00 p.m.. I lost an hour as this particular 3.5 mile walk, which I regularly do, generally takes us a little less than an hour.

I have since checked Google Earth and there is nothing in the area of decent, just a very large undeveloped area.

The following night, a helicopter was circling the area. The object in no way resembled a helicopter.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Witness in Arkansas Reports Possible ET Contact

MUFON Case # 21063
Date of Event:    6-20-2009
Status:    Submitted
Location: Ashdown, Arkansas
Description:    Possible ET Contact/Abduction

Report: One night in June I randomly woke up at 2:30 for no apparent reason. I rolled over and went back to sleep.

Ten minutes later I woke up again and felt uneasy. I turned my t.v. on and went to the bathroom, fixed a glass of tea and sat on the couch for about 5 minutes.

I don't know why, but I felt like I should just go back to bed. I turned everything off and got back under the covers, this was around 2:40.

I woke up again and noticed that the apartment I live in with my grandmother was unusually bright inside. I also noticed that there was bright white light with a vertical black shadow in the middle like a light pole or a telephone pole coming in through my window. It was so bright that it cast a while silouhette if you will on the wall across from it.

I thought that maybe it was just someone with some really bright headlights in the apartment parking lot. I tried to ignore it and go back to sleep.

I got back in bed and I couldnt get back to sleep because of that light, so I kinda got creeped out and pulled the blanket over my head like a scared little kid, granted I'm 23. That light wouldn't go out and I couldn't hear any kind of engine hum from anything in the parking lot.

I finally calmed down enough to doze off when the blanket started to be pulled off of me from behind. Not as if someone was at my feet pulling, but rather behind my head and pulling.

I thought it was my grandma and wondered why she just didn't pull the blanket off of my like a normal person would do, so I reached up and grabbed the blanket, and whatever it was that was pulling was tugging back. I became terrified and started screaming for my grandma.

I was so scared but I couldn't get the words out. Then, as I'm freaking out under my blanket, a small skinny grey arm, with a small skinny hand with really long fingers reached under and got a vice-grip on my wrist. I then blacked out.

The skin wasn't grey like the sterotype "grey", but it was very dark greyish brown, mabye close to black. I don't know, I was too busy freaking out. I never saw a face or body or anything that night, just the arm/hand and a black out.

Finally when I woke up, I woke up in my bed. There was still a ton of light flooding the apartment. My grandma comes out of the bathroom and I got really mad and was saying "Mom didn't you hear me yelling?" and she asked "Why? Were you looking at the window?". That question struck me as kinda odd.

I was exhausted. I felt like I had just run a mile and was feeling kinda sick to my stomach. I finally managed to go back to sleep.

My grandma was going to San Antonio for a week the next day and I was home alone right after this event and I Could not sleep. Every light in the apartment was on and every door was wide open, I would even make sure the shower curtain was pulled back as far as possible. I still could not stay asleep.

Over the next few months and even this month i randomly wake up at 2:30 on the dot. This is the second time this year something like this happend. The first time was when I went to St. Louis.

Monday, December 21, 2009

UFO Levitated Furniture In Canadian Home

Unedited Report posted to MUFON.

Depiction by SW

MUFON Case # 21073
Date/Time: December 24, 1982 04:00
Location: Echo Bay near Sault Ste-M
Region:    Ontario
Country: Ontario,Canada
Shape:    Disc
Description:    Ground level sighting outside window, looking from inside

Report: I was reading a book sitting on a lazy-boy chair in the reclined position on Christmas eve in a friend's living room corner next to a bay window at my right side, when suddenly a beam of light shone through a heavy set of curtains at that window across the adjacent wall, the beam moving from end to end of that wall as though searching for something. At the same moment I could see a glare of light outside the house from where the beam originated, heading toward my backside, meaning the side of the house where the driveway was. I instantly had the thought of getting up from the chair but before doing so, felt the surrounding room air to be electrified and smelling like burnt electricity, and the hair of my arms and neck were standing out straight, and the room felt extremely cold, but not out of fear. The lazy-boy chair started to levitate about a foot off the floor with me still sitting upon it, and it began shaking violently, at which point I jumped off the chair without tilting the recliner arm back to its normal sitting position. I turned to look back at the chair and it still was levitating and bouncing up and down, and then looked at the Christmas tree at the left side corner of the living room entrance as its branches were moving up and down in slow motion similar to a bird flapping its wings, and as I walked next to the tree toward the living room entrance, the tree bent itself toward me and some of its branches tried to grab me, or so it seemed, as though by magnetism, so I hurried past it through the entrance and scurried toward the backside of the house hoping to catch a glimpse of whatever may have been outside. Upon entering the rear bedroom, I noticed a circular silver saucer with a transparent dome outside the window hovering silently perhaps two feet above the snow about twenty feet from the house heading toward a ravine at the end of the lot until I lost sight of it perhaps a minute later. Its size and shape was similar to a Volkswagen Beetle automobile; I did not see any occupant in the dome area but remember thinking that only small beings could fit inside, if there were any within; I also thought at that moment how un-earthly the ship appeared, like out of this world; I also noticed a plume of vapour at the rear end of the craft, but it seemed ethereal or ghost like; I sensed or feared a bit of danger at that point, something alien or un-common in nature, but it was a fleeting emotion. I would judge its speed at approx. 20 km/hour nearest the window area, and increasing to approx. 60 or 70 km/hour as it headed toward the ravine where I lost sight of it. Ten minutes later, there was a phone call from the hospital stating that the son of the people I was visiting had crashed his snowmobile into a road-side mail box; the mailbox ricocheted off the side of his helmet upon impact and hit his girlfriend straight in the face, killing her instantly as she was sitting behind him as a passenger. I related my sighting to the mother, father and daughters with whom I was a guest that night, but they could not digest my story with the sudden news they had just received concerning their son. I thought it best to leave the morning after, but my automobile had difficulty cranking which was odd considering it had always started easily in extreme cold. After adjusting the distributor cap, I headed back toward Sudbury but never made it with that car, as the motor seized half way there, the engine block being red like a tomato. I ended up taking a bus the rest of the way home.


Watch Video on Youtube

From MUFON Headquarters: Mark Easter, MUFON's International Director of Public Relations sets the story straight about recent youtube misconduct.

Anonymous youtube users have been impersonating MUFON in an unfortunate slander campaign against a fellow youtube user.

For the record, these anonymous youtube individuals are in no way associated with MUFON. They are acting on their own.

MUFON encourages Freedom of Speech, not Hatred and Slander.

The UFO phenomenon brings out the good, the bad and the ugly in people.

More can be read here>>


Editor's Note: There have been several posts on MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) lately, by supposed disgruntled posters slandering the organization and claiming that MUFON censors people and copyrights other peoples photographic/video evidence for themselves.

I disagree with the claims by those posters, as I have submitted a number of photos and artistic depictions and have never had a problem with MUFON.

It is regretible that You Tube user(s) have made attacks upon Alison Kruse (SeeingUFOsPA), using the official MUFON logo.  I applaud MUFON and Mark Easter for setting the story straight and it is my hope that the annonymous users are found and severely dealt with.

-- SW

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another Soldier's Report Re-enforces Medic's Claim

Soldiers claim that in 1981, they had an 'on post' encounter with alien spacecraft.  This report backs up the claim of an Army Medic's report.

MUFON Case # 21057
Date/Time: September 10, 1981 @ 19:15
Location: Ft. Campbell, Kentucky
Shape:    Cylinder
Distance: 500 feet or less
Description: Saw the same thing Doc saw on your email story from today!

Report: A couple of buddies and me were leaving the barracks about 19:15 to go to town. As we were headed toward the car we noticed a bunch of guys from surronding barracks were pointing toward the sky and talking excitedly.

We stopped to see what they were looking at and saw a cylindrical object hovering right over our heads. I really don't know the exact size, but it looked large.

It was right on top of us but it didn't make a sound. It slowly turned and headed toward the air field. Another thing that was strange, was you could hear all kinds of air craft at the field taking off. Usually you'ld hear a plane or two taking off, but this night it was constant engine sounds.

We watched in awe for about 15 minutes then went to town.

Original Post

North Texas Woman Claims Visitation From Aliens

December 19, 2009
North Texas
(Photos below were taken by witness)

Tonight was extra special with more than one UFO seen. As usual Twiggy and I set out on our walk after dark and were immediatly joined by orbs which we invited along on the walk. Then our little stray kitty Spot which adopted us joined along. We walked around the property as I talked and sang to the orbs and thanked them for joining us.

It was a crisp and cold night, but not too uncomfortable. Several small planes and military jets were observed also. Then I spotted the first UFO in the west. Small and blinking only red. It sent more orbs when I noticed it.

At one point I looked up to see a huge X had been made in the sky right above us by Chemtrails. I felt like we had been Marked! (4th attached photo)

As we started back I noticed this beautiful Blue orb appeared in one of my photos. (3rd attached photo)

This was near the end of the walk as we were coming back to the front of the house. Then I noticed Spot had lay down and was being very still. He was surrounded by Orbs.  (1st Attached photo) Poor Spot has a bad sore on the right cheek that even with doctoring is still not healed. I ask if they could please help heal Spot's Cheek.

Then I took this photo as I noticed a shimmer around him (2nd attached photo)

It is my belief that this Sparkling being was doing just that, as Spot remained very still. You can see the being is near his right side.

I stopped and knelt down to thank them, turned off my camera and went into a deep meditation. Twiggy remained very still as I did this for about 15 minutes. When I opened my eyes I was surrounded by the most beautiful swirling energy. I softened my eyes and could just make out this small etherial bluish being in front of me. This being was not fully materialized; I could just make out a small hazy figure. No messages, no words; just this amazing feeling of warmth and love was exchanged. This visit lasted another 5 minutes or so. During this time no planes or jets went over. The being dissappeared.

At that moment 3 military jets passed over each going from the south toward the north east. As I watched them I looked throught the trees and spotted a blue star-like ship. I believe the being came from this ship in the blue orb. (5th Attached photo)

As the jets passed by this ship, it remained stationary. My feet were about frozen by this time so I bid them goodbye and thanked them again and told them I was so grateful for their presence. As we came to the front door I looked north to see another (the same I saw earlier maybe) red blinking ship pass quickly by. I waved and said goodnight!


Editor's Note:  As an 'experiencer', as well as a clairvoyant intuitive and a professional photographer/custom photo lab technician, my personal opinion is that Marilyn is experiencing 99% dust particle and/or moisture droplets in the air.  The other 1% is mostly of a 'spirit' nature.

Since 'I know' I have had close contact with alien visitors, I do not agree with those who see aliens as 'all love and light'.

I must add that all spirits are not relegated to spooky old houses and abandoned buildings.  Nether are trans-dimensional beings. 

There are many arguments against orbs as being of a type of spirit form, yet those that are self illuminated are generally accepted as possible spirits. 

Many spirits take on a 'light form' (i.e., unexplained lights in the woods), as spirits are made up of energy.  Are they (the orbs) 'unidentified flying objects'?  Well, I suppose if they are in the air and you have no clue as to what they are...

Witness' Rebuttal

First of all thanks for posting my experience. But before we dismiss the orbs as just dust or moisture a few facts. There was absolutely no wind the night of the experience and the air was very dry. Note how far away from the camers the Blue Orb Ship was. I took more than one photo in the area where Spot decided to lay suddenly lay down and there were no Orbs until he did so. The photo of the sparling Being was taken immediatly after the photo where he is surrounded by Orbs. The camera was on automatic focus and it focused on the Sparkling Being in that photo.

I was also able to see this phenomenon with my eyes. Please do some research on your own readers where Orbs are concerned. There is some very good new research on this subject. I reccomend starting with the site Unexlained Mysteries where you will find an article by Jay Alfred called Plasma Life Forms.

Here is a portion of the article: Orbs often travel in groups or clusters i.e. they exhibit swarm behavior - also a characteristic of particles in plasma - a characteristic observed by Bohm (see above). Orbs also can dart back and forth rapidly like amoebic life-forms in a Petri dish. The balls can be transparent, translucent or in a bright solid form. These are signature features of magnetic plasma which has the natural property of being able to change its degree of opacity when internal frequencies change. Magnetic plasma would also allow orbs to change their output of light or luminosity.

Looking at these balls in close-up reveals that they possess an onion-like layered structure i.e. they have concentric shells - a signature feature of plasma crystals. Danelek says, "...'true orbs' do not reflect light the same way a dust particle or flying insect does, but are instead generally more opaque and, in some cases, even appear to have rings within them." Experienced ghost hunter Joshua Warren (in his excellent book How to Hunt Ghosts) says, "Often, orbs appear to have a nucleus, just like a cell. The nucleus might be surrounded by 'bands' - concentric circles emerging from it. In fact, it might appear like an onion that's been chopped in half." All these characteristics are identical to plasma crystals generated in the laboratory.

Here is another quote by William A. Tiller, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Stanford University
“I have and extensive background in both traditional science and psychoenergetic science and had a decade-long ‘dance’ in the 1970s with anomalous photographic phenomena (Kirlian photography and Stanislav O’Jack), so perhaps it is reasonable that I ‘throw may hat into the ring’ on this one and add my perspective to the unfolding adventure.

“After carefully reading the materials provided by Miceal Ledwith, D.D., LL.D., and Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D., I am most impressed. After reflecting for some months on the data and my own psychoenergetic science modeling of nature, I have come to the conclusion that the appearance of ‘orbs’ in and around the planet Earth at this time is not accidental. My intuitive view is that it is a part of a heightening of awareness brought about partially by the elevation in human thinking and partially by the increase in energies directed toward this planet by mostly benign life-forms existing in both traditional and untraditional (unseen) dimensions. My working hypothesis is that the orb phenomenon should be looked at as a positive experience for humanity, as just the first of a variety of communication manifestations to appear in the unfolding adventure of our future.
Thanks again. Marilyn

Friday, December 18, 2009

Video of UFO Fleet Over Chile- December 16, 2009

Video Link

Note: It is said that there are bases in South America, a virtual 'hub' of activity. These are definitely UFOs. I certainly can't 'identify' them. Can you?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Combat Medic Remembers UFO Encounter in 1981

Editor's Note: I have made no corrections to this report.

MUFON Case # 21035
Event Date: September 10, 1981
Location: Hopkinsville, Kentucky
(Fort Campbell)
Description: This event was een by a whole army div. and thousands of people in the nearby area. some of thes beings are not good.   

In 1981 either in the spring or the fall it has been so long. I still remember fairly clear what had happened one night at ftcky. The 101 Airborne.Div..had a division exercise and about 28,000 participated.

We received a radio call from division HQ that we are halting the exercise and observe the sky for unusual objects. We have been notified that the object is unidentifiable. We were asked to mark our watches and monitor time loss. After the event we should examine our selves for puncture wounds in the nape of our necks and behind the ear lobes.

Not long after that about 1 minute a large object appeared in the sky I could not see it at first. It appeared like all the other other stars. The radio operator whom I will not reveal his name from Long Island Ny. and the company commander a capt. who was my age 24 years old at the time, whom I will not reveal his name pointed out the object. It grew bigger and bigger and appeared to be approximately 2000 ft. up.

One object turned into 4 maybe 5 smaller objects. They were discs and they came from the larger object. Now I can't figure out if the larger object was a cylinder or a larger disc because of the angle and postion it was in. The smaller disc as I recall glowed green on one side and orange on the other. They flew faster than any earth bound vehicle and could stop on a dime, a very sudden stop no coasting.

These discs wanted to be seen obviously with bright colors and it appeared that the were flying in a pattern to triangulate the entire div. and then they stopped and spread quickly to various points. One of the silver discs stopped maybe 150 meters away from my company.

I immediately asked the company commander, I volunteer to go forward and make contact. I will be peaceful and show no hostility. He said Doc I need to get that cleared. He radioed division .Hq and they said proceed with caution make note of any markings and observe for any life forms inside.

The company commander told me Doc you don't have to do this. I said Sir I have to do this we have an opportunity to meet someone from another world. I ran forward hoping this object would not leave before I could make contact. I stood before this disc that appeared to be silver now not showing what I will term its battle colors green and orange. I carried a 45 calb. pistol as I was a senior combat medic rank E5. I was also wearing my battle dress to include the laser tag equipment used in training.

I approached the first time and waved with my hand and held the position waving as the satellite with the man and the woman on it (voyager). I felt maybe some other life forms had seen us from that satellite. I could not see any movement and thought maybe it's my gear.

I ran back and dropped my gear at the capstan's. feet and told him to keep my 45 pistol I might be gone a long time and tell my parent I love them if this happens. He said Doc you need to stay here , I don't feel good about this. I said Sir if I make contact do you want to approach me or do I bring them to you or do you send one of your lieutenants out.

He paused as if he did not want to respond. Then he said we will cross that bridge when it happens. I then jogged eagerly back to the silver disc and with 2 canteens in hand, some C rations in my pocket I offered food and drink to this flying disc. no response. I had no weapons on me. I was nearly defenseless and I recall while running out there the second time I new I was not going to get any help from the 90 or so men who were now in my background a 150 meters away from me. It was me, against this disc. I also knew they would probably leave the others alone. My job as a combat medic was to protect the men on health issues and protect wounded from the enemy.

I was 12 inches away from this disc. it was silver like flexible foil. It was Quiet never made a sound and hovered about 5' (ft) from the ground . I stood 5'11 inches 186 pounds in those days. I was literally nose to nose with this disc. I saw it to be flat on the bottom and contoured to the top with a small dome on top. no markings of any kind . I think I remember portals on the dome on top of the ship. I saw no one I walked 3/4s around this ship. no contact.

I looked onward to my company who seemed very far away at this point. then I became extremely concerned in my sprit. What use to be courage almost became fear and a warning, almost as if some one was talking to me. I was being told to leave quickly that this was not normal and I was in harms way. It was as if my sprit warned me perhaps God warned me, or may be something in the disc warned me. I then walked quickly around and then faced the front position that I started in at the disc and waved one more time. No response and then with some fear about me I jogged in a zigzag pattern back to my company.

I did not want the occupants on board to think I was scared or let them think they had advantage over me. I could feel a presence and I sent a I am not scared presence back. It was for lesser words animal instinct being used by both parties in my opinion.

After I got back I said to the captain, I tried but they do not want to communicate and quite frankly I am scared sir. the company commander said to me you are not alone Doc look around you. Every man around us was praying to God.

I knelt with one knee to the ground near the men facing as bold as I could and prayed 'God make this thing go away, this disc is not of good nature, protect us. not more than 5 seconds latter this disc moved back as I left it , dipped down moved like a zig zag and straight out and up to the larger ship it went. all the other discs left at the same time.

We were debriefed by I believe by an air force capt. who said he was with information / foreign technology. He asked me if I saw any markings chin se or Russian. I said no none. He asked me if it made sound, I said none, did I see anybody , no I saw no one.

He said we saw a bonified UFO and the discs were not of earthly origin. He also told us that one of the discs halted an air force C130 aircraft when it was taking off 2 feet from the ground at ftcky air strip. It drained the aircraft of energy and set it on the ground. He also said the gov. wanted to reopen project Blue book because of the event. He then said he had no more time for us as he had to interview another company that had an experience that night. I asked what happened and he replied to all of us that is not up for discussion here.

I asked the air force debrief if we could talk about this. He said we could to anyone for the rest of our lives. he said the us gov. was real interested in this event.


Now, two weeks latter we were in the field training and one of the sergeants showed me with night vision goggles, you could see for miles when the laser tag mechanism was fired. I said that's why they came down. They thought we had laser guns. Its a good thing I took off all my equipment.

Then the Sergeant turned to me and said Doc I heard a rumor that 3 men in another company were taken off of the ground and sent back striped of gear and clothing. 2 were dead and one got committed to the hospital crazy bin. He also said I was either crazy or the bravest medic he had ever seen.

*     *     *     *

Alien Attack at Ft. Benning- 1977

It was during the Joint Attack Weapons Systems Test (JAWS) at Fort Benning Georgia in Sept., 1977, that the entire post witnessed a UFO invasion.

It is said that as many as 1300 troops were involved in the event and that most were left with severe psychological trauma (PTSD) and "missing time" gaps.

John Vasquez was courageous enough to undergo counseling, regression therapy, and hypnosis.

Watch Video on Youtube

Note: My family and I were living in family quarters on Ft. Benning in 1977.  I do recall something odd occurring, yet my spouse who was working at the airfield has no recollection of such an event, nor any event that would cause multiple helicopters to go down.

Helicopters are always being 'maintained', therefore the incident could possibly have happened and it not be known to others on post. 

I should also note that Ft. Benning is a large post.  A good portion of it is 'back woods'.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lights in the North Texas Sky

This report and photos were received via e-mail and is presented 'as is'. 
My thanks to the witness for sending it in.


This morning we had a little snow, so it was very cold this evening (by Texas standards), but Twiggy and I bundled up and set out for our walk about 7:30. I had mentally told our friends in high places I didn't need any photos tonight, but would sure love a visit. About 10 minutes into our walk I happen to look in the north and saw a blinking white light approximately 40 degrees up. It is hard to say how far away it was, but I got the feeling it was not too far, but was rather a small craft. I stood there watching for a few minutes to see if I could identify this light as an airplane, but it was not moving. It just went blink...blink..blink.. I signalled to indicate I was watching and it continued to blink a white light. I began to blink my flash light in tandem with it. I thanked them for being here and jumped for joy as I am always so grateful to see them. I told them I was very honoured to have them visit me.

As I watched a couple of military jets came from the south and flew north, but gave my friend a wide berth and did not go near it. It was a good comparison to see the jets travel from south to north as it stayed in its position for at least 10 more minutes. Then suddenly another little light appeared right beside it; they rotated around one another and then the new light began to move to the west/southwest, also blinking white. Then this new light made a quick turn around and came back toward the first light and flew by it, this time heading north /northeast. It flew out of site as the first one remained in the same position.

As soon as the second light was out of sight, another very large red light appeared over the tree line to the west moving east. Much lower in the sky and much closer. It was travelling in a straight line quite fast. It was also blinking at a steady rate. Although it was pretty close I heard no sound. I was taking some photos of the first 2 smaller lights (it was pretty small and in the distance so photos are not so good), but I got a really good one of the red lighted craft  (see 2 attached photos).

Then another military jet came from the south heading north, this time right toward my friend. The little white blinking craft dimmed significantly as the jet flew directly over it. As soon as I could no longer see the jet the little white light blinked for me a couple of more times then faded away. I bid it good bye and thanked them again for stopping by.

Last night was rainy and cold and I had spent about an hour meditating. I usually don't make it that long with a formal meditation, so I felt it was a show of support for my efforts as I do believe they really want us to spend some time in deep meditation. I also have been having some very active dreams the past week or so, but am still having difficulty remembering them.

As evidenced by my other photos tonight there were several small orb shaped craft here as well that I could not see with my eyes.

Both of these craft showed up again on 3 subsequent nights after this sighting!


*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Update: More Lights Over Stephenville Area In December, 2009

Another sighting in the Stephenville area has been reported.  This one comes from a man and his wife in Hico, Texas.

MUFON Case # 21017
Date/Time: December 15,    7:30 p.m. CST
Location: Hico, Texas

Approximately 1930 as we were headed west on Hwy 6 into Hico, my wife and I saw two groups of yellow lights in the NW approximately 40 degrees above the horizon. there were several lights in each group in a oval or circle.

For less than a minute the trees obscured our view but it seemed that they were randomly flashing. After clearing the trees the lights were gone but we noticed the lights of 2 high flying aircraft headed toward Ft Worth.


Original Post
On the evening of December 15, 2009, lights were again seen in the skies around the Stephenville/Dublin, Texas area.

These two reports indicate a strong probability, that the witensses saw the same thing at the same time, though they were miles apart.

1.) Both sighting occured at 7:30 p.m. CST.
2.) There appeared to be two planes flying parallel to each other and
3.) Two columns (or 2 huge) lights came on briefly, below the 'supposed' aircraft.

Something that large and extraordinary must have been witnessed by dozens of people, if not hundreds, or more.  So far, only two witnesses have reported their sightings.  Read their reports below.

*   *   *   *   

MUFON Case # 21007
Date/Time: December 15, 2009 7:30PM
Location: Dublin, Texas

I was driving from Comanche to Dublin and had noticed two planes that seemed odd in that they were flying
parallel to each other, about 5 inches at my extended arms length.

I continued to watch them to see if they would diverge. They were almost becoming imperceptable to the eye, when suddenly, in the same area of the sky, two huge lights just came on.

In comparison to the planes, or whatever the first lights were, these were enormous! It was almost like headlights, yet in the sky.

Both came on at the same time, and I had long enough to look closely, assure myself they were there and were not glare, and then at the same time both disappeared.

They never reappeared, and I continued my drive home in about 15 minutes.

I don't see how anyone else on the highway traveling East, as I was, could have missed seeing something so obviously out of the normal.

*     *     *

MUFON Case # 21009
Date/Time: December 15, 2009 7:30PM
Location: Stephenville, Texas

My family and I were facing South on S 6th Street, waiting to turn West onto the South Loop. As we were waiting to turn onto the loop, I noticed two columns of bright amber lights hovering beneath two aircraft.

There were approximately 4 huge amber lights in each column. Just as quickly as I had noticed the lights, they faded from the top down in less than a second or two.

The aircraft continued flying in what appeared to be an Eastern direction. The lights and aircraft were midway up in the sky.

I see a lot of small private planes around this area. Judging by their speed and the lights on these aircraft I would say they were small private planes.

The lights faded so quickly after noticing them that my wife didn't even have a chance to see them.

The lights looked like a set of stadium lights turned at a 90 degree angle, except much bigger. I would guess that the lights were as big as a quarter at arms length.

*     *     *

I will update this posting if more reports come in.- SW

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More Texas Sightings of UFOs and Aliens

Below are two more UFO sightings reports from Texas, one dated in 1976 and another as recent as December 5, 2009.

In the most recent cases I have presented (such as these 'up close and more personal' encounters), people fear ridicule, therefore most sightings are never reported or are reported years later.

It should be the other way around, those who see yet don't report should be the ones chastised.  Consider it done.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

MUFON Case # 20988
Event Date: 11-30-1976
Location:    McLeod, TX

Report:  My mother was awakened in the wee hours by dogs barking. She looked east out of her bedroom window to see a ufo hovering over the dense pine forest that surrounded us.

It was located about 40 yds. from our house where the tree line began. We lived out in the boondocks.

My father was a co-foreman of a gas/petroleum plant (Location: +32° 53' 58.15", -94° 9' 0.40") that we lived directly next to. We actually moved from Oklahoma to Texas for him to take the job. A condition of the job was that our family live directly next to the gas/petroleum plant. Our address was Bivins, TX, though we were rural.

My mother thought she was seeing things so she went to another window but the UFO was still there. Again, she thought she was seeing things so she went to wash her face.

She returned to the living room window to the same sight, a UFO. Later I asked why she didn't wake anyone. She said that she thought that the craft would be gone by the time she woke anyone up.

She is a Stone Cold Christian who does not lie. She is very meek. She never reported the sighting, so I thought I would report it for her.

She would not mind sharing her story. She is not ashamed of it or anything. I can put you in touch with her.

Recently, when I went onto Google maps' satellite images trying to locate our old home in the "boonies" and zoomed in as close as possible, I remembered her story.

In addition, the gas/petroleum plant where my father worked and where we lived is blacked out on google
maps, I guess to protect these types of sites from terrorists, I guess. Her story is much more detailed and interesting. Thanks

*     *     *

MUFON Case # 21000
Event Date: 12-05-2009
Location: Kileen, TX
Shape:    Disc
Distance: 500 feet or less
Entity Type: Human-like

Report: I was outside letting my dog take a leak and a couple of fields over (I live in the country).  A silver disc with a glow (no other lights) landed. Well, it did not touch the ground, it hovered just above the ground.

A platform lowered beneath the UFO and 3 beings walked out. They did not look like typical grays we all see. They walked like humans but were smaller. They were too far away to see any details, but it was obvious they were not your typical gray.

My dog was going nuts and wanted to run towards them, but I grabbed his collar and put on the leash.
Since it was late and I was just letting the dog take a leak, I did not have a camera or my phone on me.

Once I got the dog under control, I ran - fast - back to the house to grab a phone or camera (whatever I could get my hands on first).

By the time I got back outside, there was nothing in the field. Nothing! It was completely gone. I had my dog with me still and let him off the leash. He didnt even sense anything anymore.

Has anyone else encountered this? I am a professional employeed person. I do not do drugs, dont smoke and only drink for special occasions. I have never had mental issues and I have never believed in UFOs. Never. But I know what I saw.

I called a friend of mine the next day who believes in this stuff because I knew he would not ridicule me. Nobody else in my family knows of this, I fear their reaction. He told me to come to this site and post my story. Here it is.

*     *     *

See also A Landed UFO and it's Occupants Seen In Monahans, Texas.

Depictions by SW

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Landed UFO and It's Occupants Seen In Monahans, Texas

Here is a case of a Texas family who witnessed a hovering craft and it's occupants scurrying about.
Report hashad only some speeling corrections.  Click on Case # for original report.

MUFON Case # 20985
Date: 12-11-2009 01:00 CST
Location: Monahans, Texas
Shape: Oval
Distance: 100 feet or less
Area:  Farmland, Fields
Entity Type:  Human-like,Insect-like
Vallee Index:  CE1
Description:   Object hovering just off the ground, strange "men" scurrying about around the craft

Report:  We were having a family/friends get together to celebrate a birthday. During the celebration two of my nephews and a niece came tearing into the house, screaming at the top of their lungs, saying that a plane crashed in one of the adjacent pastures. 

My Brother, myself and about 3 others walked outside to see what was causing all the ruckus. We didn't see anything out of the ordinary except a strange burning smell that smelled like burning mesquite.

We didn't think anything of it since it was kind of nippy and someone could have been burning some wood in their fireplaces. We told them to show us where they saw the plane go down and we walked over to the place they showed us.

The first thing we noticed was that all the dogs in the area were going bonkers. They were barking up a storm, like they were all seeing the same thing.

The area we live in is pretty much a rural community, unless you live in the city of Monahans, many of the houses are set on large plots of land, usually 4-5 acres per house. Although we can see the houses of many of our neighbors and we do have traffic on the road, you do get the feeling of being all to yourself out here.

Some of the land by our house is over run by wild mesquite tree's.  Only a small portion of the land surrounding the house is cultivated and cleared out.

Beyond the stand of trees runs a small barbed wire fence that seperates us from our neighbors, who I could see were home from the lights on in the house.

We walked around the edge of the trees, not wanting to really go into the stand at night. Even though its technically winter, there could be rattlesnakes seeking shelter in amongst the tree's, not to mention that mesquite trees have some wicked thorns that protrude from them, they are razor sharp and quite capable of punching through a pair of jeans or boots and they hurt like hell to get out.

As we looked around, we started noticing a sort of electrical charge to the very air around us. Almost like the kind you feel when you approach a large electrical substation or a charged and active radio antenna.

As we made our way around the trees, one of my brothers noticed some light peeking through the trees, I told him it was probably one of the neighbors leaving or coming home. He promptly told me that it couldn't be head lights because the light seemed too defused and not as concentrated as a car's headlight.

We moved around and as we cleared the stand of trees, we were shocked to see an oval shaped object hovering, maybe 4-5 feet off the ground. We stood there in total shock, and awe. I can only imagine that our jaws were probably on the ground.

As we stood there watching this object hover there without a sound, I took note that the object was maybe about 30-40 feet from front to back, it was maybe the same dimensions around.

The object seemed to be of a highly polished material that reflected the area around it. The reflection of the distant street lights from the surrounding neighbors properties seemed to reflect off the surface of the object.

There was also a small dull glow to the object, barely noticable unless you were really looking, almost like an aura of sorts, a irredecent blue of sorts.

As we stood there in total shock, my brother next to me expressing his disbelief, we saw two strange looking "Men" appear from around the object. They at first didn't notice us, they were busy running around and gathering objects from the ground, from the trees.

They didn't seem to notice us at first. They looked to be about the size of my oldest nephew, about 4 feet tall, but they looked very skinny, like they had no meat on their bones. Their heads were large and their arms were long, skinny and hung down around their knee's.

About this time my two nephews came walking up behind us (scaring the hell out of us). They saw the object and the strange "men" and in a voice that only a kid can project, screamed out loud "WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS!".

Thats when the creatures turned and noticed us. The sight of these creatures was something that will haunt me till the day I die. It turned and looked right at us.

It's eyes were large, almost like the eyes of a praying mantis, except they were jet back and wrapped around its head. the two creatures looked at us for about 7 seconds, not an ounce of movement, before they calmly walked around the craft, one right after the other.  They disappeard behind the craft and we never saw them again.

A few seconds later the craft lifts up, not a sound coming from the object, no rush of wind, not even a swaying of the nearby branches of a mesquite tree.

It rose quietly and hovered about 40 feet from the ground, and shot out like a bat out of hell. As it zoomed away, it started glowing and made it easier to track as it zoomed away getting higher and higher till it faded away.

We stood there in complete silence as we tried to make heads or tails of what the hell we just saw.

My brother finally piped up and said "Should we call the police?" After which, I burst out in laughter and replied to him " And tell them what?"

My nephew looked like he had just seen the devil himself, which considering what we just saw I don't blame him. He didn't want to talk about it, and after we made our way back to the house, he still didn't talk about.

I tried to ask him about it yesterday and he basically told me that he didn't want to think about it yet, he was still processing what had happened to him. I was more than happy to leave it at that.

I never really believed in the subject of UFO's or Alien's, but after the events of this night, I'm seriously going to re-evaluate that belief. I know that I plan to keep my mind open, and start looking up towards the sky a little bit more from now on. Thank you

Depiction by SW

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

UFO Reports From Around the U.S. - December 14, 2009

Here are several interesting cases from around the United States, that have been reported to MUFON recently.
Reports are "as is".

MUFON Case # 20970
Date/Time: 12-11-2009 (after 02:00)
Location: Florida City, Florida

Report:    I went fishing off a bridge in the upper keys with a friend. We decided to leave the fishing spot to return home- around 2:00AM. We took US1 (18 mile stretch) to get back to the mainland. Once we were towards the end of the stretch a few miles from reaching Florida City(Driving North), I looked to the East out into the darkness and thought to myself; "Hey out there is where that empty military building is- the one that I had the paperwork that Sheri gave me and I gave to MM." Then suddenly, I saw an enormous glow of blue-green light appear from a domed object on the ground just above the surface behind the tree line- about half a mile into the darkness. It was spectacular! It lit up a large amount of our Eastern visible sky. The light seemed artificial sort of like a welders flickery glow, but on a huge scale! I would say the dome itself was at least 100ft wide and a transparent light green color. The Blue-Green light- that emanated from the dome- spread up into the sky making a cone shape above the dome- with a width of over half a mile. It was so large that it frightened us. I had my video camera in the back seat but the battery was dead. I forgot to charge it before leaving my house! Anyway, the the whole event reminded me of what a transformer does when it blows up in the distance, but on a giant scale- lasting much longer- and was more consistent. Plus, the brilliant Blue-Green color was unforgettable. Unfortunately, we were the only car on the road at that time. Alexander Lugones Mufon F.I.

Depiction by SW- LITS

*    *    *

MUFON Case # 20976
Date/Time: 12-10-2009 22:00
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Report:    i was driving home w/ my girl friend comming down butler st. towards pittsburgh. it was aprox. 9:50pm thurs dec 10th 2009. saw a large triangular "plane" in the sky. it appeared to be about a 1000 feet or so above the "strip district " area of the city w/ was about a mile ahead of me. i am pretty familiar w/ ufo descriptions,..and don't feel that it was "alien" it however appeared to not act of look like a plane that i have ever seen. as soon as i saw it it seemed wierd. the lights on it were very odd,....and it seemed to hover almost hang above the city. it looked as is it was moving way to slow for it's size. all the lights on it were white. and it seemed to illuminate the sky in front of it as if it had headlights comming from the top. from were i stood when i got out of the car it was about as large a a quarter in the sky,..and my view was then blocked by a building . i saw it come out from behind the building but it's flight was so low it was blocked then again by another building,.. i saw nothing of it after. i'm aware that it could be a military plane. everything i've ever seen on tr-3b however left me to believe that it was not that. i will include a sketch. it was dark however and the plane seemed to be the same color as the sky. the lights were very bright. i am an artist and have a very good visual memory,... i could tell you what it was i saw if i saw a picture of it

Attached Media: Witness's Sketch

Depiction by SW- LITS

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MUFON Case # 20983
Date/Time: 12-12-2009  19:15
Location:    Daly City, California

Report:    I left a friends house in Montara, got on Highway 92 and then got on Highway 280, i was driving for about 5 miles towards San Jose when i noticed on the rightside of windshield, upper, in the clouds a two lights that appeard to be hovering in and out of clouds, As i passed the lights i saw and they went out of my view, i got off 280 with the next turn off to investigate what i saw. I turned into a vacant parking lot but spotted the lights in the sky before i parked, I parked my vehicle, got outside my vehicle and looked up and there it was, It was 3 white lites in a triangular shape hovering at cloud level, As i looked through my binoculars, i could clearly see the lites were attached to some kind of aircraft, there was no sound, the object was very dark, i say the size of it was about the size of 4 to 5 regular 3 bedroom homes put together. I observed this object hover in the same area for about 30 minutes, i took a few pictures with this old pentax digital camera and only one pic came out that you can see something, i developed the picture at a camera store and its hard to describe what the camera picked up, but its something i have never seen in my life before, the camera picked up what my binoculars couldnt and its one weird looking thing. After about 20 minutes i got very uncomfortable cause i felt the aircraft was getting closer to me and got back in my car and sat there for about 10 more minutes and decided to quit watching this thing while i was ahead. As I got back on freeway, i felt a little confused as to why i got to see what i saw and got confused to the point that it took me probably a extra 10-15 minutes to get home because i missed a couple of turnoffs on the way home. The whole ordeal had me rattled pretty good. I dont think my heart slowed down beating till after a few hours after this event.I am a big follower of the NASA Space program and have always been skeptical of Alien existance and visits, but after last nite, I am 100% convinced with no doubt whatsoever that there is life elsewhere and that life is visiting earth.

Attached Media: Original Photo

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