Thursday, December 31, 2009

Stan Romanek May File Lawsuit

It seems that James Carrion, the National MUFON Director may have 'stepped in it' (so to speak) and Stan Romanek is talking lawsuit.

If you recall, Stan Romanek is the person who posted a video and reported an alien peeking in his window.

"Still capture" of Stan Romanek's video.

Many people misspell words.  Unless a person has spell check for their computer and uses it constantly, even a Spelling Bee champion like myself can make mistakes.

What is worse; "fallow" instead of follow, or "mispell" instead of misspell?  Or how about leaving the "s" off of the word odd, when it should be "odds", i.e., “What are the odd that all of these third parties misspelled this same word (in documents supportive to Stan), is due to chance?”

Well, it stands to reason that if Mr. Romanek is sitting at his computer while witnesses are next to him, dictating their reports to be sent to MUFON, NUFORC or any other reporting agency, then follow might well end up as "fallow".

Then again, anyone can make mistakes and spelling is right up there at the top of the list.

Moving on to the claims and the video, as a photo/video analyst I have looked at the video and it doesn't appear to be hoaxed.  I'm sure other specialists might have come to a different conclusion but it really isn't up to Mr. Romanek to prove legitimacy.  It's up to MUFON and their 'experts' to disprove it.

So far, that is not happening.  What appears to be happening is a smear campaign, with crap being flung both ways... and that never looks good for either side.

What ever happened to "can't we all agree to disagree?"  Apparently not.


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Stan Romanek's Website

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