Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another Soldier's Report Re-enforces Medic's Claim

Soldiers claim that in 1981, they had an 'on post' encounter with alien spacecraft.  This report backs up the claim of an Army Medic's report.

MUFON Case # 21057
Date/Time: September 10, 1981 @ 19:15
Location: Ft. Campbell, Kentucky
Shape:    Cylinder
Distance: 500 feet or less
Description: Saw the same thing Doc saw on your email story from today!

Report: A couple of buddies and me were leaving the barracks about 19:15 to go to town. As we were headed toward the car we noticed a bunch of guys from surronding barracks were pointing toward the sky and talking excitedly.

We stopped to see what they were looking at and saw a cylindrical object hovering right over our heads. I really don't know the exact size, but it looked large.

It was right on top of us but it didn't make a sound. It slowly turned and headed toward the air field. Another thing that was strange, was you could hear all kinds of air craft at the field taking off. Usually you'ld hear a plane or two taking off, but this night it was constant engine sounds.

We watched in awe for about 15 minutes then went to town.

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