Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dirt Bike Rider Photographs Disc UFO

Below is an interesting report and photo from a witness in Arizona, who saw and photographed a disc shaped object that apparently affected the electrical system of his motorcycle.
Only spelling and grammar corrected.  Click on case # for original report and photo link below report, for original photo. 

MUFON Case # 21139
Date/Time: Sept.2,2009 11:48
Location: 3 points, Arizona
Shape:    Disc

Description: Metalic disc sighted over alter valley Sept 2009

Report:  I live in Alter Valley and ride a KLR 650 (a street legal dirt bike), so I ride a lot on dirt roads and trails.

I had been riding around and found a dead cow. I didn't see any obvious trauma or signs of disease (I grew up on a cattle ranch in Wyoming).

After inspecting the carcass and not being able to determine anything, I continued on.

I rode to the top of a hill ( #1) and took some photos, came back down to continue on.

Within 2 minutes my bike died. I tried to start it and couldn't.

I got off my bike to take a look and as I removed my helmet, a silver glint in the sky caught my eye. I grabbed my camera and was only able to take one photo before it disappeared.

It was completely stationary and I observed it for approx. 30 to 60 seconds. If I had to guess at an altitude I would say several thousand feet. It was South West of me and looked to be over Sasabe Road, south of three points. I heard no noise at all.

I stood there for a minute just going over things in my head and then remembered that I was stranded. I tried to start my bike and it fired right up.

The hill #1 lat=32.1404840446, lon=-111.290579283 position observed from lat=32.1348177236, lon=-111.2807

See Original Photo
Read Original Report

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