Saturday, December 12, 2009

UFO Illuminates Sky Near Six Flags In Arlington, TX

MUFON Case # 20966
Date/Time: December 11, 2009 22:38
Location: Arlington, Texas
Description:    Two powerfully bright lights fixed opposite one another w/ transparent cylindar like object between them.

Report: Travelling North bound on HWY 360 in Arlington, TX. Passing General Motors, I looked up in the North sky, just North of the Six Flags Mall and there were two powerfully bright lights in the dark sky [10:38pm].

The lights were opposite of each other & the craft was stationary initially, then it began to elevate moderately.

The closer it got to the clouds, the gray over cast became lighted and visible like lingering smoke --in the once dark sky.

Suddenly the craft's speed of ascention was rapidly increased and the object shot up into the clouds.

The clouds bore a cylinder clearance where the object had just vanished into-- and shortly there after the clouds disapated from the cylinder clearance if it never happened.

(Pictured is a depiction by SW.)

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