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North Texas Woman Claims Visitation From Aliens

December 19, 2009
North Texas
(Photos below were taken by witness)

Tonight was extra special with more than one UFO seen. As usual Twiggy and I set out on our walk after dark and were immediatly joined by orbs which we invited along on the walk. Then our little stray kitty Spot which adopted us joined along. We walked around the property as I talked and sang to the orbs and thanked them for joining us.

It was a crisp and cold night, but not too uncomfortable. Several small planes and military jets were observed also. Then I spotted the first UFO in the west. Small and blinking only red. It sent more orbs when I noticed it.

At one point I looked up to see a huge X had been made in the sky right above us by Chemtrails. I felt like we had been Marked! (4th attached photo)

As we started back I noticed this beautiful Blue orb appeared in one of my photos. (3rd attached photo)

This was near the end of the walk as we were coming back to the front of the house. Then I noticed Spot had lay down and was being very still. He was surrounded by Orbs.  (1st Attached photo) Poor Spot has a bad sore on the right cheek that even with doctoring is still not healed. I ask if they could please help heal Spot's Cheek.

Then I took this photo as I noticed a shimmer around him (2nd attached photo)

It is my belief that this Sparkling being was doing just that, as Spot remained very still. You can see the being is near his right side.

I stopped and knelt down to thank them, turned off my camera and went into a deep meditation. Twiggy remained very still as I did this for about 15 minutes. When I opened my eyes I was surrounded by the most beautiful swirling energy. I softened my eyes and could just make out this small etherial bluish being in front of me. This being was not fully materialized; I could just make out a small hazy figure. No messages, no words; just this amazing feeling of warmth and love was exchanged. This visit lasted another 5 minutes or so. During this time no planes or jets went over. The being dissappeared.

At that moment 3 military jets passed over each going from the south toward the north east. As I watched them I looked throught the trees and spotted a blue star-like ship. I believe the being came from this ship in the blue orb. (5th Attached photo)

As the jets passed by this ship, it remained stationary. My feet were about frozen by this time so I bid them goodbye and thanked them again and told them I was so grateful for their presence. As we came to the front door I looked north to see another (the same I saw earlier maybe) red blinking ship pass quickly by. I waved and said goodnight!


Editor's Note:  As an 'experiencer', as well as a clairvoyant intuitive and a professional photographer/custom photo lab technician, my personal opinion is that Marilyn is experiencing 99% dust particle and/or moisture droplets in the air.  The other 1% is mostly of a 'spirit' nature.

Since 'I know' I have had close contact with alien visitors, I do not agree with those who see aliens as 'all love and light'.

I must add that all spirits are not relegated to spooky old houses and abandoned buildings.  Nether are trans-dimensional beings. 

There are many arguments against orbs as being of a type of spirit form, yet those that are self illuminated are generally accepted as possible spirits. 

Many spirits take on a 'light form' (i.e., unexplained lights in the woods), as spirits are made up of energy.  Are they (the orbs) 'unidentified flying objects'?  Well, I suppose if they are in the air and you have no clue as to what they are...

Witness' Rebuttal

First of all thanks for posting my experience. But before we dismiss the orbs as just dust or moisture a few facts. There was absolutely no wind the night of the experience and the air was very dry. Note how far away from the camers the Blue Orb Ship was. I took more than one photo in the area where Spot decided to lay suddenly lay down and there were no Orbs until he did so. The photo of the sparling Being was taken immediatly after the photo where he is surrounded by Orbs. The camera was on automatic focus and it focused on the Sparkling Being in that photo.

I was also able to see this phenomenon with my eyes. Please do some research on your own readers where Orbs are concerned. There is some very good new research on this subject. I reccomend starting with the site Unexlained Mysteries where you will find an article by Jay Alfred called Plasma Life Forms.

Here is a portion of the article: Orbs often travel in groups or clusters i.e. they exhibit swarm behavior - also a characteristic of particles in plasma - a characteristic observed by Bohm (see above). Orbs also can dart back and forth rapidly like amoebic life-forms in a Petri dish. The balls can be transparent, translucent or in a bright solid form. These are signature features of magnetic plasma which has the natural property of being able to change its degree of opacity when internal frequencies change. Magnetic plasma would also allow orbs to change their output of light or luminosity.

Looking at these balls in close-up reveals that they possess an onion-like layered structure i.e. they have concentric shells - a signature feature of plasma crystals. Danelek says, "...'true orbs' do not reflect light the same way a dust particle or flying insect does, but are instead generally more opaque and, in some cases, even appear to have rings within them." Experienced ghost hunter Joshua Warren (in his excellent book How to Hunt Ghosts) says, "Often, orbs appear to have a nucleus, just like a cell. The nucleus might be surrounded by 'bands' - concentric circles emerging from it. In fact, it might appear like an onion that's been chopped in half." All these characteristics are identical to plasma crystals generated in the laboratory.

Here is another quote by William A. Tiller, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Stanford University
“I have and extensive background in both traditional science and psychoenergetic science and had a decade-long ‘dance’ in the 1970s with anomalous photographic phenomena (Kirlian photography and Stanislav O’Jack), so perhaps it is reasonable that I ‘throw may hat into the ring’ on this one and add my perspective to the unfolding adventure.

“After carefully reading the materials provided by Miceal Ledwith, D.D., LL.D., and Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D., I am most impressed. After reflecting for some months on the data and my own psychoenergetic science modeling of nature, I have come to the conclusion that the appearance of ‘orbs’ in and around the planet Earth at this time is not accidental. My intuitive view is that it is a part of a heightening of awareness brought about partially by the elevation in human thinking and partially by the increase in energies directed toward this planet by mostly benign life-forms existing in both traditional and untraditional (unseen) dimensions. My working hypothesis is that the orb phenomenon should be looked at as a positive experience for humanity, as just the first of a variety of communication manifestations to appear in the unfolding adventure of our future.
Thanks again. Marilyn

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