Monday, December 14, 2009

UFO Reports From Around the U.S. - December 14, 2009

Here are several interesting cases from around the United States, that have been reported to MUFON recently.
Reports are "as is".

MUFON Case # 20970
Date/Time: 12-11-2009 (after 02:00)
Location: Florida City, Florida

Report:    I went fishing off a bridge in the upper keys with a friend. We decided to leave the fishing spot to return home- around 2:00AM. We took US1 (18 mile stretch) to get back to the mainland. Once we were towards the end of the stretch a few miles from reaching Florida City(Driving North), I looked to the East out into the darkness and thought to myself; "Hey out there is where that empty military building is- the one that I had the paperwork that Sheri gave me and I gave to MM." Then suddenly, I saw an enormous glow of blue-green light appear from a domed object on the ground just above the surface behind the tree line- about half a mile into the darkness. It was spectacular! It lit up a large amount of our Eastern visible sky. The light seemed artificial sort of like a welders flickery glow, but on a huge scale! I would say the dome itself was at least 100ft wide and a transparent light green color. The Blue-Green light- that emanated from the dome- spread up into the sky making a cone shape above the dome- with a width of over half a mile. It was so large that it frightened us. I had my video camera in the back seat but the battery was dead. I forgot to charge it before leaving my house! Anyway, the the whole event reminded me of what a transformer does when it blows up in the distance, but on a giant scale- lasting much longer- and was more consistent. Plus, the brilliant Blue-Green color was unforgettable. Unfortunately, we were the only car on the road at that time. Alexander Lugones Mufon F.I.

Depiction by SW- LITS

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MUFON Case # 20976
Date/Time: 12-10-2009 22:00
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Report:    i was driving home w/ my girl friend comming down butler st. towards pittsburgh. it was aprox. 9:50pm thurs dec 10th 2009. saw a large triangular "plane" in the sky. it appeared to be about a 1000 feet or so above the "strip district " area of the city w/ was about a mile ahead of me. i am pretty familiar w/ ufo descriptions,..and don't feel that it was "alien" it however appeared to not act of look like a plane that i have ever seen. as soon as i saw it it seemed wierd. the lights on it were very odd,....and it seemed to hover almost hang above the city. it looked as is it was moving way to slow for it's size. all the lights on it were white. and it seemed to illuminate the sky in front of it as if it had headlights comming from the top. from were i stood when i got out of the car it was about as large a a quarter in the sky,..and my view was then blocked by a building . i saw it come out from behind the building but it's flight was so low it was blocked then again by another building,.. i saw nothing of it after. i'm aware that it could be a military plane. everything i've ever seen on tr-3b however left me to believe that it was not that. i will include a sketch. it was dark however and the plane seemed to be the same color as the sky. the lights were very bright. i am an artist and have a very good visual memory,... i could tell you what it was i saw if i saw a picture of it

Attached Media: Witness's Sketch

Depiction by SW- LITS

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MUFON Case # 20983
Date/Time: 12-12-2009  19:15
Location:    Daly City, California

Report:    I left a friends house in Montara, got on Highway 92 and then got on Highway 280, i was driving for about 5 miles towards San Jose when i noticed on the rightside of windshield, upper, in the clouds a two lights that appeard to be hovering in and out of clouds, As i passed the lights i saw and they went out of my view, i got off 280 with the next turn off to investigate what i saw. I turned into a vacant parking lot but spotted the lights in the sky before i parked, I parked my vehicle, got outside my vehicle and looked up and there it was, It was 3 white lites in a triangular shape hovering at cloud level, As i looked through my binoculars, i could clearly see the lites were attached to some kind of aircraft, there was no sound, the object was very dark, i say the size of it was about the size of 4 to 5 regular 3 bedroom homes put together. I observed this object hover in the same area for about 30 minutes, i took a few pictures with this old pentax digital camera and only one pic came out that you can see something, i developed the picture at a camera store and its hard to describe what the camera picked up, but its something i have never seen in my life before, the camera picked up what my binoculars couldnt and its one weird looking thing. After about 20 minutes i got very uncomfortable cause i felt the aircraft was getting closer to me and got back in my car and sat there for about 10 more minutes and decided to quit watching this thing while i was ahead. As I got back on freeway, i felt a little confused as to why i got to see what i saw and got confused to the point that it took me probably a extra 10-15 minutes to get home because i missed a couple of turnoffs on the way home. The whole ordeal had me rattled pretty good. I dont think my heart slowed down beating till after a few hours after this event.I am a big follower of the NASA Space program and have always been skeptical of Alien existance and visits, but after last nite, I am 100% convinced with no doubt whatsoever that there is life elsewhere and that life is visiting earth.

Attached Media: Original Photo

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