Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Flying Reptiles In Charlotte?


I just received a comment on a previous post and am looking for others, those who may have witnessed a reptilian looking bird in North Carolina, or anywhere else.

"Me and my boyfriend definitely seen a similar bird in Charlotte, NC last fall/2013. We were riding down Harris blvd between 9 and 10 am. The bird was grey and scaly like a reptile, no feathers, pointy wings! I told my family about it, they were skeptical until my brothers significant other spotted one in uptown Charlotte about 2 months ago! This is crazy! There's living dinosaurs that people don't even realize still exist!! "

Here is the report that prompted the comment.:

Pterosaur Sighting In North Carolina, Jan. 3, 2013

Has the veil between dimensions, time and space, thinned, or have these creatures always been here but so few in numbers, that are almost seldom seen?  Or is some alien hand at work in this, turning our world into a new Jurassic Park?

From around the globe, people have been reporting encounters with dinosaurs.  There have been a number of flying reptile sightings right here in our own back yard, from Washington State and California to Maine and Florida.  What are these creatures?  Are they misidentified birds, or are they truly living dinosaurs?  Let's find out!

If you have seen such a creature, please do not hesitate to report it.



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