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Dark Triangle-shaped UFO over Benbrook, Texas - 2009

This witness reports that on January 27, 2009 he watched a dark triangle-shaped UFO with 3 large white lights on one side, as it "floated silently" over him.  It then faded into the distance, as it moved slowly towards the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth.

Here is that unedited report to MUFON.

MUFON Case #  27159
Event Date/Time: 2009-01-27 00:00
City:    Benbrook
State:    Texas
Shape:    Triangle
Distance: One mile or less
Vallee Index: FB1
Summary: dark triangle shape with 3 bright unblinking white lights on one side

I was on Winscott, about to turn onto Lakeside, when I noticed what at first I thought were football stadium lights. By the time I turned onto Lakeside, I realized there was no stadium in that direction and the lights were too big anyway.

I pulled over and watched as a large, dark, triangular shaped object floated silently over me. It had 3 large white, unblinking lights on one side only (the lights that I had originally thought to be stadium lights)and was moving quite slowly, with no sound. It was coming from the direction of the lake moving toward the direction of the military Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth, roughly SE to NW. It eventually faded into the distance (by this time my line of sight was such that I could no longer see the lights, just the shadow of the vehicle.)

I just kept asking myself "am I really seeing this?" It was like nothing I've ever seen before or since.


Report from Abilene - Light in the sky 12/29/2010

I received a report this morning, from a contact in Abilene, Texas.  She reports that she and her family watched from their home, as a strange light slowly traversed the night sky. The witness has previously reported lights in the sky over Abilene.  Here is her report. 

If you also witnessed this object in the sky, please
contact me. Thanks, SW


I have another report for you.

12/29/10 at 9:00 pm to roughly 9:30 pm, my husband and I observed the same object as I reported before. At 9:00, we were sitting in the living room and noticed the bright star like object through the window. We sat inside for about 5 minutes watching it, thinking it might be a star, but then it started to flicker strangely, move slightly, and appeared to have 2 or 3 other lights blinking with it- like it was rotating? All the lights seemed to be from the same object. I went outside to observe it with binoculars; the binocs were not good enough. So from observation without binoculars, I watched as it seemed to pulse and flicker bright white to a reddish, orangish, and then blue, green. The object was in the same part of the sky, the south- southeast, at a high altitude and seemed a little larger than the stars in the sky. I came back inside to watch it from the window, and it moved a great distance away from us, more to the south, but it was a slow move, definitely very noticeable of how far it was away from the original position we first viewed it at. At one point after I came back in the object dimmed a lot, then disappeared, then came back bright and dimmed again as its position slowly changed in the sky. It then dimmed and changed position so much that it was hardly even noticeable from our previous view. We are now so intrigued that we are going to buy a telescope this weekend.

Have you had anyone from Abilene reporting this? I would really like to get a group together to discuss this as well as the geo-engineering in our skies. I did some basic research on those chemtrails, and yes someone is spraying something in our skies on a regular basis- it is just a matter of finding out exactly what is the composition of chemicals being sprayed. Texas has a visible weather modification program, as well as all states. 40 countries have been geo-engineering the weather for decades. The U. N. has suggested a ban on geo-engineering of the weather, but the U.S. did not sign on to that ban. I have a feeling the two are linked, our government is doing the geo-engineering and maybe the UFOs are trying to interfere? I do not know this as a fact, I am just grasping to understand why so much activity from our governments around the world, and the great amount of activity from UFOs and the link they have.

I will keep watching…as I am now aware to things that are out of the ordinary.

(Name withheld by SW)


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Battle of Los Angeles - Army vs. UFO, 1942... 2011?

The old:

Video Link

Video Link

The new:

Video Link

Just imagine it is only a few weeks after Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese, when suddenly a huge craft of unknown origin appears over a major city.  The military responds by attacking this unknown craft, while hundreds of thousands of people watch in fear.  It isn't just a story line for a blockbuster movie, it really happened.

On February 25, 1942, about 7 weeks after Pearl Harbor was bombed and paranoia reigned, a huge spaceship appeared over Culver City and Santa Monica, California, along the city limits of L.A..   The Army's bullets and cannon shells were useless against the visitor, though some made direct hits.  Luckily for residents of Los Angeles, this visitor left without attacking back.  Would we be so lucky again?

For more information on this story, check out the excellent post by Lon Strickler, on Phantoms & Monsters.


Photo of Unknowns over Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas

Red dot on map denotes my location at time of photo.

My own personal experience:

Location: Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas
Date: August 3, 1999
Shape: Disc, Orb, Triangle

A few days ago I was going through some old photos of mine and came across a set of photos that I had taken on August 3, 1999. I recall that it was after a rain storm, that I noticed a near perfect rainbow to the ENE of Observation Point, Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas.

My spouse and I lived there and I owned/operated a custom photo lab.  I remember that I snapped off a few shots of the rainbow with my Nikon FM 35mm and the next day at work, I developed the film and printed the photos. I did notice an anomaly in one photo but didn't really think much of it.  At the time, I hadn't heard of triangle-shaped UFOs and since I had only printed 4x6 photos, I didn't notice anything else, so I filed the photos and forgot about them until recently.

I scanned the photo at high resolution.  I then enlarged the area of interest.  What I found is a triangular-shaped object with 3 large bright lights.  If you look closely, you can see a structure behind the lights.  The lights have a swirl pattern, as if the object was turning very quickly.

Below the triangle UFO I also found a bright orb, or disc-shaped object that appears to be leaving a trail of some kind behind it. Below the triangle and orb there appears to be a disc-shaped object. 

The photo I have posted here does not do justice, as I had to lower the resolution and re-sized the photo.  I cropped the images and enlarged them from the high resolution original, so you can see the objects.

At the time I took the photos, I do not recall seeing anything in the sky.  I was busy looking into the view finder and framing shots.  Whatever these are, they do not show up in any of the other photos.  The objects were there, then gone in the time it took me to take one shot.

Could it have been dust on the film or lens?  Most likely not, as I am very meticulous about keeping a clean camera lens and when I develop photos, I make sure that the film is dust/lint free and my chemicals are "clean".

These objects impressed me enough that I thought I would share them with you.  If you have seen, photographed, or videoed an unidentified flying object, please contact me. - SW


Monday, December 27, 2010

Star-like lights observed Southeast of Midway, Texas

Witness' depiction of lights seen on December 26, 2012, S.E. of Midway, Texas.

On December 26, 2010, a witness in Tanyard (near Midway), Texas observed lights in the southeastern sky.  Here is that unedited report to MUFON:

MUFON Case #  27126
Date/Time:    2010-12-26 20:15
City:    Midway
State:    Texas
Shape:    Star-like
Duration:    00:02:00
Distance:    Over one mile
Summary:    3 star like objects spotted in SE sky   

Driving along near FM 1119 in Tanyard near the Madison/Leon County line, I spotted 3 bright, white, star like objects on the SE horizon. They appeared to be equidistant from one another and were positioned in the manner of Orion's belt (though it was not Orion's belt because I spotted the constellation higher up in the sky just minutes before), and were arranged in a staggered, akimbo like, but parallel position.

I kept my eye on them and the two outermost objects appeared to move slightly upwards. I lost sight of the objects for a few seconds due to trees. When I regained sight of them, the leftmost object was gone. Then, I lost view of the objects once again due to trees and did not see them again when I came to a clear spot. They weren't stars, and I don't know if they were otherworldly objects or someone having fun with flares. All I know is they were unidentified and were flying.

Original witness depiction

Note:  Tanyard and Midway, Texas is located approximately 110 miles due East of Fort Hood (Killeen), Texas. -SW 


Witness may have seen crashed UFO in Idaho in 2001

A witness reported to MUFON a harrowing encounter.  While traveling one evening during the summer of 2001, on his way to work in Jackson, Wyoming from Idaho Falls, Idaho, the witness saw what he thought was a crashed UFO.  The witness also reports seeing and being pursued by men with guns.

MUFON Case # 27128
Date/Time:    2001-07-15 00:00
City:    Idaho Falls
State:    Idaho
Shape:    Disc
Summary:    What I saw in the summer of 2001

I'm still apprehensive to report this, I haven't said anything about to anyone until now; It was about 3am and I Was traveling on 26, 31, or 33 from Idaho Falls to Jackson Wyoming, I can't remember which now and I was just working there not real familiar to the area, in fact i was kind of lost, I barely made it to work in Jackson that morning, and I was in a state of shock and a bit worried when I arrived that someone would come after me... On my way to Idaho I saw lights as I came up the road, from far off it looked like a giant ferris wheel on its side, leaning, I thought to myself that was so odd, in the middle of nowhere, in the woods; this? but as I got closer I realized it was surrounded by vehicles, big military vehicles, white vehicles, men in haz-mat looking suits, men with guns..

It was down in a sort of small valley and the road I was on as I reached it began climb up around a mountain (headed toward Jackson) so I had a birds eye view by this time. I slowed down, almost to a stop as I seen the ferris wheel I had seen in the distance was in fact not a ferris wheel, it was a huge space ship! It was crashed I almost wrecked staring at it I couldn't hear or see anything I was just in shock.
It had to have been at least 80-100 feet across, it was shaped more or less just like you see on TV, a disk shaped thing with a portal/door at the base, it had windows all around the middle of the ship, and toward the base it had colored lights, i know there was red, blue and orange or yellow..

By this time I started coming back to my senses and realized I was in danger; men began running to their vehicles and waving their arms and yelling, drawing their firearms, heading up the mountainside toward me, needless to say I took off pedal to the medal no exaggeration, it would take them a minute or so to get back on the road as where they were there was only a crude rough road winding down to where the spacecraft was, so I immediately had an advantage, I barreled up the road reaching 90 + miles per hour in my Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 on a winding, incline with cliff on one side and a wall of mountain on the other, suddenly animals were running across the road and up the mountain away from the site, I kid not; there were raccoons, deer, and all sorts of creatures just migrating away from there! I was slowing then speeding weaving in and out of these creatures, I hit the mountainside more than once and careened almost off the cliff several times, I'm telling you it was the most blood pumping thing that ever happened to me and I have been in some situations..

All kinds of things raced through my mind as I sped away from there looking in rear view mirror.
Thankfully I got away, I started taking random small roads as soon as I seen them to lose a trail, and eventually through meandering all the rest of the morning I arrived in Jackson just before 8 as my shift started. I thought about what happened and my friends all told me I looked like something was wrong, I said I was just not feeling well, but what was bothering me was WHAT exactly was going on back there?? Would it be in the news? Of course not.. Were those men after me? And also a feeling of wonder, and excitement that I had witnessed something I called others crazy for believing in.. it was really true; there IS something out there..

Note:  I would personally like to thank the witness, for coming forward with the account of their sighting. 
How many others have witnessed something so important, yet they remain silent, either in fear of ridicule, harassment, or worse. -SW


Friday, December 24, 2010

A Christmas Eve Sighting

A Christmas Eve Sighting

The house was quite, not a mouse stirred.
Suddenly I heard a noise, it sounded like... "burrrr".
I turned to my spouse and said, :What the heck is that?"
The reply was, "Oh, probably just a large cat."
Through my window there was a bright red glow,
It lit up the room, reflected off the snow.
It twinkled and glittered like sun off of sand,
I jumped up and to the living room I ran.
I made it as far as the living room door,
But was stopped and frozen like nailed to the floor.
A strange little man in a fur-decked red suit,
Was stealing our gifts, our holiday loot!
I tried to yelled but not nary a squeak,
Then the little guy in the suit, his nose he did tweak.
Suddenly our presents were all in a row,
Then all around our tree, more presents did grow.
How the little feller did laugh and I heard him say,
"Merry Christmas to you, this fine Christmas Day!"
Then the little man laughed again, touching his nose,
Up off the floor and through the ceiling he rose!
I was finally free and ran to the door,
The little man was gone, the red light shone no more.
Back to bed and under the covers I slid in.
I now knew Santa is an honest to gosh Real Alien!
- SW (copyright)

Note: I will be busy with family and friends (as I hope you are too), so I will be back Monday, December 27, 2010.  However, I'll keep watch on things and if there is a sighting of extreme interest, I will post it.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!
-Sky Watcher (Sunny Williams & Family)


Man who predicted UFOs has died - Stanley Fulham

Stanley Arthur Fulham (Capt, ret. RCAF)

Stanley Fulham dies – leaves legacy of UFO/ET predictions - Stanley A. Fulham, a retired Captain from the Royal Canadian Air Force, died on December 19, 2010 after a battle with cancer. Fulham came to the attention of the UFO/exopolitics community with his recently published book, Challenges of Change, where he made a number of predictions concerning the appearance of UFOs and extraterrestrial life. His prediction of UFOs over New York City on October 13 attracted international media attention when unidentified objects did show up and were witnessed by thousands. The closure of New York’s three major airports on the same day has been claimed to be linked to the UFO sighting. He next set of predictions concerned UFOs appearing over Moscow in early January 2011, being followed one week later with UFOs showing up over London.

If UFOs do appear over Moscow and London, as Fulham predicted, then further predictions in his book will gain closer scrutiny. Among these is his prediction that UFOs will appear more frequently in 2011 culminating in a face-to-face encounter between extraterrestrials and major world leaders at the United Nations. He said in his most recent public statement on December 3:

Interventions will then accelerate, not so much over our cities, but dispersed over our continents with sightings increasing in duration. The intent of these interventions is to increase mankind’s acceptance of the alien phenomena, so that hopefully, we will be prepared to accept a face-to-face encounter and communicate, perhaps as early as next year (2011)…. Objective—a dramatic introduction of the alien reality—an appearance at the United Nations.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Zealand's Government Releases UFO Files

New Zealand Government Opens UFO Files

Report by Ian O'Neill Following hot on the heels of a series of international UFO sighting disclosures, the New Zealand government has joined the party and made public 2,000 pages of UFO eyewitness accounts dating back to 1952.

Following public pressure (and not the threat of being outed by WikiLeaks -- although it is said that there are top secret cables pertaining to UFOs coming soon), the NZ military agreed to open the files for scrutiny, but only if the individuals detailed in the reports could remain anonymous.

The reports come from the public, military sources and pilots and the newspaper The Dominion Post is helpfully scanning and publishing the whole lot online.

After a quick scan through some of the pages, there are detailed reports of flying saucers, intimate relations with alien beings and brief sightings of strange lights in the sky. Although it's going to take a lot longer to fully digest all the material, I'll take a wild guess and say that the reports will sound much like the UK's recent release of 6,000 pages of UFO documents.

ANALYSIS: Are UFOs for Real? Denver Wants to Know

Suzanne Hansen from the organization UFOCUS NZ told The Dominion Post that she had been requesting the UFO files for two years, but didn't hold out much hope of ever reading the details of eyewitness accounts of some of the most famous New Zealand sightings.
"I started lobbying, and at first they said there was no way in the foreseeable future they'd be released. It's been a long time coming," Hansen said.
Granted, many of the UFO sightings are just that: sightings of unidentified flying objects. And some of New Zealand's most famous mysteries can be found in the reports.

WATCH VIDEO: Top 5 UFO Video Hoax Tips

One such famous sighting happened in 1978 when radar controllers, pilots and a journalist with a camera crew witnessed a very bizarre chain of events while flying off the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand, near the town of Kaikoura. Bright objects apparently tracked their aircraft for many miles and the UFOs were confirmed by radar crews on the mainland.
Naturally, there was a lot of excitement at the time about the possible origins of these UFOs, but there was also a lot of skepticism about what really happened. Ufologists will no doubt be very interested to pick through every detail of the Kaikoura event to reveal any clues as to what the UFOs might have been.

ANALYSIS: UFO Conspiracy Theories has Holes

While I'm interested by some of the more mysterious UFO sightings (such as the Kaikoura sighting), I am totally unconvinced that any sighting of an unidentified flying object as detailed in these New Zealand documents pertains to visitations by extraterrestrials -- as many of the reports suggest.

To quote my Discovery News skeptical colleague Ben Radford: "not a single person has come forth with hard evidence of extraterrestrials."

That said, a lack of evidence doesn't mean aliens haven't visited Earth, but the likelihood of ET making a trip across the oceans of interstellar space just play chicken with our commercial aircraft seems unlikely. Besides, the distances between the stars may prove prohibitively vast even for the most advanced spaceship.

Although aliens may seem synonymous with UFOs, most UFO sightings will have very terrestrial explanations. The rest are just shaky videos of Venus.
(But just in case I'm wrong, we'd better do a better job at hiding our nukes.)

*            *            *            *


Video Link


William Pawelec admitted Extraterrestrials, Undergrounds Bases and more, are real!

Mr. William Pawelec was a U.S. Air Force computer operations and programming specialist with credentials in security technologies and access control systems.  He gave this interview with Dr. Greer prior to the 2001 National Press Club Disclosure event.  Pawelec asked that it not be released until after his death.

Mr. Pawelec passed away on May 22, 2007.  CSETI received permission to release the interview in December, 2010.

In this interview, Mr. Pawelec talked about Underground Bases, Implanted Microchips, Frozen CO2/Nitrogen Bullets, four parallel world governments, alien space crafts, real Black Budget Operations and how they used cancer to silence forever, the whistle blowers. 

You should note that the Lockheed Skunk Works director also died from cancer, 6 years after he admitted that Extraterrestrials and UFOs do exist.


Video link


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lights over Brownwood, Texas - 12/16/2010

MUFON Case #  27059
Date/Time:  2010-12-16 18:30
City:    Brownwood
State:    Texas
Shape:    Unknown
Distance:    One mile or less
Vallee Index:    FB1
Summary:    2 objects, six lights on them both

I saw two of the objects at a 45 degree angle, i was at the parking lot by the band hall and high school gym when I saw two objects toward the west of goldthwaite. They had six lights on them each, and the lights on both of them were bright white lights. This happened between 6:00-6:30. I was at the high school gym. I was standing on the sidewalk when my friend yelled "what is that?!" My first thoughts was that it was a helicopter or airplane. The objects sat there and did not move. Then after a few seconds, they disappeared. I felt a little confused and shaky during and after the sighting. I lost sight when the object's lights went off

Note: Report is unedited.  Click on case number for original report.  Depiction is my effort to show what witness might have seen (not much info to go on). -SW


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mystery Lights Near Abilene, Texas

I have been receiving emails from witnesses, reporting more orange, yellow, or red lights in the skies around Abilene, Texas.  Here are a few of the more recent (unedited) emails.

December 16, 2010

My entire family noticed these lights Thursday December 16th near Nugent, 10 miles from Lake Fort Phantom north of Abilene Texas. We saw them come and go 4 times during a 2 hour period. We also noticed a strobing red light in our treeline that was pretty constant.  At times it would be incredibly bright and then at times it would be very faint. There is no open area where the red light was and we assumed it had something to do with the yellow lights in the sky. We have not seen the red or yellow lights since. We did not report it at the time because we did not capture the lights with a camera or camcorder. We are relieved to hear that we were not the only ones to see this and are very interested to know what was going on in the sky that night.

I am curious to know how often you have witnessed these lights and how long they seemed to stick around. We live out in the country and have seen some crazy things before but never like this and never for as long. I would like to hear your thoughts on this.

My husband first saw 7-10 lights, 3 were together and then seperated and then disappeared, they appeared and disappeared several times. He said that he stood there for about 30 seconds just watching the lights and they werent' moving or blinking, then they were gone. When I joined him outside we were staring at the red light in the trees and a bright amber light appeared in the sky. And then out of nowhere something that looked like 3 amber headlights appeared next to it. I turned around to go get our family and as soon as I turned around the three lights seperated and disappeared. As my husband called me I turned around and they were already gone. Just as fast as the appeared, they disappered. My brother in law called me last night and told me it was on the news but I was unable to find it. If you by chance know how I could find it I would love to see what they said. Maybe you know the link to find the broadcast?

This is the 3 time that we have seen an odd light in the sky. My husband, when he was a kid was once followed by a red light, he was able to get his mother and come back just in time to see it vanish in the trees.


December 17, 2010
I wish I could show what the lights did tonight, very very bizarre, I can't explain, I could draw a picture to show what they did. They've been showing up so frequently lately that I go outside waiting for them to show and they do. I sit out back on my porch and out of nowhere they start to show up. I really wish I could catch them on tape or camera but I can't I even bought a video camera just for this purpose and I still can't capture it. I just wish someone else out here would see them with me, all I have right now is a friend my parents. Im going to keep watching and reporting what I see but i've kinda lost interest in reporting because its only my report up there and never anyone elses lately. Kinda frustrating.


December 17, 2010
My Friend called me telling me she saw something really weird in the sky near Mullin, Tx, about 4 hrs ago. I'll be out there in 2 days, so I will keep an eye out after dark.


December 19, 2010
Tonight... over SE kids and I are at this moment seeing an object that appears to be changing shape and color to the south east of us, please let me  know if you are seeing this.
We are in south Abilene and the object is to our south-southeast. It is visible from higher in altitude, and seems to have changed course several times, please use your contacts in this area to confirm anything.
What we observed last night was far away from us and was higher in the sky. At first it appeared to be a star, but then it started to flicker blue/ silver / red. It was changing shape somewhat and was not stationary, although it stayed in the same area like a star. It moved slightly at an angle to the left and then curved to the right. There were no clouds in that part of the sky- as all the stars were visible. My kids(16 and 14) saw it in the sky first through the south window of our living room, then we all went out on the back patio and observed it for about 20 minutes. After observing for awhile, it seemed to become more stationary and farther away. It was not a star, nor did it seem to be a plane. I have also seen satellites and this was not one. We will be watching tonight's sky.

Note:  I received this email just moments after it was sent.  I rushed outside to see if I could view the lights from my home near Breckenridge but unfortunately, clouds obscured the sky S/SW/SE of my location. -SW

*               *               *

Here are just a few of the links to News Stories involving these "Mystery Lights" in the Abilene to Stephenville area.

The first link is the most recent report, which was shown on KTAB News.

Big Country Residents Shoot Video of Possible UFO -Video included

UFO Hunter Frustrated after Spotting More Lights

Strange lights reported in skies east of Abilene

UFO Hunter Tracks Strange Lights over Abilene

Orange Lights Spotted in Abilene

Note:  If you have seen the lights that have been appearing in the skies around the Abilene area, please contact me.  If you have photos or video, please include them in your report.

I sometimes get 'real time' emails/calls about UFO sightings (reports sent in as the sighting is occurring).  I could use additional "eyes on the skies". 

If you would like to be a contact/ 'UFO spotter' for me, please let me know. 
Please, serious inquiries onlyI will require your name, location and phone number where you can be reached at any time.  Thanks!  SW (Sunny Williams, Lights in the Texas Sky)


Monday, December 20, 2010

Lights over Pennsylvania and Indiana- December 15, 2010

Witness' illustration.

On December 15, 2010 strange lights were observed in Pennsylvania and Indiana.  Here are those unedited reports submitted to MUFON.

MUFON Case # 27051
Date/Time: 2010-12-15 23:58
City:    Manheim
State:    Pennsylvania
Shape:    Unknown
Distance: One mile or less
Summary: Strange lights, object moving very slowly and silently across sky   

I turned left off of Auction road went thru the covered bridge, turned right and saw an object in the sky. I thought at first a plane... looked a little harder and thought hhmmmm don't remember a cell tower being out here. Got to a stop sign right by the Spooky Nook Golfplex and I sat there staring in the sky at the lights wondering what it was because they were to bright to be a cell tower's lights. Sat there for a minute or two then the object began moving in my direction. Slowly too like 5 mph couldn't of been much faster than that at about 200 yards up or so (about the height of a cell tower) as it got closer I took out my cell phone but it's a piece of junk so I couldn't record anything

I cracked the window to see if I could hear anything but there was no sound ZERO noise and this was a large object, to wide to be an airplane. There were 4 large bright white lights and two blinking lights one blue the other red. It continued to move very slowly and silently across the sky and as it approached the highway it sped up effortlessly to around 50 mph or so. I just sat there shaking my head trying to figure out what in the hell that could of been! All I know is no known man-made aircraft can move THAT slowly and with no sound across the sky. Very very bizarre and I wish there was an answer for what that thing was other than U.F.O.

I've never seen anything like that and I wasn't on drugs, drunk or hallucinating at the time either!! I was relieved to hear that other sightings had occurred earlier that day but I haven't seen anything about lights at night.
Original photo

MUFON Case # 27044
Date/Time: 2010-12-15 18:15
City:    Connersville
State:    Indiana
Shape:    Unknown
Distance: Unknown
Location: Farmland
Terrain: Hills
Visibility: Overcast
Weather: Snow,Light
Vallee Index: AN1
Summary: Looked like aircraft anticollision light, but bluish

There are actually two events which happened on this date. First, my husband saw a silver flash, much like an elongated straight line over a tree line to the east. This occurred at approximately 2:15 pm, while we were heading south on State Rd. 101. The second was even more perplexing. We were headed north on 101 and spotted a stationary glowing object, which we thought may have been over the Richmond area. Both of us thought perhaps it was an AirEvac going into Reid Hospital, but we are 30 miles from there and would not have seen something like that due to obstructions. As we made a left onto Dunlapsville Rd, enroute to Connersville, the "light" glowed a bluish white and seemed to have followed us. It was cloudy and snowing lightly, so doubtfully it was an aircraft. It was on a straight trajectory and when it was at my 5 o'clock position of the car, it glowed brighter and then was gone.

Insofar as the first incident is concerned, my husband also saw that bluish-white streak before and I, too, have seen it once or twice. They are pointed at each end and a little thicker in the middle. He has also seen a blackish type of "thing" over the treeline which would be toward the east and near Oxford, OH. Neither of us could explain what the glowing light was, either, as it was too cloudy to see Venus or Jupiter. Having a degree in Earth and Space Science, admittedly, I could not comprehend what it was we saw. Regarding our feelings, it was a real headscratcher.


Friday, December 17, 2010

UFO Reports from around the U.S. - 12/17/2010

Below are recent UFO reports from around the U.S., that have been submitted to MUFON. 
These reports are unedited.

Click on case numbers for original reports.

MUFON Case #  27019
Date/Time:    2010-12-15 23:00
City:    San Jose
State:    California
Shape:    Triangle
Duration:    00:02:00
Vallee Index:    CE1
Summary:    Triangle, point end in back, one light on back, two in front (headlights) White/grey undercarrage

I was on my patio looking at the stars having a cigarette when I started hearing the sound of what sounded like a small cessna plane flying over. We don't get any cessna's flying over so I thought it was strange. I kept watching, and to my total SHOCK I saw a triangle appear over the building next door (appartments). It was flying low enough to make out that it was definatly a triangle with two bright "headlights", and as I watched it fly over me my mouth was dropped wide open, and I was completly speachless. As it passed overhead, I noticed light hitting the undercarriage and it appeared to have some kind of bar across the sides of the bottom, but I could only make out one side of the belly. When it was completly overhead, I noticed a back light on the back tip of the triangle. There was only the three lights though, no light in the center of the belly. It was not using any kind of spot light or anything. It was just traveling overhead like it was on it's own agenda. I popped my head out from the overhang of the patio to really get a good look and see if I was really "seeing" this. It continued flying over my complex, and disapeared from my sight after flying over my building. At that point, I started calling my husband Ron several times, and he just didn't hear me calling for him. I guess I wasn't loud enough.

Like I said, it sounded like a cessna, but there was no way! It was clearly a triangle. I wasn't scared of it, just shocked. I have seen pictures on tv and in books of the famous "triangle", but never saw one myself. I'd LOVE to see it again. The whole time elapsed was about two minutes. I then looked at the clock and it said 11:00pm (California time).

I tried to go to sleep after at about 12:00 midnight, and found it difficult to fall asleep. As I laid there, I heard that EXACT SAME SOUND AGAIN! I laid in bed (out of shock) and heard it for about an additional 15 minutes! Now, nearby in Mountain View, we have an old NASA base, but they don't test military planes there. We also have a secret military base up in the Santa Cruz mountains, and God only knows what they do up there. This was smaller than the Stealth, and anyway, it made a motor noise. There's no way it was a hang glider at night either. That's just not possible in the area I live in. I have always believed in "UFO's", and also believe I had several experiences as a child. But this is the first time in my adulthood that something like this has happened. I hope that it really was a "UFO", and hope to hear from you if your getting any other reports about last night. It wasn't that late, and people were still up. The picture I am attaching is NOT one I took. It's just the closest I could find on the internet to show what it looked like. Just a few changes though. There was NO light in the center of the undercarriage. Just the three white lights at the tip.

Original Photo

*               *               *

MUFON Case #  27016
Date/Time:    2007-04-12 03:30
City:    Harmony
State:    Maine
Shape:    Disc,Saturn-like
Duration:    00:05:00
Distance:    Unknown
Vallee Index:    CE1
Summary:    slow silent craft at treetop level with three large "windows"

I was jogging in the dark very early before work on a country road in rural Maine. It was a clear, calm, and starry night with no Moon. The stars were very bright and I was watching the sky as I ran down the road. There were no leaves on the hardwood trees yet, and I noticed a bright light moving through the sky. It was east of south east, traveling slowly toward the west, at about 30 degrees or so above the horizon. I couldn't see it very well at first because it was low enough in the sky that I was looking at it through the tree branches. This part of the road had a slight rise and was pointed in a south easterly direction so the light was just a little toward my left and it seemed that at the rate it was going,it would soon pass in front of me where there were no trees over the road. The rise in the road crested about 1/10th of a mile in front of me before it went back down the other side. At the crest of the hill was an empty house on the right side. About another 10th of a mile on the other side of the hill was a house that had a streetlight in their driveway that cast a very faint glow in the atmosphere. The street light itself was not visible, just its faint glow. Intrigued, I waited to see what the moving light might be as it soon would pass across the road within my view. When it passed over the road I saw it was much larger and closer than I had expected. It appeared to be just above the tree tops and took up the entire space over the road between the trees. The light that I first saw through the trees was really three lights, not one, and they looked more like very large windows that were round in appearance. The quality of the light was like it was comming from within, like the windows on a house rather than headlights on a plane. The three windows also appeard to be in a row that curved around the object with the one on the left of the three pointing directly in my direction. This "window" appeared to have some sort of a grid on it. The others didn't as far as I could tell. There was a row of smaller lights that ran along the left side of the craft that were white and amber in color. The craft was between me and that streetlight I described earlier because the glow from that streetlight had the object in the sky backlit enough that I could make out its outline on the side where the small row of lights were. But the three "windows" were bright enough that I couldn't make out the outline on that side. I looked hard for the red and green running lights or the blinking lights that conventional aircraft have but these were not there. It was also totaly silent. It was a calm night and I noticed I was able to hear a tractor-trailer downshifting to get up the hill that was on the main road about 3 miles away to the south west but this object in front of me made no noise at all. While I was describing to my self what I was looking at so I would remember the details, the object appeared to STOP in the sky right over the road in front of me while I stared and studied it for perhaps 30 seconds. Then I realised it hadn't stopped but had changed it's direction and was comming towards me and declining in altitude as well. My next thought was to get out of the way in case it was a disabled aircraft comming in for a landing on the road.I began to stumble into the bushes off the side of the road in the dark to get out of the way. Before I got more than three steps off the road I became aware of a change in the light out of my peripheral vision and turned to look back. The craft had made a 90 degree turn back toward the west and continued slowly and silently on its way. For some reason it suddenly occured to me that what ever it was knew I was there and was comming in to check me out but when I ran, thought it had scared me and changed its mind. This was a really strong feeling and I have no idea where it came from because never did I feel scared. I had been thinking it was some sort of a small plane until it made that abrupt turn and kept going at treetop level away from me. It went over the empty house on the crest of the hill, just above the treetops, and proceeded across the field behind the house. I began to run as fast as I could up the hill to try to get to the top where I hoped to get another look at it as it crossed the field but before I could get there, the lights simply vanished as if they were turned off. When I got home about 45 minutes later I immediatelly drew a picture of what I had seen. I went to work and told the first two people I saw that morning about it but was so ridiculed that I have only told a couple of other people about it since.

*               *               *

MUFON Case #  27017
Date/Time:    2010-12-16 17:53
City:    Centerton
State:    Arkansas
Shape:    Triangle
Distance:    One mile or less
Vallee Index:    MA1
Summary:    Dark Trianglular shaped object with 2 big flashing lights on back and one solid smaller white light on front. Banked very slowly then flew over interstate I-540

At 5:53 p.m. on Thursday Dec 16th, 2010, I was on my way back from work, located near Hiwasse, AR. I drove down Highway 72 towards Centerton, then turned right on the 102 spur to come into town. After making the right turn, I went around a corner to the left. Immedidiately after making that corner, I looked at a white house that sits on the right. Above the house was a large, triangular shaped object that looked black, although it could have been a different color as it had already gotten dark by that time. The object had 2 large lights and one solid light. All 3 lights were white. I did not see any red lights. At first I didn't notice any of them flashing. The object was banking and flying very slowly, so that it appeared to be hovering. It looked like it was just down the street a little and back towards the west. I was excited to see it and thought that I would pull into a nearby apartment complex to get a better look, but before I reached the apartments the object had completed its turn and leveled out, now flying east then southeast. I rolled my window down but didn't hear anything. The object rose slowly and headed out towards the interstate. It was then that I noticed the 2 large lights on the back flashing while the smaller one was not. I looked but never saw a red light. I followed down to the stoplight across from McDonald's, waited for the light to change, and then turned onto Highway 102 towards Bentonville, all the while watching it get further away and continue flashing. I only went as far as Sonic as my sister's housing complex, Siena Estates, is right after Sonic and I was headed to her house. I turned left into the complex and stopped, looking out my passenger and back windows to see the object. I saw the large back lights flash two more times and then it was too far away to be seen due to its distance and due to the dark tint on my windows and the fact that I had to keep going forward to avoid holding up traffic. The entire event lasted about 10 minutes, and the object appeared to be flying very slowly and staying pretty low to the ground, only rising as it got over the interstate. I asked my brother-in-law, who is a pilot, about any planes flying out of the XNA regional airport to see if they fly towards Centerton and then bank while heading out over the interstate. He said they do, and that I might have seen a C-130. I told him I didn't see a red flashing light, and he said it might have been on top and I wouldn't have, but I don't think that's the case. First off, I flew in a C-130 while a Marine, and the object appeared more triangle-shaped and not like that of a plane, plus it was flying very slowly, especially while banking. I've done a lot of flying myself, and don't see how a plane could stay in the air if it was flying so slow that it at first appeared to be hovering. I would like to know if anyone else has reported anything unusual, or if there was a large plane leaving XNA airport around 5:53 p.m. This is all of the information I can recall. Please let me know if I can help further.
Thanks. *(Wit's name deleted -- CMS/sg).

*               *               *

MUFON Case #  27026
Date/Time:    2010-12-17 00:00
City:     San Francisco
State:    California
Shape:    Oval
Duration:    12:12:30
Summary:    fiery orange plasma ring over San Francisco moving slowly east to west

My wife and I saw an honest to god UFO last night at about a quarter past midnight.
My wife was looking out the bedroom windows and shouted to me in the living room, 'HEY look out the window...HURRY! We have a skyline view of San Francisco looking east from a hilltop about a mile from downtown.
I saw what my wife was looking at immediately and shouted ' What the 'f' is that!' It was coming toward our apartment building slowly at about the same speed a that a helicopter would fly and I've seen lot's of those.
There was a truly bizarre, glowing, orange ring in the sky coming toward our building. The cloud layer was low over the city but, the skyline was plainly visible. The orange ring was under the clouds heading west toward the ocean. It was really, unmistakably different from anything I've ever seen. It was like an oval ring of bright orange plasma...hard to focus on like neon but intense like fire. It made the clouds glow slightly. It might have even been just inside the lower boundary of the cloud layer.
It moved very smoothly with no jerkiness whatsoever and it was silent with absolutely zero, blinking lights.
It flew over our eight story tall building and out of our field of vision. We both ran downstairs in our pajamas and outside onto the sidewalk hoping we could still see it.
We could! It was still moving slowly west but, looked like it was going up, too. I considered going back upstairs to get a camera but, decided it would be gone before I could get back with it so, we both just kept watching it. Sure enough, it started fading out of sight as it seemed to climb back up through the cloud layer.
My wife and I went back upstairs and sat on the couch talking about it for awhile.I was thrilled...she was really nervous and obviously shaken up by the experience.
My wife thinks I'm nuts when I watch UFO shows on TV. She thinks it's all BS. Well, maybe not so much now. She kept asking what me what I thought it was; if I thought it was really an alien spacecraft. She was asking me what does it mean. Of course I didn't really have any good answers.
It wasn't like anything I'd ever seen before. I've never claimed to have seen any UFO before. Nothing I've ever seen comes close this.
I can't imagine anything, even remotely, technologically feasible st this time by anyone on this planet.


Christmas Lights over Phoenix?

                             Click on any image for larger view.

I received an email today, with a photo capture from a Phoenix, Arizona webcam.  The photo shows a string of lights above, or near the city.  Could this be an over exposure, or is it something else?

Here is what the author of the email had to say:

I made a picture from a webcam in Phoenix Az. on Nov.12th that looked like a string of Christmas light. I'll attach the picture along with another shot (daytime) so you can see where it was that night. Hope you find what your looking for.
This is the web site I made the picture at

The time was 10:36 (central time) I live in North Alabama. I looked around for several days on the net thinking someone else may have seen it, but I didn't see anything. I see planes all the time on these cameras, but have never seen one over exposed to this extent. What ever it was is between the mountain and camera. Good luck on this one. Maybe you can find some info. Let me know if you do.


Note:  I believe the lights are too low to be an airplane, possibly a helicopter?  If anyone has a clue as to what this is, or if you might have seen this object, please contact me, or leave a comment.
Thank you,

Sunny (SW)

Happy Holidays


Mailbag: Aerial "Orange" Lights over Abilene and "Christmas" Lights over Hollywood

Witnesses have reported seeing unidentifiable lights in the skies.  After two such reports posted here, I have received some interesting emails.  Here is just a sample.

The first email is by the man who reported the Abilene Lights to MUFON.  He has since had another sighting.  There is also mention by another reader, of a sighting near Mullin, Texas. 

The second email is from a young lady in Hollywood, California.  She apparently saw lights in a circular pattern, similar to what I reported having seen near Cisco, Texas.

Below each email, there is a link to the original posts here on LITS.  If you have seen a UFO (unidentified flying object), or unusual lights in the sky, please contact me.  You will get a reply from me and might see your report in print, here on Lights in the Texas Sky.

Thanks and Happy Holidays,
Sunny (SW)

Lights over Abilene


I was the one who saw those lights, we saw them again for almost an hour. This is 5 days in a row now. I had a MUFON guy contact me and he said he's seem them in the past (not this time though) on 5 seperate occasions. Something weird is going on, defiiitely not flares ..i'd say a 0% chance these were flares ..they did some pretty bizarre things that isn't "flare" like, I don't know of to many flares that come on in a row or a diagonal line or whatever ..of course the easy explanation is flares, but thats coming from people who haven't seen it ..gotta see it to know they aren't flares dad has been watching them with me ..he's got 30 years in the Coast Guard ..he's seen his fair share of flares and he said "not flares".

And again:


I wish I could show what the lights did tonight, very very bizarre, I can't explain, I could draw a picture to show what they did. They've been showing up so frequently lately that I go outside waiting for them to show and they do. I sit out back on my porch and out of nowhere they start to show up. I really wish I could catch them on tape or camera but I can't I even bought a video camera just for this purpose and I still can't capture it. I just wish someone else out here would see them with me, all I have right now is a friend my parents. Im going to keep watching and reporting what I see but i've kinda lost interest in reporting because its only my report up there and never anyone elses lately. Kinda frustrating.
News story here

T. (name withheld by SW)


Another reader writes:
My Friend called me telling me she saw something really weird in the sky near Mullin, Tx, about 4 hrs ago. I'll be out there in 2 days, so I will keep an eye out after dark.

Original Post

*               *               *

Christmas Lights in the sky over Hollywood


Last night I was driving in north Hollywood on Riverside drive and my attention was caught by strange Christmas lights in the sky passing over my head. It looked like a fan or half circle and it appeared to be whitish yellow Christmas wreaths flashing in succession. There was one white or blue light at the base. 

It was flying pretty low. It moved slowly over the Hollywood hills. Less than a minute later a police helicopter was speeding around the sky with its searchlight on.

I've never seen a craft shaped like this.

Now that I have slept on it I almost wonder if it wasn't mimiking the holiday lights that are currently strung on Riverside?

Anyway your story seems very similar to mine. But mine happened last night. I can't take my eyes of the skies now!

And when I wrote her back:

I know I wish the government would just be honest about it!
I was so glad to see your story. It really helped me.
Happy holidays to you as well!

(name withheld by SW)

Original Post


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Row of orange lights seen again near Abilene, TX

More orange lights are seen and reported from a witness in Abilene, Texas.  Could these lights be flares, or something else and could the military be attempting to divert attention away from that 'something else'?

This case has not yet been investigated but it has been assigned.  Here is that unedited report:

MUFON Case #  27002
Date/Time:    2010-12-15 18:32
City:    Abilene
State:    Texas
Shape:    Other
Duration:    00:35:00
Vallee Index:    AN1
Summary:    Orange Lights, Watched Them For 45 Minutes

Ok first let me start by saying this is going to be my last report on these, because nobodys following up on it. The lights started appearing as single lights then after a while came on in a row of light up to 6 at a time, then at one time the light came on in a row one would come on then it appeared to jump or just another light came on and what made it odd as the lights were coming on in a row from left to right they started coming on from right to left, hard to explain but it came on like this direction----> O O O O O as a new light appeared the one behind it would go out, then they came on in this direction <---- O O O O O and there was no hesitation soon as it went from left to right it went right back from right to left. Very odd and very cool to watch, i've now seem them 5 times just in the month of December alone, before that it was 8 months before I saw these lights in the sky. This is final report until someone takes this serious know maybe come check it out for yourself or look up in the sky between abilene and brownwood, from 6pm - 7pm not saying they're on a schedule just seems to be the time they appear. Good Luck the skies

Note:  If you have seen these lights, or any other unexplained phenomena, please file a report.
Contact me


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Seen in Lancaster, PA: Bell-shaped craft escorted by Chinook helicopters

Here is the unedited report to MUFON, of a recent daytime sighting which occurred in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, of a bell-shaped craft being escorted by two Chinook helicopters.  Later that same day, the mother of the witness actual sees the bell-shaped UFO her daughter had seen earlier.  She describes it's appearance as that of a brown and silver Hershey's Kiss candy.

MUFON Case #   26993
Date/Time:    2010-12-13 12:15
City:    Lancaster
State:    Pennsylvania
Shape:    Other
Distance:    500 feet or less
Location:    Suburban
Terrain:    Hills
Visibility:    Clear
Weather:    Windy
Vallee Index:    CE1
Summary:    Enormous bell shaped object surrounded by two chinooks

There were actually two seperate events on the same day. The first was around noon. My thirteen year old daughter saw this, I did not and she helped me in writing this report. She is homeschooled and in ninth grade, so she is home during the day. She heard a very loud sonic-boom type sound and the ground shook. She looked out our front downstairs window and saw an extremely large bell-shaped object, almost like a giant Hershey Kiss candy- brownish-silverish in color. She could see two grey chinook helicopters, one on either side- one slightly in front of the object on the opposing side, the other facing her was closer to the object's rear. To compare the size of the object with the chinook's size- the object being a Hershey kiss candy- the chinook would be no larger than an ice-cream sprinkle. They were flying beyond a tree line around residential areas, we belive above an area of open land set for possible future housing. They seemed to dissapear and my daughter witnessed two black helicopters right afterward flying the same path. During this event my daughter also saw some neighbors across the street, closer to the described object, come outside- two parents and a small child. She said that they all pointed toward the object, appeared to be screaming, then the mother went inside, quickly returning with a video camera. She thinks they might have gotten footage as the object and chinooks were not traveling very fast. The child was crying and all seemed very disturbed and went quickly inside their house after the event was over. We do not know them personally and have not approached them.

The second sighting was later that evening around 6:30 pm and it was dark by that time. Some of my kids and I were leaving the house and went outside to get in the van. This time my thirteen year old daughter, my seven year old son and I all saw an object in the same place and same direction that the other object was traveling earlier. I saw what appeared to be an enormously large object, obviusly round in shape to some degree as there were several lights in a round formation. I recall red and clear or yellow lights but couldn't see a bell shape for sure. My daughter saw the faint outline of the same bell or Hershey kiss shape she saw earlier but with lights in red, blue, and yellow around the base and one red at tip. We did not hear any loud noises nor did the ground shake this time and there was no evidence of any other planes along with it this time. It dissapeared beyond the trees. I remember yelling "What the frig is that?" or a similar expletive and just being held in awe by the size and apparent low-flying flight path of the object.


Multiple witnesses view unidentified lights near Detroit, Texas

Click on map for larger view.

On the evening of December 13, 2010, multiple witnesses observe bright red-orange orbs in sky and experience power outage in Detroit, Texas.    Here is the unedited report submitted to MUFON.

MUFON Case #  26988
Date/Time:    2010-12-13 19:10
City:    Detroit
State:    Texas
Shape:    Unknown
Duration:    00:03:00
Distance:    500 feet or less
Location:    Farmland
Terrain:    Fields
Visibility:    Clear
Weather:    Windy,Medium
Vallee Index:    AN1
Summary:    6-8 Bright red orange orbs in a row come on then one at a time they dim out

I was driving home on FM 410 North when I seen one bright red orange light out of my peripheral. Just as I looked in its direction it was dimming out. I knew it was not an airplane as there are always planes flying over at much greater altitude than this light was at. It was stationary.

I continued staring in the sky and then two red orange lights/orbs lite up. They were stationary, in the same place the first light came on. The two lights stay on for a few seconds and then dim out one at a time.

I knew then this was not anything I could explain. I am still driving but now going very slow never taking my eyes off the sky. A few seconds later 6 - 8 red orange lights come on.

The lights are in a row, still in the same place, not moving. The lights are all on for a few seconds and then one at a time they go out.

I seen lights and noting else. I could not see what they were attached to. After all the lights went out that was it. They sky looked just like nothing was there, like the ufo was invisible. There was no sound, nothing dark blocking my view of the stars, nothing.

I was shocked when I seen the lights because I knew what I was seeing was a ufo, but I could not believe I was really seeing it at the same time.

As I drove closer to my home at a very slow speed, and still looking at the sky I realized that the area of the sky I seen the ufo at was almost directly over my house.

I whipped in my driveway, stopped immediately, got out and stared at the sky, but there was nothing there just the stars.

I went inside freaking out, I was alone pacing back and forth in my kitchen going to the window looking out, and then I would think what if they are still out there, so I would walk back to the main area. If I was to look out my kitchen window I could see the ufo if it was still there. It was not there, but I wanted to look and didn't want to look at the same time.

I text my sister, I think I just seen a ufo. Right away she called me and she was freaking out too because she said the son of the woman she worked for had just seen the exact same thing I had seen a few minutes before.

My sister works at a gas station which is about 7 miles north of my home. The same time the boy was seeing the ufo she was closing the store when all of the sudden all the lights went out in the store, and all the lights in the entire area surrounding its location went out.  Every thing went pitch black. She said it was like something drained the power.

The home of her boss is about one mile east of the store my sister works at. This is where the boy seen the ufo. He described the exact same thing I seen. It was over his house long enough for him to go inside to get a shotgun and come back outside. It scared him. This all happened about ten minutes before I seen the ufo.

Later in the evening my sister is texting a friend about the events that had happened and he replies to her that his uncle also seen a ufo and his uncle had described what he seen to be the same thing I had seen and the boy had seen.

His uncle lives a few miles northeast of the gas station my sister works at.

So these lights made three appearances on the night of December 13 between 6:00 to 7:10pm in a distance of about twenty miles, with three different people, myself included, in three different locations.

I do not know the other two personally, I have not spoken more than a sentence to the other two people. We do not share anything in common except the fact that we all know my sister.



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