Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Lights in the Sky near Cisco, Texas

My own personal UFO Sighting account.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010, 18:22 hrs.

While driving from our home near Breckenridge, to Eastland, Texas (which is approximately a 30 mile drive for us), my spouse and I saw unusual lights in the sky.

We were traveling south on Hwy 183.  It was at approximately the 12 mile mark south of Breckenridge, that I noticed a short string of what appeared to be "Christmas lights".  At this time of year that is certainly not unusual but what was, is that these lights were at some distance, located to our south/southwest and about 10 degrees above the horizon. 

There was no hill there from my vantage point, no house and no towers.  The lights were clearly elevated some distance above the ground and over, or near I-20, west of Cisco, Texas.  If a ruler was held at arms length, the string of lights would have been slightly less than 1/2 inch (approx. 1.25 centimeters) long.

I was in the passenger seat, so I leaned forward to get a better look through the windshield.  The lights were clearly visible for about 5 seconds, until my view was momentarily blocked by trees.  When we passed the stand of trees, I was able to see the lights again. Unfortunately, another stand of trees again blocked my view and after only 4 or 5 seconds to clear the trees, the lights were gone.  They didn't just move away, they were simply gone.

I asked my spouse if he saw the lights and he answered yes, however, he thought the lights might have been an aircraft, as he only got a glimpse of them.

I could not be so dismissive, as I had clearly seen the lights, which appeared to look like multi-colored Christmas lights in a slightly elliptical, horizontal pattern, as depicted in my illustration (above).

I might also add that I had just emailed a friend before we left home, telling him that we might see a UFO.   Later, the lights appeared right after I thought to myself, "OK, show yourselves."  Perhaps someone, or something heard me but they didn't show for long.

This is by no means my first sighting and surely won't be my last but I am left wondering if anyone else saw these same lights, in the vicinity of Cisco, or perhaps somewhere near there.  If so, please contact me.  With the help of others I may be able to pinpoint the object's exact location.



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