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UFO Reports from around the U.S. - 12/17/2010

Below are recent UFO reports from around the U.S., that have been submitted to MUFON. 
These reports are unedited.

Click on case numbers for original reports.

MUFON Case #  27019
Date/Time:    2010-12-15 23:00
City:    San Jose
State:    California
Shape:    Triangle
Duration:    00:02:00
Vallee Index:    CE1
Summary:    Triangle, point end in back, one light on back, two in front (headlights) White/grey undercarrage

I was on my patio looking at the stars having a cigarette when I started hearing the sound of what sounded like a small cessna plane flying over. We don't get any cessna's flying over so I thought it was strange. I kept watching, and to my total SHOCK I saw a triangle appear over the building next door (appartments). It was flying low enough to make out that it was definatly a triangle with two bright "headlights", and as I watched it fly over me my mouth was dropped wide open, and I was completly speachless. As it passed overhead, I noticed light hitting the undercarriage and it appeared to have some kind of bar across the sides of the bottom, but I could only make out one side of the belly. When it was completly overhead, I noticed a back light on the back tip of the triangle. There was only the three lights though, no light in the center of the belly. It was not using any kind of spot light or anything. It was just traveling overhead like it was on it's own agenda. I popped my head out from the overhang of the patio to really get a good look and see if I was really "seeing" this. It continued flying over my complex, and disapeared from my sight after flying over my building. At that point, I started calling my husband Ron several times, and he just didn't hear me calling for him. I guess I wasn't loud enough.

Like I said, it sounded like a cessna, but there was no way! It was clearly a triangle. I wasn't scared of it, just shocked. I have seen pictures on tv and in books of the famous "triangle", but never saw one myself. I'd LOVE to see it again. The whole time elapsed was about two minutes. I then looked at the clock and it said 11:00pm (California time).

I tried to go to sleep after at about 12:00 midnight, and found it difficult to fall asleep. As I laid there, I heard that EXACT SAME SOUND AGAIN! I laid in bed (out of shock) and heard it for about an additional 15 minutes! Now, nearby in Mountain View, we have an old NASA base, but they don't test military planes there. We also have a secret military base up in the Santa Cruz mountains, and God only knows what they do up there. This was smaller than the Stealth, and anyway, it made a motor noise. There's no way it was a hang glider at night either. That's just not possible in the area I live in. I have always believed in "UFO's", and also believe I had several experiences as a child. But this is the first time in my adulthood that something like this has happened. I hope that it really was a "UFO", and hope to hear from you if your getting any other reports about last night. It wasn't that late, and people were still up. The picture I am attaching is NOT one I took. It's just the closest I could find on the internet to show what it looked like. Just a few changes though. There was NO light in the center of the undercarriage. Just the three white lights at the tip.

Original Photo

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MUFON Case #  27016
Date/Time:    2007-04-12 03:30
City:    Harmony
State:    Maine
Shape:    Disc,Saturn-like
Duration:    00:05:00
Distance:    Unknown
Vallee Index:    CE1
Summary:    slow silent craft at treetop level with three large "windows"

I was jogging in the dark very early before work on a country road in rural Maine. It was a clear, calm, and starry night with no Moon. The stars were very bright and I was watching the sky as I ran down the road. There were no leaves on the hardwood trees yet, and I noticed a bright light moving through the sky. It was east of south east, traveling slowly toward the west, at about 30 degrees or so above the horizon. I couldn't see it very well at first because it was low enough in the sky that I was looking at it through the tree branches. This part of the road had a slight rise and was pointed in a south easterly direction so the light was just a little toward my left and it seemed that at the rate it was going,it would soon pass in front of me where there were no trees over the road. The rise in the road crested about 1/10th of a mile in front of me before it went back down the other side. At the crest of the hill was an empty house on the right side. About another 10th of a mile on the other side of the hill was a house that had a streetlight in their driveway that cast a very faint glow in the atmosphere. The street light itself was not visible, just its faint glow. Intrigued, I waited to see what the moving light might be as it soon would pass across the road within my view. When it passed over the road I saw it was much larger and closer than I had expected. It appeared to be just above the tree tops and took up the entire space over the road between the trees. The light that I first saw through the trees was really three lights, not one, and they looked more like very large windows that were round in appearance. The quality of the light was like it was comming from within, like the windows on a house rather than headlights on a plane. The three windows also appeard to be in a row that curved around the object with the one on the left of the three pointing directly in my direction. This "window" appeared to have some sort of a grid on it. The others didn't as far as I could tell. There was a row of smaller lights that ran along the left side of the craft that were white and amber in color. The craft was between me and that streetlight I described earlier because the glow from that streetlight had the object in the sky backlit enough that I could make out its outline on the side where the small row of lights were. But the three "windows" were bright enough that I couldn't make out the outline on that side. I looked hard for the red and green running lights or the blinking lights that conventional aircraft have but these were not there. It was also totaly silent. It was a calm night and I noticed I was able to hear a tractor-trailer downshifting to get up the hill that was on the main road about 3 miles away to the south west but this object in front of me made no noise at all. While I was describing to my self what I was looking at so I would remember the details, the object appeared to STOP in the sky right over the road in front of me while I stared and studied it for perhaps 30 seconds. Then I realised it hadn't stopped but had changed it's direction and was comming towards me and declining in altitude as well. My next thought was to get out of the way in case it was a disabled aircraft comming in for a landing on the road.I began to stumble into the bushes off the side of the road in the dark to get out of the way. Before I got more than three steps off the road I became aware of a change in the light out of my peripheral vision and turned to look back. The craft had made a 90 degree turn back toward the west and continued slowly and silently on its way. For some reason it suddenly occured to me that what ever it was knew I was there and was comming in to check me out but when I ran, thought it had scared me and changed its mind. This was a really strong feeling and I have no idea where it came from because never did I feel scared. I had been thinking it was some sort of a small plane until it made that abrupt turn and kept going at treetop level away from me. It went over the empty house on the crest of the hill, just above the treetops, and proceeded across the field behind the house. I began to run as fast as I could up the hill to try to get to the top where I hoped to get another look at it as it crossed the field but before I could get there, the lights simply vanished as if they were turned off. When I got home about 45 minutes later I immediatelly drew a picture of what I had seen. I went to work and told the first two people I saw that morning about it but was so ridiculed that I have only told a couple of other people about it since.

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MUFON Case #  27017
Date/Time:    2010-12-16 17:53
City:    Centerton
State:    Arkansas
Shape:    Triangle
Distance:    One mile or less
Vallee Index:    MA1
Summary:    Dark Trianglular shaped object with 2 big flashing lights on back and one solid smaller white light on front. Banked very slowly then flew over interstate I-540

At 5:53 p.m. on Thursday Dec 16th, 2010, I was on my way back from work, located near Hiwasse, AR. I drove down Highway 72 towards Centerton, then turned right on the 102 spur to come into town. After making the right turn, I went around a corner to the left. Immedidiately after making that corner, I looked at a white house that sits on the right. Above the house was a large, triangular shaped object that looked black, although it could have been a different color as it had already gotten dark by that time. The object had 2 large lights and one solid light. All 3 lights were white. I did not see any red lights. At first I didn't notice any of them flashing. The object was banking and flying very slowly, so that it appeared to be hovering. It looked like it was just down the street a little and back towards the west. I was excited to see it and thought that I would pull into a nearby apartment complex to get a better look, but before I reached the apartments the object had completed its turn and leveled out, now flying east then southeast. I rolled my window down but didn't hear anything. The object rose slowly and headed out towards the interstate. It was then that I noticed the 2 large lights on the back flashing while the smaller one was not. I looked but never saw a red light. I followed down to the stoplight across from McDonald's, waited for the light to change, and then turned onto Highway 102 towards Bentonville, all the while watching it get further away and continue flashing. I only went as far as Sonic as my sister's housing complex, Siena Estates, is right after Sonic and I was headed to her house. I turned left into the complex and stopped, looking out my passenger and back windows to see the object. I saw the large back lights flash two more times and then it was too far away to be seen due to its distance and due to the dark tint on my windows and the fact that I had to keep going forward to avoid holding up traffic. The entire event lasted about 10 minutes, and the object appeared to be flying very slowly and staying pretty low to the ground, only rising as it got over the interstate. I asked my brother-in-law, who is a pilot, about any planes flying out of the XNA regional airport to see if they fly towards Centerton and then bank while heading out over the interstate. He said they do, and that I might have seen a C-130. I told him I didn't see a red flashing light, and he said it might have been on top and I wouldn't have, but I don't think that's the case. First off, I flew in a C-130 while a Marine, and the object appeared more triangle-shaped and not like that of a plane, plus it was flying very slowly, especially while banking. I've done a lot of flying myself, and don't see how a plane could stay in the air if it was flying so slow that it at first appeared to be hovering. I would like to know if anyone else has reported anything unusual, or if there was a large plane leaving XNA airport around 5:53 p.m. This is all of the information I can recall. Please let me know if I can help further.
Thanks. *(Wit's name deleted -- CMS/sg).

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MUFON Case #  27026
Date/Time:    2010-12-17 00:00
City:     San Francisco
State:    California
Shape:    Oval
Duration:    12:12:30
Summary:    fiery orange plasma ring over San Francisco moving slowly east to west

My wife and I saw an honest to god UFO last night at about a quarter past midnight.
My wife was looking out the bedroom windows and shouted to me in the living room, 'HEY look out the window...HURRY! We have a skyline view of San Francisco looking east from a hilltop about a mile from downtown.
I saw what my wife was looking at immediately and shouted ' What the 'f' is that!' It was coming toward our apartment building slowly at about the same speed a that a helicopter would fly and I've seen lot's of those.
There was a truly bizarre, glowing, orange ring in the sky coming toward our building. The cloud layer was low over the city but, the skyline was plainly visible. The orange ring was under the clouds heading west toward the ocean. It was really, unmistakably different from anything I've ever seen. It was like an oval ring of bright orange plasma...hard to focus on like neon but intense like fire. It made the clouds glow slightly. It might have even been just inside the lower boundary of the cloud layer.
It moved very smoothly with no jerkiness whatsoever and it was silent with absolutely zero, blinking lights.
It flew over our eight story tall building and out of our field of vision. We both ran downstairs in our pajamas and outside onto the sidewalk hoping we could still see it.
We could! It was still moving slowly west but, looked like it was going up, too. I considered going back upstairs to get a camera but, decided it would be gone before I could get back with it so, we both just kept watching it. Sure enough, it started fading out of sight as it seemed to climb back up through the cloud layer.
My wife and I went back upstairs and sat on the couch talking about it for awhile.I was thrilled...she was really nervous and obviously shaken up by the experience.
My wife thinks I'm nuts when I watch UFO shows on TV. She thinks it's all BS. Well, maybe not so much now. She kept asking what me what I thought it was; if I thought it was really an alien spacecraft. She was asking me what does it mean. Of course I didn't really have any good answers.
It wasn't like anything I'd ever seen before. I've never claimed to have seen any UFO before. Nothing I've ever seen comes close this.
I can't imagine anything, even remotely, technologically feasible st this time by anyone on this planet.


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