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UFO sighting and possible time loss in New Jersey, 1977

In 1977, a young man and his girlfriend stop in a cornfield in New Jersey, which leads to a UFO sighting and possible abduction.

MUFON Case #  26885
Date/Time:  1977-07-31 21:30
City:    New Brunswick
State:    New Jersey
Shape:    Disc
Vallee Index:    AN1
Summary:    UFO sighting; possible time loss; cracked windshield

Girlfriend and I park in a corn field for a private moment. We are 19 and 20. It's late August in NJ and corn is about 6 feet high. About 9:30PM. Time was important because I had promised to bring her home by midnight and home was about an hour away. Gorgeous night, cloudless, bright stars. Visibility probably 20-25 miles. So pretty, we continue to stay in our seats and stare at the sky in front of us. Within a few minutes, we (I?) notice dim light on the horizon, proceeding left to right, same speed. Am guessing it was the first satellite I ever saw. We watch it slowly disappear over the horizon to the right. For some reason, we continue to watch the night sky directly in front of us, still sitting in the car, though we are 'on the clock'.

Few minutes later, notice another light, brighter, starting from similar position as previous object in the far left sky (I do not know which compass direction we were facing). Same path over horizon, same steady motion as first object, except this object's light is brighter. When object reaches mid-point of our field of vision, it seems to stop. We wait in silence for object to continue left to right movement. It does not continue. However, it seems to be getting brighter.

After a minute or so, I realize that the object is moving and it is becoming brighter because it is heading straight towards us. Estimate the object was 4-5 miles away when girlfriend and I become agitated; not exactly frightened but upset that this thing is headed our way. Looking back, it was an odd initial response.

She looks at me and says we have to leave. I start car and reverse out of the field (we were about 50 yards in) and onto road heading back to New Brunswick. Should be about a 10-15 minute drive to get back to Route 27, out of Franklin Park farmland and back into town.

I accelerate to a high rate of speed (60-70?)on winding roads to get away. My girlfriend turns her passenger door mirror up to sky, and surprise, surprise, the object has arrived and stays right behind us in the center of her mirror.

Now my agitation turns quickly to fear and then to anger. What am I running from? Why am I running? It's probably a helicopter having some fun with us. I see a farmhouse up on the left (I'm not stopping in the middle of the road) and pull into the driveway behind an old 40s Ford or Chevy black pickup. There's just enough room to get off the road and behind the truck.

Farmhouse is front right, truck in front of me, an 7'-8' hedgerow running the left of the driveway. I remember opening the door, placing my left foot on the ground to step out of the car, while looking up to sky above the hedgerow to where the object should be. I remember a bright light behind the hedgerow. I remember looking up to scan the sky and my memory ending at the top of the hedgerow.

My next memory we are in the car, not talking, driving towards a T roadway stop sign (our road ends and you can either turn left or right) at which we will make a right and then be back on 27 in a 1/2 mile. As I pull up to the stop sign she says 'there they are'. I look out my window on the driver's side and see it.

It was a perfectly round, smooth saucer. Surface looked like brushed stainless steel. No windows. Perfectly smooth. I'm looking at the bottom of 50' - 60' saucer, about 30' over me. The bright white light was bottom center. I later remembered a red light at one edge and green at the exact opposite edge. About 10 years later I met a USAF test pilot through a mutual friend. Told him about the sighting. He believed my story (a bit too easily I thought) and thought the object to be terrestrial because of the red & green lights on the aircraft.

No sound that I can remember. No wind or breeze. It hovered over us and then slowly moved across the street (more farmland). Now I can see full craft; top and bottom are identical shape and surface material. I estimate middle top to middle bottom about 20'.

I make the right and can see the traffic light on Route 27 up the road. I follow along with craft (it follows us?) on our left. It has now lowered itself to just above ground, but moving with us about 40' away. My speed is normal. I'm no longer concerned about it. I lose sight of it behind a strand of trees and bushes running along the road; when we reach an opening there's no sight of it - but I have no interest in stopping to see where it went.

I pull up and stop at the traffic light on 27. It's a long light. We don't say a word until my girlfriend notices a crack in the windshield; passenger side, it's a jagged crack about 3 inches up and 4 inches over. She excitedly points out the it wasn't there at the start of the evening.

We then notice the time on the car clock is 11:22PM. As this was all happening around 9:30PM, we should been at this traffic light about an hour earlier, even with the stop - which at the time, I did not remember that I had stopped. That memory came back to me later.

Clocks were unreliable on American cars in the seventies, so we confirmed the time when we got home. The car's clock was correct.

We discussed it later only once and only to confirm that we saw the craft directly over us and what it looked like.

Went back once trying to find the farmhouse. I did not find it. I was never very interested in returning to the area.

Later that year saw 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'. No nightmares, no desire to head towards a meeting point and no after effects that I could point to other than a lifetime interest in UFOs.

We later broke up and I have not seen her in over 30 years. But the sighting still seems as if it happened last week.


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