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Mailbag - December, 2010

Here are just a few samples of the emails I have received, reports of UFO sightings here in Texas and elsewhere in the U.S.. 

(All names have been withheld.)

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Frisco, Texas - October 23, 2010

Saw your post about the lights in the sky above Frisco, TX.

I live in Frisco close to Hillcrest/Rolater and on Sat. Oct.23 around the same time you mentioned about 7:00PM my 12 year old Daughter and I were in the backyard of our house and watched these 2 star like objects up in the sky for about 20 minutes and they did appear stationary. There was also a 3rd star like object much further east that looked exactly the same as the other 2 objects.  They all appeared to be changing colors which is what caught our attention, since the other stars in the sky were just white.

We always see airplanes going to DFW and these were not airplanes, and I'm not quite sure what they were since I have never seen anything like them before.  There were passenger airplanes going across the sky towards DFW when we saw the objects and my Daughter said that we thought the airplanes could probably see these objects.

I mentioned it to my brother who lives in Denton and he has spoken to other people in the Frisco area that saw the same objects but did not want to report it.  I actually dismissed it until I saw the Steve Stoler WFAA story about it.

I don't want to come forward on record, but I can back up what you are saying and can tell you that the objects my Daughter and I saw were not Airplane's or anything else we have ever seen in the skies!  These objects stood out in the sky like a sore thumb and I am certain that there are many other people who witnessed them that just don't want to come forward and talk about it.  It was actually nice to see that other people saw the same thing my daughter and I saw, since if you tell most people something like that, they just think your crazy!

My wife was probably also a little bit relieved when I showed her the Steve Stoler story, since she kinda gave my daughter and I a funny look after we told her what we saw in the sky that night.  Maybe she doesn't think I'm so crazy now!   :-)

Also that night my daughter got tired after over 20 minutes of watching these objects and wanted to go back into the house.  They were still in the sky when we went back inside, so I was not able to see what happened to them.

What I will never forget is the multicolored changing light patterns that were going on within the very bright star like objects. I don't know if that was some type of energy source the objects (possibly craft's) were using or not, but I think the colors were red,blue, and maybe green which were all morphing into each other and constantly changing.

Anyway it's nice to know that I'm not going crazy and seeing things that are not there, since it sounds like many other people saw the same objects that night.

Were they picked up on the DFW air traffic controllers radar?
Could be our military's black projects or could be something else not from here.
I'll let you know if I see anything else.
Take care

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East Texas- November 24, 2010

I live in East Texas.. And Wednesday I saw the strangest pattern of lights. I at first thought it was a plane. But the pattern changed up,, and they moved very slow. Very slow.  It was late at night. But I stayed outside for the longest time just trying to figure out just what I was watching. There is no way this was a plane. No way. The pattern changed.. And yet came back together.   And there is no plane that is this  large.  I have no idea what I saw.. But it has had me so very curious....  I am hoping that someone else has seen this. As I have never,, ever seen anything like this.

When I asked for more information:

The lights were going in a south west direction. They were very high. It was 2 in the morning. I have trouble sleeping at night. And everyone was coming here for Thanksgiving the next day. So I just stepped outside to see if it was clouding up since I had heard we had a good chance of rain.  It was strange as at first I thought I was looking at stars.  And then they started moving. I watched for a longtime.  They were far apart from each other at first. Then they started flying closer together. As if they were getting into a formation. And that is what they did. It was sooo strange. There were maybe 3 to 4 lights in a straight line in front, and then lights that came up on the side.  But yet, almost looked like the shape of a stealth bomber..  Who again,knows what this was.  The reason I looked on the internet was to see if someone else had seen what I had..  And the fact that they were far apart at first and then came in together I knew it was more than one aircraft.  I stayed outside till they flew out of site. .   The color of the lights were like that of stars.. All clear. No color at all. Which is what made me that much more sure these were not planes.  Please.. dont think I am nuts. I have hated to even tell anyone about this. I did mention it to the family on Thanksgiving, and they told me it was most likely satelites.. I doubt it,, as why would they fly in formation like that. And be moving around sperate from each other at different times.. Again, hope this helps.. Who,,, I dont know. LOL.. But as a grandmother I have never in 61 years seen anything like this.. Ever.

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Onego, West Virginia - December 9, 2010

A friend and I saw something similar near Onego, WV last night.  Very low but not enough to see stickers.  Went toward Petersburg.

Note:  I am assuming this witness is referring to recent sightings in West Virginia.  Perhaps they saw military aircraft?

*               *               *               *               *

Your UFO sightings are important.  When sending a report of a sighting, it is helpful to give the exact (if known) date, time and place of sighting.

Other important ingredients for a good report, is to give a complete description of the object(s), what you were doing at the time you saw the object, what direction (North/South/East/West) you first saw the object and in what direction the object was heading.

Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end, so please add what you thought the object might have been, describe what the object was doing and also how you lost sight of the object.

If you have any photographs of the object(s), or drawings illustrating what you saw, please include those in your report.

Please, report your sightings.  Others may be waiting to see if someone else saw what they saw, then you can validate each others sightings.

If you have seen an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO), or had an unusual encounter, i.e., seen a possible ET, or perhaps have been abducted, please contact me.

Working together, we will uncover the truth behind the UFO phenomena.

Thank you,

Sunny (SW)


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