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Houston Man Claims Proof of UFOs

Chris Hardman of Houston has proof of UFOs but he doesn't care whether you believe him or not. Just check out his videos and decide for yourself.

Watch on Video on Youtube

See all 51 of Chris' UFO videos.

Disc UFO seen from oil platform in Gulf of Mexico

MUFON Case #    20782
March 10, 2008 at 2:00 p.m.
City, State:    Venice, Louisiana
Shape:    Disc
Duration:    00:03:00
Distance:    Over one mile
Terrain:    Ocean
Visibility:    Clear
Vallee Index:    FB1

I alone was standing outside on an oil production platform approx 7 miles off the coast of Venice, LA. I noticed the object by chance, due to the fact that it was not flying at an altitude taken by approaching or departing helicopters, airplanes, though infrequent, flew much higher.

The object was approx 1 mile off the water, I was facing land. The object appeared to be approx 2 miles away from me, it was close enough to see that it appeared to be a "classic" flying saucer, disc shaped with a round dome on top.

The sides of the dome were straight coming off the disk a little bit, then rounded out into the dome. The object was shiny silver metallic.

It flew straight with no attitude adjustments at about 10 mph. I watched it for about 3 minutes before it dissapeared into a cloud. It was a sunny day, visibility was unlimited.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pilot Reports Triangle UFO at MEM


MUFON Case # 20704

(Click on depiction for larger view)

While watching departing traffic from MEM (Memphis International Airport), looking North towards the city of Cordova, a commercial pilot noticed a triangular shaped object flying East to West. 

The pilot reported that the object had dull white lights that did not blink, had no strobe (navigational) lights, appeared to be traveling at approximately Mach 1- 1.5. and was completely silent.

He also noted that the object  passed below departing traffic.  Also, in relation (size) to the CRJ-200 he had been watching, it was the size of roughly a football field.

Included in the report, the pilot says he does not drink or use drugs, has studied aircraft since the age of 4 and has never seen anything like this before. "It left me numb." adding, "Did not even think to grab a camera...I was stuned."


*   *   *   *   *   *

Friday, November 27, 2009

1991 Canadian UFO Landing

Watch video on Youtube

1991 - Bob Exler, a former former NASA Mission Specialist, received a tape in the mail, along with strange documents and a fingerprint from a source known only as 'the Guardian'.

The video tape enclosed showed an object apparently on, or hovering above the ground, a possible UFO landing on a small farm in West Carlton, Ontario, Canada.

According to Optical physicist Dr. Bruce Macabee, the object appears to be "disc shaped, with rather unique looking appendages."

Macabee also determined that the craft hovering above the field appears to be 25 feet in diameter, and he doesn't feel that it is the work of a Hollywood special effects team.

Dr. Macabee goes on to say the "this was a real event witnessed by some people other than guardsmen, which makes this an important case and in my opinion it's not a hoax."

Denis Dehaitre of the Royal Canadian Mounted police disagreed, saying the craft is real but nothing unusual. He believes that it is nothing more than a helicopter. Dr. Macabee disagrees.

Editor's Note: I, along with an expert on helicopters of all types, agree with Dr. Macabee.

I asked retired Army helicopter specialist and technical inspector SSG J. Williams, to examine the photo and video of the object. He emphatically stated that the object in the film "is not a helicopter."

So just what is the object in the film and who is, or was the Guardian? We may never know but one thing is for sure, we will continue to search for the truth behind this and other sightings.

* * * * * * * *

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Formation Of Lights Over Lakewood, Colorado

MUFON Case #    20697
Event Date:    2009-11-22 20:05 GMT
City:    Lakewood
Region:    Colorado
Duration:    00:01:30
Distance:    20 feet or less
Between 8:00 and 8:10 I was at my house putting up Christmas lights when I saw what I thought to be geese flying in a V shape.

Realizing it was dark and the geese would have to be glowing I realized it was about fifty lights compact relatively close together in a large V shape.

They were rather dim and white but with a slight light green tint to them. They did not blink or strobe but seemed as if they had free will to move as they please while still staying in a V position, much like a bird.

I heard no noise whatsoever and it was up about where you would see birds flying. I realized after about ten seconds that what I was seeing was extraordinary.

The lights went over my head and I watched it disappear into the horizon. As it went away the shape looked like a strait line as a V would look from the back but and more of a hook on the left side.

I don't know how fast it was going, it wasn't going too fast but fast enough that between the time I saw it and it moving into the horizon I would say it took between a minute and a minute and a half. It kept steady pace and did not seem to drop or rise in elevation.

I do not claim to have seen a ship or saucer for I saw no metal or frame. All I claim to have seen was lights but as close as it was I should have seen a frame.

I was actually not scared but quite excited about what happened. I have never seen a UFO before and would say I am a "open-minded skeptic", but what I saw was NOT an airplane, at least not as we know it.

It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen. I have searched for other videos or pics or descriptions and haven't seen one quite like was up VERY close and VERY surreal. It felt like I could reach out and touch it.

Attached Photo

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Texas Skies Full of UFOs in November, 2009

33 Sightings in 22 days!

22 days into November and Texas residents have reported 33 sightings of anything from Amber, red or even green lights in the sky, to triangles and other unknown objects.

Below is a list of all MUFON case files pertaining to Texas sightings for November 1 - 22, 2009.

Click on case numbers to view each report.

MUFON Case # 20264
11-01-2009 21:54 - Tomball, TX

MUFON Case # 20268
11-01-2009 - Georgetown, TX

MUFON Case # 20288
11-01-2009 20:20 - Dallas, TX

MUFON Case # 20296
11-02-2009 19:45 - Texas

MUFON Case # 20321
11-04-2009 17:30 - Arlington, TX

MUFON Case # 20331
11-02-2009 18:30 - Ft. Worth/Justin, TX

MUFON Case # 20351
11-06-2009 19:15 - Roanoke, TX

MUFON Case # 20361
11-06-2009 19:15 - Keller, TX

MUFON Case # 20364
11-06-2009 - Justin, TX

MUFON Case # 20389
11-06-2009 19:10 - Westlake, TX

MUFON Case # 20449
11-10-2009 19:15 - Texas

MUFON Case # 20415
11-09-09 - Abilene, TX

MUFON Case # 20421
11-09-09 - Texarkana, TX

MUFON Case # 20424
11-09-09 - Lufkin, TX

MUFON Case # 20426
11-06-2009- Texas

MUFON Case # 20454
11-10-2009 22:44 - Dallas, TX

MUFON Case # 20477
11-09-2009  20:30 - Brownwood, TX

MUFON Case # 20486
11-12-2009 17:32 - Dallas, TX

MUFON Case # 20498
11-12-2009 23:37 - Abilene, TX

MUFON Case # 20560
11-17-2009 03:45 - Aspermont, TX

MUFON Case # 20573
11-17-2009 19:45 - Brownwood, TX

MUFON Case # 20595
11-18-2009 19:33 - Ft Worth, TX

MUFON Case # 20598
11-18-2009 19:42 - Dublin, TX

MUFON Case # 20601
11-18-2009 23:10 - Austin, TX

MUFON Case # 20610
11-18-2009 - Comanche, TX

MUFON Case # 20616
11-18-2009 19:35 - Stephenville/Hico, TX

MUFON Case # 20618
11-19-2009 20:02 - Dublin, TX

MUFON Case # 20629
11-18-2009 18:00 - DeLeon, TX

MUFON Case # 20651
11-21-2009 21:10 - Texas

MUFON Case # 20653
11-21-2009 21:12 - Texas

MUFON Case # 20658
11-22-2009 02:15 - Dallas, TX

MUFON Case # 20660
11-18-2009 20:05 - Cisco, TX

MUFON Case # 20695
11-22-2009 13:57 - Greenville, TX


Monday, November 23, 2009

Alien Abductions Part 1: Stories of alien abductions, missing time, physical examinations, sexual experiments and evidence of human/alien breeding experiments.

Watch on You Tube

Part 2: Discussing how hypnosis is often used to help people cope with the UFO abduction experience and a Harvard scientific analysis shows that abductees truely believe these events took place.

Watch on You Tube

Part 3- Why abductions occur and are aliens conducting sexual experiments for breeding purposes, or are they just scientific experiments meant to save humanity from destruction?

Watch on You Tube

In a recent report to MUFON, a truck driver claims that in 1978, while on a haul to San Fransico, he was abducted after driving into a tunnel in Navada. Here is that report:

Depiction by SW
(Click on image for larger view.)

MUFON Case Number: 20680
Date/Time: 07-16-1978  02:35 MST
Location: Nevada
Entity Type: Unknown
I was headed westbound on hwy 80 as I've done many times before, taking a load to San Francisco.

It was about 0200-0230 as I was approaching the tunnel, it's located about half way thru Nev.,when I started to feel really strange.I remember entering the tunnel and then nothing...

The next thing I knew I was in McCaren 76 truck stop, coming up off the steering wheel, feeling completely disoriented,and wondering what had just happened.

What astounded me even more is that I when looked at my "el-cheapo" truck stop Timex I noticed it had stopped, it's battery opperated! and was working before!!.

I somehow had arrived at the truck stop approx. 4 hours earlier than expected, and by all means the truck I was driving could only run a max speed of 68 mph.

This happened about July of '78. Since then I have had several encounters with "outworlders" or their spacecraft. sincerely Edward C.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fleet of UFOs Seen over Texas - November 21, 2009

Several Texas residents including a police officer, witness strange glowing orange orbs traversing the sky, on the evening of Nov. 21, 2009.

MUFON Case Number:    20651
Date/Time:    11-21-2009  21:10 CST
Location:    Texas (unknown city)
Shape:    Sphere
Distance: Unknown
I was sitting outside in my yard. I turned to look behind me and saw around 6 glowing orange sphere shaped objects traveling in the sky south to southwest toward me.

I immediately called my sister across the street telling her to get outside quickly. I went into the street to get a clearer view. There still appeared to be 6 or so of them.

When my sister got outside, I was in the process of calling my son to come outside also. It appeared that the 6 were about to pass by before I could get others outside to view them. Then, I saw more coming in the distance from the same direction as the first few.

My son and sister came out and witnessed them flying over as well. It became a steady stream of these. I called my mother who lives next to me to come out. She came out and witnessed them.

I called the police to ask if anyone could tell me what these things were. The dispatcher said "No, but I have an officer enroute". The officer arrived and told me he was watching this stream of objects from another area of our city and could see them miles away. He couldn't tell what they were either.

We called the local airport and were told they had nothing on these things. As we watched them coming toward us, they were bright orange. As they started to pass over and move away from us, the light would dim until it went out like the light may have been on one side and as it moved past there was no light on the back.

I spotlighted them, and got no reaction from them. But, the spotlight still didn't show what the thing was other than the orange glowing light.

We watched the stream until the last one came over and disappeared. We still don't have any idea what they were. No one had a camera that could pick them up. It was a crystal clear sky at the time.

MUFON Case Number:    20653
Date/Time:    11-21-2009 21:12 CST
Location:    Texas (unknown city)
Shape:    Sphere
Distance:    One mile or less
My sister called me to come outside quickly to see the objects in the sky. By the urgency in her voice I knew something was not "normal".

I had difficulty finding my keys to open my deadbolt lock and accidentally set off my alarm system. The alarm company called and asked if I was okay and I told them yes but I still needed a police officer because of what I was seeing in the sky.

There were approx. 20 orange glowing objects moving from NE to SW over the area. They seemed to come in "waves" and we saw about 5-6 waves of them.

A police officer arrived and stated he had seen them farther away and he stayed and watched several of the objects fly over with us. None of the people who were watching had any idea of what they were. We watched the objects for approx. 15-20 minutes before they completely left the area.

Although the temperature was in the low 50's to mid 40's and I wasn't wearing a coat, I did not feel the cold. I was awestuck at the site. I could not take my eyes off of the objects. Even this morning, I can't get the images out of my mind.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The November 2009 UFO Flap

View Video on You Tube

The email I received said: I am a contact worker who lives in N Texas> I am not the only one here, but we meditate nightly to bring the ETs to our area so more may know the truth. F16 fly over my house on a regular basis now and the regular air traffic seems to have been rerouted. Here is juat one of my videos.

But the best photos are on my website:

My Gallery of photos is accessable from the page entitled Down the Rabbit Hole. And part 2 of my story now displayed on the page entitled Paradigm Shift. Just thought you might be interested. It is my job (so to speak) to get out the truth!

MB writes: UFOs are real! It is time to quit the discussion and get on with the process of accepting the information. It is up to us to Disclose. I don't need a government official to affirm what I already know, why do you?

If more people would wake up, it would be impossible for the controllers of the truth to keep up the facade. Then we could get down to the real business!

Editor's note: Some of the orbs are most likely dust or moisture droplets in the air (I've gotten dome of those of film) but that does not explain the lights in the sky, or the orbs that seem to be producing light.

It is imperative that everyone who sees an unidentifiable flying object, should report immediately to MUFON, CUFOS or NUFORC. Show your evidence. We have the power to bring the truth to the public.

Friday, November 20, 2009

November, 2009 - More UFO Reports From Stephenville Area

  Update!  See below post.

Depiction by SW- (click to enlarge.)

On November 19, 2009, at 7:35 p.m., a woman and her husband stepped out onto the porch of their rural home, which is 8 miles from Stephenville and about 10 miles from Dublin, Texas.  It only took a minute or so, for the lights to appear.  This is her report (some grammar/spelling corrected):

I begin in saying that this is not an un-ordinary event, as we see these lights every once in a while outside in our yard.  We live way out in the country 8 miles out from a town, so at night it is quite easy to see anything in the night sky.

We never have reported these sightings as a lot of people do around here, as we live 8 miles from Stephenville, Texas and 10 or so miles from Dublin, Texas but last night we saw the lights at the same level in the sky... I'd say at least 7 of these.

It was around dinner time, so I was in the kitchen at first and since the lights had been seen lately, we had been looking outside once in a while at night.

My husband and I walked out and were only out for a minute and then we saw them...I guess that was a lucky thing.

I didn't have to wonder what it was, since these lights have been seen here off and on for quite a while now...guess they like the dairies around this area of Texas.

The rather round orange lights (that look almost all the same size) just last a few seconds, then they disappear. Of course you're real excited when we are seeing these lights... and then they are gone (maybe not really gone, just change position so we can no longer see them).

Almost always after wards we see the blinking of jets and hear the jets coming in the area.

Since we had had some news only a couple of weeks ago about the unexplained lights again in the Stephenville paper, people in this area start looking around at night again to see UFOs.

Actually we had seen the lights last October and were waiting for this October to look again but it was cloudy most of the month.  Now it is November and we saw them last night.

Later, at approximately 8:00 p.m. on November 19, 2009, a woman and her 76 year old mother report that they were just leaving De Leon, Texas on Highway 6 just past the Leon River Bridge, when in a clearing they happened to see "a flash up in the sky".  As they watched, 4 sets of lights appeared in a straight line 'like Castle Top orange and white in color and very bright, like an explosion.'

The lady reports that a moment later, another light appeared to the left of the first, as the right light disappeared.  For a brief moment the lights shown together, then both 'gone'.

The lights were reported to be large in size but not very high in elevation.  As seen from their location on Highway 6, the lights were to her Southeast, towards Coyman, Lake Proctor, or Northwest Dublin.

The lady reported that it was the strangest thing that she and her 76 year old mother had ever seen.


Sightings reported for November 17-18, 2009.

Editor's note:  I will update as more sightings come in. Meanwhile, keep watching the skies and if you see something you cannot explain, please report it to MUFON.- SW

*   *   *   *   *   * 

'New' Aerial Activity Over Stephenville, Texas Sets Off Personal Alerts! 

by UFO Chronicles
*   *   *   *   *   *

Another sighting:

Date/Time:   11-18-2009  18:00 CST
Location:    De Leon, TX
Shape:    Circle
Distance:    Unknown
MUFON Report:  
I was driving home from De Leon Texas toward Dublin....Was about 5 miles out of Deleon...when 4 or 5 very bright circles appeared in the sky....3 large and 2 smaller....It appeared that the smaller ones moved toward the large one like a child to its mother, very very fast then they shot upward what looked like they disappeared behind the clouds None of this lasted very long....Lights were very bright nothing else was in the sky....I had no idea what these were, but I knew they were not jets, Jets do not move that fast... Did not mention this to anyone but I did see where a couple my age noticed the same thing....

*   *   *   *   *   *

Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Lights Witnessed in North Central Texas Skies

Date/Time:   11-17-2009  19:45 CST
Location:    Brownwood, TX
Shape:    Triangle
Distance: Unknown
MUFON Report:
1.Driving north on 183 towards Early/Brownwood. Observed a bright single point of light yellow/orangish in color, approx twice as bright as jupiter in the night sky.
2. brightness intensity of the object.
3. unknown. These were absolutely not aircraft lights/landing lights, weather balloons or flares. The lights were intelligently controlled.
4. Object was initially a single point of light for a few seconds then turned off. A few seconds passed and one by one three points of yellow/orangish lights formed a triangle with a fourth light coming on momentarily. As soon as the 4th light appeared, they all turned off quickly. Points of light were stationary.
5-6. lights abruptly went out.
Date/Time:   11-18-2009  19:33 CST
Location:    Santo, TX
Shape:    Circle
Distance:  Over 1 mile
MUFON Report: 
At approximately 19:33 2 miles west of Santo TX, I was in the process of feeding my dogs when I noticed out of the corner of eye a bright light. I stopped to look and the bright light began to dim, then immediately a second light illuminated for one second, then a third for one second and then a fourth.

After the fourth illumination, I saw 4 tiny white dots moving very slowly across the sky and within a second or two all the lights disappeared. They reappeared in almost the same area, in the same pattern and it happened again for a total of 3 cycles.

They were approximately 200ft AGL, 2 miles from our home. The colors were a yellowish orange that seem to change colors and almost flicker.
Date/Time:    11-18-2009  19:42 CST
Location:    Dublin, TX
Shape:    Other
Distance:    Unknown
MUFON Report:
I was driving home from my in-laws house who live in the Greens creek area between Stephenville and Dublin but more near Dublin with my four year old and 12 week old in the car with me.

It was not long after I turned off of County Road 242 which I had been heading north, on to another county road, I believe it is County Road 381 heading south east. It was not long after I turned onto County Road 381 that I noticed two bright lights in the sky. Out of the view from my windshield the light to my left was slightly higher.

My initial reaction was that they were planets, they were orangish in color and they were larger than star. I slowed down and leaned forward in my seat to investigate what I was seeing. I soon realize they were far too large to be planets almost as soon as I came to this realization another light appeared above and to the left of the light on my right and then another light appeared above the new light and to its left forming a straight line at about a 45-60 degree angle. The lights were stationary in the sky never moving.

As the new lights appeared I started freaking out. As you well know UFO sightings are prevelant in our area and I could not believe that I could be possilby witnessing it for myself.

Probably second after the new lights appeared they faded beginning with the first light on my left and then they were all completely gone. Once the lights on the left started to show up I did not pay as much attention to the light on the far right. I do not believe it changed but do not recall when for sure it faded although I know it was within seconds of the other lights.

In all the event took place in probably less than 2 minutes. The thought of the UFO sightings did not occured to me as the third and fourth light appeared but it was really the manner that the lights faded that convienced me that I had just witnessed something strange.

I was very excited and shocked about what I had just seen and got on the phone to share it with my husband immediatly. My outgoing call to him was at 7:44 P.M. Therefore I approximate the sighting took place at 7:42 P.M.

I just received word via Facebook that a friend of mine also witnessed lights in the sky this evening although I do not know the specifics of their sighting.
Event Date:    11-18-2009  19:30 CST
Location:    Comanche, TX
Region:    Texas
Shape:  Lights
Distance: Unknown
Duration: Up to 1 minute
MUFON Report:
Report was taken by MUFON Dispatch (Stephen Cox) 3 - 6 lights in a straight line flashing, objects were a long distance away the size of this was monstrous, Witness was off highway 6, The lights were very bright orange, jets were chasing objects and a lot smaller than this object, Viewed for 45 sec to a minute. A friend saw the object in Abilene, 7 witnesses in Stephenville.  A friend who is a police officer has a dashboard video but does not in anyway want his name used. Witness has pictures and video and can get pictures and videos from other witnesses.

Date/Time: 11-18-2009   20:05 CST
Location: Stephens County, TX
Shape: Lights
Distance: Over 10 miles
Duration of Sighting: 3 minutes
LITS Report:
I was at my home, which is East of Breckenridge.  I noticed what I thought was a commercial jet flying East to west in same flight path as an earlier plane but noticed the lights did not disappear, as in stobing navigational lights.

I looked through my binoculars and saw 4 amber colored lights in a row, with what appeared to be a smaller light on the bottom of the object near the leading end.  The smaller light would flash red, then white.

As brightly lit as the object was, I still could not make out a fuselage, tail, or wings. If it were a commercial or military jet, I should have heard the sound of jet engines, however, there was complete silence. If it had been a helicopter, I doubt I would have heard it and at that distance I would have barely seen the object, if at all.

The object appeared to be at an altitude of about 10,000 feet.  By my estimate, it was traveling in the vicinity of I-20, heading west.

When I first saw the object, it was in the direction of Morgan Mill, TX, which is to my SE.  At it's closest, the object was probably slightly north of Cisco, TX. I lost sight of object when it simply disappeared in the direction of Baird, TX.

What this object was, I don't know.  It did not conform to any jet that I know of.  For me, it remains 'unidentified'.

(Click on map for larger view.)
Map showing object's direction and approximate location for
Stephen's County Sighting.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Multiple UFOs Videoed- Have We Been Invaded?

These are only a few of the examples of multiple UFO sightings. I myself have seen in broad daylight, what appeared to be a fleet of UFOs. Others may think it's fantastic but the sightings tend to give me chills, a sense of dread.

Reports such as this one reflects so many others:

Date/Time: 11-17-2009 18:10 MST
Location: Denver, Colorado
Shape: Sphere
Sitting in hot tub for about 15 minutes. Wife noticed a formation many miles away coming from the north.

About 30 seconds later I finally saw them coming straight towards us. About 18 to 20 glowing balls of light in a v formation, with many of them moving back and forth in a mechanical motion.

As they got almost over our house, they turned to the east in a slow turn and went behind our roof. My guess would be they were going at least 400 mph and 10,000 feet, as compared to the jets that fly over.

Has our planet been invaded from beings not of this earth and if so, why is our government holding this information from us?

Are these alien ships, or are they ours? When will our government release this information?

The answer is simply this:  If the government releases any information, then we will all know the government has been lying to us from day one.

I don't see disclosure happening any time soon, unless the aliens themselves press the issue. Meanwhile, you'll have to draw your own conclusions.

*  *  *  *

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

UFO Seen In Langhorne, PA Photo

Cropped image

MUFON- September 12, 2009: When I shot this photo, I had no idea the ufo was in the picture. I was taking a pic of my son at the time, at Sesame Place in Langhorne PA. I was only enjoying a day out with my family, and was surprised to see the object in the photo.

 See Original Photo:

(Click any image for larger view.)

Note: I'm not sure what this is but it reminds me of Star Trek's "Voyager".
There is some type of energy signature around the object.

The photo does not appear to be faked.

Man Remembers Bright Saucer UFO

Depiction by SW- 2009
MUFON Report:
Date:    1980-12-06
Location:    Sullivan's Island, South Carolina
Shape:    Disc
Distance:    500 feet or less
Description:Saucer shaped with bright lights flashing in sequential patterns viewed from 100 yards away.

My visiting girlfriend and I decided to take a late night walk on the beach. We parked the car and proceeded down a path towards the beach where the brush was grown up and formed a tunnel about 10 feet long to walk through before opening onto the dunes. Upon exiting the tunnel the dunes, beach and ocean become a vast expanse of visibility.

As we walk towards the ocean we notice how still and quiet everything was. The sky was perfectly clear and the ocean was motionless allowing the reflection of the stars to be clearly seen on the reflection of the waters surface. A few ships lights could be observed on the horizon either coming into or leaving Charleston harbor though they didn't appear to be moving.

We both sensed an uneasy feeling at the extreme stillness of the night and the ocean and were ready to go back home when we noticed what seemed to be a very bright flickering star very low in the sky over one of the ships in the distance. While we were observing it wondering if it was a planet or what, it suddenly moved left to right from hovering over one ship to hovering over another one some distance away from the first. The movement was almost instant and the distance was finger tip to thumb tip at arms length on the horizon and 3 fingers at arms length off the waters surface.The object hovered there for a few minutes then began to meander back and forth when a bright white light shown down to the water.

At this point we assumed it must be a search helicopter as it seemed to be searching the waters off the coast. As it was doing this it also began to come closer and closer to the shore. As it did it became apparent that this was no helicopter. It slowly moved to within 100 yards of the shore hovering 50 ft above the water not creating so much as a ripple. The reflection in the water was perfect, even the stars could be seen reflecting their light. It stopped directly in front of us and sat hovering there a few minutes. It then moved to the right and sat hovering diagonally from us, still over the water for a few more minutes. It then moved again and hovered over the beach 100 yards south of us as if observing but keeping it's distance from us. It hovered 50 ft over the beach not creating any disturbance or noise.

It was an incredibly bright saucer shaped object with colored lights all over it blinking in syncopated patterns that changed when the motion of the craft changed. It sat there for a couple minutes as we stood there in awe of what we were seeing. Suddenly it began to move again, this time directly in our direction at the same slow speed.

At this point my blood ran cold as my girlfriend screamed and turned to run the other direction. I too turned and took a few steps running away from the craft when I turned my head back to get a look at where it was. It was not down the beach anymore but was hovering over one of the beach houses a couple hundred yards away cocked at a 45 degree angle. A ring of red lights was flashing around the perimeter of the object with all the other lights out. It sat hovering there for a few minutes before drifting off east over the island to be obscured by the houses.

We sat on the beach waiting to see if it would come back. After a few minutes we observed 2 of these objects high in the sky flying towards the ocean in like a formation, one behind and below the other. As we watched them fly out over the ocean they both disappeared before flying out of visible range.

Upon arriving home that evening we called around to see if anyone had reported these objects and found no reports. We chose to not report it at that time. I'm not sure why, probably extreme confusion mixed with a bit of fear. Or a bit of confusion mixed with extreme fear. Not sure which. It was a profound event which has changed my life in the 29 years since observing it. Knowing something trumps believing in something and this is scary knowledge which few people are ready to hear about. I've never seen a picture or video or description to match what we saw that night. Only in the general sense of being saucer shaped. I've been looking now for 29 years and this craft is still unique in appearance and behavior.

I am trained in electromechanical engineering as well as being a certified lighting designer and an accomplished musician. I also have been a respected salesman in the electrical industry. I served in the Army 75- 78 and have a music degree. My musician skills are recognized by many around the world as extraordinary and I currently teach guitar for a living. I was honorably discharged from the service and graduated college Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa. I'm known for my honesty and professionalism and this one very strange event.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Texas UFO Sightings Reports for October, 2009

Here are MUFON's October, 2009 Reports for Texas.  Some sightings occurred during the month of October and others are of a much early date and only now being reported.
Reports are "as is", with no corrections.

* * *

Date/Time: 2009-08-26 00:00
Location: Abilene, TX
Shape:    Chevron,Flash,Star-like
Distance: Unknown
I was worried about my daughter so I went out looking for her at a place that I knew she might be staying at.I started to notice that something was trying to get my attention.I looked through my rear veiw mirror and I saw a bright light way up high behind me in the sky.Once I noticed it it was like it knew it had my attention.I rolled down my window to look up at the sky to see if there really was something there.What I saw scared me this bright light was coming across in full view slowly stopping at times and then continuing to cross past me in the sky to my left.Chills were running up and down my back. I immediatley called my brother and told him what was happening to me., and that I felt that it was waiting for me to drive away from where I was parked.He stayed on the phone with me and said., keep me on the phone and drive over here and pick me up.I said okay stay on the phone please...I"m very scared.As I drove off the light in the sky started to move with me.As I pulled on to a clear open road I hit the gas pedal as fast as I could my brother was only a couple of blocks away from where I was.I sarted to cry uncontrolably because all of a sudden I felt like something was going to take me .There was such a strong force field coming up behind me I could feel it through my bones through my hair teeth and my nails a strong presence.I looked through my rear mirror and I saw this huge enormous light at least two car lengths wide coming fast up behind my car it was right on my bumper.I started to scream real loud I was crying and trying to not wreck as fast as I was going.All of a sudden it disappeared as fast as it had appeared the first time like it was never there. My brother was waiting in the front yard for me he said com down sisiter let me get in the car and lets go see what it is we went all over abilene looking for something we never found.I do remember tyhat it would come in and out of the street light fixers close to the highway lights so that at first i didn't know it was following me that night before it tried to get as close as it did to me.I feel that it sensed how scared I was and how disstraught I was that it made a decision to leave me alone that night in question.

Date/Time: 2009-10-02 20:20
Location: Round Rock, TX
Shape:     Boomerang
Distance: 500 feet or less
We were headed to New Braufels for a 5-day getaway for our anniversary. As we were nearing our destination, we were driving through Round Rock, TX on I-35 South, and I saw these lights ... about 3 white ones, and 2 red ones just hanging there above the interchanges. At first, I thought it was just a slow-moving plane; however, as we came closer, I said to my husband, "Look! It's just hanging there!" He said, "It's just a plane." I responded that planes "just don't hang" in the sky; they must keep moving. He said that it could just be "one of those military planes that can do that." I said, "What exactly type of military plane can do that?" He said he didn't know, but he was sure there was one. The entire time we were having this conversation, I was watching this thing, and I kept telling him that it was STILL THERE, and it was NOT moving. I said, "It's a UFO!" He said he didn't think so. I said, "If God can create our world and all of these people and give us the intelligence to create all that is around us, do you think he just did it for only EARTH? I don't think so." He said, "Maybe; I don't know." As we continued to drive, we couldn't see it any longer. I am a believer in UFOs as my family saw them on a trip to Colorado hovering over us for miles, darting back and forth. I was about 10 years old at the time, but it is a vivid memory. Now, some years later, I see this thing just sitting stationary over a very busy city and interstate; it is something to think about!!

Date/Time: 2009-02-09 00:00
Location:  Stamford, TX
Shape:  Multi-shaped
Distance:  Unknown
My name is Sxxxxx Vxxxxx I hope That you can handle what I am About to reveal some will say it didn't happen ...I have asked myself did it happen .And then I listen to the recordings my brother made as the events happened ...That's when I know it was real.I have pictures.I have recordings I have an Alignment that was passed on to me by the intity that I don't know how to read it would take a math scientist or a professional to explain it to me......I have a mini video that I captured on my cell phone where this intity revealed pictures that I shouldn't have .They gave me a message that I need to pass on to somebody that knows what to do about all the information they have passed on to me.At times in some of the events the intity almost paralazed me sometimes i couldn't move sometimes i couldn't breath correctley as it sent it's message through my body.My brother was and has been a witness to almost all my incounters rather it be by phone or him standing in the same room with me as these things happen.if it were not for my brother being by my side telling me to hold on and not to be afraid and to stay strong I do not think that I would be standing here today .He kept me strong enough to let them relay all the pictures and events that have occured to me.There was one time when I was living in stamford texas .I had just moved up there from abilene,tx.I was still not completley moved in so i had a moving truck parked out in front of the property in stamford tx.The wind started to get very violent and I was in the house I thought there was a bad storm coming .So I went to our bedroom window to look outside to see what was happening outside....what I saw overwhelmed me.I saw like a dome shape grey black cloud.You know I felt like I was under something it was huge and it covered all of stamford or it looked like that to me.It settled wright over the house I was in.Then all of a sudden all these things started coming out from under it it looked like 10 or more different lights just swarming in different directions some came out together and some came out alone behind the rest they were different shapes and sizes there were many of them...My brother was allready on the phone with me at this time  had somehow managed to call him even though I was having chest pains I could hardly the time I knew it I was in so much pain I had to sit brother kept trying to calm me down asking me to relax and to take it all in so that whatever was out there could show me ...what they wanted to show me..I said brother I can do this I said that all of a sudden one of the small ships started to come down towards me side ways it looked like it wasn't coming straight down in a straight form it was coming down in an angle but towards me .I said brother it's getting close to me ...He said stay cool just relax it's not going to do anything just keep describing what you are seeing so I can have it on this recording.All of a sudden the ship stopped. I could see it well it was staring at me the intity was staring at me I was scared to death the pain in my chest was at a max by this time .It just stood still in the sky staring at me..I was so scared ...then all of a sudden it went straight up ...back towards the others passing up above......and the dome started to lift and the trees were standing straight up that's how forcefull the wind and the energy was ....the trees were straight up... the wind was everything was violent like a tornado...was about to occur.My brother said sylvia sylvia go outside see if you can see where they are going....I said okay I felt the release on my body when the ship that was looking at me went back up I knew that what ever was in that ship wanted me to feel this pain and to see who was doing this to me......I ran outside .,and I stood on the bumper of the moving truck out front I looked up as the darkness was lifting ...And then I saw this huge ship space shipe something I had never seen ever in my life It had to be two football fields long And one football field wide..and under it had four ships connected to it in different sections underneath had a c shape at the end of it it looked like to letter c's facing each other......then more ships strated coming out across the sky I mean alot of them ....all of a sudden it split and formed like 15 big balls of lights and it went in different directions and the whole dark black dome that was covering everything in the sky lifted and disappeared.All the ships that I saw that day were crossing together they were almiost transparent...but I got to see them I got to witness them crossing ...Can some one help me understand all the messages they have given me ....some one needs to see what I have.......the pictures I have The recordings my brother took as it happened to me.The aliegnment that was given to me that I do not know how to read......

Date/Time: 2009-03-10 00:00 (Reported in October)
Location: Stamford area, West Texas
Shape: Cone,Diamond,Flash,Star-like
Distance:  Unknown
On this particular night .I was pretty scared about driving from abilene texas back to stamford texas where I had just moved .But I was still traveling back and forth trying to finish getting my things out of my mothers house.My brother who was trying to help me stay strong with all the things that had already been happening to me said don't be afraid just call me if you need me on the phone okay.You see strange things had already been happening even before this night.I said okay brother I am going to make myself believe that I will make it to stamford texas with out being afraid that something is going to happen.So I started out towards anson texas that is in direct route to stamford texas you pass through anson to get to stamford.Well it was pretty quite out side a little bit of dark clouds but not many. I was driving along the highway scared to death but reassuring myself I would make it up there safe.As I was thinking this to myself to the right of my right side window I saw this flashing redish orange light appear .I thought it's probabley just an airplane or a weather balloon.I was barely getting close to anson texas but I could still see it as I drove through anson.As I passed through anson I headed out towards stamford there is just a stretch of highway of total seclusion before you get to stamford well as I drove out of anson I saw something happenning in the sky with that orange bright light I had been seeing.As I was driving to stamford from abilene.It started to move up then down then across then side ways fast......then it would sit real still in the air .I said to myself oh my god what is that ....It crossed slowely in front of my car but up high but where I could still see it ...then it came around to my left side of the car. I was still driving I was not stopping for anything or anyone I was that scared... I tried to call my brother but I couldn't get through to him ..My nephew at the time was on the phone talking to his girlfriend so he didn't switch over on the phone line to see who was calling .So I was all alone with ever was about to happen to me....I just kept remembering what my brother would say to me when things were occuring to me stay cool sister don't panic just let it occur see what it I tried to stay calm but my heart was beating fast as it came closer and lower from the sky looked orange and like a very bright star.But as it got closer I could see it was a space ship an unsual shaped space ship.It drifted to my left but low enough so that I could see it and slow enough so that I could observe the inside of it and it was not human.. it was an intity not from here's energy was breathtaking that is how strong it felt being that close to my car.The energy level was so felt like if it were going to lift my car and take me off this highway it could easily have done it.But it didn't. It came close enough for me to feel it's presense and to see the ship that it was traveling in was like no other close range .I felt like it was putting in my heart and mind.....a message {This is who we are tell somebody about this about what you are seeing.}......I could feel pressure in my body I was having trouble breathing but most of all I was afraid I would never be seen again .I started to pray within myself for it not to take me away from my grandaughter because she only had me in her life .I was the only one taking care of her...I started to cry for it not to take me. I was praying so hard I didn't even relize that I was almost close to stamford this incident happened inbetween anson and that small stretch inbetween on the highway that leads you in to stamford tx. It felt like I was out there for hours like time stopped during this time on the highway but as I turned to look again to my left side to see if it was still there it was traveling away from me towards abilene jumping in differnt directions appearing in one section of the sky and then reappearing in a another part of the sky then it dissappeared completly ...I couldn't see it anymore and I thanked god for what ever this was ...not taking me off the highway and away from my grandbaby.

Date/Time: 2009-10-09 20:30
Location: Aspermont, TX
Shape: Star-like
Distance: Unknown
At approximately 2030, I went into my backyard to smoke a cigarette. The skies were clear, and the evening was very cool. I looked to the west, and thought I saw an aircraft at altitude, as it flashe red, blue, and white colored lights. The evening was quiet, but I could hear no sound. Further, the object didn't appear to be moving. I changed my position to confirm that the "flashing" wasn't caused by leaves on a nearby tree and stood watching for several more minutes. I then went to the door, and told my 13 year old son to put a jacket on, and come look at something, warning him not to look at any streetlights so as to preserve his night vision. I pointed the object out to him, and asked him what he saw (so as not to "lead" him). He first thought it was an airplane, but then also realized it wasn't moving. He is studying astronomy in school, and suggested it might be a "nova". We watched for a few minutes more, and I asked him to go and get our digital camera. I attempted to take several pictures, but nothing was captured. Several more minutes of watching, and it never seemed to move, not even like a star would set. It was cold, so we decided to go inside, and I would check it later. About 30 minutes later, I went outside and could find no sign of it...not even lower towards the horizon. I plan to go back out tonight at the same time to look for it.

Date/Time: 2009-10-10 19:50
Location: Kingwood
Shape: Flash
Distance: Unknown
At approximatley 7:50 p.m. I was traveling north bound on West Lake Houston Parkway in Kingwood, Texas (about 30 miles northeast of Houston, Texas). It was dark, overcast, and had been raining throughout the day. While approaching a stop light I suddenly saw a green light flash across the sky to the north of us. It was not lightening and in some ways it ressembeled the aurora lights in that it lingered for a second and seemed to wave in the sky. As soon as the flash of light happened the stop light that we were appraoching started flashing red extremely quickly, much faster than a normal flashing red traffic signal. I asked my wife if she saw it and she stated that she did not. The light turned green and as we proceeded forward there was another flash of light up in the sky, this time it was orangeish in color. Other than the color the light had the same qualities as the first flash and once again the stop light began flashing quickly. On this second occasion both my wife and I and our 6 year old daughter witnessed the flash. My wife and I agreed that it was unlike anything we had ever seen. Has anyone else reported this?

Date/Time: 2009-08-15 00:00 (Reported in October)
Location: Wichita Falls, TX
Shape: Other
Entity Type: Reptile-like,Insect-like
Vallee Index: AN1
I travel for a living and my route takes me down I287. For a couple of weeks around my taking this picture I had noticed numerous sightings but wasn't (freaked out and didn't think of it until later) able to get a picture until the day in question. I didn't remember the exact day. (on a previous encounter I had a hooded "person" outside my bedroom window that I reported previously I think) About two or three weeks later after seeing the clay county event I had something happen while I was asleep. It happened on three occasions and I had an awareness of more recently. (Remembrance) 1. I have two small dogs. The first "dream" I had I saw my dog (5 lb. one) being drug around viciously by a tomcat and I was shocked and couldn't help her because she was too far away. (Fast in & out dream) 2. Second "dream" I see the dog (5 lb. one) closer to me and being attacked by two tomcats and I couldn't separate them so I balled up my fist and raised it up to hit the cat. (Fast in & out dream) 3. Third "dream" my first recollection is being in a state of paralysis and floating through the air with a group of beings, one was an older asian man with a dark jacket (maybe a military garb?). We moved with one accord and I noticed I was dressed very royally. We sat at a round table (like a coffee table) and couches like a pit group. I remember looking (transfixed) at the asian man and I thought we were going to have tea when my smaller (3 lb.) dog was placed in my lap and a knife was placed in my hand. I instinctively knew to do an operation which I started and then noticed that it wasn't going right and freaked out. At that point I got up and started walking away and noticed a large what I thought at the time was a dog like figure walking around "talking" to me. I remember "telling" him as they brought my dog to another room, please don't kill her as they related that they would take care of it from there. The large figure had a very narrow face like a doberman but I now believe it to be a reptilian because I noticed a space between the back like a hole which I believe now was the tail lifted as it walks. It came up to me to take the knife which I was terrified and I gave it the knife. After that I was shown by another creature which I can't describe how to navigate or move from upper level to lower level within the craft. I was shown how to go off the edge of it and down to a lower level and the creature went with me and we chatted (very friendly). When I was asked to do it myself, I couldn't a. it is not intuitive to me to walk off the edge of one area of a height for any reason even if I was just shown this b. one minor thought was that my shoes would come off and I was shown a pair of shoes on me that I wore 30 years ago that strapped around my leg, (and c. why was I being asked to go there? (very fast, after this - was out of the "dream"). with no explanation. I don't believe it was a dream due to the nature of this and the fact that I am a very lucid dreamer. I had nothing going on in my life to indicate a concern about my dogs and stray cats as they are either with me or at home with a dog door that only lets them in and the 3 lb. one thinks she is a doberman and lunges at anything that moves and the 5 lb. one I think wouldn't go without a fight. Also, after this happened about a week ago I wanted very much to remember more about how this happened because I don't like being taken either physically or mentally anywhere for experiments of any kind and remembered my head being pinned down from behind and carefully lifted up by something that was very afraid of me, seems like I opened my eyes momentarily. Also, one a side note, I have a poster print of some art I saw at the Kimball in Fort Worth, TX. and the figures are dressed very royally. 1.(dog picture is the size of my dogs) 2. (picture hard to see but I blew it up on Corel and it looks like some of the images are beyond the ufo image. My husband says it looks like the space station above it) I can send directly from my iphone if I have an email address, thanks.

Date/Time: 1999-10-11 04:44
Location: Poynor, TX
Shape: Disc
Distance: Unknown
Approximately 4:40 a.m., I got in my car and noticed a brillance of light in the eastern sky, as it tends to be very dark at this time of morning, as I live in rural East Texas. Approximately four minutes later, while driving east on Hwy 175 toward Frankston, TX, a silver disc shaped object came out of the trees and flashed across the sky quite close to the roof of my car and within seconds disappeared into the sky. It happened very quickly. There was no sound. It appeared to be "spinning" as it moved. I have a gut feeling that it was an alien craft; as I've felt there presence in the area. When I saw the craft, I was startled, yet not afraid. I was unable to see the craft as I was driving and it disappeared quickly.

Date/Time: 2009-06-11 00:00
Location: Moffat, TX
Shape:    Disc,Other
Distance: Unknown
I live on Lake Belton, across from Fort Hood testing (firing) range, (they own that half of lake, we sometimes feel like we live in one of those countries being bombed sometimes). I was watching the aproaching storm, we have a kind of tree top home, all windows, we can see forever because of the height of our home, and we love to watch the storms coming from counties away. I was on the phone with my mother in law in NJ, when all of a sudden I saw 4 of the UFO's before the approaching storm, I started screaming at her that I was seeing them, and how they were appearing and disappearing. Then I realized no one would believe me without pictures, and I found my camera, they were appearing, in a "W" pattern, then 2 would dissapear, then reapear, I have 2 pictures of 2 of them, the other 2 disappeared, one is showing them as crafts with a white light across the hole bottom - then the next picture was amazing to me when I put them on my computer and zoomed in - they look like they were turning- but they appear as 2 little baby lightning bolts, then they disappeared as the storm got here, my husband was driving up Kykendall Mountain road, at the time on his way home from work, and he saw them as well. It was absolutely amazing!!!! I have always believed, but I never thought I would see them, let alone get a picture of them!!! The storm was one of the most amazing I had seen, I have those as well if you need them, with mammatos clouds, and then the sun was setting under the clouds and everything was amazing yellow. I will never forget the feeling, that I knew we were not alone. I watched the History channel last night, there was a series on the area 51, and you were mentioned, and I knew I had to send them to you, and I am happy to have found you. Thank You for taking the time to read this, and look at the pictures.

Date/Time: 2009-10-17 19:30
Location: Lubbock, TX
Shape:    Diamond,Triangle
Duration:    00:20:00
Distance:    Unknown
My wife and I had gone out to dinner and upon returning to our car we saw this very bright object in the north western sky. We stood outside our car for a minute or two wondering what it was and then we got in our car and drove home. We arrived home about 10 minutes later and I got out of the car and looked to see if it was still there. It was still there as it was aparrently not moving. I then ran into the house to get my binoculars and went back outside to try and get a look. I trained the binoculars on the light and was astonished to see that it was triangular shaped with big bright lights at the points. I then decided to go in and get my 8 inch reflecting telescope to try and get a better look. I got my telescope and went into the backyard and I kept an eye on it as I was setting up the scope. I heard my neighbor in his backyard so I drew his attention to it as well. As we watched it, we saw a smaller light leave the main object. From our vantage point, it seemed to drop several feet below the main object and then stop. Then both objects completely faded out and disappeared before I could get my scope trained on them! The whole time I witnessed the main object, it did not seem to be moving at all. The smaller one moved at a steady rate. I can't even guess at the speed of it. I am an avid watcher of UFO Files and UFO hunters. And when I first saw this thing through my binoculars, I immediately recognized it as apparrently one of those flying triangles I had seen on these shows! It was absolutely amazing!!!

Date/Time: 2009-10-17 19:15
Location: Amarillo, TX
Shape:    Triangle
Distance: 500 feet or less
My wife and I were in a movie theater parking lot and she noticed an odd light in the sky,no visible stars,moon or anything else around,we watched the lights for a few minutes and I grabbed my binoculars from the glovebox and viewed a upside down triangle of three lights fairly far off,the light became harder to see then a small red light emerged from the bottom and slowly descended then stopped headed back to the original light surpassing it and continuing upward then both lights slowly faded and were no longer visible.I read of a Clovis NM sighting about an hour before this tonight almost the same sighting.Took a picture with my cellphone but its barely visible.No reports on the local news tonight.The sighting lasted about 15-20 minutes.

Date/Time: 2009-10-17 18:15
Location: Clovis, NM (Near Texas Panhandle)
Shape: Circle
Distance: Unknown
I had just put a batch of cookies in the oven and set the timer for 10 minutes. I went to put my dog in the backyard, when I opened the door which faces east I noticed a large very bright round light in the sky, it was still daylight. I watched it for a minute then went thru the house to go to the front yard to see if anyone was outside so I could show it to them. The neighbors were just coming out of their house and the three of us watched it for a short time then they had to leave. On my way thru the house I noticed the oven timer still had a little over 3 minutes left. I stood on the back porch to look at it. The oven timer went off, I took the cookies out then went back outside. After a couple of minutes it looked liked it was changing shape, kind of like a blobby circle-ish shape. Then I saw a very small red light on the bottom of it. It was only there for a few seconds, then it dropped off of the big light. As the red light fell down the bright light was getting smaller. I saw the bigger light circle around the small light. Then they both went higher into the sky eastward until I
couldnt see them anymore. It was 6:32 p.m.

Date/Time: 2009-10-17 19:00
Location: Lubbock, TX
Shape:    Triangle
Duration: 01:30:00
Distance: Unknown
Went out into my backyard early in the evening. No moon or stars were visible yet. In the west / northwest sky was a bright triangle / diamond shaped object. At first I might have thought it was a blimp or a balloon. But it sat too still in the sky. It was so still it was almost creepy. It gave me the weirdest feeling. I watched it for what must have been thirty or forty-five minutes and took some pictures and video or my cheap digital camera. I finally went back inside because I had dinner on the stove and I didn't want it to burn, but I kept peaking at it from time to time, and it was just there. Finally about an hour later when it was a little bit dimmer (but still no stars out) I could tell that this object was not just reflecting the sunlight, but was actually glowing, kinda a blue light, kinda like the blue halogen light color like are on some newer cars. Then I noticed a tiny red dot that had dropped below it for a short distance. Then very strangely the triangle slowly faded into a small dot much like the one below it. Then they both slowly just faded and vanished. It's hard to describe. They didn't just fly away or move off into the distance, they just faded off. I actually had a very similar experience to this a few years ago, but didn't have a camera then. In the pictures you can tell the diamond / triangle shape but really can't get much more detail. Sorry, but at least it's something. It amazes me that other people saw the same thing and are describing it in almost the exact same words. How amazing!
Attached Media:

Date/Time: 2009-10-19 02:00
Location: Houston, TX
Shape:    Unknown
Duration: 01:00:00
Distance: Unknown
Was up briefly, looked out the window, and saw an object moving laterally and diagnolly ever 15 seconds or so. Lights went from blue to white to red. It was not close, it was about the size of a large planet as far as relative size to me. It hovered and moved for at least an hour.It was definitely not a plane or helicopter or blimp. The sky was as clear as I've ever seen; you could see so many stars. There was zero light pollution. My wife saw it as well Has anyone else reported this?

Date/Time: 2009-10-01 21:28
Location: Amarillo, TX
Shape: Star-like
Distance: Unknown
Duration: 09:28:30
October 1, 2009, 9:28 pm CDT In Amarillo Texas, Latitude 35 N, Longitude 102 W, Elevation 3300?? Moon nearly full at Azimuth 129, Altitude 34. I spotted a very bright, star-like object completely out of place in the constellation Cassiopeia (azimuth 30, altitude 34, magnitude -3). I was surprised and perplexed. Without thinking, I immediately checked my bearings by glancing some 90 degrees to the southeast to confirm that the moon and Jupiter were where I expected them to be. As I looked back to the object I thought that it must be the International Space Station, but quickly decided that it was not because it was completely stationary. There was no flickering or pulsating, but it soon became evident that the object was gradually getting smaller and dimmer. In less than a minute it faded completely away and did not reappear. Apparently a Geostationary (geosynchronous) Satellite flash? I couldn?ft find much on the web about it and so assume that it?fs a fairly rare occurrence. More at

Date/Time: 2009-10-19 20:20
Location: Eastland, TX
Shape:    Circle,Star-like,Other
Distance: Unknown
Vallee Index: AN1
At about 2020, my husband and I were driving South on 2461, and at approximately 30-50 yards South of the intersecting lights on 570 and 2461, my husband saw a white light that contained some orange color to it, appear and then disappear. It was low to the ground, around maybe 1-2 miles up. It was difficult to determine the distance it was from us. It did not move, only appeared bright and then disapeared. He did not know what the object was, he only knew it was like a star, but much brighter. He asked me if I saw the bright light, and I told him I did not. I asked him if it was a reflection or an airplane, and he said no. After it disappeared, we both continued to look for it, but it did not reappear at that time. I did eventually see an airplane's lights at a much farther and higher distance and mentioned this to him, and we decided it could have been a plane. We arrived home and unloaded shopping bags from our vehicle. I got some books from inside the house and left again. I drove up my driveway, turned to the Southwest and the light appeared very brightly, only once, and again disappeared. To me, this light was a light orange color. It did not appear white to me. I called my husband, who had stayed behind at our home, on my cell phone and told him I saw his light. I continued driving to the LaMancha entrance and stopped, looking in the same direction the orange light had been. At this time, I do not recall if I saw it again or not and my husband does not recall if I mentioned seeing it a second time. I turned right on 570 heading Northeast, followed a curve to the East, Southeast, to cross the dam. At this time, my husband was still on the phone with me and he went outside to look more. As we were talking, 3 orange lights appeared in the East-southeast direction and were lined up horizontally. They remained on for 1-2 seconds and disappeared. We both saw this at the same time. This was closer to just before 2100, approximately 2050-2055. After we saw this, I became very excited, but sort of nervous because I did not know what this was. My husband just told me to deliver the books and get back home. As I drove to deliver the books, we remained on the phone together talking because I was nervous driving alone, and we saw airplane lights that seemed to be watching the area where these lights were. When I got to my destination, I watched momentarily and noticed fast-moving airplane lights and another airplane or helicopter below the 2
fast-moving ones. All of them appeared to be circling the area where the lights had been.

Date/Time: 2009-10-17 19:30
Location: Amarillo, TX
Shape:    Diamond
Distance: Unknown
While my wife was driving to store 5601 Amarillo blvd West I ( passenger) noticed a very bright star to the west at the intersection of Avondale and West 9th. When we got to store I pointed it out to my wife. The next night we are at 2530 S Georgia We came out of the store it was 7:20 pm and the car is parked to the south and in the SW sky is the bright star again. We get out the field glasses to get a better look. The man in the truck next to ask what we are looking at. He sees it also and then a few other people notice it in the parking lot too. What we see is a Blue white diamond shape object very bright. In the field glasses it appears to have 4 bright spots going across a line that would be 1/4 down from the top. My wife looks with the field glasses and sees the red sphere dropping from the white line heading to the bottom or point of the object. Other noticed the red sphere as it existed the object and drifted down out of the object. Then the white object
changed it shape to an inverted tear drop and then both red and white objects faded away. Time was about 7:30. The object was still all during our viewing of it.Are feelings in awe of what we had seen. As so were others in the parking lot.

Date/Time: 2002-07-08 00:00
Location: Mansfield, TX
Shape:    Circle,Sphere
Distance: One mile or less
I am a third party to this incident. My friend who wants to remain anonymous caught this footage on his vhs recorder. My friends son was outside in the backyard of thier house and looked up because he saw something strange. My friends son yelled for his dad to come out and see the unknown object in the sky. My friend saw the unknown object and grabbed his vhs recorder and began recording the unknown object which appeared to be in mid air. The unknown object had lights and appeared to be spinning with other parts spinning at different times. At one time in the footage you can see and hear a plane fly by the unknown object. This unknown object did not make a sound. My friend moved to a rural location in manfield, tx where the neighborhood homes were was just being built. My friend was one of around six homes built in the new neighborhood. My friend called me over to his house and I observed the footage and was amazed. I have never seen whatever it is ever in my life.

Date/Time: 2009-10-21 13:16
Location:Houston, TX
Shape:    Cylinder,Oval
Distance: Unknown
I was finishing my lunch at Boston Market off of Westhiemer/Hilcroft. I was on my way back to the office, but I happened to look up and saw a black object that seemed to hover below the cloud cover at about the same altitude that helicopters fly. The object seemed to move in a North Western direction until it seemed to move straight up over the period of about 3 minutes, and it penetrated the cloud cover until it was out of sight. I had to get back to my office on Stoney Brook and the Westpark tollway by 1:30PM, so I didn't get to stick around to watch for it further.

Date/Time: 2009-10-19 06:36
Location: Waco, TX
Shape:    Bullet/Missile,Fireball,Flash
Distance: Unknown
My morning walk and pray'r time, stepp'd outside to the first clear morning in so many days. The stars were bright, constellations clear and present. No moon visible. Look'd up and noticed the Big Dipper to the North -- as I look'd into the top right of the constellation I noted a blimp of bright light exiting the confines of the dipper and proceed to the East. It was momentary but traveling and then disappear'd. There were no clouds nor haze. Then I turn'd to walk south and headed toward an open area, I could see Orion clearly, also Sirius, the Dog constellation and the Dog Star. From the tip top of Sirius the Dog Star came a pinpoint of bullet like traveling star moving toward the North-east rapidly. I watched it for about 40 seconds and it disappear'd. Lastly, as I gazed into the sky a shooting fireball fell between Orion's outstretched left arm and the Sirius Dog star.

Date/Time: 2009-10-24 20:37
Location: Austin, TX
Shape:    Star-like
Distance: Unknown
Some friends and I saw star-gazing at their home-we saw an unusually bright star-like object moving towards the moon-it stopped completely-then reversed itself-then it moved very erratically in the sky for a few minutes. My friends and I were astounded and completely shocked and in disbelief because of it's movements-especially the way it stopped and reversed.It then disappeared completely.

Date/Time: 2009-10-25 03:20
Location: Houston, TX
Shape:    Other,Unknown
Distance:    Unknown
Reporting this for others who may have heard this as well:First, i live in Tomball, which is a NW burb. of Houston. I was watching a Film i TIVO'ed ,this was in the early am range,3:00am- we were all in Bed-being my Husband,myself and 3 Dogs.Husband was sound asleep. My younger Dog decided to go outside- i heard her lift the Dog Door and go out; but seconds later i heard her Bark and run back inside. Our Bedroom and Dining area -where the back porch door/dog door is- are side by side.So 20ft. away -no problem with hearing her at all. She came and got back into bed but kept looking at the window - i figured she was seeing the reflection of the TV in the glass-which often gets her attention. The one Blind closest to me was closed- the other Blind was turned open.This is a huge double window facing our back yard. She finally put her head down and slept.The other two Dogs slept on,they never stirred. About 15 minutes later - i heard a rumbling, deep sound in the distance.It caught my attention enough that i paused the Movie to better listen.It was coming from what seemed to be the North/North West -and getting closer and louder. The sound was much like the rumble of air conditioning when it kicks on.Our unit was not on. It was a very cool and comfortable night - I listened and noticed it getting closer and closer -and thinking that is no Plane or Helicopter -so what the hell is it ?? I was surrounded by the Dogs and couldnt easily get out of bed and the sound was starting to scare me! So i just laid there and listened to it go over.It was all sound; there was no vibration of the House. It sounded like it was flying low. Our backyard faces South -the Airports are to the immediate East and South/East of where we live.I watched through the Blind that was open,which would give me a view of it heading anywhere east- to see if i could see it pass -try to see the identifying lights- but it must have stayed on a direct course South -or South/West -because i never saw it head the other direction. I just listened to it go away.

Date/Time: 2009-10-16 20:00
Location: Seabrook, TX
Shape:    Triangle
Distance: Unknown
My husband and I were sitting outside after dark in our spa relaxing after a long week. We were chatting when my husband says "do you see that?" I said what? He says "a big black triangle, its moving pretty fast." I am trying to follow where he his pointing and I am thinking to myself that I dont hear anything. He is pointing almost straight up but toward the SSE which is towards the water (Galveston Bay). I mention that I cant see it and then he says "it's gone." I said "what was it?" He said "it must be a new stealth plane although it was bigger." He said he noticed it because, as it was flying, it created a distortion in the air around it, much like the heat distortion one sees on the roadway on a hot summer day. Now, we live near Ellington Field (an old air base) and NASA JSC. We see and hear lots of different types of planes all the time so i know he has a pretty good frame of reference. So we tell ourselves it must have come from Ellington. Well just the other day I was watching tv and came across a show about ufo's. They started to describe flying black triangles. I recorded the show and then asked my husband to watch it. He said that what he saw was very similar but there were no lights. After reading more and finding out that these sightings are very common, I decided to write this report. BTW, we are not "ufo nuts", we are educated (chemist and engineer) middle class people who lead very average lives. In summary: Large black triangle, no lights, no sound, with distortion of the air around it (shimmering). Moving very fast.

Date/Time: 2009-10-23 18:00
Location: Big Thicket National Pres, TX
Shape:    Boomerang
Duration:    00:00:03
Distance:    Unknown
My husband and I were camping in Big Thicket on the Turkey Creek Trail. We were laying on the ground looking up into the sky while there was plenty of daylight left. There were no clouds in the sky so we could see very clearly. As we were looking up we saw a red neon boomerang appear and disappear maybe 5 times in a southern direction. It was traveling from the North. We were on the southern half of the trail a couple miles shy of the halfway mark. I have no idea what it was but I know that I have never seen anything like it.

Date/Time: 2004-04-30 19:30
Location: Gainesville, TX
Shape: Other
Distance: One mile or less
Vallee Index:    CE1
In the late evening hours roughly 1 hour before sunset I was walking from my house to my car. Looking up above the treeline toward the east I saw a DC-10 Passenger jet. Strangely tho she was solid black with no running lights and no identifiable markings. Her distance from me was about 1/4 mile and alt about 300 to 400ft. Unsettling truth she was at standard cruising speed about 220-250 knots and she made absolutely no noise. I find the silence unsettling because i was a submariner sonar technician for the U.S. Navy and have been trained to hear what can easily be missed. The aircraft was traveling WNW through an area riddled with cell and base station towers most towers 300 to 600ft tall and a few 1500ft+ with guide lines for stability. New stealth tech for military? Smuggling? Private Enterprise? These people had an intimate knowledge of the areas infrastructure. I felt the persons onboard saw me and that I was not supposed to have seen them. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up, not in fear, but anticipation for an upcoming confrontation with officials who would like to keep this event secret. I lost sight of the aircraft as it passed beyond the western treeline.

Date/Time: 2009-10-26 22:30
Location: Houston, TX
Shape: Unknown
Distance: Unknown
Entity: Unknown
I have written to this site a couple of time describing the encounters that I have had with other-worldly beings and since my last sighting I have seen nothing. To touch on my first encounter again, the first time I encountered an unexplained being I remember being brought aboard their craft. Many years later I noticed an object in my bottom lip that felt hard to the touch. Years after that, my dentist noticed the object in an x-ray and was later unable to identify the object. Last night's incident was unbelievable, even by my standards. I was asleep Monday night at about 10:30 P.M. in my living room. I awoke at around 2:00 A.M. to move to my bedroom. Then I seem to have a dream of standing in front of a crowd of people and teaching them something I cannot remember. Then I awoke on the floor of my room late for work, disoriented, and wet. The strangest thing is that my mother who sleeps across the hall from me had a similar dream and woke up in the same manner. Whether or not people in this world believe in such circumstances is something left up to the mind of the individual, however I have gone through a life of encounters. I have proof hidden in my lower lip. I was told and taught something, I just wish I could remember what. There is no memory of an object or beings, only the strange environment and the lapse in time. I felt at peace. I was happy. I was a leader in this group. The truth will come out. I am tired of forgetting these events!

Date/Time: 2009-10-28 07:10
Location: Gatesville, TX
Shape: Flash
Distance: Unknown
I'm on my back porch very often in the mornings and have been at this location for 4 years. Normal air traffic consist of low flying helicopters from Fort Hood and an occasional plane on landing pattern for airport at Killeen, TX. The air space around my area is restricted because of the Fort Hood military base and George Bush's ranch down the road so normally only military craft are in the location where I saw this event. The sun was coming up but it was still dark enough to see a few stars, expesially the Bright star in the East. Something extremely bright was traveling from North West of me toward the South East at a strange pace. Due to the brightness and speed of the object, it made it hard for me to determine what type of craft it was. I never heard any sounds that one would normally hear when air traffic is around. I knew it was out of the ordinary at first but when it completely disappeared, I knew something was different. After about one minute of watching this object, it vanished. I searched the sky for another few minutes in the direction it was heading without successfully locating it again.

Date/Time: 2009-09-25 18:30
Location: Stafford, TX
Shape: Circle,Fireball,Star-like
Distance: Unknown
I have always been completely fascinated by the sky in all it's celestial wonder. Not because of the many infinite and unexplained phenomena and mysteries that it beholds but because in my opinion it is the most beautiful form of live art.This is where I most vehemently see and feel nature. The clouds, the sunsets, sunrises, everything about the sky completely enthralls and captivates me. I am a very scientific person and also a very, very spiritual person. I am skeptical about things such as UFO's, ghosts, spirits, aliens, and anything that I cannot see or feel for myself. I have always said, it's not that I don't believe, I am very open minded but I need to see things like this for myself in order to truly believe. This is why this occasion just leaves me speechless. I don't know how to explain what I saw. But I SAW IT. My fiance and I were driving from our place to visit our parents near Stafford driving down Beltway 8 south and approaching the Gessner exit when I was merely looking out of my fiance's window up at the clouds in the sky. He was driving, I was in the passenger seat. The sun was setting at the time so it was still bright out but not so bright that a very brilliant light in the sky could've been overlooked. That is exactly what I saw. I saw a round, incredibly bright, bright light that seemed to be moving with the car. I knew right away it wasn't a plane or any other type of machine of that nature. I just felt that it was something....different....something I couldn't quite put my finger on. It was just was. It wasn't the typical UFO sighting I've heard about or even the kind we see in movies. There was no actual tangible object I was looking at. It was just a very bright light. And I would've not been the least bit suspicious of said light except that I asked my fiance if he could see it too. So he turned his head in that direction and was able to witness it as well but only for a few seconds as he had to concentrate on the road. So I continued to stare at it, and it seemed almost immediately after I mentioned it to my fiance and he saw it, well, this is what happened next. As I stared at the light it seemed to get bigger and brighter and then it seemed to be moving away rapidly because it got smaller, then smaller, then just zoomed away instantaneously and disappeared. I watched the whole thing happen right before my eyes. I was the president of the astronomy club in college, I know what stars look like, what planets look like, I can tell you almost every single celestial phenomena involving clouds and actual scientific celestial things I can tell you what the airplane towers look like, I HAVE NEVER IN MY ENTIRE LIFE SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS!!! I know I didn't imagine it although sometimes I wonder if it would be better to believe that. I don't know to explain what I saw or even try to make sense of it, all I know is that I saw something. I don't know why, but I did. And I have to be honest, although I have no clue what it was it's not something one can easily forget. It gave me a whole new perspective on the place I already called home and couldn't wait to get back to, the stars, the world above and beyond us. I've always thought this universe and it's infinite vastness was just too big for us to be alone but what I saw that night, well maybe it's just a little firmer tug on my heartstrings. Maybe it was just the confirmation I needed.

Date/Time: 2008-06-15 22:20
Location: TEXAS
Shape: Cigar,Circle,Oval,Star-like
Distance: Unknown
Duration: 02:10:54
we see ufos any time we want we just go to a location where we see them and they are there all shapes and sizes.  We go to a place and we can see objects flying in all different directions at high rates of speed, and at ultra high altitude, at any time of the year. These objects disappear, re-appear, and flash. My wife and daughter saw an oval shaped object flying over the navy base without making any noise, the day after 9/11. we wer at the beach sitting in loungers looking up some objects were space debri obviously but some were not we were excited to cee thede things and went back many times to see them

Date/Time: 1984-01-31 20:00
Location: Tilden,TX
Shape: Circle,Sphere
Distance: 500 feet or less
I am reporting this due to Gabe Spencers report. In 1984 I was living on the ranch we own in Mc Mullen county. I was outside on the deck of our home when I looked up and saw an orange orb. It was very large and self illuminating. It resembled the moon but smaller and closer. I froze. I did not feel any malintent from it. It remained stationary in the sky and made no sound. My parents were in the house and I wanted to let them know, but could not take my eyes off of it to go inside and tell them. I watched it for what seemed like and eternity, but appoximately 5 min and it just vanished. I have checked with MUFON over the years to see if anyone has reported something simular, but something told me to check in early August. After reading Mr. Spencers report I believe we saw the same thing, 25yrs apart. I have also found another report on MUFON that is simular. It is also around the same time as my sighting. MUFON may contact me, but I wish to remain anonymous.



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