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November, 2009 - More UFO Reports From Stephenville Area

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Depiction by SW- (click to enlarge.)

On November 19, 2009, at 7:35 p.m., a woman and her husband stepped out onto the porch of their rural home, which is 8 miles from Stephenville and about 10 miles from Dublin, Texas.  It only took a minute or so, for the lights to appear.  This is her report (some grammar/spelling corrected):

I begin in saying that this is not an un-ordinary event, as we see these lights every once in a while outside in our yard.  We live way out in the country 8 miles out from a town, so at night it is quite easy to see anything in the night sky.

We never have reported these sightings as a lot of people do around here, as we live 8 miles from Stephenville, Texas and 10 or so miles from Dublin, Texas but last night we saw the lights at the same level in the sky... I'd say at least 7 of these.

It was around dinner time, so I was in the kitchen at first and since the lights had been seen lately, we had been looking outside once in a while at night.

My husband and I walked out and were only out for a minute and then we saw them...I guess that was a lucky thing.

I didn't have to wonder what it was, since these lights have been seen here off and on for quite a while now...guess they like the dairies around this area of Texas.

The rather round orange lights (that look almost all the same size) just last a few seconds, then they disappear. Of course you're real excited when we are seeing these lights... and then they are gone (maybe not really gone, just change position so we can no longer see them).

Almost always after wards we see the blinking of jets and hear the jets coming in the area.

Since we had had some news only a couple of weeks ago about the unexplained lights again in the Stephenville paper, people in this area start looking around at night again to see UFOs.

Actually we had seen the lights last October and were waiting for this October to look again but it was cloudy most of the month.  Now it is November and we saw them last night.

Later, at approximately 8:00 p.m. on November 19, 2009, a woman and her 76 year old mother report that they were just leaving De Leon, Texas on Highway 6 just past the Leon River Bridge, when in a clearing they happened to see "a flash up in the sky".  As they watched, 4 sets of lights appeared in a straight line 'like Castle Top orange and white in color and very bright, like an explosion.'

The lady reports that a moment later, another light appeared to the left of the first, as the right light disappeared.  For a brief moment the lights shown together, then both 'gone'.

The lights were reported to be large in size but not very high in elevation.  As seen from their location on Highway 6, the lights were to her Southeast, towards Coyman, Lake Proctor, or Northwest Dublin.

The lady reported that it was the strangest thing that she and her 76 year old mother had ever seen.


Sightings reported for November 17-18, 2009.

Editor's note:  I will update as more sightings come in. Meanwhile, keep watching the skies and if you see something you cannot explain, please report it to MUFON.- SW

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'New' Aerial Activity Over Stephenville, Texas Sets Off Personal Alerts! 

by UFO Chronicles
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Another sighting:

Date/Time:   11-18-2009  18:00 CST
Location:    De Leon, TX
Shape:    Circle
Distance:    Unknown
MUFON Report:  
I was driving home from De Leon Texas toward Dublin....Was about 5 miles out of Deleon...when 4 or 5 very bright circles appeared in the sky....3 large and 2 smaller....It appeared that the smaller ones moved toward the large one like a child to its mother, very very fast then they shot upward what looked like they disappeared behind the clouds None of this lasted very long....Lights were very bright nothing else was in the sky....I had no idea what these were, but I knew they were not jets, Jets do not move that fast... Did not mention this to anyone but I did see where a couple my age noticed the same thing....

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  1. The lights described above are flares released from military jets. I saw them myself a couple of days ago. Here's a link to a google search that shows numerous images of these flares being dropped:


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