Monday, November 9, 2009

Golden Bird-like UFO over Graften, West Virginia

November 8, 2009

MUFON- I was outside having a smoke and noticed something shiny out of the corner of my eye. When I looked I immediately realized that it was not an airplane, the light from the sun setting was reflecting so brightly it appeared golden in color. I ran in the house and grabbed the camera, I managed to get off one shot. Fortunately it turned out relatively good considering the object was several thousand feet away and traveling about twice the speed of a passenger plane. The object was about twice the size of a passenger airplane also, and it made absolutely no noise as it flew almost right over my house. The object looked very similar to a bird but did not appear to moving mechanically. It was traveling in an almost straight line away from the air force base in Kingwood WV. If further investigation is required, please call the phone # given so that I may approve over the phone.


  1. It's a plane (most likely a Boeing) with the sun reflecting off of the body - most likely early morning or late afternoon. The shakey camera makes it look blurry


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