Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pilot Reports Triangle UFO at MEM


MUFON Case # 20704

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While watching departing traffic from MEM (Memphis International Airport), looking North towards the city of Cordova, a commercial pilot noticed a triangular shaped object flying East to West. 

The pilot reported that the object had dull white lights that did not blink, had no strobe (navigational) lights, appeared to be traveling at approximately Mach 1- 1.5. and was completely silent.

He also noted that the object  passed below departing traffic.  Also, in relation (size) to the CRJ-200 he had been watching, it was the size of roughly a football field.

Included in the report, the pilot says he does not drink or use drugs, has studied aircraft since the age of 4 and has never seen anything like this before. "It left me numb." adding, "Did not even think to grab a camera...I was stuned."


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