Monday, November 9, 2009

UFOs Over I-75 Near Tampa

 Depiction by SW.

Report is "as is", with not grammar or spelling corrections.

2008-02-17 19:30 GMT
Tampa, Florida

MUFON- As My cousin and I were leaving tampa, driving on I-75... I didn't know which exit we neede to take so i asked my cousin which exit to take before he went to sleep. Much of I-75, once you're out of the city is dark and not many lights... He told point down the highway telling me the exit is near those light poles a couple miles away... as i got closer to the lights i started to see that they were not light poles and as we got closer that they were not stationary... as i got within a quater mile of the lights i woke up my cousin and told him that those were'nt light poles, that they were helicopters... and as we got closer we both looked and could see that they weren't helicopters either... we got within about 150yds we could clearly see that the objects were about 200ft from the ground and that 1 object was hovering in the middle of the highway, a second was on our side of the highway hovering and another across the highway hovering maybe 50ft higher than the others... I slowed down from 75mph to 25mph with my head out of the window while we started to freak, saying "i know this is not what i'm thinking, ain't no damn way"... as we got up close to the objects one of them started crossing the highway directly above the truck...i was looking up from over the sterring wheel at thousands of lights beneath a disc shaped object just gliding across, making no sound at all... we could see that there was a fourth object in the field off the highway hovering, and looked to be spinning.. but, the others were'nt spinning, just hovering.. then we could see a fifth object coming from ahead of us on the opposite side of the highway, moving in the driection of the oncoming traffic... i told my cousin to look out the window as the object passed over us, and he stuck his head out the window to see, and i could hear him saying "oh [cms/tg/pd].. it's a disc, it's a real disc.. we could see the entire bottom of the disc changing colors like thousands of different color lights constantly changing.. the other 4 disc seemed to only have lights on the sides. we had nothing to take a picture with as my boost phone had no camera on it. But, i can swear on my father's grave that what we seen was real and that they were discs.. and other people on the highway seen the same thing as they also, slowed nearly to stopping.. i don't know if the radio turned off during this encounter as i don't remeber turning it down.. but we sat quietly for the rest of the ride amazed and confused. I only wish i had a camero phone then. as we drove away i could see all the objects eventually going into the field on our side of the road and i watched in the rear-view mirror until they were out of sight. I don't know if it was from the adrenaline, but we both felt extremely energized for the remainder of the night. I never felt threatened or scared, and wanted to stop and get out.. but my cousin would'nt let me and swore to leave me there if i stoped the truck. it was a freaky, but great experience, i felt really happy for some reason.

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