Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Amber Lights Near Abilene

Depiction by SW

Abilene, TX- 11-09-09

MUFON Report- Seen the same Amber lights that i've been seeing here since Oct 2008. Haven't seen anything since March but they were back today for a good 20 minutes. They would blink off and on quickly and looked like a large orange ball up in the sky. They were coming on one at a time then the final time one came on and went off then another came on a few seconds later directly to the left of this one almost adjacent to it very brifly and went off. Its very clear out, they were to the south of Tuscola they were also to the sw of Tuscola as they were appearing in varios parts of the sky for 20 mintues. Even though they were lit for a brief second they seemed to be pretty large i would say almost the size of my first. They seemed fairly close too. These are the same lights I saw on Oct 2008, Jan 30th 2009 and sometime in March of 2009.

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