Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Jersey alien abduction, or just a dream?

This report was recently posted to MUFON. Was it just a dream, or an actual abduction?

Here is the report with only minor spelling corrections.

Depiction by SW.

Date: August 15, 1993
Location: Paulsboro, New Jersey

MUFON Case# 20341- I'm writing because I saw a video online, a day or two ago, about a 4th kind experience the raised the hair on my neck. It was almost exactly what happened to me. I'm not totally sure what happened to me. I've always wrote it off as dreams.

For about 7 days in the summer of 1993, I had this exact dream with virtually no differences.

I would be woken up in the middle of the night. There would be 3-5 small (maybe 3-4 feet tall) "greys" (as I call them) that are around my bed. They never spoke to me directly, but I knew I had to go with them.

They had the large black eyes, no hair or noticeable clothing on their greyish bodies.

I would be taken by these "greys" to a place that was very birght, almost like florescent lights, but with no light fixtures anyplace. All the doors and the hallways seemed smooth. As if carved from a solid object. There were no sharp edges anyplace.

After walking a few minutes, we would go into another bright room with a table in the middle. I don't remember seeing any tools or windows.

The table was very cold when I was directed to lie onto it. Another much larger "grey like" creature comes into the room and directs the other smaller ones to leave. This one is very tall and almost human like.

He (assuming) reassures me I will not be harmed and returned home. It never spoke directly to me, he spoke to my mind.

I remember being scared, but not terrified. He did tests on my reflexes, eyes, mouth tongue and ears that I can remember. I wasn't harmed in any way, as it told me. It also never told me why I was being taken.

When he was finished, he left and the other smaller "Greys" returned to lead me back. It always finishes with the smaller "Greys" leading me back to my bedroom and placing me into bed. I would wake up the next morning as if nothing happened.

If these were dreams, they NEVER were different. It was the same dream for about 7 straight days. I've told this experience a time or two and now I'm really curious as to what really happened.

Was I dreaming or in that middle sleep? Was I taken? I'm sure you have received many stories like mine. I just hope maybe you guys/girls have some answers for me.

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  1. I live in South Jersey as well and in the summer of '93 had a"dream" at least that is how I rationalized it until a discussion with a friend at work who had a similar experience.
    My dream was vivid and the next day I noticed a mark on the inside of my left wrist I could never explain. The mark was in the shape of square, about an inch, precisely spaced, for lack of a better word, punctures that did not actually penetrate my skin, but inside this square inch was appx 25 pinpoint sized non-puncturing punctures. I don't know how else to explain it.
    My recollection is not of the exam or how I received this mark not of the way I got there or who or what got me there, but of waiting to be examined.
    I was naked, tho there were other people there, no one was concerned about being naked. I was nervous/ anxious but not scared.I knew I was going to be examined, I knew I was being returned. There was a guy next to me, he is the only person I spoke to... Basically why us, how did we get there, where are we?
    We were on what appeared to be stainless steele tables and it seemed like a sterile environment. The white walls and stainless steele is all I remember of the room. No lights tho it was bright, as Paulsboro stated, fluorescent like lighting.
    There was a line of large windows. Thru a window I saw a large sun, like ours, a large reddish planet with either a smaller purple planet or moon. I fixated on the planets and was aware of hovering or flying far from Earth.
    That's all I remember and wrote it off as a dream that I never forgot.
    To this day I get chills when I see a tv show or movie that shows planets similar to the ones I saw. Avatar showed something very similar.
    At the time I lived in Clementon I was 26.


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