Sunday, November 8, 2009

4th Kind - Where's The Truth?

By Budd Hopkins
© 11-6-09

UFO Chronicles- On Tuesday, Nov. 3, as I sat in a theater being bombarded with soundtrack noise - screams - many screams - and melodramatic, over-the-top music, I was watching the new, self-described UFO abuction film, The Fourth Kind, and wondering how the screenwriters could get so many things wrong.

Ostensibly set in Nome, Alaska - which, by the way, looks ravishingly pretty in the film's many elaborate aerial views - the plot is focused on a therapist and her clients who have apparently suffered UFO abductions, and at least one of these "abductees," the therapist's little daughter, seems to have been taken for good.

The film moves along, more or less propelled by fake hypnosis sessions in which virtually every subject screams bloody murder. One man, grotesquely unhinged by what he remembers during one such session, actually commits murder, blowing away his innocent wife, his two children and himself. And in this and every other case shown in the movie, apart from an owl at the window no one has previously remembered anything about his or her abduction experiences until hypnosis finally unlocks the ghastly, unbearable truth and the screaming starts. Continue>>

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