Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fleet of UFOs Seen over Texas - November 21, 2009

Several Texas residents including a police officer, witness strange glowing orange orbs traversing the sky, on the evening of Nov. 21, 2009.

MUFON Case Number:    20651
Date/Time:    11-21-2009  21:10 CST
Location:    Texas (unknown city)
Shape:    Sphere
Distance: Unknown
I was sitting outside in my yard. I turned to look behind me and saw around 6 glowing orange sphere shaped objects traveling in the sky south to southwest toward me.

I immediately called my sister across the street telling her to get outside quickly. I went into the street to get a clearer view. There still appeared to be 6 or so of them.

When my sister got outside, I was in the process of calling my son to come outside also. It appeared that the 6 were about to pass by before I could get others outside to view them. Then, I saw more coming in the distance from the same direction as the first few.

My son and sister came out and witnessed them flying over as well. It became a steady stream of these. I called my mother who lives next to me to come out. She came out and witnessed them.

I called the police to ask if anyone could tell me what these things were. The dispatcher said "No, but I have an officer enroute". The officer arrived and told me he was watching this stream of objects from another area of our city and could see them miles away. He couldn't tell what they were either.

We called the local airport and were told they had nothing on these things. As we watched them coming toward us, they were bright orange. As they started to pass over and move away from us, the light would dim until it went out like the light may have been on one side and as it moved past there was no light on the back.

I spotlighted them, and got no reaction from them. But, the spotlight still didn't show what the thing was other than the orange glowing light.

We watched the stream until the last one came over and disappeared. We still don't have any idea what they were. No one had a camera that could pick them up. It was a crystal clear sky at the time.

MUFON Case Number:    20653
Date/Time:    11-21-2009 21:12 CST
Location:    Texas (unknown city)
Shape:    Sphere
Distance:    One mile or less
My sister called me to come outside quickly to see the objects in the sky. By the urgency in her voice I knew something was not "normal".

I had difficulty finding my keys to open my deadbolt lock and accidentally set off my alarm system. The alarm company called and asked if I was okay and I told them yes but I still needed a police officer because of what I was seeing in the sky.

There were approx. 20 orange glowing objects moving from NE to SW over the area. They seemed to come in "waves" and we saw about 5-6 waves of them.

A police officer arrived and stated he had seen them farther away and he stayed and watched several of the objects fly over with us. None of the people who were watching had any idea of what they were. We watched the objects for approx. 15-20 minutes before they completely left the area.

Although the temperature was in the low 50's to mid 40's and I wasn't wearing a coat, I did not feel the cold. I was awestuck at the site. I could not take my eyes off of the objects. Even this morning, I can't get the images out of my mind.

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