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Have Weathermen Been Replaced By 'Weather-makers'?

Photo of the sky over my home in Texas, on June 21, 2011. -  Sunny Williams

I've been saying for some time now, that the weather just isn't behaving "natural".

My mother grew up on a Texas farm and lived her young adult life, long before there were TV weathermen.   She was very adept at reading the signs in the skies and the critters on the ground, knowing exactly what the weather would be like, for several days in advance. 

My mother taught me to also read those signs... and the signs I have been seeing are distressing.   What was once our wet months have been dry and when we do finally get rain, it's too little too late, or we end up with one helluva flood, then it's drought again.

Texas weather has always been sort of crazy.  The old saying has been, "It's Texas.  Don't like the weather?  Wait a few minutes and it'll change."  Well, that old saying no longer holds true.  We've been experiencing a severe drought for several years now and I don't see any let-up in sight.  No, not as long as someone is manipulating the weather.  And it appears they don't intend to stop any time soon.

How many homes, fields, crops and woodlands have to be burned by wildfires due to drought?  How many others will be flooded out, lives lost.  Record breaking snowfalls, tornadoes, hurricanes... look at the cost of weather manipulation.

Think that's crazy?  I'm not alone in my thoughts.  Some say, "here's proof."

Solid Proof That Weather Modification Projects Are Being Conducted All Over The United States

(Endoftheamericandream.com)  Most Americans still believe that our weather patterns are 100% natural and that our government has absolutely no control over the weather.  Unfortunately, that is not the case at all.  What you are about to read is evidence that weather modification is happening right now all over the United States.  This is never acknowledged by our politicians and it is never talked about by the mainstream media.  But it is very, very real.  Weather modification programs in some parts of the country have been going on for many years and evidence of these programs is hidden in plain view.  So does this mean that if we don't like the weather we can just blame the government?  Well, yes it does, but it also means that the government has been seriously messing around with our environment and there could be "unintended consequences" that are far more dramatic than any of us ever dared to imagine.

Those that believed that the government was involved in weather modification were once considered to be "kooks", but the truth is that authorities aren't even trying to hide it anymore.  For example, the following was recently posted in the "Legal Notices" section of the classified ads in a local newspaper called The Tribune in San Luis Obispo, California....

NOTICE OF INTENTION WEATHER MODIFICATION PROGRAM THE SANTA BARBARA COUNTY WATER AGENCY HEREBY GIVES NOTICE OF INTENTION TO CONDUCT A WEATHER MODIFICATION PROGRAM NATURE AND PURPOSE: The purpose of the project is to increase rainfall to help alleviate deficiencies of water supplies in Santa Barbara County. Clouds would be seeded by the dispersal of Silver Iodide (AgI). Two possible modes of seeding, air based and ground based, would be used. LOCATION OF PURPOSE: Project operations could be conducted during the period between November 15 and April 15, for each year, 2011-2012 through 2015-2016. Airborne seeding operations would utilize air space over Santa Barbara County, portions of San Luis Obispo County as well as the Pacific Ocean immediately west of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties. Ground based seeding operations would be conducted from the Santa Ynez Mountains, the Casmalia Hills and the San Rafael Mountains. The target areas for seeding operations are the watersheds behind Cachuma and Gibraltar reservoirs on the Santa Ynez River as well as Twitchell reservoir on the Cuyama River. LICENSEE: The project would be operated and supervised by a licensed weather modification consultant.

Can it get much clearer than that?
The Santa Barbara County water agency is telling the world that it plans to conduct a weather modification program and it is explaining exactly how it will be done.
If you are thinking that this is something new, you might want to guess again.
Weather modification projects have been conducted down in Texas for years.
The following comes from the website of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation....

Currently, cloud-seeding projects designed to increase rainfall from convective cloud towers are conducted in nearly 31 million acres of Texas (or almost one-fifth of the state’s land area). In administering the Texas Weather Modification Act (enacted by the Texas Legislature in 1967), TDLR’s weather modification program issues licenses and permits for these projects, many of which have been in existence since 2000. The projects use specialized aircraft and sophisticated weather radar systems, operated by skilled meteorologists, at sites near Amarillo, Plains, Pecos, San Angelo, and Pleasanton.

Anyone still want to be a skeptic after reading that?
According to the Texas state government, these weather modification projects have been going on down in Texas since the year 2000.
So if you live in Texas and you don't like the weather, just blame Rick Perry.
But weather modification projects are not just happening in the United States.  The truth is that they are going on all over the globe.
An article from the Guardian a couple of years ago talked about the mammoth weather modification projects that have been happening in China....

The Chinese air force claimed today that the biggest weather modification operation in the country's history cleared the skies over Tiananmen Square just in time for the National Day parade.
I write this post under gorgeously azure skies. Instead of the dull haze I have grown used to in Beijing over the past few years, the light is so sharp that it almost hurts my eyes.
The transformation is so dramatic it is eerie. When I flew into Beijing yesterday, the city was shrouded in what looked like a thick smog.

An article posted on arabianbusiness.com talked about the extraordinary weather modification projects that have been sponsored by the Abu Dhabi government....

Scientists working for the Abu Dhabi government created more than 50 rainstorms in Al Ain in July and August of 2010, during the peak of the emirate’s summer months.
The rains are part of a secret $11m project, reportedly commissioned by HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, which used ionisers to generate storms, the UK’s Sunday Times said.
It is thought to be the first time the team had produced man-made rain from otherwise clear skies.
According to the report, scientists used large ionisers, which resemble lampshades, to generate fields of negatively charged particles. That in turn creates cloud formation, leading to rain.
Over 122 days through the summer months, the emitters were switched on 74 times when atmospheric humidity reached the required level of 30 percent or more.
During that time, Al AIn experienced rainfall on 52 occasions on days when the country’s own weather service had predicted no clouds and no rain.
Are you starting to get the picture?

Read more here and see Video.


Two Men Fishing In Michigan Have Alien Sighting

Depiction by SW/LITS.
This image is copyrighted. 

On the evening of August 31, 2011, while fishing at a lake (Gun Lake perhaps?) near Orangeville, Michigan, two men observed what appeared to be a tall, grey alien.

Here is that
unedited report, which was recently submitted to MUFON.


MUFON Case # 33686
Date:    2011-08-31
Time:   19:45
Status:    Assigned
City:    Orangeville
State:    Michigan
Distance: 100 feet or less
Summary: non-human sighting

My friend and i were fishing on a local lake. We had been there since 3pm, at 745pm my friend casted out tward shore. I was casting about 30 yards to the right of him. I saw him twitch in the corner of my eye. He quietly said as he was staring tward shore "There's and alien over there" He immediately repeat "there's an alien over there" this time very loudly and began yelling at me to look. As this was happening I heard branches and sticks breaking just behind a few bushes at the edge of shore. I watched the woods in the direction that the sound was moving toward. The noises stopped and maybe ten to fifteen seconds later I saw what appeared to be a person with extremly long arms down to where i saw it's knees bending. A very large head, rounded at the top with a very pronounced chin. It was very skinny, skinny enough that if it was a person they were starving. There was no clothing visible, the legs and arms were also very skinny and no reproductive organs were visible. The way it walked reminded me of the old film of bigfoot almost perfectly. We started leaving the area. There is a small wooded peninsula directly adjacent to the direction that it had walked. as we passed it I was watching the woods closely and saw what appeared to be a face. Rounded at the top and with a pronounced chin it turned to follow our movement passed. It had large oval black eyes with a small mouth, grey skinned, and there was a notable crease running down its forehead. I couldn't see any nose of any kind. once we had passed We did not see it again.

[Note: As stated above, this report is unedited, with no corrections.  To see original report, please click on case number. -SW]


UFO Reports From Around the U.S.; Lights, Sound, Discs, Spheres & Military UFOs?

Here are several recent UFO reports from around the United States.
These reports are unedited.

Orb Over Virginia Football Stadium

MUFON Case # 33679
Date:    2011-11-12
City:    Harrisonburg
State:    Virginia
Shape:    Sphere
Duration: 00:00:05
Distance: One mile or less
Summary: Brilliant reflective sphere, no surface or structural features, 10 -15 feet in actual diameter

My wife and I were at the new football staduim at James Madison University watching the game. It was the beginning of the third quarter, and there was no longer any sunlight in the staduim, but the setting sun was still shining above the horizon. My wife, looking up overhead, said "What's that" I observed a brilliant spherical object which appeared to be 1 cm to the naked eye traveled from south to north (right to left). When I noticed it, it was about 30 degrees right of reaching its closest point overhead. The object was totally silent, and left no visible trail such as smoke, debris or exhaust. There was no aura or any type of visible distortion of the light surrounding the object. From my 8 years experience as a Navy F-14 pilot with 1700 hours, I would estimate that the object was at an altitude of approximately 1000 feet above the ground, at an estimated speed of 600 - 700 knots, and would have an actual diameter of 10 to 15 feet. As the object was traveling away, it was observed to slightly vary its course from left to right and back, rather than follow a ballistic trajectory. This made it seem to me to be in to be in controlled flight. I was observing this very slight "sidewinder" motion as if looking from the rear of the object, rather than the underside, due to its relatively low altitude (i.e. If it were a jet I would have been looking up the tailpipe.) In about 5 seconds it passed out of sight beyond the top of the north side of the football stadium. I thought immediately that it was a controlled flying object which was neither civilian nor military. My wife was in awe and said "What WAS that?" I was quite elated, and said "That was a UFO!". I do not know if any of the other 25,000 people at the game saw this object, but I am quite sure that someone else must have seen it. If you draw a N -S line on a map or photo over JMU's football field, you will have the part of the trajectory which we observed. [Name withheld] (I actually signed up as MUFON Field Investigator in 1994.)

Military UFO Fleet?

MUFON Case # 33680
Date:    2011-11-17
Time:   21:00
Status:    Assigned
City:    Jacksonville
State:    Florida
Shape:    Disc,Unknown
Distance: Unknown
Summary: 8 orange disks with flashing lights flew over or home with 5 white orbs and 2 millitary jets.

Outside at 9:00 pm I was outside thinking of putting Christmas lights up when I had the feeling to look up.Three disks in a triangle pattern flew over low to the ground,The had a orange glow to them.Shortly after 2 jets went by at the same height and looked military.Then 5 disks flew over and made a pattern.They were higher than the others.That's when 5 white orbs appeared and their was a disk with flashing lights on either side of the orbs evenly which could have made it one ship then 2 disks moved to the left each higher and evenly distanced and also went from glowing and when stopped flashing blue and white.My wife had joined me after yelling for her and seen the formation after they stopped.After about 3 minutes I ran for my camera and returned and they were gone.

Strange Flash of Lights and Sound

MUFON Case # 33692
Date:    2011-11-21
Time:   20:30 GMT
City:    New Port Richey
State:    Florida
Shape:    Flash,Sphere
Summary: Lighthouse Effect then flash Over Gulf   

While sitting in my yard stargazing looking SW towards the Gulf around 8:30pm. I was waiting and hoping for some meteor activity. I have noticed a lot (4 in a week) of shooting stars lately between sunset and 10pm.
It was a beautiful clear evening. I was looking at the same pulsing blue star that I have enjoyed for years when all of a sudden I saw a dim white glow about 15D SW of the blue star. I immediately switched my focus on that glow that gradually got brighter and brighter all while staying stationary. The glow got larger and brighter and then it flashed a brilliant white light that made me see spots as you would get from a camera flash at a short distance.
After the flash it dimmed and got smaller and then at amazing speed it either headed south or plunged down. My depth perception was affected by the flash, I had to rub my eyes to get full focus back.
I can only describe it as a lighthouse because of the way it faded in, flashed then faded out before it moved and disappeared. I have never seen a aircraft move as fast as this light did.
Being the skeptic that I am, I immediately tried to debunk what I just witnessed. I have ruled out every feasible possibility. My first thought was that it was a spotlight from a helicopter but the rate of speed ruled that out. Then I thought it could be a meteor, but since it did not move for 10-15 seconds and then move at such a fast rate of speed ruled that out as well. My other thoughts of what it was just seem to irrational to admit to.
It has been a week since the sighting and I have been watching the same area with nothing new to report. It was one of the few things that I can not explain.

MUFON Case # 33701
Date:    2011-11-29
Time:   04:00
City:    Southampton
State:    Pennsylvania
Shape:    Other
Duration: 00:00:10
Distance: One mile or less
Summary: flashing blue light in the sky preceded by what felt and sounded like electric shock

Was laying in bed early on the morning of november 28th,2011. Heard a sound that sounded like the power in my house going out but was louder and didnt affect my power at all. Felt a weird electricity in the air but it slowly went away. About 20-30 minutes later heard the same electronic wave of a noise, then saw a huge blue light explode in the sky out of my window. Happened 3 times then was not seen again.

Object Flies In Stair-step Manner Over Bellingham, WA

MUFON Case # 33702
Date:    2011-11-29
Time:   06:50
Status:    Submitted
City:    Bellingham
State:    Washington
Shape:    Disc,Unknown
Distance: One mile or less
Summary: Object moving rapidly in a horozontal/vertical direction covering large distances.

I was driving my daughter to work at 6:50 am on 11/29/11. My daughter (19 years old) and I (54 years old) were initially drawn to lights in the sky. The lights were strange because they were exceptionally bright and looked different than normal aircraft lights. It appeared to be a bright light with smaller lights below it, I thought I could see a very small tail, like an aircraft, but the entire shape looked more round, however I could not clearly make out the shape, only the lights were very clear. Of course, I initially thought it was an aircraft just playing tricks with my eyes, but it then started rapidly moving in a horizontal direction and stop, then rapidly in a vertical direction and then stop. I don?t believe, nor have I ever believed in UFO?s, but I was completely baffled, (and a little freaked out) so I turned my vehicle in a way I could keep watching this object. It moved 6-8 times in these incredibly quick vertical/horizontal movements covering a distance that no aircraft could cover and then seem to stop in an instant. Both my daughter and I witnessed this. I eventually had to go by a very large building and when I came out from the building I could not find the object again. All I can say is that I can?t explain what I saw but it is something I won?t soon forget. Brian

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UAPs Over U.S. Military Base In Afghanistan


The existence of UFOs - The military knows but they aren't talking.   However, there are some soldiers who want that news to reach the public.

During combat operations in Afghanistan, a soldier reported to MUFON that he and other military personnel  engaged unknown aerial phenomena (UAP).

Here is that unedited report, which at the time of this posting has not yet been assigned.


MUFON Case #  33678
Date:    2011-01-01
Country:    Afghanistan
Shape:    Sphere,Other
Distance:    Unknown
Summary:    during combat operations

In Afghanistan I had seen different objects that looked like an octagon and spheres of light. The spheres would show up after we had contact with combatants. They are always at ground level and in the area where fighting took place. They are a dull light when they come down and become brighter when at ground level and about the size of a small car. They are not usually noticed until on the ground, there is always radio interference when they are around. That is how we know when they are in the area.

The octagon objects are dark in color. Between dark gray and black. Never saw them during the day. In the early morning hours until dawn. They are large, no lights and no sound. Always around the base. Never anywhere else. We always engage the two different objects. The AAR is conducted with both military and civilians. There are never written reports submitted.

I caught the end of one of your shows with a man that saw one of these objects and that is why I'm sending you this. Not sure why they are here but the interaction we have has not been friendly. If you could find something to prove the military knows about these things and get it out there you would be doing a great service. Good luck.

[Note: As in this report, "AAR" could mean "After Action Reports", or "After Action Review". -SW]


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mailbag: V-shaped UFO Over Austin- Thanksgiving, 2011




I received this email about a silver, V-shaped  object over Austin, Texas.

Please note that this report is


Austin, Texas
November 24, 2011

Hello My name is Ben, around 1pm thanksgiving day, my family & I came outside to sit on the porch after eating, my father immediately noticed a bright speck in the sky. He quickly grabbed the binoculars....from what I saw was a v shaped object almost like a hang glider, it was a silver with visible red paint...the bottom had 3 lights like a Mickey mouse symbol and they were bright..bright enough to be seen with the naked eye, it looked like a star during the day...this is my 2nd time seeing this object, & I live in the city!


[Note:  If you witnessed this object or any such phenomena, please file a report. -SW]


Auto Accident In Nevada Involving Reptilian-1989


This report was submitted by a man claiming to have been in an auto accident in Nevada (1989), involving a female reptilian.

Sorry for the inconvenience but I have removed the names of additional witnesses, for their protection of privacy.
   Otherwise, this report is unedited.


MUFON Case # 33611
Date:    1989-01-17
Locale: Mount Charleston, Las Vegas, Nevada
State:    Nevada
Shape:    Circle,Disc,Star-like
Distance: 20 feet or less
Summary: must talk with someone

In 1989 at spring mountain youth camp located at Mount Charleston , Las Vegas , Nevada.
I was involved in a vehicle accident where the assistant basketball coach "[name withheld by SW/LITS] " who still works there today was driving a Beige chevy Suburban. I was in the front passenger seat, [name withheld by SW/LITS] was driving on the camps main road "Ries Road" now named "lucky Strike" at that time it was partial dirt road. we came around one of the last curves to the left and a Being stepped out of the forest and into the road and "[name withheld by SW/LITS] " didnt see the being and struck the being at the last minute and dragged the being half way down the road and the suburban ripped off the Left foot of this being which I will Describe later then the suburban went over the side of the mountain. luckily the suburban came to a halt slamming into a tree suspended in the air by the ROOTS of a tree beneath the suburban between the wheels.
Upon me climbing back up to "ries road" I found the foot of the being to describe this foot it was nothing I ever seen before. it had three toes with sharp TALONS black as nails i can describe more upon request. after me another person out the suburban made it to the top of the road his name was "[name withheld by SW/LITS] "  went to eldorado high school in las vegas. i believe his first name was "[name withheld by SW/LITS] " for short. as [name withheld by SW/LITS] made it to the top of ries road he asked me what happened and I pointed at the foot and said we must have hit what ever this foot belonged to. just then we heard a noise on the cliff side of ries road. i went to look for what made the noise as it sounded like something moving in the grass area. We found a being laying on its stomach attempting to crawl away it heard me behind it and it flipped over on its back while crawling on its stomach it had a similarity of a crocodile the way the back looked and the TAIL and the MOUTH when it flipped over I saw it had 2 HUGE BREAST the size of volley balls or bigger with a pattern on it that resembled the belly of a alligator or crocodile. it was female and had appendages that were similar to humans. when it realized i was there it crawled quickly toward the nearest tree and used the tree to support itself to stand on one leg with its back against the tree. this being looked at me and todd and began to cry with a voice that would sound like a child crying for help... i realized looking at this being standing on one leg balancing itself with the tree that it must be able to communicate some way. I instructed todd to do as I did and put down the sticks we were carrying as we were no match to fight this being even with it missing its left foot up to its calf. as we put down our weapons i communicated with it pointing at its foot and putting my back to the tree and asking it to sit down because it towered over us at 7-8 feet tall. three of my fingers wasnt equal to one if its fingers. it spoke had a loud voice. and as i asked it questions it asked me questions. this story gets deeper. because as we waited for help a teacher from camp left the camp to go home and found us on the road we all approached him the teacher and asked could he help by allowing us to put the being in his vehicle and we take it to the hospital. and he refused and said he would call someone when he got to the bottom of the mountain. well when night came coach "[name withheld by SW/LITS] " had made it to the top of ries road with the remaining few kids total of 5-6 kids and [name withheld by SW/LITS] . and asked for us to walk back to camp and i told [name withheld by SW/LITS] that I wanted to stay with it because I never seen anything die and i wanted to be there with her because we hit her and to leave the scene would be a hit and run. he insisted and we left as he promised to get help for her the being he hit.
the next day I was called into head coach "[name withheld by SW/LITS] " office to meet with a man in a black suit with black hat and was told to tell him what happened as i told the story and got to the part of describing the being this person in black interrupted me and said "It was a deer" and I replied excuse me i was there and it was no deer and i began to describe it again and he rudely interrupted again and said, "YES IT WAS A DEER" mister may i remind you that you are in custody and that we can keep you till your 26 so I replied it was a deer. mad because i was incarcerated to be rehabilitated and being forced to lie about the truth...

"Lucky Strike" Road, Mt. Charleston, as it is today.

Circle denotes location of "Lucky Strike" Rd, Mount Charleston, Las Vegas, Navada.
Click on map for larger view.

[Note: I would appreciate it very much, if the witness who submitted this report would please contact me. -SW]


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Abduction On Nature Trail In North Carolina


A witness claims to have been abducted by a dwarf-like being, while jogging on a nature trail in Guilford County, North Carolina.


MUFON Case # 33558
Date:    2011-11-12
Time:   09:30
Status:    Assigned
City:    Greensboro
State:    North Carolina
Distance: 100 feet or less
Summary: I was abducted by a Dwarf Like being with milky white skin and metalic like jumpsuit

I was out jogging on the 12th as I normally do on the weekends. I decided to jog a nature trail located over in Guilford County.

I started my run at about 8am and stopped to rest at about 9:30am. I saw something down the trail from me. It was short like a midget and it was white and had a metalic colored suit on. It was just standing there looking at me. I had not seen anyone else that morning on the trail. I thought it was just another individual ahead of me that had stopped to rest.

I get up and continue down the trail. I look at my watch and it was approx. 9:45am. That is all I remember doing.

When I woke up, I was back in my car. It was almost 11am.

I can still see the dwarf in my memory. I keep repeating it over and over in my head, tryng to remember what happened. I can't remember anything other than being very tired when I woke up in my car and having a small cut just behind my left ear.

I wish I could remember more.


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Alien Holiday

HEADLINE!  UFOs To Take The Day OFF!

Well, maybe not...

I'll be taking Thursday off, to be with family and friends but I wish all my readers and friends a safe and very Happy Thanksgiving Holiday.

-Sunny & family


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Objects Observed Over San Antonio & Austin - November 23, 2011

Depiction by SW/LITS

Red Reflective Object Over San Antonio, Texas- 11/23/2011

MUFON Case # 33560
Date: 2011-11-23

City: San Antonio
State: Texas
Shape: Blimp,Cone
Distance: One mile or less
Summary: Saw a reflective, red object at low altitude

I was driving along Gus Eckert Road on the way to work, driving north.  I saw a red object at a low altitude (that is what made me notice it and its size).  I thought was a banner or balloon, but is wasn't moving and there was no airplane or helicopter around.

About 10 minutes later I saw a helicopter flying in the sky (but it was actually moving and getting further) that was black.  The object I saw had a reflection because of the sun.  It looked shiny and not dull like the helicopter.  It was not moving when I saw it.


Orb Seen Flying Above Airplane in Austin Skies - 11/23/2011

MUFON Case # 33561
Date: 2011-11-23
Time: 18:45 GMT

City: Austin
State: Texas
Shape: Circle
Distance: Over one mile
Summary: saw the orb of light like ufo flying above an airplane going in the opposite direction then faded out

My girlfriend and I were sitting in front of the house smoking a cigarette. We noticed the airplanes flying over then noticed a ball of light flying just as high as the airplanes but without the blinking and going the opposite direction of the airplanes.

When I first saw the object I looked for blinking lights but because there weren't any I immediately realized it was a UFO. It just moved in a pretty straight line through the sky then the light faded out pretty quickly.

My girlfriend were pretty calm because of how far and hard to see it was.

[Note: Click on case numbers for original reports.]


In The News: Interview with Mark Rodeghier; Strange Object in Minnesota Sky; 1930s ET War Linked to UFOs Over American Capital

Recent Interview with Mark Rodeghier of CUFOS

1. Mr Rodeghier, could you please introduce the CUFOS, its set-up and objectives? Is the center working in collaboration with others American or foreign Ufological organisations?

CUFOS was begun in late 1973 by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, a professor of astronomy atNorthwesternUniversityand the long-time principal scientific advisor to the US Air Force project on UFOs (Blue Book). It is a not-for-profit organization that was envisioned by Hynek as a type of scientific clearinghouse and think tank for the UFO subject. The objectives and goals of the organization have evolved over time, but the most important are to be a reliable source of information on the UFO phenomenon, to do our own research on a small number of focused projects, and assist other individuals and organisations to do investigations and research that are rigorous and well designed. We have a small but select scientific board of collaborators, both in the States and abroad.

CUFOS has formal ties with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and the Fund for UFO Research (FUFOR) through the UFO Coalition, a partnership that has completed a number of joint projects, such as the Abduction Monitoring study, or the publication of specialized monographs.

2. What is your function within the CUFOS? Could you please describe some of your activities?

CUFOS is not a large organization, and no one is paid a salary, so my duties range from the mundane to the more scientifically interesting. My chief tasks are to coordinate our investigative and research activities, to correspond and network with our collaborators, and to help organize and maintain the CUFOS archives. From time to time I also deliver lectures or appear on radio or television programs as a spokesman for CUFOS.

3. You have been involved since some decades in the UFO research. From your perspective, how has the overall topic evolved since Mr Hynek’s period?

Many years ago, the UFO problem seemed more simple and straightforward. If there are unknown UFOs in our skies, then they will undoubtedly be aliens from somewhere nearby in the cosmos. This was before abduction reports, before more bizarre cases were well known, and before the phenomenon continued to evolve in its characteristics (see below). Now the puzzle of UFOs has only deepened, although even Hynek before his death had realized that something even more unusual or esoteric than alien visitors might be involved, at least in part (an idea that researchers such as Jacques Vallee had proposed for many years).   Continue Reading...


The Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) is an international group of scientists, academics, investigators, and volunteers dedicated to the continuing examination and analysis of the UFO phenomenon. Our purpose is to promote serious scientific interest in UFOs and to serve as an archive for reports, documents, and publications about the UFO phenomenon.  Continue reading...

About Mark Rodeghier (Bio)

Mark Rodeghier has been President and Scientific Director of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies since 1986. Born in Hammond, Indiana, in 1953, he earned a B.S. in astrophysics from Indiana University in 1975. After a year of graduate study at the University of Sussex in England, he returned to complete a M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) in sociology. His dissertation, Factors Influencing Attitudes Toward Controversial Research : Quantitatively Disentangling the Social from the Scientific, explores the attitudes toward the study of extraterrestrial intelligence by the scientific community. Other publications include numerous articles for IUR and the Journal of UFO Studies, and UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference: a Catalog and Data Analysis (Evanston, IL: Center for UFO Studies, 1981).

Continue reading

            *                  *                  *

Farmer in Minnesota Captures Object on video
Video capture and contrast adjustment.
Click on image to enlarge.

Video link

Vermillion, Minnesota
Nov 21, 2011

"I was plowing manure at my farm in Vermillion, Minnesota on 11/21/11 when I noticed what looked like fire above me. I put my tractor in nuetral and watched the odd shape move kind of back and forth. It had lights that were, idk, maybe you could call it pulsating or something, but the lights on this thing looked like flame throwers or something. It was wild! So after 30 or 40 seconds of watching this thing, I grabbed my iphone and took this video. The thing dissapeard shortly after that. I sat there starring into the sky for like an hour before I went back to what I was doing. Never saw it again. It was the weirdest, almost disturbing thing I've ever saw. Now, I don't believe in aliens or UFO's, but I have absolutely no idea what this thing was or could have been."

            *                  *                  *

Extraterrestrial War of the 1930’s linked to UFOs over American capital

(The Canadian)Alfred Lambremont Webre documents that journalist and author Robert M. Stanley has assembled over 900 reported UFO and extraterrestrial sightings of the past 160 years in his book Covert Encounters in Washington, DC -- the largest assembly of Washington, DC-based UFO/ET sightings in history.

Mr. Stanley reveals in an exclusive August 3, 2011 ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre that this record number of 900 UFO and ET cases have led him to the inescapable conclusion that Washington DC is a major interdimensional portal for an attempted takeover by interdimensional negative entities, including negative grey and reptilian UFO/ETs.

Mr. Stanley concludes that this negative interdimensional faction is aligned to attempt to prevent humanity’s evolution, and is mind-controlling New World Order (NWO) controller elites and institutions like the U.S. government toward this end.

What, if any, have been the messages of apparent relatively ethical Extraterrestrials?

Alex Collier claims to be among those of us, as humans, who have been in contact with relatively ethical Extraterrestrials. Mr. Collier claims that lower-dimensional aliens infiltrated our human time-space; then travelled back in time, to selectively alter human history. Our present therefore would reflect an altered state of reality produced from the regressive alien species that went back in time to perpetrate an interdimensional war against Earthbound humans.

Alex Collier is not the only Earthbound human who has claimed to have received messages from relatively Ethical Extraterrestrials.

In the book Extraterrestrial Friends and Foes George C. Andrews contains a very specific message from another human species that has apparently been seeking to warn humanity of the Manipulative Extraterrestrials and their “human clone vessels” which pursue an ongoing interdimensional war against intergalactic communities of human species. The alleged message originates from a human species called “Procyons”.

Dr. Michael Salla writes that Procyon is a binary star system about 11.4 light years from Earth. According to Andrews, the Procyon was flourishing until it became embroiled in sinister effort by the same Manipulative Extraterrestrials that Alex Collier links to an Extraterrestrial War that Alex Collier describes, that was apparently “wiped’ from human consciousness due to their time travel that affected human consciousness of events. “Khyla” is the name of a Procyon human described by George C. Andrews that transmitted the following message to warn Earthbound humans of the challenges that face us, as humans, as a result of the interdimensional war described by Alex Collier. Kyla apparently described the process adopted by “the Grays” in their subversion of Procyon:

“The Grays began to visit us, first a few as ambassadors, then as specialists in various domains where their expertise could be useful to us, as participants in different programs that involved mutual collaboration, and finally as tourists. What had begun as a trickle became a flood, as they came in ever-increasing numbers, slowly but surely infiltrating our society at all levels, penetrating even the most secret of our elite power groups….”

Khyla continues:

“Just as on your planet they began by unobtrusively gaining control over key members of the CIA and KGB through techniques unknown to them, such as telepathic hypnosis that manipulates the reptilian levels of the brain, so on Procyon through the same techniques … they established a kind of telepathic hypnotic control over our leaders. Over our leaders and over almost all of us, because it was as if we were under a spell that was leading us to our doom, as if we were being programmed by a type of ritual black magic that we did not realize existed.”

Dr. Michael Salla further documents in exopolitics.org that Khyla went on to describe the eventual take over of Procyon by “the Grays” and the enslavement of most Procyons that did not escape.

Dr. Salla elaborates on Khyla message that “using advanced time travel technology which involved ‘multidimensional consciousness’, something which the Grays apparently could not duplicate due to their degraded genetic bodies, a significant number of Procyons were able to escape and began a liberation war from the ‘remote corridors of time’. Significantly, the Procyons describe how some of their resistance techniques would be relevant to the situation on Earth:

“… it would be suicidal to attempt to fight the Grays directly with the weapons now at your disposal. One must be rational in attempting to fight back, and understand the proper way to proceed. Your own consciousness is the most potent weapon that is available to you at the present time. The most effective way to fight the Grays is to change the level of your consciousness from linear thinking to multi-dimensional awareness…. They have the technology to throw your planet out of orbit, but there is one key ability that you have and they do not have: the ability to hold in mind imagery that inspires an individual to realize his or her direct personal connection to the source of all that is… That is your key to victory.”

According to Alex Collier, the Procyons have recently liberated their world from “Gray” influence and he describes the Procyons as currently “gung ho” when it comes to dealing with the Grays.

In conclusion, Dr. Michael Salla stipulates: “the Procyons main activity is in effectively resisting the extraterrestrial subversion by developing a ‘multidimensional consciousness’, using mind imagery to protect oneself from extraterrestrial mind control, and monitoring unfriendly extraterrestrial activity.”

Furthermore, Dr. Salla elaborates: “The global solutions that the Procyons can assist in include exposing extraterrestrial subversion, helping end global secrecy of the extraterrestrial presence, promoting multidimensional consciousness, deprogramming mind control, promoting universal human rights, and developing the internet and global communication.

Mr. Collier appears to suggest that through time travel, Earthbound humanity was severed from other humans, and that the Procyons are an example of this severing context. Dr. John Lash’s research on the ancient Pagan Gnostics suggests that humans have been entrapped into an alien solar system, and that our Earth has been entrapped into a universe which reflects the alien mind that continues to perpetrate an interdimensional war against Earthbound humans. Read the articles below as further backgrounders to an apparent interdimensional war against humans.

In addition,…. E-mail editorial@agoracosmopolitan.com in order to make a donation pledge to The Canadian.

Would you like to read a background presentation to this article? You could read Fukushima linked to Extraterrestrial War on Earth during the 1930’s. LINK - http://www.agoracosmopolitan.com/news/ufo_extraterrestrials/2011/09/07/762.html

Would you like to read more? Check out: Extraterrestrial War on Earth during the 1930’s subverted democracy and Global Economy: http://www.agoracosmopolitan.com/news/ufo_extraterrestrials/2011/09/26/887.html

Internet site reference: http://www.examiner.com/exopolitics-in-seattle/author-washington-dc-is-portal-for-negative-grey-ets-must-invite-positive-ets


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Claims of Possible Alien Encounters in South Carolina and Connecticut


Photo illustration supplied by witness.


[Please note that these reports to MUFON are presented here, "unedited".]

South Carolina: Alien Contact of Some Kind

MUFON Case #  33533
Date:    2011-11-21
Time:    18:00
Status:  Assigned
City:     Nesmith
State:   South Carolina
Distance:  Unknown

On the night of November 21, 2011, while in the backyard of my family's home I observed a bright light in the night sky. After several minutes, a couple of aircraft passed over and flew in the vicinity of the vehicle indicating the possible UFO was above tree level but not at high altitude. During the course of the hour, I attempted to make contact with the vehicle with a flashlight and contact was likely made. It appeared to respond with my "signaling" and once I stopped signaling. I put the flashlight down and began to sway to and fro and the UFO to mimic my movements and vice versa.

This exchange lasted for about an hour and ceased once I broke off contact by going inside for the night.

Original photo

            *                *                *

Connecticut: Encounter With Alien Entity

MUFON Case #  33534
Date:    2011-02-25
Time:    03:00
Status:  Assigned
City:     Ansonia
State:    Connecticut
Duration:  00:01:00
Distance:  100 feet or less

Last winter or early spring I was walking in the Ansonia Nature center late at night as I sometimes do. I reported witnessing a conical-egg like craft landed there near the Nature Center pond several years ago. On this occasion, as I was returning home on the last leg of my walk through the woods at approximately 3:00am I was walking past a house on the outskirts of the woods. All of the sudden a dear runs frantically across the street in front of me maybe 20ft ahead and skids and falls in front of me as it had been spooked badly by something. I do not think that it was me that spooked the dear because if it had noticed me it would not have run literally right across my path. I thought this somewhat spooky - and I realize this is completely subjective - due to the weird quietness in the air like something is about to happen.

I continued walking towards home and took up a path along the border of the farm belonging to the last house next to the woods. The path is next to the woods bordered by some open terrain and fields on the other side. While I was walking my eyes were at a soft focus not paying attention to anything in particular. Then all of the sudden my body instinctively(?) stopped and my eyes focused on an entity approximately 25 yards ahead slightly crouched in a very aggressive posture staring right at me.

When I first saw the entity - and again this is entirely subjective - I already knew that it was an extraterrestrial alien of some kind without letting that thought occupy my mind as I was so involved in an instinctual stare down.

Granted, there are so many other possible explanations, logically speaking, of course but I will elaborate on the strangeness of the encounter with this entity anyway, even if it was not of extraterrestrial origin. The entity glowed a dull grey-blue and if I remember correctly the moon was shining so there was some visibility as far as light is concerned. The strange thing was the entity uniformly glowed the dull grey-blue everywhere as if it were naked and had no cloths on. I mean if it were blue-grey skin due to the moonlight, the entire entity would not have been that color due to the fact that it should have been wearing clothing of some type if it were human. No clothing was noticed on the creature. I am not new to UFO and alien reports due to earlier sightings I have experienced and subsequent research, but the over-sized head, skinny legs and arms, large eyes were not present on this creature normally attributed to "grays". In fact the entity seemed much more human-like in form, athletic, intense, focused, at the ready, aggressive in posture. I did not notice any eyes on the creature in the grey-blue haze that was its form yet I could tell it was staring directly at me in a sort of stand-offish way like two animals in the wild that are infringing on each others terrain. After locking eyes or glances for three seconds as if I had stumbled upon this entity and it was surprised to see me there or as if it was waiting for me and that I had noticed it too soon and been too alert, the entity very athletically turned and ran full speed into the woods at about a ninety degree angle to the line connecting our paths. I heard the bushes rustle as the creature took off into the woods and also another sound to my immediate left that sounded like a dear going through the woods by the size of the sound as if it were chasing after the entity as the two paths sounded close or like they would eventually intersect when traveling at such a speed through the woods.

Right after the entity took off dashing headlong into the woods I yelled at it as loudly and aggressively as I could. This is subjective again and is not really hard proof, but I sometimes get premonitions that I will encounter an ET entity in the woods and that we are sometimes on similar mental bandwidth or thinking channels and that if we were to meet there should be a designated location to do this. I had passed the designated location which I have thought about enough for it to be decided upon and familiar a location to meet at and I yelled at the creature as loud as I could to meet in the right spot (which of course may have been a little more boring of a scenario I later concluded) angered that the supposedly agreed upon location was ignored. Please pardon this craziness (or I feel crazy disclosing the experience in this way) I just thought I would add this anyway.

I told a friend about the incident and she said it was just some random person walking in the woods at night and that it was nothing. This of course is very possible and could easily dismiss this incident away. But there was a strange energy to the encounter and locking stares on each other to the extent that I was nervous and didn't want to continue the path I was going because I had the sense like I might be ambushed by something. There was an extreme sense of tension, intrigue, and danger. I walk back in the woods at night somewhat regularly and dear stalk and approach me within 15-20 feet at times and all other kinds of sounds occur and I do not become scared even though I can't see anything at all but what the small dim flash light can show me. So this being the case, if it had been a real person, it would had to have been a very aggressive, intense, serious, one with a strange eerie aura about it to frighten me. And from the people that i have seen walking back in the woods during the day, what on earth would cause him to stare at me in an overtly aggressive manner for three seconds after I saw him and then run head long full speed into the woods. Crazy right? I went back to the spot the following day and looked at the spot where I thought the entity had approximately been and all along the path next to the woods there was very thick shrubbery, grass, trees, bushes, a tangled mess and I thought to myself, how on earth did this thing run full speed through this tangle. It seemed simply impossible to me.

Right when I had decided to turn around to go an alternate route home instead of through the woods because I was nervous of an ambush and felt more safe going through a neighborhood with streetlights but I regretted for a moment not taking off after the creature myself. But as I said it would have been impossible to go through the thick bushes and foliage to do that. The strangest impression that I get from this incident is that when I locked eyes with the creature I felt like it had been waiting for me or was watching me and that I wasn't supposed to have seen it so soon so it was embarrassed or something and ran off. And when it ran off, and this is very important, it was not in a scared manner but a very regimented, sure, quick, escape type of way but in a way that let you know it meant business and wasn't scared or nervous but just needed to get out of the area and for some reason it did not belong there because I saw it. So I walked home the long way on a lit street through the neighborhood just going over the event and continually saying to myself that I was glad that I went the way I did, sure that if I had not I could have possibly been ambushed. How strange that if I saw simply another human I would have had these impressions and feelings especially since I regularly go back there and am used to the place at dark. It is just hard to believe than another human would have acted the way that this entity did. All I can do is report what I saw, which is shaky at best. Nevertheless, the sighting of the landed conical craft that I witnessed prior to this sighting a while back at approximately the same location in my mind lends credence to the feelings and impression that I have that this entity was something other than human.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Saturday, November 19, 2011

1974 Close Encounter III In British Columbia, Canada


A couple in British Columbia saw a cigar-shaped UFO shining a light on a mountain face.  During this event their automobile died, then restarted as the object ascended away from them.

Here is that report, edited for clarity.  To see original report, please click on the case number.


MUFON Case # 33466
Date:    1974-08-15
Time:   03:40
Status:    Submitted
Region:    British Columbia
Country: Canada
Shape:    Oval
Distance: One mile or less
Summary: UFO descended , hovered, shone abeam of light on mountain face, 3 times . shut off light and ascended faster than a blink. My car then started up without turning key.

Driving early morning from Vancouver, BC to Calgary, Alberta, through Yoho National Park, my wife told me to pull off the road so the bright lights could pass us.  She saw it first when I pulled over.  However, my car died, no lights, no radio. We were motionless for about 5 min., as it hovered and shone a single light on the face of one mountain. Then to a second face, then a third.  Then it spread the beam of light over all three faces at once.  After focusing for awhile, it turned off the beam and ascended and gone in split second.

The sky was cloudless full moon.   The UFO had the shape of a cigar about the size of 2 football fields and hovered approx. 500 feet from the ground, one half mile(approx.) away from us, at a 60 degree angle on passenger side of me.

My wife at the time were scared stiff, for we had our infant daughter sleeping in the back seat.

As it descended it affected my auto by shutting it down.  I didn't even turn the car off.  When it ascended and out of sight, the car started up without me turning the key.

Once in Calgary, phoned the observatory to report.  They got both our statements and said if they hear anymore from that area, they would be in touch.  No calls.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Astronomy News: Leonid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight

Illustration by SW/LITS


Grab your coat, maybe a blanket, some hot cocoa and a lawn chair!  Once again, the annual peak of the Leonid Meteor shower will be tonight (Thursday, November 17, 2011).  It starts about 11:00 p.m. and goes into the wee hours Friday morning. However, a bright third quarter moon and chilly temperatures may make viewing a bit more challenging.

According to NASA’s website, "the Leonid meteors are from the comet Tempel-Tuttle, which travels around the sun and leaves clouds of dust in its wake. As Earth travels through the debris left from the comet's previous passes through Earth’s orbit, fragments impact the atmosphere and vaporize across the night sky."

Those brilliant streaks we see across our night skies this time each Fall, are called Leonid meteors, due to the the fact that they appear to originate from the direction of the constellation Leo. Leonids are some of the fastest meteors, coming into our atmosphere at approximately 44 miles per second.

If you are so inclined and are quick enough, snap some photos of these celestial fireworks in our night skies and send them to me.  I'll post them here on the blog, for all to admire.

Safe and lucky sky watching!


See also: Meteor Showers Online

How to Find and Identify the Zodiac Constellation Leo


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Recent Triangle UFO Sightings- Arizona, Iowa, Canada


I recently posted "
Some of the Earliest Recorded Sightings of Triangle-shaped UFOs".  Below are reports of triangle-shaped UFO sightings, which were recently submitted to MUFON.

Please note that these reports are unedited.

            *               *               *

MUFON Case # 33359
Date:    2011-11-14
Time:   20:40
City:    Peoria
State:    Arizona
Summary: three red pulsating orbs

I was watching the Vikings / packers Game, my wife went outside to smoke and called me out to show me something "You have to see this". Starting due West over the white tank mountains, 3 redish / orange pusalting orbs in unchanging triangular formation moved to the n-nw for about a minute and a half then moved closer together then one by one disappeared up and to back to the west.

Photo 1
Photo 2

            *               *               *

MUFON Case # 33381
Date:    2011-11-15
Time:   20:06
City:    Fairbank
State:    Iowa
Shape:    Triangle
Distance: 500 feet or less
Summary: UFO flies over car

I was driving home from a banquet that i had for school and i was just singing along to my music and noticed a really bright light about half a mile in front of me then it went away. So i slowed to a stop on the side of the road and watched a triangle shaped aircraft with very bright pulsating lights on the three ends of the aircraft fly near my car. The lights would stay on for about 2 seconds then go off and in the middle a very bright light would flash and go off almost immediately and this sequence continued. I turned off my radio and shut my car off to listen and watch. This aircraft was completely silent and seemed to blend in with the sky. The only way i noticed it was the star displacement in the sky and the bright lights emitted from the aircraft. The craft was flying VERY fast towards the direction of my car but slowed when it almost reached my car. It was maybe 20 feet above the treetops and it hovered for a few seconds about 200 feet to the northwest of my car above the tree line then resumed its flight. It made a slight alteration in course to go more towards the north but did not turn completely. I drove home and looked into the sky to see if it followed or i could still see it. I looked to the east and could see its middle light shining but from this point it was considerably smaller and looked like a helicopter search light. I was very flustered and confused so i came home and researched all the possible explanations before i came to the conclusion that it was a UFO. In the morning i looked around the area but there was no evidence that it had been there the night before.

Photo link

            *               *               *

MUFON Case # 33370
Date:    2011-10-17
Time:   19:12
City:    Edmonton
Region:    Alberta
Country: Canada
Shape:    Triangle
Distance: Unknown
Summary: V- or Triangle-Shaped UFO Slowly Moving Over West Edmonton

I was stopped behind a bus while heading east on Stony Plain Road, close to 149 St intersection in Edmonton. The bus was loading/unloading several passengers, so I had time to look around. Looked to my left out the driver's side window and saw an unusual formation of lights in the sky. The formation was flying very slowly towards me - I soon could see 5 distinct lights in a V-formation. The lights were very large, round-shaped, and warm white in color. The lights were large and contiguous with each other. No halo or bleeding of one light to the next - very distinct round shaped. The object was flying very low and not changing altitude. It was traveling south (so it was flying perpendicular to, and towards me). I turned off my iPod and opened my window and stuck my head out to determine if there was any sound (and hopefully to signal to other people to look up). I could hear no sound over that of traffic. As the object got closer - I estimate within 500 feet (< 150 m) total distance from me (horizontal and vertical) - I could observe that the lights were attached to a single silver-gray translucent craft with a body down the center. The craft itself may have been triangular rather than a V. The object was almost overhead when I noticed the bus was gone. No one had honked, so hopefully the drivers behind me were as transfixed by the object as I was.

I slowly started driving - looking for a place to pull-off so I could get out and take a better look. My husband called on the cell phone at that moment - I thought he had seen it too. I did not answer the phone (due to distracted driving) but the time of the missed call was 7:13:13, therefore I can be very precise about the time of sighting. By the time I pulled onto a side street to return his call, I could no longer see the object due to distance and trees obstructing my view. I watched the craft for 45-sec to 1-min. Sunset was at 6:33 pm on Oct. 17, 2011 in Edmonton. The skies were clear and calm. The iPod I had with me was 1st-generation Shuffle, and my cell-phone is dumb. Neither have cameras. I was therefore unable to take a picture/video.

If others saw this object I hope that they report their sighting. I also hope that someone got photos or video - there would have been plenty of time to do so if one had the technology with them. (In the report above I said the object appeared aspirin sized. Each light was aspirin sized, so the object was 3X aspirin sized in length down each side.) Note: I wrote this report the evening of the sighting. I submitted it to a local UFO group, but did not hear back from them. Although I have no evidence, I wanted to have this sighting documented.


UFO Videoed Over North Wales


UFO sighting in North Wales (UK) near Snowdonia.

Video link


[Editor's Note: Many people are suggesting that the object in the video is nothing more than a star out of focus.

I decided to video Jupiter, which appears to be about the same size, or perhaps a bit smaller than the object in the video.  Below is a video capture of Jupiter, as I zoomed in with a Sony Handycam with 60X optical zoom.

Please note that Jupiter is in our solar system and thus, much closer to Earth than any star.  What you see in the video capture, is Jupiter zoomed in all the way and slightly out of focus. 

I'd be redundant posting a photo of a star, as it would be even smaller.  Even out of focus, it doesn't look anything like the object in the photo.

What do you think? -Sunny]



Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Some of the Earliest Recorded Sightings of Triangle-shaped UFOs


I've listed below, some of the earliest recorded sightings of triangle-shaped UFOs, not counting the Belgium Flap in Europe.  I've intentionally limited the sighting to those seen only in the U.S.

It has been speculated that Triangle UFOs are nothing more than secret military craft but that begs the question: Was our technology advanced enough for such craft in 1947?

I am not referring to ploddingly slow,
blimp-like craft.   I'm speaking of craft that can pivot on their axis and go from zero to thousands of miles per hour in the blink of an eye.

Here are just a few examples of UFO reports pertaining to Triangle.  

Please check out the links at the bottom of this post.


[These reports are "as is", with no editing.]

NUFORC Case # S38042
Occurred : 4/15/1947 23:00 (Entered as : 04/15/1947 23:00)
Reported: 7/11/2004 4:06:30 PM 16:06
Posted: 7/25/2004
Location: San Deigo, CA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:10 ,seconds
The craft was V shaped with an arodinamic body the thrust was in the form of the spectrum.

On a cloudy night I saw bright colored ligh trails through the clouds red was the dominant color,there was a large clear space in the clouds it appeared to be ten miles in lenght and about three miles across,Six triangular objects appeared out of the clouds they were in a V formation and trailing behind them was a long spectrum of light,they dove at a steep angle down and very low to the ground,In their dive the spectrum behind them begane to shorten and they slowed down.The craft passed before Me,and I was standing on a small hill able to see inside of the closest one It had a window about 4ft.by 3ft.and set back into the craft about 4" with a metalic frame,the inside was an off white with pure white lights iminating the inside ,on the far side and forward there was a smaller window in the same shape,rounded corners.The craft was black and despit its (V) shape frome below from the side view it had a very arodinamic shape, it had front windows that were very small and blacked out,it had no tail, the back one third was slanted down to where the particles came out of the back and the nose came to a blunt point,I felt as though I could put my hand over the blunt nose.The front windows came from the top of the craft and decended to the begenning of the nose.It passed by at a very fast speed a lot of what I saw was a blured but I did see a lot,it dissapeared behind some houses and I thought that it was going to crash,but they pulled up very steepely I got a glimpse of the top veiw but my young mind could not interpret the info. very well,the last thing I saw were the six craft linning up vertically and acending into the sky with their spectrums trailing behind them.I forgot to mention that the spectrum of the craft I was observing fell into particles straight down into the ground as it flew on.

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))


NUFORC Case # S36184
Occurred : 5/12/1950 14:00 (Entered as : 05/12/1950 14:00)
Reported: 4/10/2004 2:27:18 PM 14:27
Posted: 4/27/2004
Location: Fort Lewis, WA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:5 min
the triangular shaped craft chased each other, turning at sharp angles and then left in a straight line at incredible speed

I was one of a group of soldiers, sitting and lying in the grass, awaiting our turn to be processed for discharged. I lay on my back and looked straight up to see two triangular craft manuvering as if they were having an aerial dog fight. They would turn at sharp angles. The sky was very clear. They were so high they looked very small. After manuvering around for awhile overhead they went off in a straight line so fast they were gone within a second. This was a couple or three days before I was discharged on May 15, 1950.

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))


NUFORC Case # S30474
Occurred : 4/15/1952 16:00 (Entered as : 04-1952 1600)
Reported: 8/1/2003 8:52:04 PM 20:52
Posted: 8/4/2003
Location: Greenville, TX
Shape: Triangle
Duration:1-2 MINUTES

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))


NUFORC Case # S47499
Occurred : 6/21/1957 17:00 (Entered as : 06/21/57 17:00)
Reported: 11/6/2005 4:30:56 PM 16:30
Posted: 11/8/2005
Location: Lubbock, TX
Shape: Triangle
We saw a "V" shaped U.F.O in the sky.

Me and my sister were playing by some railroad tracks during the afternoon when our mother called us in to eat.before we went in something told us to look to the sky.

when we looked up, we saw a "V" shaped U.F.O. in the sky.

We lived in the county side on a farm so we do not believe that this was a plane.

I can not remember anything else so that all.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the event is approximate. PD))


NUFORC Case # S10225
Occurred : 20:00 (Entered as : 1962 20:00)
Reported: 10/15/1999 08:02
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Roseville, MI
Shape: Triangle
Duration:2 minutes
This is the first time I ever reported this and curious if anything like it has been reported. Some years ago, standing in my backyard, I looked up an saw a triangular shaped object with a round cigar shaped bottom. The craft was a beautiful brillant blue. From the nose what appeared as an electrical charge started and snaked across the body of the craft. As it did the color from the nose bac changed to a beautiful green. When the charge stopped at the tail the entire object was green. Sparks or shrouds of light came from the back (approx. 30 ft long) The object lurched forward and disappeared in a few milliseconds. Anything like this reported before.

One object triangular in shape. Size approximately 100 feet long. Bottom of craft appeared rounded. Color at time of sighting: Light that was blue. Noticable change: An electrical color snaked or wormed through the body starting from what appeared to be the nose. As the light snaked through the color behind it changed to a beautiful green. At termination of electrical charge the entire color was green. Sparks or energy rods shot from the back of the object as it lurched slightly forward and then disappeared in a few miliseconds. I do not wish to have my name released and request confidentiality. I am curious is anything like this has ever been reported. If you want to contact me by e-mail, please do. No phone calls or investigators. Thank you.

((NUFORC Note: Sighting was approximately 1962.))


NUFOR Cast # S10085
Occurred : 20:00 (Entered as : 05/00/67 20:00)
Reported: 10/6/1999 00:18
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Gainesville, FL
Shape: Triangle
We saw very close to us just above the trees a Dark-solid-Triangle it Red Globe glowing lights on each corner (triangle was 25-30ft equilateral in shape)

I am now 47, but at the time of the sighting I was 14 years of age and me and the neighborhood gang of four other kids (three of which were two brothers and one sister)were outside before we had to go in for the night looking for a Satellite that had been launched from Cape Canaveral that morning. It must have been around 8:00pm and it was just after dark and the weather was warm, clear sky, no clouds. Stars visible. I was the oldest and the ages of the other kids ranged down to about 8-9. We were in our own neighborhood and standing at the end of the street. Exact intersection address is N.W 42nd Ave. and N.W.9th Street The kids started yelling for me to look at some lights approaching us from the North. The first thing I saw was a soft red light approaching us thru the trees. And as it approached closer I could see two more red lights coming with it. My first thought was...what is that? As it came into the clear spot from behind the trees, the shape could be seen....a dark sharply outlined Equilateral Triangle with Three round-globe softly glowing blood-red lights, one on each corner where it would have come to a point if the lights were absent.It was Approximately 25-30 feet tip to tip each side although it could have been slightly larger.It was moving about 3-5mph...this I know because after we got a good look at it, we ran ahead of it in the same direction. The purpose of was to get my friends parents outside so they could see it too.they were only about seven houses down on the same street we were on (9th). And we were able to run ahead of this thing which was not too much higher that the trees... maybe 60ft up but less than 100ft. Well my friends parents Did witness this... But I will say this...I have never really understood their reaction to what we saw. The Father, who had been in the army and in Germany and tinkered with free-flight gas engine airplanes, saw this, and went back in the house and didnt say anything....I think he was spooked.... but when I asked him several times during the time after..even years after..he said He didnt know what it was, but would not discuss it... The Mother was spooked and didnt understand what she saw..now this is from my viewpoint of course... but I know how they acted at the time and remember it.But as far as my friends go, the two brothers and sister, They have all talked about it in the years since....we all know we saw something very strange. This machine, and it was a craft...was SILENT and if there was a sound, we didnt hear it.I could answer questions about this easier in person... because this typing is draining.. I have never been able to forget this experience. I was not afraid but really want to know the answer... I want to know if there was any other reports of this back in 1967 in Florida or elsewhere... and there is more to this story....something related happened 11 years later and about 60 miles away in Ocala National Forest.But this is too cumbersome here for me to say it all... I met Stanton Friedman in person here in Florida a few years back at White Springs and shared this with him, and Gave him a sketch of this that I made, but he had no information to share...he just thanked me for what I gave him... Sincerely, from ((name deleted)) Gainesville Florida…

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For a more complete list (including up-to-date sightings), please go to the NUFORC List of Triangle UFO Sightings.

I wish to commend Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center, for the excellent service he has provided over the years.  His is not an easy job, I assure you. -Sunny

Read Peter's bio here.



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