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Update: LITS UFO Investigator Has Sighting Near Breckenridge, TX- 10/30/2011

Depiction of Granbury sighting- SW/LITS.


I received an email from a person living 20 miles south of Fort Worth, Texas.  I am including the report but am excluding the witness' exact location.

Monday, October 31, 2011, 20:26 (8:26 pm)
Location: Cresson, Texas

I am looking at the lights right now. I've seen a very strange object in the daylight sky many times. There is no sound and it hovers and moves slowly. It will just vanish from sight like it evaporates.
Two other people have witnessed it with me.

Tonight I noticed at dusk and it is still there. It has not moved in two hours. It's not a star. It seems to have a top light and a middle row of lights and one light on bottom. Not sure but I'm keeping my eye on it.

[Note: I wrote back and asked their location and in which direction the object was sighted.  Here is that reply.]

I'm located in Cresson TX. About 20 miles south of Ft. Worth. The lights were in the northern sky last night but I've seen this thing all over. I've seen it during the day on 7 or 8 occasions in different spots. I don't see it on windy days. It's a oblong chrome like object in day light. I just keep watching for it daily.


[Note: I contacted a friend in Granbury, Texas and asked him if he had seen anything lately.  Here is his reply.]

Grandbury, Texas
October 30, 2011, 19:30 (7:30 pm)

Two nights ago (10-30-11), I was walking from the truck to my front door, around 7:30 or so. I had just arrived home from the hospital and noticed the lights of an airliner in the eastern sky, traveling towards DFW. I didn't think anything of it, and was simply going to go inside the house.

All of a sudden, a super bright light just appeared out of nowhere. This light was traveling much slower than the airliner, and was following the same flight path, at approximately half the altitude. But, about ten miles behind the plane. After watching the light for about fifteen seconds, it slowly became so bright, that I was having trouble looking at it. The light made a sharp turn and was heading due north, instead of east at this point, this object was now heading straight towards me and while holding my hand outstretched, I blocked most of the intense light from my eyes and continued to watch it through the tiny space between my fingers.

This object appeared to have a very bright top white light, a row of multi-color lights in the middle, and a slightly dimmer orange light on the bottom. I continued to watch this object, traveling very slowly in my direction, for about two more minutes. The entire time there was absolutely no noise, and I distinctly heard the sound of the jet engines, from the airliner I spotted first.

When the object appeared to get within about three miles of my location, and was still traveling quite slow, around 10,000 feet in altitude. All of the lights dimmed out completely in a matter of seconds, and there was no sign of the object any more. I continued to train my eyes on the path it was traveling, and could not see any lights or the object, for about 45 seconds while looking for it.

Suddenly a very bright white light appeared in the exact location that my eyes were trained at (directly above me), and it was about three times the size of the original object. Not really any brighter than the object appeared at before, at it's brightest intensity. However, this large white light began to pick up speed and a long streaming illuminated tail formed behind the object. Just like what you would see in the burning debris trail of a fireball. Within about five seconds time, the large white light faded out and the tail also faded out a couple of seconds later. Very, very strange! I felt as though I was actually watching a holographic show or something. This event did not seem real. Because, the cluster of lights did not act like anything I had seen before, and the short lived white fireball that appeared, where the multi-lit object would have been, if it did not dim out completely. Also did not act like any ordinary fireball that I have seen before.

I stood there mesmerized for several minutes, trying to find this object again, and asking myself if I had actually just witnessed what I saw. This one really had me scratching my head and trying to find some rational explanation for the object. Absolutely no sound what-so-ever during the entire sighting. But, the light still left image burns on the retinas of my eyes. I could close my eyes and still see the object for some time after it vanished from the sky. You know, like staring at a bright light on the television, and then closing your eyes to see the negative view of the same light image, from the television screen? That is what happened to my eyes for the cluster of lights, and then again 45 seconds later, for the fireball-like image. That basically describes how bright this object became, during the two times of this sighting.

Once again, I am not sure if this was the same object seen by your witness, or what you saw from your home. But, what amazed me the most about this sighting, was how this object could just turn itself on and off so easily. I don't mean the lights either. Almost as though this object could fade in and out of existence with ease. Then, mimic a slow motion shooting star or fireball.

I will keep watching the sky in my area as much as possible.


Link to my original sightings report.

Did we all three see the same object and confirm each others sightings?  It's possible.

If you have seen this object, or have had other sightings, please refer to "How To Report A UFO Sighting", or Report UFO Sightings on this blog, then contact me.  Thank you. -SW


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