Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cylinder/Cigar-shaped UFO Over Houston, 2000

Reduced size copy of 1st original photo.
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Enlarged, cropped and enhanced image from 1st original photo.
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Reduced size copy of 2nd original photo.
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Enlarged, cropped and enhanced image from 2nd original photo.
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I received an email, along with two photos of an unknown, unidentified object, from a man in Houston, Texas.  Here is that emailed report and the photos. 

Also presented, are the enlarged, cropped and enhanced images.  The object appears to be cigar or tube-shaped object, with lights (or fire?) along the side of the object.  I also note that the object could also be disc-shaped, seen edge on.

I have seen similar objects in other photos and may possibly have even seen these photos before.  The witness states that he did show these photos to a UFO investigator in Houston but the investigator made no comment.

The witness is genuine and sincere.  In agreement with the witness/ author of the photos, my conclusion is that the object is not a blimp, a balloon, an airplane, meteor, or any known man-made, or natural object. 

What do you think?

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Location:  Houston, Texas
Date: November 20, 2000
Time: 07:00 (7:00 a.m.)
Shape: Cylinder, Cigar, or possible side view of a disc.


I never in my life see any UFO until November 20, 2000 it was close to 7 AM near my work place exactly at the corner of I-45 S and Wayside.

I saw (And at least one coworker told me he saw it too) this silver tube flying very slowly, it seems to be close by but I’m not sure. it seems like it was traveling towards Houston’s downtown. I stop at the gas station at this intersection took a couple of pictures and show it to my coworkers, we check with a couple of agencies and no one could explain what this thing could be.

I wonder if you will have the ability to clean these pictures and examine it or if someone else has seen it.

It looks very large even though appeared to be a pretty good distance from when I was. At first I thought it was the flying balloon from Firestone but it does not have the cabin at the bottom.

As far as the light effect it appears as if the object has the light on itself the sun was raising at that moment but it was coming from the tail of this object and should be shining at the bottom of it if any.

It was not a meteor because as I stated was traveling (apparently) very slowly, I can see that it was moving was not stationary, I was tempted to take a few hours off from my job and follow it but I had some important thing to do that day.

It was not a plane because it has no wings.

I been having these pictures with me all the time I shared only with some of my friends and family and with a guy that is a lot into UFO investigation here in Houston; his name is Victor Soto, he never return any comments on it.

Please let me know if you find out anything.

Thanks for your help with this mystery.

[Name withheld by SW/LITS]


Editor's note: If you are, or know of the original investigator, please contact me

f you saw this object in 2000 over Houston, Texas, or have had any UFO sighting, please report it. 

Please refer to the link for How to Report a UFO Sighting and Report UFO Sightings.

Thanks. -Sunny



  1. It's a short contrail from a human aircraft. You can see them every day. The enlarged image shows the dark lines because of image processing /sharpening in the camera. I am not a "debunker" - I have witnessed a real cigar-shaped UFO, but I am both a normal guy with an interest in aviation, and who looks at the sky regularly. I am also a professional photographer. This is not a UFO, I have just identified it.

  2. I just saw two of these last night at Queens, NY at around 10:30-11 p.m.
    In between the two was the star Regulus, and the top one was much longer than the bottom. After a second and a half, they vanished.

  3. Thank you for the info, "Unknown."


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