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Have Weathermen Been Replaced By 'Weather-makers'?

Photo of the sky over my home in Texas, on June 21, 2011. -  Sunny Williams

I've been saying for some time now, that the weather just isn't behaving "natural".

My mother grew up on a Texas farm and lived her young adult life, long before there were TV weathermen.   She was very adept at reading the signs in the skies and the critters on the ground, knowing exactly what the weather would be like, for several days in advance. 

My mother taught me to also read those signs... and the signs I have been seeing are distressing.   What was once our wet months have been dry and when we do finally get rain, it's too little too late, or we end up with one helluva flood, then it's drought again.

Texas weather has always been sort of crazy.  The old saying has been, "It's Texas.  Don't like the weather?  Wait a few minutes and it'll change."  Well, that old saying no longer holds true.  We've been experiencing a severe drought for several years now and I don't see any let-up in sight.  No, not as long as someone is manipulating the weather.  And it appears they don't intend to stop any time soon.

How many homes, fields, crops and woodlands have to be burned by wildfires due to drought?  How many others will be flooded out, lives lost.  Record breaking snowfalls, tornadoes, hurricanes... look at the cost of weather manipulation.

Think that's crazy?  I'm not alone in my thoughts.  Some say, "here's proof."

Solid Proof That Weather Modification Projects Are Being Conducted All Over The United States

(Endoftheamericandream.com)  Most Americans still believe that our weather patterns are 100% natural and that our government has absolutely no control over the weather.  Unfortunately, that is not the case at all.  What you are about to read is evidence that weather modification is happening right now all over the United States.  This is never acknowledged by our politicians and it is never talked about by the mainstream media.  But it is very, very real.  Weather modification programs in some parts of the country have been going on for many years and evidence of these programs is hidden in plain view.  So does this mean that if we don't like the weather we can just blame the government?  Well, yes it does, but it also means that the government has been seriously messing around with our environment and there could be "unintended consequences" that are far more dramatic than any of us ever dared to imagine.

Those that believed that the government was involved in weather modification were once considered to be "kooks", but the truth is that authorities aren't even trying to hide it anymore.  For example, the following was recently posted in the "Legal Notices" section of the classified ads in a local newspaper called The Tribune in San Luis Obispo, California....

NOTICE OF INTENTION WEATHER MODIFICATION PROGRAM THE SANTA BARBARA COUNTY WATER AGENCY HEREBY GIVES NOTICE OF INTENTION TO CONDUCT A WEATHER MODIFICATION PROGRAM NATURE AND PURPOSE: The purpose of the project is to increase rainfall to help alleviate deficiencies of water supplies in Santa Barbara County. Clouds would be seeded by the dispersal of Silver Iodide (AgI). Two possible modes of seeding, air based and ground based, would be used. LOCATION OF PURPOSE: Project operations could be conducted during the period between November 15 and April 15, for each year, 2011-2012 through 2015-2016. Airborne seeding operations would utilize air space over Santa Barbara County, portions of San Luis Obispo County as well as the Pacific Ocean immediately west of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties. Ground based seeding operations would be conducted from the Santa Ynez Mountains, the Casmalia Hills and the San Rafael Mountains. The target areas for seeding operations are the watersheds behind Cachuma and Gibraltar reservoirs on the Santa Ynez River as well as Twitchell reservoir on the Cuyama River. LICENSEE: The project would be operated and supervised by a licensed weather modification consultant.

Can it get much clearer than that?
The Santa Barbara County water agency is telling the world that it plans to conduct a weather modification program and it is explaining exactly how it will be done.
If you are thinking that this is something new, you might want to guess again.
Weather modification projects have been conducted down in Texas for years.
The following comes from the website of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation....

Currently, cloud-seeding projects designed to increase rainfall from convective cloud towers are conducted in nearly 31 million acres of Texas (or almost one-fifth of the state’s land area). In administering the Texas Weather Modification Act (enacted by the Texas Legislature in 1967), TDLR’s weather modification program issues licenses and permits for these projects, many of which have been in existence since 2000. The projects use specialized aircraft and sophisticated weather radar systems, operated by skilled meteorologists, at sites near Amarillo, Plains, Pecos, San Angelo, and Pleasanton.

Anyone still want to be a skeptic after reading that?
According to the Texas state government, these weather modification projects have been going on down in Texas since the year 2000.
So if you live in Texas and you don't like the weather, just blame Rick Perry.
But weather modification projects are not just happening in the United States.  The truth is that they are going on all over the globe.
An article from the Guardian a couple of years ago talked about the mammoth weather modification projects that have been happening in China....

The Chinese air force claimed today that the biggest weather modification operation in the country's history cleared the skies over Tiananmen Square just in time for the National Day parade.
I write this post under gorgeously azure skies. Instead of the dull haze I have grown used to in Beijing over the past few years, the light is so sharp that it almost hurts my eyes.
The transformation is so dramatic it is eerie. When I flew into Beijing yesterday, the city was shrouded in what looked like a thick smog.

An article posted on arabianbusiness.com talked about the extraordinary weather modification projects that have been sponsored by the Abu Dhabi government....

Scientists working for the Abu Dhabi government created more than 50 rainstorms in Al Ain in July and August of 2010, during the peak of the emirate’s summer months.
The rains are part of a secret $11m project, reportedly commissioned by HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, which used ionisers to generate storms, the UK’s Sunday Times said.
It is thought to be the first time the team had produced man-made rain from otherwise clear skies.
According to the report, scientists used large ionisers, which resemble lampshades, to generate fields of negatively charged particles. That in turn creates cloud formation, leading to rain.
Over 122 days through the summer months, the emitters were switched on 74 times when atmospheric humidity reached the required level of 30 percent or more.
During that time, Al AIn experienced rainfall on 52 occasions on days when the country’s own weather service had predicted no clouds and no rain.
Are you starting to get the picture?

Read more here and see Video.


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