Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mailbag: Object Over Tomball, TX and Object Rocketing Into Space Over Aledo, TX

I recently received these two reports.  If you have any information on these sightings, please let me know.

Note: These reports are "as is", no editing.


LITS Report
Location: Between Magnolia and Tomball, Texas
Date:  November 29, 2011
Time: 10:30 (a.m.)

This morning about 10:30 am, I was driving with my 2 daughters south bound on FM1774 from Magnolia to Tomball, TX. My youngest daughter and I saw a bright light in the sky or possibly sunlight reflecting off of a metallic object in the sky. Sky was clear with bright, sunny weather. Object was moving slowly in an arc, in a downward motion, maybe heading southeast, but was hard to tell. Only saw it for a few seconds. It disappeared from view even though it did not go behind anything. It was not shaped like a plane, nor did it change size or color, or direction. Dont think it was any type of craft. Just curious if anyone else reported seeing anything and if anyone may know what it was. Maybe meteor?

Maybe just a weird angle of jet or weather balloon in sunlight headed away from us? It was very big and bright though, and seemed to disappear in the sky, like it had extinguished mid air. We lost sight of it and kept looking but never found it again.


LITS Report
Location: Aledo, Texas
November 30, 2011
Time: 20:05
Report submitted by a UFO Investigator.

I was in Aledo tonight, working on two heat pumps at my Mother's house. Trying to get the emergency back-up electric heating elements to work, for the bitter cold coming in January and February. I stepped outside to take a break, and do a little star gazing. I saw three shooting stars and two fast walkers in just fifteen minutes time.

Suddenly, as I was getting ready to go back inside. There was a very bright flash of light, at 8:05 pm in the western sky, at about 65 degrees above the horizon. This flash lasted about one full second, and was three times as bright as Jupiter. I said to myself "What the **** was that!"  The first thought that came to mind, was a meteor that hit the atmosphere straight on, and took a full second to burn up, as it was heading straight at me. But then, a few seconds later, there was another flash in the exact same spot. This time it was half as bright as the first one, and still lasted a full second. So, I began to count...and exactly five seconds later, another flash. There were seven flashes in all, and they were always five seconds apart.....exactly. Each flash was half as bright as the one before it. Until the seventh and final flash, was just barely visible to the naked eye. They were all in the same proximity of the sky, and formed a small tight circle pattern. This was no plane, satellite or the ISS.

My instincts tell me, that what I witnessed, was a space ship that had fired seven bursts, from the rockets or other propulsion system. The ship launched itself from a low Earth orbit, and flew out into space, directly away from my position on the ground. That would explain why the flashes were timed perfectly, and why each flash became less visible each time. This ship accelerated out into deep space so quickly, with each burst of light. That within 35 seconds time, it was beyond my eyesight of the propulsion flashes. This could have been a space ship built by humans, and was secretly embarking on a voyage to another planet or star system, and I just happened to glimpse the actual launch of this ship, from a platform in a stationary orbit. Unlike the ISS and more like communications satellites orbital positions. Maybe it was even the x-37B fleet that built this ship in low orbit, and launched it on it's deep space journey, from a reusable platform.

No matter how you look at this sighting. It was indeed an unidentified object, that was more than 100,000 feet in altitude and ended up flying into space, directly away from planet Earth.

There is no other explanation for what I witnessed, and I believe the small tight circular pattern of all the flashes, was simply minor course corrections being made, as it was being launched to a particular coordinate in space. I know that we have a secret space program, and that we have been sending astronauts to various planets and moons in our solar system, for many years now. But I am starting to get the impression, that we are also sending them to other star systems.

I am truly amazed at how many UFOs and meteors you can see, every single night in Aledo. I would love to set up a sky watch camera out there, if I can ever find the time.

I would love to know if any one else witnessed the flashes that I saw. I have a feeling they occur on a regular basis, and there is a definite platform up there, that ships are being launched from. Could be alien too. Haven't exactly ruled that possibility out either. But, the flashes lasting a full second each, sounds more like a conventional rocket thruster, or ionizing pulse engine. I will research the ion pulse rocket, and see if the pulses are at five second intervals. Then, it might begin to make more sense.

[Editor's Note: If you have witnessed the same thing these two witnesses have, please contact me.

Seen an unidentified flying object (UFO), or had a close encounter?  Please report it!]


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