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Lost Time in New Jersey (1986) and Maine Investigator Has UFO Sighting (12/09/2011)


[Note:  These reports have been edited.  Click on case numbers to see original reports.]


Lost Time in New Jersey

MUFON Case # 33927
Date:    1986-10-01
Location    Philadelphia, PA in route to Ocean City, New Jersey
Shape:    Triangle
Distance:    Unknown
Summary:    I was traveling east - saw the large triangle - as I approached I pulled over to observe - opened window to see if noise and if I could identify as anything I'd seen before.   

I was traveling/driving toward the shore on the north-south highway in New Jersey, approaching the Atlantic City expressway - saw a large triangle in the sky nearly overhead.  It didn't appear to be moving, as I got nearly under it (though it was a little over to my left).   I pulled over to see if I could identify it and take note of details.  I was curious since it didn't appear to be moving and I'd never seen anything like it, ie., how was it staying up there?

It was a triangle, large, there were 3 lights on the bottom of the craft at the corners, shining downwards.  Lights were constant and didn't change.  I lowered my window to listen.  There was no sound and the craft didn't move.  After maybe what seemed like 5 minutes, I decided it was probably associated with the air force base in New Jersey and I pulled back on the highway and proceeded to the shore house in Ocean City.  I have no idea how long it 'hovered' there after I drove away.

When I got home my husband asked me what I had been doing, that I was an hour late.  I had called him right before I left Philadelphia, so I guess I 'lost' approx. an hour of time.

I recently saw a couple of UFO programs on TV, where pictures of large triangles like the one I saw were shown and the one I saw was identical.  In the 90's I began to have trouble with my muscles and eventually participated in a study at University of Rochester, where my CK levels were again seen as elevated.  The info I got at the time was people like 'me' were being included in study, which was originally designed solely for Myotonic Dystrophy.  I apparently have a 'new' kind of Muscular Dystrophy.  So do others in my family.  Since that time a gene has been found for some people in the study in 'my category', though no gene has been found for mine that I know of, to date.  It was the show I saw on elevated CK levels, that prompted me to make this contact with the account of what I saw.

The date is approx, as is the time, since I chalked it up for so long, as associated with the military.

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Maine Investigator Observes UFO

MUFON Case # 33924
Date:    2011-12-09
Time:   00:00
Location: Bangor, Maine
Distance: Unknown
Summary:  glowing object observed

Glowing object observed from window, TV froze for next hr.   I am a seasoned investigator for the past 15 yrs.

Object hovered then continued on out of my sight, slowly.  At first thought it was a explainable event, a.k.a. helicopter. But then took notice whole object glowed, not just a light and no sounds.


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  1. me and my wife had seen 1time one different type of craft in the night sky up in Val court Quebec Canada . where her parents live. we just finished supper we wanted to take a walk we had flash lights with us. but before I had notice this craft as my wife did as she was driving.before her parents But when we shined our flash light up in the sky the craft saw it. the craft had red orange yello white and read and it a rounded shape object that stayed at one place and never moved to ten 15 minutes after we have come. then it started to follow us that's when we ran into the house.


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