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'Terror by the Lake', 'The Skinwalker and the Crows' and more

Illustrations by Sunny Williams/LITS

I received an email from a good friend who related a few stories to me, ones which she has had related to her by the witnesses themselves, or family members and friends of the witnesses.

My friend has allowed me to post these, signed with her pseudonym.


Hi Sunny,

I'm going to go ahead and relate to you the story I was told. It's third hand and we both know how butchered a story can grow by the time it reaches several ears...

Terror by the Lake

The incident occurred in the early sixties, a time when the Lake Travis was little more than a collection of lodges and scattered lake houses. Nothing like the monstrously busy place it is today. The cabin was by itself. From what I recall of the story they were not right next door to any other cabin. This lady's friends parents were doing some late night fishing, or perhaps simply standing by the lakes edge, when a brightly lit UFO dropped down and began to hover over the lake within viewing distance.  One or both of them felt threatened enough to move quickly back to the cabin. This, for me, is where it got really interesting.

The cabin was described as being a tin roof affair, with a small porch. Once the couple closeted themselves inside, they began to hear noises outside.  What was relayed to me was that something tried to gain access via the door.  Scratching was heard and the door was shaken.  When whatever it was could not gain access by the entry route, they soon heard it on the side of the house and soon after.. atop the roof!  It was described as being heavy sounding and footfalls from its movements were heard overhead. The incident lasted about twenty - thirty minutes by the telling, whereupon it hopped off the roof with an audible thud and made further noises as it wandered around the perimeter of the house.

Needless to say the couple was terrified and did not exit the house until the light of day.  When they did, there were indentations not only in the tin roof but also on the ground in the area, where they said the 'thing' had hopped off.  This story was passed down to their daughter, who swore by her parents veracity. 

Again, the story is likely butchered by now, but perhaps a few grains of truth remain. It doesn't sound like many UFO stories I have heard but then I didn't hear it from the experiencers mouths.  I have heard reports of Bigfoot-like creatures being oddly associated with some UFO sightings, though without an actual sighting of a creature, it's certainly impossible to say.

I tend to file this one away in the 'fun stories I like to relate " lol..

I'm in the mood to communicate so I think I'll go ahead and tell you a story a friend of mine from the west coast related to me, a man who I had always had good and credible interactions with.  I was definitely intrigued by the story he told, one in response to my story to him about seeing a 'fox' spirit once, which I believe I relayed to you as well.  This one is more detailed, because I questioned him right and left about it.  I'm used to writing a bit so excuse the manner in which its written. I am not taking any literary license here either... this is pretty much as he told it to me.


The Skinwalker and the Crows

My friend was a teacher, somewhere out on the west coast. While doing his masters thesis in Washington state, his favored topic was the study of the Native American myth of the 'trickster'.  He was in contact with a tribe in Washington state and was allowed to travel there, to meet with one of the shaman. In order to get there, he took buses back and forth, which dropped him and many of the tribes people off at the high way exit near the reservation. A long walk down a thickly wooded road would then be taken until one reached their destination.

On this particular afternoon, a young tribal woman exited the bus before him and began walking down towards the reservation. She was a good hundred yards from him by the time he exited with his gear, so he walked quietly behind her after the bus left.   He described her as being of average Native American looks ( of whatever tribe she belonged to... that information is lost in my memory somewhere) and about 18 years of age.

 As he walked, he noticed a man exiting the woods in front of him.  He told me he was wearing jeans and a jean jacket as was common to many of the people living there, so little notice was taken except that something told him the man was following the young woman purposefully.   My friend was a very protective type so I understood his intuitive sense when he told me this.  My friend said he was somewhat concerned but was not at all fearful in that moment, until the man ahead of him turned to look back at him.  The ' man' , my friend said, had no face.  He described it as being a void, or a nothingness.  I asked him if it was cloudlike and he told me no. It was just... nothing. My friend who didn't seem to think he was a fearful guy, was literally paralyzed in terror from that moment on and could not even walk to help the woman.

He could only watch as the thing turned back to the woman and continued to stalk her. Within moments of this, my friend noticed crows descending from the forest. Several flew around the men.  My friend said there were three of them, and one of the crows finally landed on the road right in front of the "being".  The jean-clad critter stopped in its path and seemed to look down at the crow and within a matter of moments, it simply turned and walked back into the forest. Once it was gone, the crows flew off and whatever terror my friend had experienced, was literally gone. He was able to move again and hustled his way to the rez, to meet with the shaman. ( As I recall, my friend told me the young woman never seemed to even know anything was amiss.)

The shaman and her husband lived in a mobile home type situation and my friend was invited in. Her husband was apparently in the kitchen and at that moment not seen.  The shaman noted my friend's anxiousness and asked about it.

My friend began to relay the story and the shaman apparently asked him, before he got started describing the full incident, if crows had been involved. When he agreed there had been, she asked if there had been three of them. When he agreed with that one she appeared unfazed and called her husband into the room, saying something like.."Hey, he just saw a skinwalker."  The husband looked at my friend with an unsurprised look and asked if he'd seen the three crows. Once my friend agreed he had, he asked the shaman, "what exactly is a skinwalker?" and she told him something along these lines.  "Some things you don't need to know, white boy." and refused to tell him anything more than that the crow was their sacred bird, which protected their tribe.

My friend was unable to get anything else out of the shaman and her husband, about the being and remarked on how unsurprised and/or unconcerned both of them had been about his descriptions of the event.

For his thesis, as well as his own personal interests in Native American spirituality, my friend continued to see the shaman from time to time.  However, nothing along those lines ever happened again.

I have no way of verifying this story.  It is another one of those 'fun stories' I tend to collect.

UFOs and Perception

As for the 'blinders' thing... I find that interesting as well. I once read some work by a channeler named [name withheld]. I'm not 'into' channeling per se' and find most of it (excuse the term) regurgitated pap, though on occasion you can find a few gems here and there. This channeler was very interested in her encounters with extraterrestrials and used to lead meditation groups out into the desert, with the intent of promoting interactions with 'friendly' types.

The channeler did notice some interesting conditions amongst her group.  Once a meditative state was achieved, it seemed easier for many of her people to see objects that appeared (and those ships that did appear) and seemed to do so with far greater regularity once the groups 'consciousness' (or frequency) had been shifted.  Another thing she noticed (I fail to remember the term she used, though its meaning was clear), when 'contact' was imminent, various interesting behaviors seemed to occur regularly with various individuals.  Some would grow 'spacy', some very sleepy, others seemed to grow itchy or restless.  She began to wonder if perhaps the unconscious mind was attempting to protect their day to day perception of reality from such a huge, life altering and -reality- altering experience.  Rather like the old, possibly false, legend of the Indians failing to perceive Spanish ships when they arrived, simply because their perception of reality did not include such concepts. She called this something like a 'signature behavior'. 

I'm sure you can 'feel' when beings are near, either multidimensional or ghostly, as can I.. and can even discern what types they may be. When this sense of presence occurred, or that sense of imminent contact was felt... these behaviors became most apparent, especially in those who were less aware of the senses they might be getting.

When I saw the chevron shaped object over my house one night in Houston, I was with my ex husband and one of his friends. I saw it plainly though it was very dim.  My ex (once he saw it) only perceived the shape the lights were in. His friend, who had no idea of UFOs, saw nothing.  Granted it was traveling overhead and soon lost to view, but why my ex did not see the pale orange light or reflection, is hard to say. However, he did see the lights arrayed on its belly.

Human consciousness is a very interesting subject,  especially as it relates to ufology and the paranormal.  Though I do believe that the various types of UFO occupants do manipulate human perceptions quite readily, I also believe we have much to do with our own perception of what is occurring, during contact experiences. The fuzzy line that divides the two is rather difficult to interpret, mostly because the instrument that is recording these events, is also the one we use to weigh our evidence with. LOL

-Heather Dewireid


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