Thursday, December 15, 2011

White Cigar-shaped Craft In Thundercloud Over Madison, Tennessee

Depiction by SW/LITS


A witness in Madison, Tennessee observes a cigar-shaped craft exit, the re-enter a thundercloud.

This report is unedited.


MUFON Case # 34015
Date:    2011-09-15
Location: Madison, Tennessee
Shape:      Cigar
Distance: Unknown
Visibility: Partly Cloudy
Weather:  Heavy
Summary:  White cigar shaped craft

First seen over Gallatin Road near military cemetery. I was driving down Gallatin away from downtown and saw the object out of the corner of my eye. I slowed the car and watched the object come out of a thunderhead cloud, hover for a few seconds and then turn upside down and go back into the cloud.

The contrast of the white object against the black cloud made it stand out. I knew it was an oddity as soon as I saw it because of the maneuvers it made and the fact that it entered the storm cloud.

I was very shaken by the sighting and actually pulled off the road and called a friend to tell her exactly what happened. I felt nervous the rest of the night and had a hard time sleeping.

I saw what I believe is the same object about two or three weeks later in roughly the same area in the middle of the day. The sky was completely clear of clouds. I saw the object directly overhead and it had the same features (or lack of features) as described above. It flew overhead at what looked like a relatively normal rate of speed and then rapidly accelerated. It was gone so fast it looked like it disappeared into nothing.

I've had no other sightings since then.


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