Friday, December 23, 2011

A personal account: Humming Sound and Being Immobilized

Depiction of what I felt caused the humming sound in 2009. - SW


November 2, 2009, near Breckenridge, Texas.
Time:  05:52
Duration:  Less than 10 minutes

I got up from bed and went to the bathroom. When I came back to bed, the clock on the nightstand read 5:52 a.m.

As soon as I got in bed, my dog started barking and crying. Suddenly the dog stopped and the cell phone by the bed was "activated",  then the clock radio near the cell phone started making a throbbing static noise, somewhat like a short burst of Morse code.  That finally stopped and then I began to hear a deep rumbling, "thrumming" sound.  At first it was very faint but grew louder and louder as it passed very slowly, directly over the house. 

The sound was much like the hydro electric generators at the powerhouse, where my spouse had worked for 20 years before retiring.  The only difference was that this humming sound was more subdued and I could feel it, as well as hear it.

There were no lights involved.  I don't recall seeing anything but I "envisioned" a dark, triangular-shaped craft moving slowly over my house.

I felt a pressure in my chest, like I was being pushed down into the bed and it actually felt like I was being scanned.  I wasn't paralyzed, my arms were free to move but I just couldn't get up.  I tried.  I also flung my arms, striking my husband's arm several times.

The object passed on over, I was released, the sound faded and I laid there knowing that I had just received a "passing visit".

My spouse said he was awake but all he remembers is the dog barking, also the cell phone and the radio making noise.  He never moved, though I desperately tried to rouse him, hitting his arm with mine and asking him, "Can you hear that?  Listen!  I can't move!  Wake up!"  I called his name to no avail.  As far as I could tell, he was unconscious.

As the humming sound receded, becoming more faint and indistinct, I immediately fell back to sleep.

I've experienced this at night, on two other occasions.  It has never occurred during sunlit hours.

I'd like to note, that the very next year a contact called me one evening, saying that a triangle UFO was seen being escorted by military helicopters, headed in my direction  from south to north.  I watched but never saw, nor heard this "aerial convoy".

Was it of extraterrestrial origin, or is it something that our military is using, hiding in 'plain sight'?


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