Saturday, December 10, 2011

Florida Triangle UFO Sightings, Past and Present


Triangle-shaped UFOs have been around a while.  Here are two sightings in Florida that were recently reported.

[Note: The 1984 report is edited for 'language'.  Click on case number to view original report.- SW]


Dark Triangle Over Immolalee, Florida- Oct. 18, 1984

MUFON Case # 33931
Date:    1984-10-18
City:    Immolalee, Florida
Shape: Triangle
Duration: 00:02:15
Summary:  large dark object traveling over south fl. wilderness area!

1.In swamp buggy sitting with three(3) others looking out over marsh area having a smoke, enjoying the evening.

2.It was a new moon night with all the stars shinning:silhouetted against star field horizon was Southern boundary of an large ranch land. One could not help notice the East/West tree line of ranch lands Southern border as one gazed North from an oak island across 0ne(1) kilometer of marsh sandwiched between oak island and ranch.

3.The object was over ranch land when it started to black out the star-field distinguishing said East/West tree line!

4.As I noticed the 'blacked out' star field growing: it became obvious that an very large object was emerging from horizon getting larger as it headed directly toward my crew and myself! There was no other reason to think it was anything other than an U.F.O. dominating the sky!

5. Object was dark in detail as was the night, triangular in shape as it's silhouette blotted out star filled sky; traveling South by South East at approx. 3-4 knots per hr. at approx. 175ft.-250ft. in altitude!

6. My feeling reactions were cool,calm; yet mitigated by the reaction of the others with me as they began to notice themselves! I turned to my step son as he looked and I asked,"rube what the hell is that", not saying anything immediately I asked again,"rube what the ____ is that", GD john "I don't know"! I then turned to his uncle and friend in back seat asking "richard what the ____ is that", " I don't know GD it"; his friend started babbling as it was obvious that he could not handle this encounter we all were witnessing!  My feeling in an 'nutshell' is and always will be; wow, lucky me, as this was not my only experience with rare events!

7. As object traveled over us I did my best to make out and observe every detail I could, not paying any mind to other three(3) with me; as object continued South by South East it fading in dark night sky revealing stars in all their glory as they were before being cloaked by one huge 'freakin' unidentified flying object!

That was that, but the very next day at Sunday family dinner I breached the subject with step-son,brother-in-law, present in front of credible family members; both concurring with my description of events night before!  I might add that they were not too talkative concerning sighting!


Black Triangle Over St. Petersburg, Florida- Dec. 9, 2011
MUFON Case # 33934
Date:    2011-12-09
Time:   20:32
Location: St. Petersburg, Florida
Shape:    Triangle
Duration: 00:02:00
Distance: Over one mile
Summary: Black Triangular Craft

Driving with a friend in a residential/commercial area. It was out of place in the sky. Probably a plane at first, until it was apparently hovering. Dark triangular craft with lights at each point and one in the middle. It hovered in place and than turned abruptly and disappeared instantly.


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