Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Alien Sightings in Michigan and North Carolina

Could some of these alien sightings actually be extra-dimensional, instead of extraterrestrial?

Here are two unedited MUFON sightings reports, which show that not all sightings are of 'grays', or little green men.


MUFON Case # 33815
Date:    2011-12-03
Time:    23:20
Status:    Assigned
State:    Michigan
Distance:    20 feet or less
Summary:    Little creature with big eyes staring at me 20-30 ft away

Went out back door of the house to take a smoke break from the Big 10 Football Championship (Michigan State and Wisconsin). While smoking a cigarette, standing on the sidewalk, 10 feet from the house (on the North side of the house), I looked to the West. Approximately 20 ft away, by a large pine tree, was standing this little creature. Oval, black and white, at first thought it was a skunk, but it had two large yellow/green eyes staring at me(approx. 6 inches oval). They almost glowed. It didn't move. It stood about 2 to 3 feet tall. I went back in to finish seeing the football game. Came out, again at approximately 12:15 A.M., after the game, to smoke again and it was gone. It was not a skunk, raccoon, cat, dog, coyote, possum or any other animal. It stood up and stared at me with no movement. First time I have ever, first hand, seen a creature like that.


MUFON Case # 33830
Date:    2011-11-23
Time:    20:00
Status:    Assigned
City:    Liberty
State:    North Carolina
Duration:    00:00:05
Summary:    Witness husband does not believe his own eyes but saw a small entity

The witness is husband to a lady that has had sightings, missing time, and found herself standing naked in her living room at 2 AM recently. The husband saw what he described as a being 4 feet tall with long hair. It was in the hallway for 2 seconds looking at him. It then disappeared into a mist.


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