Friday, December 23, 2011

Triangular-shaped craft emits buzzing sound over a Stafford, VA home

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Two witnesses in Stafford, Virginia see a triangular UFO and hear a buzzing, crackling sound.

[Note: This report is edited.  Click on case number for original report.]


MUFON Case # 34254
Date:    2011-12-22
Time:    05:00
City:    Fredericksburg / Stafford
State:    Virginia
Shape:    Triangle
Distance: 100 feet or less
Summary: Triangular Shaped Craft Over Stafford, VA

I was asleep and woke to a buzzing sound and snapping of static electricity in my room and around me. The buzzing sound seemed to be in the room with me. I looked at the clock and it as 5 am (12/22/2011) -- Stafford, VA. I went to the window and looked upward and saw a large dark triangular shaped craft slowly passing overhead in a South to Northern direction. There was a bright white light on each corner and the craft traveled with one point forward. A red blinking light could be seen on the bottom of the craft. The craft seemed to be making no noise whatsoever but creating a hum in my bedroom and lots of static electricity (my hair stood on end). I woke my mom and she looked out the window to see it hovering over the trees about 270 feet away (about 10' over the trees). I figure the width of it as it passed overhead and over the trees was about twice the size of the back (width of the homes behind my home) or about 120 ft.

I didn't get a photo though had my cell phone with me. I didn't have my video camera battery charged. But charging it now in case there is a repeat.

Odd thing. My dog, Boomer, a 125 lb yellow lab slept through this even though I was up and yelling at mom to take a look, etc. The dog never acts this way... very vigilant... but he kept quiet or stayed asleep.

I could do a sketch. So could my mom. I could map the path it took while in my view to a great degree of accuracy.


Editor's Note:  I recall a similar incident, where some type of large craft moved over my home one evening, while my spouse and I were in bed.  As it did so,  it emitted a deep humming sound that was felt as much as heard. 

I'll save that for another post. - SW


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