Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pilot Takes Photos Of Anomalous Lights Over North Miami


While driving in the North Miami area on November 19, 2011, a pilot captures photos of unidentified lights in the sky.


MUFON Case #  33774
Date:    2011-11-19
Time:   19:30
City:    North Miami
State:    Florida
Shape:    Sphere
Duration:    00:07:00
Distance:    One mile or less
Summery: Four ufo's paralleled to road way

Driving south bound on US1 North Miami Beach Florida just north of the intersection of Biscayne and 163rd Street. Notice objects to my right. Took 2 pictures with iphone. In first picture 4 objects. In second picture 3 objects. Total 7 objects.
Fog moving in from left (east). Other vehicles in the picture. Other lights. Railroad crossings.
objects moved quickly southbound and vanished.

I usually am observant. Trained to look at my surroundings. Single engine Pilot since 8/1970.

Photo link
Photo link


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