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Witnesses Observe Bright Blue Lights On Two Craft Near George West, Texas- 10/21/2013


I received a report from LITS South Texas Lead Investigator, Connie Churchill.   In that report, a witness observed 2 circular (disc?) craft with large, bright blue lights. which were also seen by other witnesses.

The objects/lights appeared to hover about, over pasturage near a ranch house.

This event occurred  3 miles north of George West, Texas. 

Here is that report:

LITS (Lights in the Texas Sky) UFO Investigations

Location: Co rd 889, 3 miles north of George West, Texas
Date of Sighting: 10/21/2013
Time  of sighting:  just before dark...7:30 pm (still daylight)
Duration of sighting:  Approx. 4 hours
Shape:     Circle, Disc
Weather Conditions: Cool night, slight cloud cover

The witness pulled into a local roadside business and was surprised to see a large horizontal ring of bright blue lights across the road behind her. It was as large as the ranch house behind it. Each of the large blue lights shone steadily. The ring hovered low as the witness watched for several minutes kicking up dust under it, as it wandered the open pasture (an area covering 5 acres or more.)

The witness got back in her car and drove west for another advantage spot. The ring of lights hovered about the front pasture and the witness drove back to parking lot and snapped 2 photos with her cell phone. On the third attempt to photograph, her phone crackled and went black, leaving her with the impression the craft 'zapped' it with an apparent light flash in her direction.

Later, we realized that none of the photos came out.

After watching a while longer, the witness noticed two men working on a boat just a few doors down. She drove there and the 3 watched together, even standing on a vehicle to get a better look at the objects.

During the sighting another identical ring of blue lights rose up from a creek bed, just behind the house on the property. Both of the objects hovered and changed their altitude within the fenced in pasture.

There was no sound coming from the objects.

The witnesses noticed no heat or vibration. There was however, a thrust of wind under the objects when they got closer to the ground.

The witness had a very clear, very close look at the objects moving as close as 50 yards near her.

A follow up investigation found no apparent disturbance to anything... soil, brush or trees within the sighting area of the crafts.

After watching for 2 hours, the witness reported that the blue lights turned white. It was just a short time later the three witnesses realized the objects had disappeared.

Final time: 11:30 pm.

*          *          *

Note: I was sent the photos that the witness took.  Something should have appeared in the photo, such as sky, background trees, etc.  However, the photos were completely blank, as if all data had been stripped.

In addition, on that same evening, a witness miles away near Fayette, Texas observed similar blue lights.  The lights were seen to be heading south.

That report can be read here:
Disc with blue lights seen near Fayette, Texas 10-21-2013 

If you witnessed either of these events, please send us your report.   Thank you. - Sunny


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Disc with blue lights seen near Fayette, Texas 10-21-2013

Artist rendering by Sunny Williams, Lights in the Texas Sky.


A witness reports that while driving on Hwy 71 near Fayette, Texas, they and persons in another vehicle observed a circular (disc-shaped) object with white/blue lights.  The object appeared to be heading south.

This report is unedited.

MUFON Case # 51725
Date of Sighting:  10/21/2013 

Time of Sighting:  08:00 (20:00)
Location: Fayette, Texas
Source     MUFON
Viewing Distance: 101-500 Feet
Sighting Duration:  Undisclosed
Object Features:   Unknown
Object Flight Path: Hovering then path
Object Shape:  Bullet, Missile, Circle
Summary:   Circular UFO hovering over 71 in Texas heading south

Driving north on Texas highway 71 saw a strange circular shape with pulsing lights heading south hovering over 71, very low to ground only myself and one other car on highway we both slammed on breaks we both saw it was going south and going slow very strange shape didn't look like any kind of plane or anything circular lights around the outside bottom of the circle that were a burning white/blue. I was very amazed I didn't believe what I was seeing but it was there long enough to actually look at it and realise yes that's not a plane it's a UFO.

 Note:  If you saw this object, or one like it, please report it.  Thank you. -Sunny


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A triangular craft first heard, then seen over witness's home

Witness' depiction.

A young witness in Fort Worth, Texas first heard, then observed a triangular shaped craft over their home.

This report was submitted to MUFON and is posted here, unedited.

MUFON Case # 51635
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Date of Sighting: 10/15/2013
Time of Sighting: 11:40
Viewing Distance: 21-100 Feet
Sighting Duration: Undisclosed
Object Flight Path: Hovering then path
Object Shape: Triangle
Summary: I heard an odd sound outside so I got of my sofa to go check it out and when I was outside there was a craft hvering above my house.

It was about (11:40) last Tuesday (10/15/2013) I was watching T.V. when I heard a loud pulsating humming sound, as soon as I heard the sound I ran outside to see what it was. When I was outside I was stunned to see a large triangular craft with 1 white light on each point of the object, the craft was about 75 feet away from me and about 50 feet in length. The reason that I was so shocked was because I have been hearing this humming sound every night for the past week and every time I heard it I passed it off as being the A.C. unit on the back side of our house, but sense I saw the object I have stopped hearing the sound. Also this has not been the first time I have seen the object and I am not the only one who has seen it, My older brother my father and my little sister have described the same object to me and they have claimed to see it right over my house in the same place that I had seen it. The most recent time that I had seen the object other than this time was in 2008 I don't remember the month but it was in the summer, it was hovering over my house then heading in the same direction that it had all the other times that I had seen it. Almost every person in my family has seen this object or a similar one in their life time.

Photo link


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Photo Of Orb Over Highway Near Salt Lake City, Utah

Original witness photo, re-sized, enhanced.


This report was submitted to MUFON.
The report is unedited.

Please note: I cropped, enlarged and enhanced the object in the photo above, from witness' photo.   Please refer to photo links at bottom of this post
The orb appears to be a plasma ball, possibly under intelligent control, i.e., probe?  -Sunny

MUFON Case #51405 
Location of Sighting: Salt Lake City, Utah
Date of Sighting:       10-08-2013
Object Shape:            Orb
Summary: Glowing white light approx size of basketball at treetops; took photo #1 them orb switched to other side of road within seconds for photo #2; appears green in photos although was white to the human eye

I was driving southbound on Utah state road 65 from the East Canyon Reservoir area (Wasatch mountains) toward Salt Lake City/Interstate 80 enjoying the autumn leaves on Oct. 8th, 2013 approximately 430-5pm MST. Relatively few cars were on the winding mountain road and the sky was very overcast. While driving on a fairly straight portion of the road, a glowing white light caught my eye. The spherical object was approximately the size of a cantaloupe or basketball and was hovering stationary near the top of a large tree. The object seemed to shimmer white light yet did not blink lights and did not change light color. It was a glowing ball of white transparent light. I quickly braked and grabbed my iphone (which was in camera mode as I had been stopping periodically to take pictures of the autumn leaves) and snapped a picture of the glowing orb. Mere seconds later, the orb appeared on the opposite side of the 2-lane road at approximately the same height off the ground yet I did not witness the orb move from one location to the other. It was simply as if it "disappeared" as it moved between locations within seconds. I quickly snapped a second picture before the object simply was no longer visible. No longer seeing the object, I proceeding in driving toward my destination. Once in SLC, I stopped to look at the two pictures of the object I had taken. I was surprised to see that the object (which had appeared bright white to my eyes at the time I observed and photographed the object) appeared glowing GREEN, not white, in the two photographs! The lighted object I witnessed and photographed was not a reflection from another vehicle or street sign, nor was it a malfunction of my iphone camera (inasmuch as I have taken literally hundreds of photos of this seasons autumn leaves on the iphone at varying times of the day and early evening and have never seen a reflective green spherical object inadvertently appear in any of them). The green orbs shown in the attached photographs are what appeared to the naked eye as white glowing orbs. I do not know what it was I witnessed and photographed; I do however know I successfully captured whatever it was in two valid photos.

Original Photo Links:


Witness Reports Observing Mothership and Smaller Craft Over Milford, Michigan

The witness reports having seen a possible "mothership" and smaller craft, over Milford, Michigan.

This report was submitted to MUFON.
The report is unedited.

MUFON Case #51408    
Location of Sightiong: Milford, MI
Date of Sighting:      10-08-2013
Summary: mother ship hovering. many orbs flying around.

On Oct. 8th. 2013 at approx . 8:15pm saw a bright object below the crescent moon. Then observed several orbs brightly lit around the bright object. Drove towards Milford on Pontiac trail and stopped at a field in Wixom, exited the vehicle and stood in a field and watched for approx. a half hour as what I would describe as the mother ship hovered in position while as many as ten different orbs would fly around it.
There was a large amount of planes and helicopters around this area. I watched as the mothership would descend in the flash of a second and then hover stationary. Many little orbs (they looked about the size and brightness of a satellite ) flew around the mothership (usually in pairs of two or three) A second witness that was also looking at ufo stated that it appears two of the ships were firing at each other via a beam of light.
I looked to the north where ships were reported as shooting at each other. I observed the orbs in question but did not observe any shooting of rays. i observed orbs get brighter then disappear in a flash. When I looked where the mothership was.... it was gone.
The incident lasted about forty minutes. It did appear as if the u.f.os were engaging each other or engaging planes and helicopters in the vicinity.
A poster from Royal Oak ( several cities east of my location) stated he watched what appeared to be a helicopter shoot down a ufo that fell from the sky. around same time frame.
Drove west of my location from Wixom to Milford trying to observe more. But to no avail.
When I returned home I observed a very low flying airplane (just above tree line) never saw a plane flying that low. The whole event was quite amazing.

* No photos available.


Strange Object Photographed Over Fort Myers, Florida

Photo by witness.
Click image for larger view.


This report was submitted to MUFON
The report is unedited.

MUFON Case #51409    
Location of Sighting: Fort Myers, FL
Date of Sighting:      10-08-2013   
Summary: Recurring object in WSW sky, NOT Venus    

This object has appeared on multiple nights, always between 7:15 PM and 8:30 PM, always in the WSW sky, and remains visible for approximately one hour. It does not deviate in altitude. It changes between two forms, seemingly as it slowly rotates. It is either a triple light or a single orb, always white, and changes in intensity. I have watched it through binoculars and when it disappears, it quickly dims and just "goes out". It does not set. It does not fly away. First the outer lights begin to dim, followed quickly by the center light until it is no longer visible. I have never seen it reappear the same night. There have been three adult witnesses to this and we all agree on the description. First, we believed it to be Spica, then Venus. But planets do not "dim away" nor do they have three distinct lights. We first observed this in September and filed a report at that time. I have contacted our local control tower as we are a few miles from an airport, but they could offer no explanation. After so many subsequent sightings I have decided to file an updated/new report for tonights sighting. Tonights pictures are the best representation I have been able to capture, to date. All three witnesses are responsible, non-drinking adults who would really love to know what it is that keeps appearing in our sky!

Photo Links:


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