Saturday, May 29, 2010

Photos reveal unusual objects in sky over wind farm near Abilene, Texas

This is my own personal experience.  Here is my report to MUFON.
Please note that the only photo I've sent so far, was the photo taken on the way to Abilene.  
You, my readers, are getting to see a copy of the second photo. -SW

MUFON Case #  23513
Date:    05/03/2010
Time:    13:19
Location:  near Abilene, Texas
Shape:    Oval,Sphere,Triangle
Location:    Farmland
Terrain:    Fields
Visibility:    Partly Cloudy
Weather:    Windy
Description:    Objects seen in photos taken during a trip to Abilene, Texas

May 3, 2010 @ 1:19 p.m., my spouse and I were driving to Abilene for my six month medical check up. We were driving SW on Hwy 351. As we were coming up on the wind farm located NW of Abilene, I felt the need to take a few photos, so I did.

I had seen several small bright flashes of light in the sky but could not tell what it was. When I finally downloaded the photos to my laptop, two particular photos stood out. To the extreme left of the first photo, are some white dots. This is the location in the sky where the flashes of light caught my attention. In the center of the photo is an unknown object and 3 quarters of the way up from the bottom of the photo and just left of center, there appears to be an obtuse triangle formation of lights. There are a couple of light streaks but I am assuming they are minute scratches on the windshield, along with an amount of bug splats.

After I downloaded the photos and looked at them, I went out to the pickup and checked to see if any of these anomalies might match up with the bug splatters but they didn't, so I decided it might be worth reporting.

The photo was taken with a Sony Cyber-shot, f/7, 1/640 sec., 100 ISO, apt-3, FL-10mm, no flash. I also have another photo taken on the way back (again through the windshield), that shows white orb-like objects in an entirely different location. They are not reflections, smudges, birds, airplanes, Venus, swamp gas, etc.

I have the unedited originals and will send the second photo upon request.

Original photo (large file)

Click on image for actual size.

Scaled down version:

Here is a scaled down version of the second photo, taken on the way home:


Friday, May 28, 2010

Formation of lights seen in Texas and Georgia Skies

MUFON Case #   23500
Date:    05.27/2010
Time:    05:15
Location:  Irving, Texas
Summary:   Six lights in the sky not behaving like aircraft or baloons

I was leaving my apt for work at aproximately 05:15 5/27/2010.  I checking the weather to the North looking at the sky.

I noticed 6 points of light similar to bright stars moving slowly accross the sky in the formation of an upside down "Y". They moved from East to West.

I held my thumb out against what I was seeing to attempt to gauge size or distance. I cold not. The formation of objects from this perspective were approximately the size of my thumb with my arm fully extended.

My first thought was that this was an airplane since DFW Intl. was just a few miles away. I am used to the various approach patterns of airplanes in the area.

If these lights were from a known type of plane, I would have heard engines at this distance. I would have also been able to see parts of the aircraft. It would have been moving much faster if it were an airliner. I'm certain, it was not any kind of plane that I have ever seen.

The lights stopped breifly. One of the "wing" lights broke away and moved out ahead of the formation and stopped. The formation began to move again.

As the formation approached the single light, the single light maneuvered to rejoin the formation.  Once in formation again, all lights stopped.

The lights were clearly visible when suddenly they began to shimmer as though I were looking at them through heat waves. I glanced around to find that no other stars or other objects were shimmering in this way. Then the lights faded away as though someone had turned them off with a dimmer switch.

The lights made no sound and they did not move exactly together as lights fixed to a single platform might. The size and color of the lights remained consistent with the size, color and brightness of a bright star during this.

*          *          *

MUFON Case #    23507
Date:    05/28/2010
Time:    21:15
Location:  Grayson, Georgia
Summary:  15 to 20 bright orange lights above the trees.. Highway 78 and Grayson pkwy.

I was driving home from my friends house on highway 78 in Snellville/Grayson. Then I turned left on Grayson pkwy and I noticed about 15 to 20 bright orange spheres in a line above the trees to my right.

I pulled into my driveway and ran to my backyard and could now only see about 4 or 5 of them. They had changed patterns. They were circling each other. They kept getting lower until it was almost like they disappeared.

It was hard to say how far away they were. From the time I got in my backyard they were gone within 3 minutes or so.

When I first noticed them I thought it was possibly some lights from a cell tower but then they starting moving.

I woke my husband up and we sat outside for a few hours but they did not return.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Humans and Reptilian Aliens - Alpha, Omega

Called the R-Complex (Reptilian Complex), and largely unchanged by evolution, the innermost in our brain is what is called the reptilian brain, the oldest and most primitive part.

We share this commonality with all vertebrates (animals that have a backbone). The R-Complex controls body functions required for sustaining life (breathing and body temperature). It is also responsible for behavior relating to survival of the species (sexual behavior, fight or flight responses, rage, territorial behavior, etc.).

If you follow evolution, we evolved from a single celled life form, then a fish, to a type of amphibian, then to a small mammal, next an ape type creature and then us.  This supposedly took place over several million years of evolution. 

We know there are always naturally occurring mutations, some work and some do not.  What works might move on to the next level.  What doesn't work, dead ends and dies out.

As humans, we are still evolving, changing.  Average height of humans is now taller, we live longer (due to better medical treatments and better food), and just over the last few years, more subtle changes have been taking place. What might those changes be?

Are aliens responsible for creating us?  I am at least, open to that possibility.  I am fairly sure they would like to take all the credit but Nature herself, has her ways as well.  But who knows, maybe the aliens themselves, are our 'missing link'.

Do the aliens (the many varied species) mean us any harm?  I believe some do, most definitely but it isn't to eradicate us, it's to use us, though there may be some that would like nothing better than to see us all die, much like the aliens in the movie "Independence Day".

Are there benevolent aliens, those who would help us, shepherd us along towards a better existence?  Probably so but I just haven't met any, at least none I am aware of.

How many times has a new "millennia" rolled around and people claimed the end of the world was fast approaching, only to have the appointed time slip by without even a tremble, or a tiny tug on the web of life?  Well,  2 for millennias and the 3rd "end" may be 2012.  Are the aliens coming to save us, annihilate us, or are they even out there?

Is our reptilian brain a shared common with reptilian aliens?  Well, duh!  Even so, I rather doubt they see us as long lost 'kin'.  Probably  more like an entree'.  Disclosure needs to happen soon, before that option is void and we're caught with our collective pants down.

What will happen in December of 2012?  Will it be the end, or a new beginning and if the later, at who's expense will it all begin?  Is an armada of invading reptiles headed our way, or is a rogue planet known as Nibiru about to enter our neighborhood, changing us forever?  Might we be falling prey to paranoid reptilian brains...

If we spend all of our time preparing to "die", we will not be prepared to "live".  There is a big change coming but it will not be what so many expect.  Maybe we won't like the change but it has already begun.  I wonder which brain will save us.

Look around you.  Hear a distant tapping on the door?  They're here.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Webcast Contact Event

Experience: Contact is an event designed to unify minds and thoughts around the world with the same goal.

When: 6pm Mountain Standard Time on Saturday, June 5th, 2010.
HERE is a world map showing the webcast time anywhere on the globe.

Where: The live webcast will originate from the Spectrum Video & Film studio in Phoenix, AZ. In the days leading up to the event, we will provide you with the link so you can enjoy real-time participation in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Who: Lyssa Royal Holt ( will lead the session. Ms. Holt has been conducting group contact sessions around the world for more than 20 years. She will begin with meditation and instructions on creating the best contact scenario.

Why: Paranormal Matrix seeks to explore alternate ways of thinking... to push the boundaries of convention. As Executive Producer Ken Liljegren put it, “We like to think that Paranormal Matrix is helping all of us to better understand the mysteries of the world we live in. We’re really proud to showcase Lyssa Royal Holt and her unique gifts in our first webcast. Our goal is to expand awareness. And there’s nobody better than Lyssa.”

To our knowledge a similar event of this magnitude has never been attempted, so we are working hard to anticipate and avoid all potential problems. A big concern is web server overload. To that end, we are asking for pre-registration in the days prior to the webcast. All we ask for is your name and email address.

Paranormal Matrix and Lyssa Royal Holt will never sell or give away our mailing lists. We may send news about workshops, new products, articles, and information but we won't bombard you with emails!
Upon registration, you will be redirected back to the Paranormal Matrix home page. Shortly thereafter, you will receive a confirmation email with a special message from Lyssa Royal Holt. In the days leading up to the event, you will also receive video messages from Lyssa answering some of the most common questions about the work she does and advice on creating the most favorable conditions in your home for your own contact experience.

We thank you for your interest and share both your excitement and curiousity at the wondrous opportunities available to us all.

Register here:

Video Link

*          *          *
Note: This announcement is posted as a courtesy.  I and this website (LITS), do not disagree with, not do we endorse this event.  -SW


Witness claims large metallic craft hovered over car in 1988

A recent report from a witness in Little Rock, Arkansas claims that in 1987 or 1988, a large metallic craft hovered over his car while it emitted a laser-like beam of light, as if in search of something.
This report contains spelling corrections.  To view original report, please click on case number. 

Depiction by SW- click image for larger view.
MUFON Case # 23444
Date:      11/30/1987-11-30
Location: Little Rock, Arkansas
Shape:      Disc
Distance: 20 feet or less
Summary:  A disc shaped object which made no sound or created any wind approached me from approx 100 yards away. Proceeded to me and hovered directly over the front of my car for approx 10 -15 sec. I could see it clearly by looking up through the front windshield

I just got off work @ approx 6pm. I stopped at a convenient store and proceeded home. As I left the city limits and headed out a country road toward home, I glanced to my left out to an open field and noticed what I originally thought to be a helicopter searching for something with its spotlight. I didn't pay much attention, but then my subconscious realized that there was no propeller noise, and I was close enough I should have heard it. So then I looked back at it and noticed it was proceeding in my direction. Not fast paced, but more slow and deliberate. It was very close to the ground, it only went higher to avoid trees and power lines. No higher than to clear the obstacles.

At this point I realized that I was about to run off the road into the ditch, so I hit my breaks and came to a complete stop in the road. With the car stopped I continued to keep my full attention on the craft, not wanting to take my eyes off of it for one moment. By the time it had approached my road to my left and at the ditch line on my left, I am parked at the right ditch-line. It was that close! And it was very low, just hovering above the ground.

The craft proceeded very slow and went vertically up just high enough to clear the power line to cross the street I was on. As it proceeded across the street, it came to a complete stop almost directly over me. It was just enough in front of me that if I crawled up in the dash I could look directly up at it. It was very large craft, all one silver metallic color, it made no sound at all and created no wind. The only light I noticed came from the bottom of the craft in the very center of the disc. The light that emitted from the bottom was more like a laser light, not a flash light. The light did not shine outward it came down like a beam.

The craft began to move on in the same direction crossing the street and lowering back down toward the ground after clearing the power lines. I decided to follow it, so I turned right on a road I was not familiar with and continued it the craft direction. However, this road came to an end and I had to lock up the brakes and stop my car.

I crawled out of the car through the passenger door as the driver door did not open and proceeded to walk up the hill that the craft lowered behind. As I approached the half way point between the top of the hill and my car I noticed it was dusk and would be dark pretty quickly. I must admit I was sort of chicken at this point not having the false sense of security the vehicle provided. I was afraid to go over the hill an it turn dark on me not knowing what to expect on the other side of the hill. So I decided to abort and go to my car and continue home.

I am not sure of the exact date, but I do know it happened on a Friday and I am pretty sure it was 1988. Also, I am not the only one to have sightings on this night, so you should be able to find record. In fact, there were so many sightings that the government actually issued a response. The government response was that it was a Russian satellite that had fallen out of orbit. I can assure you that this craft was not a satellite falling out of orbit. This craft was changing speeds, dodging trees and power lines and stopped and proceeded again. Not consistent with something falling out of orbit.

I do not believe that I lost any time, however I do not remember checking times. It didn't seem like I lost time. I would love to be hypnotized to see what else could be remembered. It truly was one of the most exhilarating moments of my life. I chickened out because I didn't want to be abducted and to my knowledge I was not. I did not see anyone driving the craft or anyone outside the craft. All the same, it was pretty amazing!

*          *           *
Note: The Soviet reconnaissance satellite Cosmos 1900 was launched on Dec. 12, 1987.  In April of 1988 it failed to separate and boost the reactor core into a storage orbit.  This failure created a scare that the reactor could enter the Earth's atmosphere later that year, by late summer or early fall.  Just in time the separation succeeded, the back-up system fired and boosted the engine, allowing Cosmos 1900 to achieve the intended storage orbit of more than 800 kilometers.  The last Soviet Radar Ocean Reconnaissance Satellite (RORSAT) mission was Cosmos 1932, on March 14, 1988.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Two articulate young observers witness and report UFOs

                                      Depiction Of Leander, TX sighting by SW

Adults are not the only witnesses to the UFO phenomena.  There are many children and young adults that have sightings.
I must stress that young people can be credible witnesses, every bit as much as their elder counterparts.
Here are two reports submitted to MUFON, by two young people who happened to witness something extraordinary. 
Note:  These reports are unedited.

MUFON Case #    23407
Date:    05/21/2010
Time:   20:30 GMT
City:    Leander
State:  Texas
Shape: Cigar,Oval,Star-like
Summary:  2 UFOs (or same one twice) sighted by 3 witnesses near Austin, TX

I was riding in the rear driver's side seat of my dad's car on the way home from eating dinner out at a local tex-mex restaurant. My dad, his girlfriend, her 4 year-old son, and myself were in the car. There was a beautiful sunset setting up in the west, so our eyes were on a grouping of reddish clouds in that direction. The skies were mostly clear, including the area just above the reddish clouds on the western horizon.

As we drove north on 183A (changing back to 183), I kept my eyes on a large, cloud-like object just above the reddish clouds that were illuminated by the sunset. I figured that it was probably a stray cloud or an afterburner trail (a very short, dense one), but there seemed to be something strange about it, so I kept track of it as I kept looking out the window. After over 10 minutes of watching it from the car, I realized that the object could not be an afterburner trail, since it hadn't changed shape or faded at all, and was far too opaque. At this point I told my dad and his girlfriend to take a look in that direction. My dad was driving, so he only got a brief look at it.. but his GF got a good, long look at it. It appeared to be quite large and distant, but at this point we were both fairly certain that it wasn't a cloud. There was a definite contrast between the shade of grey in this object and the clouds around it.

As we drew closer to home, the object was still there.. hanging in the sky, completely static as far as we could tell. The object appeared to be somewhat ovular or disc-like, but the actual shape was difficult to tell because of how distant it was. We had to stop at a traffic light, and the trees near the road partially blocked our view of that horizon, obscuring the part of the sky where the object had been. Once the light turned back to green and we cleared the obstructing trees, the object was gone. Not moved, GONE. At this point there was no doubt in my mind that this was a craft, and one that had either moved an incredible distance in a matter of less than a minute, or gone invisible. My dad's GF agreed that it could not have been a cloud or any other natural occurrence.

Once we got home and out of the car, I started looking back up at the sky to see if I could spot the object again. When we were just about ready to go into the house, I saw an extremely bright, pulsating white light in the western/southwestern sky. I pointed it out to my father and his girlfriend, and they both confirmed what I was seeing. It was as bright as a star (or brighter), and stayed stationary for at least 20-30 seconds. Then it moved horizontally at a high rate of speed into a cloud, which obscured it from our view. We had an excited conversation about it, and went back inside the house. None of us have a good pair of binoculars or a telescope, so we weren't able to get a close look at either craft (or was it the same one?).

*          *          *

Case Number:    23406
Date:    12/29/2006
Time:    22:30
City:    Opp
State:   Alabama
Distance:    Over one mile
Summary:  Flying like plane, disappeared, reappeared, cleared half the sky in a second

Around the time of the incident, I was outside in the front yard looking at different objects with my new Meade telescope I had gotten for Christmas(I was 15 at the time). I had been outside for roughly an hour, just looking at random stars after I finished my routine look at Jupiter. As I was looking for something to point my telescope at, I noticed what looked to be an airplane, flying away off to the south. It was brown in color, which I originally attributed to the red and green lights on the aircraft mixing over the long distance. The only reason I noticed it was because it was headed in the direction on my next target, a plain looking star that I thought at the time might be the Andromeda galaxy (it wasn't). As it neared the point where it would have crossed the sight of the star, it seemed to flicker out of existence.

My father was in the air force. I've lived near several air force bases and on two others, Tocoma AFB in Washington and Charleston AFB (it may have a different name but it was in Charleston) in South Carolina. I know a few things about air craft. I know their capabilities. I have never seen something "flicker" like this did. It was like a fire being extinguished rather than a light going out. I was very confused at this point. As I stared where it disappeared, however, it reappeared right above the same star with the same flicker it had left with.

Now I was nervous. I felt the tingle usually associated with fear. I had the very powerful sensation that this thing knew I was there, and knew I was watching it. The object stayed motionless in this position for probably 2 or 3 seconds, and then did something I have never seen before with any airbourne object. It jumped across over half the sky at about a 50-60 degree angle in a split second, then just disappeared. While it was moving it blinked. It seemed to me that rather than actually moving, it was teleporting or jumping from point to point, but I wouldn't know for sure. If an aircraft were to move that fast I believe the friction from the atmosphere would incinerate it.

I ran back into the house to tell my parents and they both proceeded to be extremely skeptical, yet start telling stories of their own weird sightings. Before this event I was very skeptical of UFOs, at least extra terrestial ones. That night, when I went to bed, I kept going over and over it in my mind, and slowly became terrified. The most unnerving thing was feeling like the thing had marked me as someone who knew that it had been there, someone who had seen it. I have always been an airospace lover, and know many things about air craft and space craft through my own research.

I am a younger individual but I do not believe that restricts my ability to use rational thought. What I saw was real. It was not a man made air craft, at least no conventional aircraft. It was not a meteorite. Not a satellite. Not the ISS. What infuriates me is how, at least from a distance, it had every appearance of a passenger jet slowly moving across the sky. How do I know I havn't glimpsed dozens of these craft, only to look away thinking nothing of it?

*          *          *
Note:  This young person asks a very valid question.  How do we know that these craft aren't in our skies each day and night, only to be ignored?


Friday, May 21, 2010

Shine on, Hyperion

A report was submitted to MUFON, not of a UFO sighting or an alien abduction, but of a green light seen on the surface of one of Saturn's moons, Hyperion.  Apparently the original photo has been manipulated and the 'green light' has been removed. Hmm...

Here is that report, from an astute observer in Texas:

MUFON Case # 23389

Please forward to someone that is truly interested.  Reference NASA's "Feast for the Eyes", Saturn. 

The Moon Hyperion has a bright incandescent light, visible on the surface.  Place a cross hair on the moon, top right-hand quadrant, approximately 20 degrees, close to the center line.

There is a bright incandescent green light on the surface.  Original picture frame PIA 07740.jpg showed the light clearly, if you zoom in approximately 200%.

The current picture has a circular area where the light is but the coloring has been removed.  I have the original on my laptop, with the light, should you be interested.

Not a UFO but whatever it is, it is not natural.  The moon is gray. Tom Young

*          *          *

Note: The original text was "all caps" and I have made a few spelling and grammar corrections.  To view original report, please click on case number.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

UFO Seen Over Windmills Near Thurber

A report has been just recently submitted to MUFON, concerning amber lights in the Brownwood MOA.
The witness claims to be an aircraft designer and pilot.  He does not refer to these lights (that so many Texans witnessed in March of 2010), as flares.
Click on case number for original report.

MUFON Case #   23372
Date:    2010-03-04
Time:    20:36 GMT
City:    Thurber
State:    Texas
Shape:    Diamond,Triangle
Duration:    00:10:00
Summary:    UFO was within 30 nm when noticed, traveling at slow speed with amber lighting s to n @ 20-25* above horizon - very large

On the beautiful evening of March 4, 2010 @ 8:36 pm, I was traveling home from work from Granbury to Lipan on FM4. About 10 miles out from Granbury, heading west, I caught a glimpse of an unusual light flickering in the western night sky. I ignored it for a few seconds... and was thinking to myself it was must be a plane on arrival to KDFW or a plane passing through at a high altitude through the different classes of airspace. All of a sudden the flickering light transitioned into a continuous brilliant amber glow; at this point I had to pull over to analyze what I was witnessing. This UFO I was viewing was within 25-30 miles and about 25*-30* above the horizon line. The craft seemed to be hovering with no movement for a few seconds and then it would slowly move from South to North. There were six total pulsating amber colored lights illuminating this craft rendering a diamond shape, possibly triangular pattern. Again, this craft was within a 20-30nm visibility range on this clear night and was not just another *DOT*, w/ strange lights you see from time to time that turn out to be a airliner deviating to assigned VOR stations issued by the FTW CTR ATC - whick this process sometimes will trick the eye into thinking it must be an UFO. After a minute or two on the shoulder of FM 4, two other vehicles were pulled over in front of... and behind me, but not close enough to verbally share the experience. I decided to attempt to catch video of the lights with my RCA pocket size DVR, but the zoom is very limited and had zero success. I then decided to use my Canon DSR camera with a 70-200mm L lens, but to my disappointment the craft and it's lights were gone once I turned on the camera. I thought, “isn’t that typical???” to myself. So... after waiting a few more minutes I decided to move on up the road, wife and kids were waiting on me. As I put my vehicle into drive and began rolling onto the pavement, I noticed the craft and the lights again, but by the time I disembarked the vehicle with my camera it was gone. All gone!
I’ve been in the aviation business a long time, primarily design and recreational flying, for me it’s not just a hobby... it’s a passion besides my Lord and my family. This was not any type of aircraft that I’ve been exposed to in my life of 31 years. The lighting being transmitted from this UFO was not of any pattern that would resemble military/ airline/ civilian aircraft being used in today's time. Pilots are trained to identify the color/patterns of strobes on aircraft and distinguishing between military or civilian a/c.
So is this another military special ops training mission to the Brownwood MOA??? Most residents of this tri-county area are routinely exposed to these exercises and see CH-46s, UH-60s, C-130s, F-16s, F-18s, etc, flying hard and low all over these parts at all times of the day. That’s normal flight traffic to me and expect it without warning night and day. Is this UFO a top secret a/c the US military is testing at night in around this airspace? Maybe. Are Alien UFOs visiting the Wind Turbines located in this area where I’ve calculated the lights/craft to be orbiting (32.4229325564, -98.4531027856)? Maybe. Or is it the military's way of replacing the shuttle program... we wish!
I have been procrastinating posting this sighting for several weeks, but lately have been motivated by one more sighting. This, most recent, sighting happened two nights ago, May 17, 2010, when my wife and I were enjoying the stars from outside our country home around 10pm or so. We were walking across the yard and we both noticed a bright amber colored light very low to the horizon, we both immediately thought it was a satellite or a weather balloon. The lights we were seeing were the same lights that I witnessed back in March. Somehow we managed to miss the lights earlier due to our eyes being focused in the skies watching satellites pass over. We witnessed this sighting for about 2 minutes and as we began to get a better view from my hilltop it vanished. They'll be back... =)

Original Photo

*          *          *
Note: I truly believe that the sightings of March, 2010, in the North Central West Texas Area should be examined more closely.  
Myself and my spouse (retired aviation mechanic) also witnessed these lights.  We do not believe they were flares. -SW


Unidentified Flying Objects Seen Over Gig Harbor

A witness has posted a report to MUFON, of unidentified objects over Gig Harbor, Washington.  Here is that report, which contains no corrections.
To see original report, please click on case number.

MUFON Case # 23364
Date:    2010-05-01
Time:   00:00
City:    Gig Harbor
State:    Washington
Shape:    Diamond,Other
Distance: Over one mile

To whom it may concern.
My name is [removed]. I live in Gig Harbor Washington on the water facing sw towards an area we locally refer to as the purdy (wa) spit. The Olympic Mountain range is in the back ground.
Last year 09 around March I think it was, I witnessed the comet that came very close to earth on my way home from work one night and I have been looking up ever since because I found it extremely strange that the media made very little mention of this event as that it would have had the same destructive impact as the one in Russia around the turn of the century that flattened thousands of acres of forest. I am sure you are aware of both of these events.  So I purchased a somewhat powerful telescope and have spent many nights since staying up late scanning the stars.
Three-Four weeks ago while driving down our road at around dusk I saw something. At first I thought it was a very bright star and then realized it was moving. I pulled my truck into the driveway and grabbed my scope, fixed it directly onto the object and viewed something far beyond my knowledge of technology.
I could see it very clearly through my Orion 90 refractor scope. It was the shape of a diamond. The top half was amber red and the bottom half was as bright as a star. It hovered a while at around my guess 20-25 thousand feet and then dropped to around 8-6? in a matter of a minute or two as it approached then just cruised right over the top of us towards Mount Rainier. It made no sound though I felt like I could hear something like being close to a power line or similar almost like maybe all sound went away, hard to explain.
As it passed over I then grabbed my scope and went to the driveway to view it as it moved away. From behind it was no longer the shape of a diamond, it looked liked an elongated circle eight figure of light, all amber red. And no, I am not an alcoholic nor drug addled so I know what I saw.
Two nights ago,coming from the same direction, this time it was around midnight, a round orb like thing with a half circular arc just as bright coming out of the orb from top to bottom. It came from the same elevation and traveled the same direction as the first. Then one hour later another one. These objects were without a doubt not planes nor helicopters.
We have had quite a bit of F-16 type jets and apache/military looking helicopters buzzing over I think as a result these past few nights. We do not normally see these military type craft directly over us. I did some research and found your organization to be the most credible so I thought I would share this with you because, well, I am a rational man who can actually believe what I see with my own eyes and I am now a firm believer that something is going on, and "they" whoever "they" are in our government are very aware of "it".
There is something else, something that actually makes me a little uneasy to bring up. Several years ago, an acquaintance told me about a phenom known by many as chem-trails. At first I paid him no mind however now I think I am convinced that our government is carrying out these practices routinely. Anymore in the greater Seattle Tacoma/Bremerton area, we are lucky to have 1-2 un-obscured blue sky days per month all year long. I watch them regularly with distinct zig zag like patterns, haze up our sky. The jets are usually always solid white or white with a blue underbelly and no insignia ( refractor scope gets a pretty good zoom in).
I used to be skeptical of this but now am getting to the point that I unfortunately believe it to be true, especially after what I have witnessed this past year. I was out the other night trying to find my dog and with my flashlight you could see microscopic glitter like substance falling all around. Gold, green, red and yellow/silver. I have never contacted any organization about this stuff.
You asked about the location. If you look at a map of Gig Harbor and Purdy Washington I am on the east side of Henderson Bay accross from the Purdy Spit/bridge area, looking towards the spit with the olympics in the back drop. I have givin you the best description I can and have been completely honest in all my statements. I do not mind if you call me if you have any other questions. Thank you Sincerely [removed]

Gig Harbor with Mt. Rainier in the background.

Note:  I feel that this is a credible witness, who has seen unidentified flying objects (UFOs). However, I might point out that Mt. Rainier would be to his Southeast, not southwest. Most likely a "miss-type".
Whether man-made or extraterrestrial, it remains uncertain as to what these objects might have been. 


Monday, May 17, 2010

Tiny light seen entering "portal"


Witness Depiction
Click to enlarge.

Man claims to have watched a tiny light disappear into a portal, from 3 feet away.  More Lilliputians?

Click on case number for original report.

MUFON Case # 23337
Date:    11/29/2009
Time:   19:11
Location: Tampa, Florida
Shape:    Other
Description: Very small light warps into a portal. witness from 3 feet away.

Hello, My Name is Paul E. I'm writing this because I have witnessed an event that I would like to share. I will be holding back some of what I witnessed so I can verify if anyone else has seen what I saw.

It was Late November, 2009. It had just turned dark outside. I was sitting in our back screen room. When I saw a small blinking light about 8 feet away in the grass.

My first thought was it was a lightning bug, but I live in Tampa Florida and I have not seen one since I moved here in 1984. I also noticed that this light was Bright White not yellow, as is a lightning bug.

The flash duration was about one second on , 5 seconds off. And as I watched it was moving toward where I was sitting. I tried to figure out what was causing this, looking around for anything that might be reflecting off of something in the grass. But as I watched, it just kept flashing and moving in what would be slightly to my left.

As It came closer, lets say about 6 feet away I still could not make out what it was. I stood up and moved to the corner edge of my screen room (where our dog had tore the screen) and leaned out looking down. I was at this time only about 3 feet from the light when it stop flashing and began to get brighter and brighter.

Baffeled at what was happening. I stared at this thing that began to roll around like it had flat sides on it. I still could not make out any shape to the object. I leaned down as close as I could without falling trying to see something, As I did this, it began to vibrate very fast. So Here I am Leaning out of our screen room watching as a very bright, very small (maybe 1 quarter of an inch) light no more than 36 inches from me.

I didn't know what to think, then (here's the good part) I could see some kind of a square outline in the middle of the light, and then all of a sudden it shot up into some type of a portal within maybe 4 inches off the ground, and it was GONE. Needless to say I could not believe what I had just witnessed. Because the portal (lack of anything else to call it) slowly dissolved. Dripping some sort of metal like fluid. Which dispersed before hitting the ground (This is where I am going to hold something back.)

Since this happen, I was consumed by what had happen, so much so I had to try and draw this, And I didn't do that well. I have attached a low res file.

MY QUESTION TO YOU. Craft, Entity or device? And where the heck did it go? Has anything like this been reported before? PS. One more thing, scifi shows do not do this justice.

Witness' Depiction

Note:  If you have witnessed something similar or unusual, please email me your account.


Couple "scanned" in their bedroom

Depiction by SW.

Witness reported to MUFON that she and her boyfriend were "scanned" by a strange device, also of seeing a bright light shining into their 2nd story bedroom window.

Click on case number for original report.

MUFON Case # 23336
Date:    2010-05-02
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Shape:    Unknown
Distance: 20 feet or less
Description:    bright light shining in 2nd story bedroom window, scanning device hovering over me

In recent years, I have been awakened at night, roughly 2-3 a.m. about once every 5-6 months apart. I always have this sort of panic feeling when It happens. I usually first hear a sort of snapping sound.

Just the other night I heard it again. In my minds eye I saw an operating room, and a fuzzy vision of figures standing around what seemed to be an operating table. When I opened my eyes I'm still in the bedroom, all lights were off, everything seems normal. But a bright light was showing through the window blinds. This bedroom in on the second floor.

I looked around and caught something moving in the air. It was very hard to detect. I noticed this sort of wavy motion in the air. I kept starring into the dark to try to catch what was moving around. I noticed this type of a scanner moving very slowly over me and my boyfriend. I could barely see it. It was like a hologram, but I could see this circuitry, very thin wire with a tiny light moving following the wiring. It moved over my head, over my body down to my feet then it shifted over my boyfriend, same pattern. It did not make any noise. And like I said I kept loosing sight of it but then would catch it in my visual field.

I wish I had something I could have thrown at it to see if it would bounce off of it or go through it. I got really frightened and screamed, when I did that the light went out and the scanner vanished immediately. I did not tell my boyfriend of this as I know he would think I am crazy. He was not aware of anything, he sleeps very soundly and it's difficult to wake him.. This seemed to be some sort of scanner for a lack of a better word. It was like stealth.

Are we being scanned by an intelligent life? What is going on? Have you heard of this? I can say more things like this have happened to me in other places over the past 5 years. But I never saw this scanner before. Can you tell me if you have heard of this type of event??

Note:  If you have ever seen anything similar or unusual, please email me your account.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cigar-shaped UFO Observed Ice Skaters

Witness claims that 33 years ago, they and possibly 100 other people saw an unidentified flying object, while they skated on a pond in New Berlin, Wisconsin.  Here is that account, which was recently reported to MUFON.  Click on case number for the original report.

Depiction by SW.  Click on image for larger view.

MUFON Case # 23312
Date:    10/31/1977
Time:    20:00
City:    New Berlin
State:    Wisconsin
Shape:    Blimp,Cigar
Distance:    500 feet or less
Summary:    The same object visited us (50-100) twice as we were ice-skating.

The date I entered is approximate; it's been a few years since the encounter.

Many of us (50-100) were skating on the local pond in Greenfield Park, New Berlin, Wisconsin. This object came directly over us and stopped.

I recall seeing it coming towards us from the south, it had caught my eye, and it seemed like it had found some interest in what we were doing and headed our way. I didn't look like anything I have ever seen before.

It was about a 100 yards up and stopped directly over us. Many didn't see it at first, it was completely silent, and people kept skating about, it just sat there as if someone was watching us.

Soon everyone was looking up. Some moms were grabbing their kids and went into building screaming, but most of us stopped and got into a stare down contest with it. It was there for about 10 min. It then slowly wet across to the north.

Things kind of went back to normal, but after about an hour, it came back from the north, stopped over us again, but only for about a minute. It left going back south, but when it left it took off faster than anything I have ever seen to this date. In a little less than a blink of an eye.

The complete details of what it looked liked are vague as it was at night. Its shape was of a narrow blimp or of a fat cigar it had a row of square white lights circling completely around it. I didn't see any wings, tips, or protrusions.

When I got home and told my family about the event, my mother called the local news and at that time, they didn't know about it, and did not pursue the story to my knowledge.

I would like to know if anyone else has reported the same encounter. The picture I drew is what I remember but it traveled on a 45 degree angle.

See Witness' depiction
Note:  I would be interested to hear from other witnesses, of this particular sighting.  I had a similar sighting in the late sixties, where no word of the scrambled jets, hundreds of witnesses and calls to the police were ever mentioned in the news, or by other observers.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Vietnam Veteran Remembers UFO Sighting at Chu Lai

MUFON Case # 23277
Event Date: 10/03/1965 00:00
Location: Chu lai, Vietnam
Latitude: 16.53333
Longitude: 107.7167
Latitude (DMS): 16° 31' 60 N
Longitude (DMS): 107° 43' 0 E
Shape:    Sphere
Summary: preparing for guard duty. Looked across a field towards beginning of woods. A black speck appeared...grew into sphere..hovered for a while then backed away and vanished

My outfit (a Marine Hawk missile battalion) had been setting up camp on the beach near Chu Lai, which is about 25 miles southwest of Danang. I was assigned a machine gun emplacement (we had to provide our own defense). It was about 5 or 6 in the evening. There were a series of long and quite tall sand dunes at our back and our machine gun emplacement was at the end and on top of one of these dunes.I had my rifle over my shoulder,just waiting for my men to show up and man the bunker. Was standing looking across this field toward where the woods began (in between two dunes). All at once I noticed a black speck at about a 23 degree (approximate) angle from the ground. It grew larger and larger and never wavered from that angle until it seemed to be a black sphere, about a mile or two away. It was about the size (at that distance) of a dime but of course,from that distance it could have really been quite large...I estimate about 20 feet or so in actual diameter.
It just set there for about 2-3 minutes, then it seemed (slowly to move away, at that same 23 degree angle. When it stopped and hovered I thought about shooting at it with my m-14 rifle, but I thought, well, what if it shoots back or whatever. I was not scared but fascinated.
I thought about reporting it to my c.o., but I did not want him to think I had lost my mind or that I was trying to get out of my wartime service.
I don't know of any devices or aircraft that could make the moves this object made...not even a helicopter could move in such a way, in my opinion.
I have done some research, and the only similar incident reportedly happened in Germany in the 1600's, at which time, folks reported seeing multiple black spheres, but I do not remember what the article said about how such spheres behaved.
Unfortunately, I had no cameras at that time.

Note: 1965-Vietnam: Marines, LAAM site (Hawk Missile battery), and Chu Lai, which was near Hue, Vietnam.  That would locate the marine as having been Northwest of Da Nang and not Southwest.  Most likely a "mis-type".

Once one of the biggest airbases and division headquarters in Vietnam during the war, Chu Lai is no more. Nothing remains but barren sands and trees.

*          *          *

"Battle of Chu Lai: the Main Force Viet Cong were poised for an attack on Chu Lai in August 1965, but their plans were foiled in a "spoiling attack" by Marines in what would be the first major U.S. battle of the Vietnam War."
Read the entire article HERE.

Chu Lai  as it once was. ******************************************************

Friday, May 14, 2010

Chrome Sphere UFO Affects Beach-Goers

One MUFON report leads to a previous sighting...

(Depiction by SW- click on image for larger view.)

MUFON Case # 23273
Date:    11/30/1963
City:    Cape Beach??
State:    Florida
Shape:  Sphere
Summary: Saw a chrome Sphere with yellow green rings above us at the beach north of the Cape.

This Case was imputed by Morgan Beall, MUFON Field Investigator 12273. Spoke to case number 23268s father. Primary witness was a air force pilot for the majority of his life and has never seen anything like it.

Spoke to primary witness who witnessed a object at Cape Canaveral Beach in 1964 with a date. Described it as a steel ball like a steal barring. It had two rings one horizontal the other vertical. Color of the rings were yellow green fuzzy color. At arms length the object was about the size of a tennis ball.

He noticed the object due to the silence that occurred at the beach area. Looked up and saw the described object. All the people on the beach area were all silent and starring at the object. The object then took off straight up in seconds. The primary witness then described the reaction of the people on the beach as not alarmed but were described as zombie like and all of them began to walk out of the beach area, get in their cars and leave. Even a vendor attached his cart to his vehicle and calmly got in his vehicle and drove off. Ray and his date followed soon after.
Videoed Interview
Note: Here is the report that was referred to in previous report:
MUFON Case # 23268
Date:    05/12/2010
Time:    22:15
City:     Naples
State:   Florida
Shape:  Disc
Summary: 1 grown man 2 small children witnessed the event

My friends father and two children were in their yard and saw a very large object very high in the sky.One of the children was the first to spot the object who in turn pointed the object out to the grandfather and other child.Children were frightened and the grandfather who has been in the airforce did not have an explanation for the rather large object covered with lights.He said he "had not seen anything that BIG or FAST before with so many lights".After they saw the object the children were very frightened and went inside.The next morning one the children woke to tell a story of being visited by two of the pilots of said object.The grndfather said that the object was very high and was flying at great speed and was "huge".


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Confidant says Sagan knew UFOs are real

Dr Carl Sagan- "I know UFOs are real" Renowned astronomer, astrophysicist and pillar of modern space science Dr. Carl Sagan revealed to Dr. J. Allen Hynek that he believed UFOs were real. Sagan said to Hynek, that he knew UFOs were real but could not talk publicly about the matter and possibly risk the loss of academic funding.

(PRWEB) May 7, 2010 -- Renowned astronomer and astrophysicist Dr. Carl Sagan revealed to Dr. J. Allen Hynek that he believed UFOs were real but avoided any public statements to prevent the loss of academic research funding.

In an interview with research journalist and author Paola Leopizzi-Harris ( she told ZlandCommunications:

“My recollection is that Hynek said it was backstage of one of the many Johnny Carson Tonight shows Sagan did. He basically said (to Hynek) in 1984, ‘I know UFOs are real, but I would not risk my research (College) funding, as you do, to talk openly about them in public.’ ”

This startling revelation about Carl Sagan, one of this century’s most esteemed scientists and writers, has now been made public by Paola Leopizzi-Harris, a former associate of Dr. Allen J. Hynek who worked with him from 1980 to 1985.

Dr. J. Allen Hynek served as a civilian scientific consultant to the U.S. Air Force Project Blue Book from 1952 to 1969, initially taking a very critical and skeptical position on anything related to the reality of UFOs. In one of his own reports he stated:

"I had started out as an outright 'debunker,' taking great joy in cracking what seemed at first to be puzzling cases. I was the arch-enemy of those 'flying saucer groups and enthusiasts' who very dearly wanted UFOs to be interplanetary.” (Hynek, J. Allen. "The Hynek UFO Report". Dell Publishing Co. 1977)

After leaving Project Blue Book - the U.S. Air Force’s pseudo-investigatory public relations scheme on UFOs, Hynek later wrote:

"Now, however, documentation which puts the UFO-U.S. government controversy in quite a new light has become available. The (UFO) authors have made revealing use of documents released through the mechanism of the Freedom of Information Act and other data which have been made available to them… which show that the CIA and NSA protestations of innocence and lack of interest in UFOs are nothing short of prevarication."

Hynek went on to say: "For the government to continue to maintain that UFOs are nonexistent in the face of the documents already released and of other cogent evidence presented in this book is puerile and in a sense an insult to the American people." ("The UFO Cover-Up." Fireside books, Simon & Schuster 1984)

Hynek’s credentials are indeed impressive, having consulted on the Stephen Spielberg movie 'Close Encounters'. As well he presented a paper on UFOs at the UN in 1978. (All Experts)

Sagan’s link to UFOs and possibly to Dr. Hynek occurred in 1966 when Sagan was a member of the Ad Hoc Committee to Review Project Blue Book. This committee concluded that the U.S. Air Force's Project Blue Book had been lacking as a scientific study, and recommended a university-based project to give the UFO phenomenon closer scientific scrutiny. (

In scientific circles much of Sagan’s notoriety came from debates conducted under the auspices of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). In 1969 he challenged J. Allen Hynek on whether investigations of unidentified flying objects should be considered serious. Hynek argued 'yes' Sagan 'no' (NNDB)

Sagan was a prolific writer of some 20 books including 'Contact' – eventually made into a movie staring Jodie Foster. Sagan also hosted the brilliantly crafted and highly popular series COSMOS: A Personal Voyage. In Episode 12: “Encyclopedia Galactica”, Sagan explored UFOs and alien abductions while also including ‘refutations’ on UFOs.

In a statement at the 1968 Congressional Hearings before the House Committee on Science and Astronautics - U.S. House of Representatives Carl Sagan stated:

“As I understand what the committee would like from me, is a discussion of the likelihood of intelligent extraterrestrial life… clearly it is the hypothesis that unidentified objects are of extraterrestrial origin which the committee must have in mind. I'm delighted to tell about contemporary scientific thinking along these lines, but let me begin by saying that I do not think the evidence is at all persuasive, that UFO's are of intelligent extraterrestrial origin...” (

Sagan’s confidential conversation with Dr. Hynek in 1984 appears to not only contradict this statement to the House Committee in 1968, Sagan’s new found view - that UFOs were real - clearly did not play any role in Sagan’s later highly successful public work.

This revelation by Paola Leopizzi-Harris appears to raise serious scientific discrepancies concerning Sagan’s public verses private beliefs about the nature of UFOs and Extraterrestrial life.

It appears, therefore that Carl Sagan presumably embarked upon his many television appearances, consulting on major television and Hollywood feature productions as well as his own academic writing while professing one public scientific point of view, yet maintaining a significantly contradictory personal belief – “I know UFOs are real…” as told to Dr. J. Allen Hynek in 1984 according to Paola Leopizzi-Harris.

In later years Sagan also heavily promoted SETI - the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, which discounts UFOs as an ET reality - advancing the theory that listening for signals from deep space may help locate intelligent ET civilizations. (Ed.note - SETI officials were contacted by ZlandCommunications for a comment on this matter – however at the time of publication no response had yet been received.)

It is unknown how long Sagan held this personal view or when and what changed his mind – future disclosures may reveal this. That Sagan presented much of his finest and most popular work outside the context of his personal belief that UFOs were real remains a salient incongruity for a man of Sagan’s stature, obvious integrity and celebratory contributions to humanity and science.

One can only speculate upon why, during the period between Sagan’s initial statement in 1968 and all during his now legendary writings and media productions, Sagan continued to espouse critical views on the reality of UFOs. Why did his views change so dramatically? Did funding issues alone motivate him not to come forward publicly to declare his change-of-mind?

This revelation made to Paola Leopizzi-Harris by a well-respected scientific figure like Dr. J. Allen Hynek alters if not the magnificent quality of Sagan’s work but re-constructs his considerable scientific influence on the mainstream scientific theories about the universe, the intelligent nature of UFOs and Extraterrestrial life.

How will mainstream science respond knowing now that a corner stone of modern science and one of its most revered members is now recognized as to have conceded - UFOs are real?

Two conclusions emerge:

One of the 20th Century’s most renowned space gurus and scientific leaders, appears to have inadvertently shattered the prevailing notion among the scientific community and the so-called experts, that UFOs are fictitious and that issue is does not merit further study.

The second conclusion - short of full disclosure by government of the UFO/ET reality, this revelation most assuredly represents the most serious damage yet to the wall of secrecy and the truth embargo surrounding the Extraterrestrial presence so ardently maintained by government officials and bolstered by mainstream science.

Notably this information also comes at a time when Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of National Defence has publicly admonished another pillar of mainstream science, Professor Stephen Hawking, for contributing to misinformation about advanced Extraterrestrial civilizations. Hellyer’s admonishment is timely. It puts all scientists on notice that ponderous changes to their entrenched belief about the universe and Extraterrestrial life are about to occur. (

The Sagan story also arrives on the eve of the X-Conference – the largest annual American UFO/ET Disclosure event coordinated by Stephen G. Bassett Director of PRG - the Paradigm Research Group at the National Press Club in Washington DC, just down the street from the White House and a President that recognizes the need for grave global change. (

When asked to comment PRG Director Stephen G. Bassett said,

“Carl Sagan and J. Allen Hynek perfectly represent the intellectual and political dilemma faced by the human race during the second half of the 20th century. Both helped to radically change our view of the world… Yet one must be profoundly wrong on the most important historical event in human history.”

Ironically, a cloistered conversation between to academicians behind the curtain - backstage on the set of the Johnny Carson Show in 1984 seems to have changed science and with it, the paradigm beliefs of an entire planet – we are not alone.

ZlandCommunications -


* * *

Carl Sagan On Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show"

Video Link

Note:  I am assuming this was taped in 1986, the last time Haley's Comet passed through the solar system. It was also in January, 1986 that Voyager 2 passed by the planet Uranus, both which Dr. Sagan and Johnny Carson discuss in this film clip.

It is possible that the year for the report (above), was incorrect.


Speculations arise that Voyager 2 may have been hijacked by Aliens

NASA's Voyager 2 spaceship 'hijacked by aliens' - NASA's Voyager 2, which is touring the outer reaches of our galaxy, suddenly began to send back messages to Earth that scientists cannot interpret. A German researcher believes those sounds may come from aliens.

Launched in 1977, the Voyager 2 was propelled into "... the solar system's final frontier, a vast, turbulent expanse where the Sun's influence ends and the solar wind crashes into the thin gas between stars," said NASA. It was May 24, 2005 and NASA was excited about the capacity it had through Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 to explore space. Project scientist Dr. Edward Stone, who helped build the Voyager crowed,

    "Voyager has entered the final lap on its race to the edge of interstellar space, as it begins exploring the solar system's final frontier."

Both Voyagers 1 and 2 are identical, but each is allowing scientists to learn more about different parts of our solar system. Both also carry what NASA calls a Golden Record on board. The record is

    "... a kind of time capsule, intended to communicate a story of our world to extraterrestrials. The Voyager message is carried by a phonograph record-a 12-inch gold-plated copper disk containing sounds and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth."

Since its launch, Voyager 2 has been sending streams of data back to Earth for study by scientists, but on April 22, 2010, that stream of information suddenly changed. NASA said diagnostics appear to show a problem with the flight data system, and engineers are optimistic that a software patch will solve the glitch. Dr. Stone said

    "Voyager 2's initial mission was a four-year journey to Saturn, but it is still returning data 33 years later. It has already given us remarkable views of Uranus and Neptune, planets we had never seen close-up before. We will know soon what it will take for it to continue its epic journey of discovery."

During its 33 years of service, NASA said the Voyager 2

    "... has visited more planets than any other spacecraft, swinging by Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune ... With a somewhat lower speed than Voyager 1, it is about eighty percent as far from the Sun."

In an effort to fix what NASA calls a "glitch," Voyager 2 has been given instructions to transmit only information about the status of the spacecraft while scientists continue to analyze the problem. All NASA has said of the glitch is that Voyager 2 suddenly began transmitting data in a completely different format, according to Spaceflight Now, who interviewed Dr. Stone. The spacecraft is said to be completely fine, and the on-board computer also is thought to be functioning properly, aside from the glitch in the transmission of data.

However, the glitch has prompted speculation. German researcher Hartwig Hausdorf has chalked up the problem to aliens. To be specific, he posits that the Voyager 2 was hijacked by aliens. According to, Hausdorf said

    "It seems almost as if someone had reprogrammed or hijacked the probe – thus perhaps we do not yet know the whole truth…”

Bild writer Attila Albert speculated that the Golden Record might have attracted the aliens.
NASA is not confirming that there is anything special about the transmission it received on April 22.
Hausdorf is a prolific writer who specializes in extraterrestrials.

See NASA simulation video of Voyager

*          *          *

Managers optimistic Voyager 2 can be restored to duty

The Voyager 2 spacecraft hurtling toward the edge of the solar system is no longer returning useful science data, NASA announced last week, but officials are optimistic they can fix the formatting glitch believed to be causing the problem.

In an interview Monday, Voyager project scientist Ed Stone said the most likely cause of the hiccup is a bit flip, where parts of a stream of data are improperly formatted.

There are "probably one or two bits which have been flipped from a 0 to 1 or 1 to 0, and that affects only the science mode data," Stone told Spaceflight Now.

Officials expect to receive more data on Thursday or Friday indicating whether the issue is a simple bit flip or a more serious software upset.

"We will be sending a command to the spacecraft to transmit down bit by bit so we can look at it and determine which bit has been flipped, and then reset it to its proper state," Stone said.

Stone said even if the anomaly is a fundamental software error, engineers can develop a software patch to uplink to Voyager 2 that should resolve the problem.

Voyager 2's distance from Earth could complicate repairs. It takes nearly 13 hours for radio signals to travel each way between ground controllers and the spacecraft.

Controllers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., uncovered the problem April 22, when science data streaming down to Earth first showed signs of an anomaly.

"The telemetry comes down in a certain format," Stone said. "For some reason, that format changed, which means that the flight data system computer was no longer formatting properly."

NASA sent commands to Voyager 2 in late April, ordering the spacecraft to switch to engineering mode. Data on the probe's health and systems is not affected by the snafu.

"All I can tell you for sure is the engineering mode and the data is coming down just fine," Stone said. "That tells us the computer is working fine and that certainly gives us some confidence."

Launched in 1977 on a tour of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, Voyager 2 is about 8.6 billion miles from Earth as it traverses the outer regions of the heliosphere, or the furthest reaches of the sun's influence.

Voyager 2 and its sistership, Voyager 1, should reach interstellar space within about 10 or 20 years. Both craft have enough propellant and electrical power to operate until at least 2020, according to NASA.

Both spacecraft are now exploring a region known as the heliosheath, where the sun's solar wind is slowed by pressure from interstellar gas.

*          *          *

Note:  Is it possible that Voyager 2 was hijacked and reprogrammed by aliens; entities of unknown origin?  Why not?  Wasn't voyager sent with greeting and salutations, the "golden disc", in hopes that if found, presumably by aliens (who else would be "way out there"), that it would tell them about us?

Let us speculate for a moment and assume that Voyager 2 has been hijacked and reprogrammed.  What for?  To reply to us?  Or could it have been reprogrammed as a 'buoy marker', leading others straight to us?  Time will tell.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Object near nuclear powerplant filmed from commercial jet

MUFON Case # 23242
May 8, 2010 @ 18:23, Inflight over Illinois

Video Link

Note: Click on case number for full report.


Monday, May 10, 2010

The Orion Conspiracy - Fact or Fiction

Is it true? Is there a real conspiracy, a real shadow government?  Did the Anunnaki, Sumaria's alien 'gods, come to earth a millenia ago and create the human race?  Are there signs of civilization on the Moon?

Are black ops projects being mistaken for alien space craft, and will the shadow government use these craft in attacks on earth itself?

Just who is the shadow government and 'are we the aliens', or is this all just another conspiracy theory?


"More than fifty years of disinformation and manipulation in the shadow of the media have divided and impoverished public opinion, so as to control it all the better.

This film is neither a work of fiction, nor a documentary.
Forget the words "esoteric" or "fantastic", here we're speaking about REALITY…"

Though this is a dramatization, watch the videos, look at the photos, listen and decide for yourself.

YouTube Video Link 1

YouTube Video Link 2

Note:  I believe this is plausible but I personally require more proof. -SW


Missing Time in Saskatchewan - 1993

Here is a classic case of abduction and loss of time; apparently 9 hours worth and recently reported to MUFON.   The abduction is said to have occurred in Saskatchewan, Canada on June 1, 1993.

Note:  Spelling and some grammatical corrections have been made to this report.  To see the original report, please click on the case number.

MUFON Case # 23214
Date:     June 1, 1993
City:     Canora
Region:     Saskatchewan
Country: Canada
Shape:     Cylinder
Distance: 100 feet or less
Summary:  Time loss: 9:00 pm to 8:00 am next day.

We were leaving Canora Sask. to drive to Yorkton, Sask.approx. 9:00 pm. My wife asks me why I am driving this way, not my normal route.

The next thing I remember is, it is morning, approx.8:00 am. We are sitting in our car. It is parked on a gravel road next to a farmers field.Car is off, keys in the ignition. It was like I just woke up. I looked at my wife and said we should get going. I Wasn't aware of anything wrong. Didn't feel panicked or abnormal.

I looked in the field and there was a cylinder shaped object laying on its side, not touching the ground, just above the wheat field. It was like a chrome silver, smooth, as in no seems, rivets or anything on the exterior.It had a round pointy end on both sides. It looked like chrome but there was no reflection in it.

I commented.What's that.My wife replied, "A grain bin." 

I replied, "How is it laying there not touching the ground?"

My wife says, "It must have legs." I look at this object. No legs, no noise, I could actually see air space between the bottom of the cylinder and the top of the crop.

The object was about 60-70ft long by 20ft in diameter. It was about 100 ft from the road .My wife says "Go and take a look at it."

I get this uneasy feeling and have this desire to get the hell out of here. I drive to Yorkton, Sask. and arrive at the grandmother's house. She meets us at the door and says, "You guys stay in a hotel?" We don't reply back..

"Where were you guys last night?" ...We don t reply back.

I heard her questions but my mind went blank for a response. It did not sink in to me that I was away all night, that I left at 9:00 pm the night before and just arriving now.

The Grandma says there's something wrong..We are acting funny.I have no reply, Don't feel anything is wrong or abnormal.

As I type this my heart is racing. I'm laying in bed watching TV. My head feels hot.

Diane arrives after awhile. It was her house in Canora that we left the night before. She starts asking us if we got a hotel. No reply to her.  She asks if we were doing drugs or something...No reply from me.

Diane goes and talks to her niece, my wife. I don t know what happened but Diane is upset that we didn't contact anyone and we aren't saying anything. I don't feel as if anything is wrong and do not realize that there has been a time loss, that I can't account for. The subject gets dropped and we go on as usual.

I have never ever brought this up with my wife, or Diane,or the grandma. But I distinctly remember this as stated.  It is approx. 15 years after the incident happened, that I am now talking about it.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Special Note

Reader's of LITS post their own UFO sightings

Here are just a few UFO sightings, from the comments left by readers of this website.

Please know that every account, every personal experience is important and I thank you for posting and emailing them in.  These sightings show that UFO activity is on the increase.  Either that, or people are paying closer attention.

If those of you who leave comments would like me to respond back to you directly, please send me an email with your eye-witness accounts.  Thank you.
Note: Comments are "as is", with no corrections.

Reader's Sightings

05/08/10 Saw what I can only describe as 3 fireballs in the sky. 2 were running along side each other a couple of miles apart. A third hung back but followed the northern most fireballs path. The light intensity was consistent no matter how far in the distance they appeared. They were moving from the east to the west. No other lights were visible besides an orange glow that dimmed and brightened constantly.

*        *        *

I was at work, late at night at a local restaurant in a small town called Sapulpa, Oklahoma. It was closing time and I decided to take a smoke break before closing up. As I sat at our break table outside, taking a few drags, I saw a HUGE boomerang shaped aircraft glide in from behind me, over my head at exactly 10:50PM. It was at a very low level, maybe 1000-1500 feet in the air. It made NO SOUND at all and seemed to glide at a speed of maybe 15 to 30 mph. It was black, and there seemed to be a series of small, white lights lining the under belly of the craft and wings. It traveled slowly in a straight path and just vanished beyond my viewpoint. My email is evilgeminitwin if anyone wants to talk.

*        *        *

DILLEY TEXAS... a small town south of San Antonio. First of all I do believe that other life does exists!So when it comes to movies or web sites I really do not like watching because it freaks me out! We live in San Marcos TX and where visiting family on April 24 2010 and my son had gone with my brother in law to go play with his son at his home about 4 miles out of the city limits of Dilley! My son told his cousin what is that twinkling lights his cousin (these are 7 and 8 year old kids)said its probably a twinkly star! but my son could see a rotation movement with lights all around it,and a steady rotation. It was low enough that they could see it! than the 2 boys brought it to my brother in-laws attention and he started to question as well he told his wife to bring out the telescope so he could see the object even closer! when he looked he was freaked OUT! the rotation proceeded to go up further and move away slowly!! we arrived and asked what is going on to our amazement! Looking through the telescope NO MISS UNDERSTANDING WHAT WE WHERE ALL LOOKING AT! It stayed within range of the town by rotating further away from us!..... but within the town! My son is so clear on what he saw and the object must have been close enough that he can explain some detail of the object!! his cousin was frighten by the sighting that he didn't say much! We left with amazement and no one is going to tell me any different on what I saw because I do believe! However because of my strong faith and respect.. I wasn't scared just left with amazement and prayer. ( Even though I wonder what do they want and yes possibly could harm us )

*        *        *

tonight 3/31/10 around eight thirty PM we saw about 10 flashing lights. it would appear for about 1-3 seconds as a bright orange light, dissapear for about the same time, then come back. but when it reappeared, rather than there only being one there would be multiple. this is about our forth time to see these things and we only see them at night but they are always the same thing. an orange light that flashes a few times then dissapears and we dont see it again the rest of the night.

*        *        *

tonight 3/31/10 around eight thirty PM we saw about 10 flashing lights. it would appear for about 1-3 seconds as a bright orange light, dissapear for about the same time, then come back. but when it reappeared, rather than there only being one there would be multiple. this is about our forth time to see these things and we only see them at night but they are always the same thing. an orange light that flashes a few times then dissapears and we dont see it again the rest of the night.

*        *        *

I was going towards Mckinney, TX 10 miles South of Anna, TX a March 19 at 4:30 / 16:30pm. There was a Sliver in the sky on the same day. The blimp was in the Allen and Frisco, TX area. I thought I was seeing a UFO also, but as I got closer to the object in the sky driving West on Highway 121 towards I clearly saw that it was a Sliver blimp. I currently looking information about a blimp being in the area.

*        *        *

I was just standing in my front yard and looked up to see what I thought was a flock of birds flying very high. Then I noticed they were circling and flying in patterns and occasionally stopping completely. There were 10-12 of them and they appeared white and reflective. I won't rule out birds, but the way they moved didn't looked "natural".

Garland, Texas



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