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Two articulate young observers witness and report UFOs

                                      Depiction Of Leander, TX sighting by SW

Adults are not the only witnesses to the UFO phenomena.  There are many children and young adults that have sightings.
I must stress that young people can be credible witnesses, every bit as much as their elder counterparts.
Here are two reports submitted to MUFON, by two young people who happened to witness something extraordinary. 
Note:  These reports are unedited.

MUFON Case #    23407
Date:    05/21/2010
Time:   20:30 GMT
City:    Leander
State:  Texas
Shape: Cigar,Oval,Star-like
Summary:  2 UFOs (or same one twice) sighted by 3 witnesses near Austin, TX

I was riding in the rear driver's side seat of my dad's car on the way home from eating dinner out at a local tex-mex restaurant. My dad, his girlfriend, her 4 year-old son, and myself were in the car. There was a beautiful sunset setting up in the west, so our eyes were on a grouping of reddish clouds in that direction. The skies were mostly clear, including the area just above the reddish clouds on the western horizon.

As we drove north on 183A (changing back to 183), I kept my eyes on a large, cloud-like object just above the reddish clouds that were illuminated by the sunset. I figured that it was probably a stray cloud or an afterburner trail (a very short, dense one), but there seemed to be something strange about it, so I kept track of it as I kept looking out the window. After over 10 minutes of watching it from the car, I realized that the object could not be an afterburner trail, since it hadn't changed shape or faded at all, and was far too opaque. At this point I told my dad and his girlfriend to take a look in that direction. My dad was driving, so he only got a brief look at it.. but his GF got a good, long look at it. It appeared to be quite large and distant, but at this point we were both fairly certain that it wasn't a cloud. There was a definite contrast between the shade of grey in this object and the clouds around it.

As we drew closer to home, the object was still there.. hanging in the sky, completely static as far as we could tell. The object appeared to be somewhat ovular or disc-like, but the actual shape was difficult to tell because of how distant it was. We had to stop at a traffic light, and the trees near the road partially blocked our view of that horizon, obscuring the part of the sky where the object had been. Once the light turned back to green and we cleared the obstructing trees, the object was gone. Not moved, GONE. At this point there was no doubt in my mind that this was a craft, and one that had either moved an incredible distance in a matter of less than a minute, or gone invisible. My dad's GF agreed that it could not have been a cloud or any other natural occurrence.

Once we got home and out of the car, I started looking back up at the sky to see if I could spot the object again. When we were just about ready to go into the house, I saw an extremely bright, pulsating white light in the western/southwestern sky. I pointed it out to my father and his girlfriend, and they both confirmed what I was seeing. It was as bright as a star (or brighter), and stayed stationary for at least 20-30 seconds. Then it moved horizontally at a high rate of speed into a cloud, which obscured it from our view. We had an excited conversation about it, and went back inside the house. None of us have a good pair of binoculars or a telescope, so we weren't able to get a close look at either craft (or was it the same one?).

*          *          *

Case Number:    23406
Date:    12/29/2006
Time:    22:30
City:    Opp
State:   Alabama
Distance:    Over one mile
Summary:  Flying like plane, disappeared, reappeared, cleared half the sky in a second

Around the time of the incident, I was outside in the front yard looking at different objects with my new Meade telescope I had gotten for Christmas(I was 15 at the time). I had been outside for roughly an hour, just looking at random stars after I finished my routine look at Jupiter. As I was looking for something to point my telescope at, I noticed what looked to be an airplane, flying away off to the south. It was brown in color, which I originally attributed to the red and green lights on the aircraft mixing over the long distance. The only reason I noticed it was because it was headed in the direction on my next target, a plain looking star that I thought at the time might be the Andromeda galaxy (it wasn't). As it neared the point where it would have crossed the sight of the star, it seemed to flicker out of existence.

My father was in the air force. I've lived near several air force bases and on two others, Tocoma AFB in Washington and Charleston AFB (it may have a different name but it was in Charleston) in South Carolina. I know a few things about air craft. I know their capabilities. I have never seen something "flicker" like this did. It was like a fire being extinguished rather than a light going out. I was very confused at this point. As I stared where it disappeared, however, it reappeared right above the same star with the same flicker it had left with.

Now I was nervous. I felt the tingle usually associated with fear. I had the very powerful sensation that this thing knew I was there, and knew I was watching it. The object stayed motionless in this position for probably 2 or 3 seconds, and then did something I have never seen before with any airbourne object. It jumped across over half the sky at about a 50-60 degree angle in a split second, then just disappeared. While it was moving it blinked. It seemed to me that rather than actually moving, it was teleporting or jumping from point to point, but I wouldn't know for sure. If an aircraft were to move that fast I believe the friction from the atmosphere would incinerate it.

I ran back into the house to tell my parents and they both proceeded to be extremely skeptical, yet start telling stories of their own weird sightings. Before this event I was very skeptical of UFOs, at least extra terrestial ones. That night, when I went to bed, I kept going over and over it in my mind, and slowly became terrified. The most unnerving thing was feeling like the thing had marked me as someone who knew that it had been there, someone who had seen it. I have always been an airospace lover, and know many things about air craft and space craft through my own research.

I am a younger individual but I do not believe that restricts my ability to use rational thought. What I saw was real. It was not a man made air craft, at least no conventional aircraft. It was not a meteorite. Not a satellite. Not the ISS. What infuriates me is how, at least from a distance, it had every appearance of a passenger jet slowly moving across the sky. How do I know I havn't glimpsed dozens of these craft, only to look away thinking nothing of it?

*          *          *
Note:  This young person asks a very valid question.  How do we know that these craft aren't in our skies each day and night, only to be ignored?


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