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Cigar shaped UFO seen in Rogers, Arkansas

Depiction by SW

MUFON Case #   23192
Date:    05/06/2010-05-06
City:    Rogers
State:    Arkansas
Shape:    Cigar
Summary:    Multiple witness close up account of cigar shaped ufo ( within 1500 ft)

A couple of days ago, I filled out a report of two high flying ufo's that nearly collided. I never thought I would be doing this again.

I will never ever forget what I saw Yesterday. It has haunted me with questions all day today. Approx 6 pm yesterday 5/06/2010, I heard a massive airline leave our small airport. I looked up to see a air-bus with a tan front end and a weird tail on it. This huge plane was coming out of our municipal airport which is only used for small aircraft. I turned toward my front door while looking up. And to the east approx 1500 ft above my home was a cigar shaped UFO floating by between 60 and 70 mph. It obviously was watching and following this air-bus.

I thought camera and ran to the door but the door was locked accidentally by my 10 year old granddaughter. I yelled and beat on the door and my wife and granddaughter came blasting out to see what was wrong. I pointed at the craft and said look no wings! No sound! ( you could still hear the sound of the air-bus though) I knew I did not have time to take a picture so I grabbed my rifle scope and tried to see it. If you have ever tried to do that, its near to impossible! My wife and granddaughter which did not believe in UfO's now had substantial proof.

The UFO was approx 60ft to 70 ft long, 8 to 10 ft high and approx 15ft wide, moving at a speed of which any of our aircraft would fall out of the sky. It was metallic gray, glistened in the setting sun as it drifted upward keeping a level profile. From the side appearance, it looked like a disc because of the abrupt downward slope at each end of the craft. I watched as the air-bus made a slight left turn into the clouds and the UFO angled in that direction then vanished. But right before it vanished, I got a glimpse of the rear of the craft and it appeared to have an almost octagon shape ( a wide octagon with rounded points) This I cannot say for sure as it was a ways away. It seemed either to be half cloaked or the energy from it made it seem a bit hazy.

The following is the records from the airport. It does not show a large airplane leaving our airport! We live In Rogers Arkansas which is a very small town and also the near home of Walmart. I am positive that the UFO was with this airbus ( maybe aiding it up out of the small airport or ?. Departures: Rogers Muni-Carter Field Airport (Rogers, AR) [KROG] Ident Type Destination Departure Time Estimated Arrival Time Arrival Time N245CM LJ45 Chester County G O Carlson (KMQS) Fri 06:45AM CDT Fri 09:38AM EDT Fri 09:41AM EDT N150TJ BE10 Athens/Ben Epps (KAHN) Thu 06:49PM CDT Thu 09:52PM EDT Thu 09:41PM EDT N346K C172 Lee'S Summit Muni (KLXT) Thu 05:34PM CDT Thu 06:05PM CDT Thu 06:05PM CDT GLT824 BE9L Springfield Arpt (KSGF) Thu 04:51PM CDT Thu 05:17PM CDT Thu 05:09PM CDT N602DC C421 Dayton-Wright Brothers (KMGY) Thu 03:13PM CDT Thu 06:38PM EDT Thu 06:30PM EDT N759VP C172 Saline County Rgnl (KSUZ) Thu 02:51PM CDT Thu 08:18PM GMT Thu 08:59PM GMT N475DH C525 Dekalb-Peachtree (KPDK) Thu 02:14PM CDT Thu 04:45PM EDT Thu 04:41PM EDT N901TS BE9L Sullivan Rgnl (KUUV) Thu 01:26PM CDT Thu 02:25PM CDT Thu 02:08PM CDT N69670 C310 Fort Smith Rgnl (KFSM) Thu 12:58PM CDT Thu 01:11PM CDT Thu 01:27PM CDT EJM214 CL30 Chicago Executive (KPWK) Thu 12:36PM CDT Thu 01:51PM CDT Thu 01:45PM CDT N266RA RM06 Hutchinson Muni (KHUT) Thu 10:28AM CDT Thu 11:09AM CDT Thu 10:50AM CDT I am a very honest person, and all of this is true. My grandaughter even picked up a small pipe I had on the table and said "this is what it looked like grandpa. I have attached a drawing of what we have seen and I feel this could be investigated because their are leads. The air-bus! Please feel free to contact me.

Witness's depiction

Original drawing

Note: Post has spelling corrections.  To see original report, click on case number.

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In Addition:
In response to Eric's comment; if I find out what that air bus was doing at the small airport, I will post that info here.  However, since there is "no record" of the airbus having actually been there, it leaves me to wonder if it actually was a "real" air bus, or if it is Top Secret. -SW


  1. What an AMAZING account. (I can only DREAM of a siting like that).Also, the story was very well told and the drawing makes sense. Thank you.

    I have two questions; what was the Airbus doing in the the small hanger and why was the UFO interested? (assuming that it indeed, was).

  2. The air bus,may have been a cargo ship,@ an early mouthers day shopping spree! At sam's/wallie world! The second craft sounds like a feutcher (can't spell);(can't type eather)craft you read about on the news,an alien toure bus. Some transpourt vesel you pay to ride. Just kidding,I think? What a thought. No ;for a fact,I've seen things in the sky I can't expan. And my father and I,side by side,sat/stuped,and watched a so called, "Big" foot for several minutes. He could'nt talk plain for hours,I was over come with,,WOW! I could not stop. After the day pased;he never allowed the conversation to come forward again. Yes,I for one, can belive you.I think you "SPEEK THE TRUTH" There are things,inlife though,one should keep to him selfe. GOD as my witness! J.A.B.


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